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the car runs fine I just have the check engine light on

Mostly happens under acceleration. I had the torque converter replaced but the noise is still there.

have dual air,hot on one side and cold on the other

plenty of air is coming out of the lower vents and the defrost vents

It only does this in the summer time I have also noticed it is when I have the a/c on too. I can let it cool down or when the temperture outside cools down to the 80's it starts back up and drives fine like nothing ever happened. This is the 4th summer this has happened. Never a problem in the winter time. Its happens in alot of stop and go traffic especially.

Kia headlight switch can be left in the on position, and is supposed to turn off when car is parked. Headlight must not be turning off. Happens once or twice a month. Replaced low beam headlight relay under hood and was ok for a while and now it is doing it again. Maybe problem is somewhere else??

i rplaced the fuel pump coil pluges wires and fuel pressure regulator valve mass aif flow sensior throtle body postion sensior idle contol valve fuel pump relay and it has a hard time to start but when i get it started it idles high and runs slugeis but i can drive it for like ten mins and it runs great but when i shut it off ther motor is hot and it want start back for like may one or two houers and also i smell gas really bad but i have no leaks of any kind and it smells like its over loading with fuel when it quits running

trying to find coolant sensor for guage

how do I tell if it mechanical or elecrical?

My tramission started leaking acouple of days ago, I have clean up the tranmission area and ensure that the drain plug is tight, it looks like it is leaking out the side of the casing, It is a slow one, two drop. Not sure if there is anything on top of the tranny that will cause a leak..

having problem getting the pads out in and replaceing with new ones

car has no power to the speedo cluster, climate control, air suspension, turn signal switch. air bag light and brake light come one. car will not start does not even turn over and do not hear a click. will sometimes start right up if it has been sitting, it will run but still have no power to speedo, suspension, climate control etc. all the fuses are ok, ingnition switch is ok, battery is ok.

it consumes water somewhere cause I never see it comming out from no where what can it be

while on the highway I ran over a muffler in the middle of the highway. I immediately got on the shoulder of the highway. The should was a little high so as I got on the shoulder the muffler stayed on the ground. In the morning my check engine soon light was illimunated. A few days before the light came on I notice clear water leaking after I parked.

I have no idea on what to touch and remove but am afraid of the air bag deploying or other things happening that I need to be aware of before taking it all apart.