Considering buying a slightly used 2009 Titan truck with 16000 miles. It clunks when starting & shudders when driving - I thought it was the tires, but the dealers mechanic said they had to replace the drive shaft mount. Why would that go out so soon? It has a towing package & I'm not sure if it was over used by previous owner. Any thoughts?

The horn it self under the hood works if you connect to a power source. There is no click when you push the steering wheel horn spot. Fuses are fine. Tere is no air bag for this year. How can I trouble shot the problem and repair. Thanks Larry

so went to eat and few hours later get in car and put into gear and it wont move so i tried reverse and same thing.its making a rattling grinding noise???? please help

I went to a sttore and was in the store for about ten minutes when I returned I had no reverse. But all the other gears are okay. My email is glendacardinelli@yahoo.com

every morning when I start my 1999 lexus rx300 car, alot of blue smoke comes out of the exhaust. I just bought this car about 2 months ago with 55,000 miles now I have 56,000 miles on it.
The interior of the car is in excellent shape. According to the previous owner, his grandfather drove the car.

was told it could possibly be the child safety lock but that would only prevent the door from being opened from the inside....Any suggestions ?

Why doesn't my car excellerate past 10 miles is it the transmission?

The rpm guage goes up and down, while sitting still and while driving down the road. And sometimes acts like it doesn't want to shift from one gear to the next. the code on diagnostic i think was EVA.

What other model and year is compatable with my 1996 oldsmobile ciera sdn.?(LH REAR DOOR GLASS)

Where is the fuel pump located?

My wife drives to work in the morning (about a 45 min to 1 hour trip) and listens to the radio like everyone else. Recently, she said the radio LCD panel goes black intermittently. The radio continues to play, and she can change channels although she can no longer tell which button is which. Nothing she does will make the screen come back on - turning it off/on, turning the illumination dimmer knob, etc. Once the vehicle has sat overnight the display usually comes back on the next day, but not always. Once it's back on, however, within 2-3 days it will simply go black again without warning. This panel does not have bulbs, like the dealership service department advisor suggested when we called to ask. I have found a few similar complaints online, but nothing to suggest a fix. The radio is just one function of many contained in this unit, so it seems to me that it's most likely an internal problem. We have seen no codes or warning lights of any kind associated with this problem.

Backup lights only work when one bulb or the other is installed not both. The other lights on the trunk work. Backup light and exterior trunk lights also go out when the headlights are turned on. I want to check backup light relay but I do not know where it is located.

The rear door mechanism is loose and squeaks when I hit bumps in the road. How do I tighten?

My 1996 taurus reves itself up..then slows to almost a stall then revs up again.also smoke comes from the back of the motor and smells like oil

i took it in and they said it could be a clutch in the air conditioner if not that it would need the compressor replaced. what is the estimated price for the clutch repair and would that solve the problem or replacing the compressor involves the clutch too