my cobalt died after running through some water
now it wont start what should i check?

My Benz just had a new transmission installed and since then, the idle is way too high. This model has no throttle body or idle throttle sensor. It has an EHA sensor on one side of the carburetor and another unit on the other side (don't know what it is). I was told it was probably the idle air control valve...I replaced it; no change in the problem. Is there something that needs to be reset or is it the EHA sensor,etc. I am tired of leaving my car parked in the garage!! Runs great other than the jerking and peeling out when put into gear. HELP!!!

how do i reprogam my key to open my doors

my dome light stays on all the time and the dome override when pushed will not turn it off. Could the dome override switch be bad and make the light stay on?

Do I need to use 5w-40 or can I go with 10w-30 t run in this motor?

Can anyone tell me what is causing the floorboard to get soaking wet when it rains hard?
It is only on the driver's side front and rear and I can't figure out how to fix the problem. I took it to the dealership and first they said it was clogged up on the hood and needed to drain. I cleaned the drain and it still got very wet during the next hard rain. Next, they charged me $150 more and said it was from a leaky sunroof and wanted $2.650 to fix it.
Can a leaky sunroof cause that much water to accumulate on the floor? It wasn't on the seat or door or anywhere else but the floorboard. Help?

my truck hesitates when shifted into drive and pops hard into gear. when I am driving it down shifts there is hesitation before it clicks into gear. I had the trans fluid changed, injectors cleaned, fuel filter changed. what may be the problem


Does the overdrive suppose to be on when driving daily and how do you no when its own or off.

My 20003 Ion suddenly would not go into gear. I tried 1st and reverse but nothing worked.

where is my freeze plugs located at

where is the reverse fuse located in the fuse box???

my 04 325ci stalled and would not restart next day it started ran fine for a short time stalled and will not restart. no codes

the box at the rear of the block which holds freon busrt shooting freon,what is it called so I can repair or replace

As I drove the car from parked position a few car lengths a loud popping noise from left rear wheel followed by loud sustained squeek occurred and I stopped immediately. A few more tries produced the same thing. I parked the car for towing to shop. The popping noise sound like metal gripping metal being yanked away by great force.