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When I engage the gear the revs go down prevent the car from moving, However it revs well in neutral... should I adjust the acc pedal sensor or is it that the throttle sensor doesn' work?GOT A diagnostic code of ETVMTRF8,DOES THAT HELP?

it sometimes does cut off and sometimes it takes off by itself then the abs and traction control light comes on i took it to my mechanic he hooked it up to his computer it read that nothing was wrong what do i do

light went out

unable to read odometer ... light out

Thank You!!!!! for putting your info out there for dummies like me.

its on the passenger side i was told that it was a freon leak and that was a liquid line could this be the problem and ac blowing warm air what could be the price to fix this oh its leaking from where this black rubber part is on the line

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07 Taurus - 57,000 miles. Car sat for 6 months/moved twice.
I had 60,000 mile service done. Check engine light came on. Shop said Needs fuel pump replaced but okay to drive. Intermitant no start both hot and cold. Drove approx 600 miles car started running rough. Sounded like misfire or out of oil. Stoped at shop "OBD II/Multiple codes 3 Inj mis fire Running and stuck rich-take it to ford.

Ford said thru a rod through the top end. R & R Motor.
Reman longblock for 2007 Taurus 6006 AARM.
20 miles later ck engine light came on/int no start/bad gas mileage.

Towed to Ford/replaced Fuel Pump. 26 miles later ck engine light on/int. no start.

Ford said replace gas cap. Replaced 2 caps/nothing. Towed to ford.

No problem found.
220 miles later heard clicking noise front right side of motor/ck eng light back on/int no start

Ford/bad fuel pump/R&R again-N/C- could not replicate clicking noise or no start.

120 miles later. Same issues. R&R fuel intake sensor.

20 miles later. same issues/no ck engine light/really bad gas mileage.

Ford-R&R Crank-Eng Warranty/R&R Battery-Bad Cell/R&R crank sensor. $6,700.00 later. ??????????????Help Please.

Center brake light will not work bulb is good what is the cause of this problem. How can I fix it

this hose connects to flam trap box on a 2006 xc90 volvo

Everytime I drive my explorer the door ajar begins ringing arbitrarily. I don't know what is triggering it or how to stop it. I have checked every possible door window etc to no avail. Any help for me?

Also, what do you think about carMD? Is it reliable?

I have a 1997 ford taurus GL. It started running hot when i was done changing the head gaskets. I did a test to ckeck and see if there was a pressure leak from the cylinder heads in to the coolant channels, there was none. I flushed out the radiator and heating core and engine block. I have a new thermostat i put on but even with it installed or uninstalled my coolant still over flow in to exspansion tank. The coolant runs real good through the radiator and lines and my water pump dosnt leak and is operating properly. The car still runs hot thow and overflows with coolant. The radiator has been sprayed in its vents and my coolant fan come on at the rite time. I really need some help with this.


Where is the heater control valve for the passenger side? What does it look like?

When I turn the a/c on the drivers side and the passenger side
the a/c comes on the driver side but the heater comes on hi even though I turn on a/c high