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I went to start my truck the other night and the 40 amp Ign fuse blew. Replaced that and it started. Went out today and it seemed like it was gonna start but then nothing and the fuse was blown again. Replaced it again but now it just keeps shorting out.

obdII code showing PO327 knock sensor low bank.I replaced both
knock sensors.

oil light came on, then went off. Stopped to checked for for leaks...none. Drove later light came on again, before i could stop, started losing engine power and deccelarated. Car stopped, checked oil, extremely low. man near me had two quarts of Pensoil 5w-30, it reached just below safe zone. Tried to start, it started up loud rattling noise. shut it off. tried again, all lights on but would not turn over. PLEASE, PLEASE Help!!!

car stars but does not remain running when not moving

the problem occurs each day and every time i need to drive some were.

is the transmission over full and throwing the fluid out on the manifore?

After i changed the fuel pump i was letting it idle an checking for leaks.After i was done checking for leaks i got in hit the gas an it died.Now it wont start an it makes a back fireing type of sound any ideas would help.

billowing white smoke out of exhaustm engine was not overheated

I looked in the fuse box by the foot pedals but dont know which of the larger relays is what needs to be repaired. If there any way to test to make sure which is bad?

my dad told me the fuel pump is not turning on..

drove for 1 hour pulled into driveway and died. restarted and left in garage overnight and now won't start.

v8 gas large alumimandrive line twisted bent and tore company that makes them out of buisness chevy can get one in a few weeks 600.00 bucks had one made local 585.00 so if the driveline is inferior the applacation and buisness out of buisness shouldnt it be covered by someone? truck has 50.000 miles

wiring for radio

when putting a load on it like going uphill

The car is overheating and now my hood is stuck shut and I need to find a way to open it