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i go to NTB (national tire and battery) to get my oil change and i always get the cheap oil, and they always recommend that get the expensive one because i have high miles on the car (89,xxx) would it really matter if...
What side of the engine compartment is the PCV valve located and what does it look like?
The ignition is is this repaired?
latly the engine has been stalling alot in reverse. ive changed the fuel filter and that didnt do the trick so i pulled the dog house and checked the three eltrical connections to the distirbuter and cleand them with ...
How much refrigerant oil goes in the compressor only on a 99 buick 3.8l?
when I run on the air conditioning, one side blows hot (passernger) the other side cold (drivers) what's wrong and how do I fix it?
the transmission leaks fluid but not out of seal looks like a freeze plug is this possible and what is the part called?
this car idle too fast, can you explain what controlls the idle speed?
car has been idling rough at starts and stops but now it starts then dies. will crank but idels rough.
My 1999 Buick Century blower fan only works on HIGH. I beleive the issue is the heater blower motor resistor. Where is this located at on the 1999 Buick Century?
I have a 2006 Ford Focus ZX3. It has 111,000 miles on it, but now the power steering is really moaning. On the power steering box itself, there is a pool of fluid. I fill it up when it is off, drive it around but b...
drove to grocery shopping, then it did not start. AAA guy came & tapped on the starter & it started. He said that the starter is bad. Where is location of the starter of this 2000 Altima ??
When my engine is cold, The vehicle runs beautifully. after 10 minutes of driving the car under normal conditions,the engine begins to heat up, and the vehicle starts to sputter, hesitate, and stall continually . I ha...
Sometime when I step on the gas to accelerate I hear a rattling noise. I think it might be the catalytic converter but not sure. I just had my emission done and passed 3 wks ago? It def sounds like its coming from und...