I have a obdcom diagnostic tool and can not find the place to install the tool .....

I just had my engine replaced.the a/c is just blowing air but not i need to charge the a/c in if so how do i do it.1999 dodge stratus

The car jerks but smooths out when gas pedal is applied. Bad gas or need plugs?? It has 79000 miles and Chevy says it doesn't need a tune up.

Dent in left front fender by hit-and-run who perhaps backed into it. How much should it cost?

I was told to replace the fuel injectors on my truck at 90,000 miles. Is this true.14047

brake pads semi metalick or ceramic what should i use.

Can somebody tell me where the oil filter is located? Thanks!

creaking or clicking coming from suspension breaking or accelerating car is in australia

Chevy says not ready or tune up. It has 79000 miles on it.

my question is when my wife came home the other day she noticed that the lights on the suv stayed on after she turned off the ignition. We have had this problem before and found out it was the BCM causeing the DRL to stay on. I have since taken out the DRL resistor and we now control the lights manually. My question is will this have a effect on the battery if there is not a actual off switch on swtch handle? If so what would be a solution to this problem

how do I replace the bulb behind the gas gauge

tranny started to slip. i changed the filter and drive still slips slams into gear when you pull it down into 1 gear. everything i've read points to shifting solenoids a& b. how hard and where are they located?

Reliable 10 year old car, 80K miles, serviced regularly by dealer. Today it would not start despite 5 tries and 5 minutes of cranking. Found lots of fuel on the ground under the car after that. Time was afternoon - 90 degree weather, so waited until cool evening to try again. No success, and continuing fuel leakage. Filled tank yeaterday. Afraid to try again.

Never had this happen before. Enetered my car around 1PM on Fathers day to go home but was unable to start my car because the key would not slide into the ignition switch to start the engine. again I say this has never happened to me for the last four years. Why is this?

Mileage is approximately 130,000. It's a bad smog day in my car and smell does not go away with circulating air; windows down helps only a little. I've maintain regular oil changes, just had an oil change and point check..had to replace a very dirty engine filter and inside air filter...didn't help.