There is a small "box" in r front corner of motor, it contains 2 "modules" of some sort but there is room for a 3rd. How many should there be? Also an accordion hose that comes from it that appears to attach to the fan. What is it? I've not bought the car yet but could use an answer as soon as possible.

how is the oil service indicator light reset

Hood Release not working. No tension in the cable though cable is intact and still attached. Cable is loose as if a spring or something is not retracting the cable to obtain the tension to pop the hood. How I get the hood open and can I fix this myself.

which way does the thermastat fit in. car is still getting hot !

alternator tested bad, how do I replace it.

Blower will stop working.Mech. tests everything,but will start up again. before he can complete test. When I am drivingitwill stop once in a while . I bang the side wall under the glove compartment and it starts up again by using a foot or golf club.

The car is stalling and the engine malfunction indicator check light is on.

I checked the oil and water everything is fine but my car is really driving bad we also put an additive in the fuel.

I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima,86,000 miles.For about a month on and off when I start it if I dont give it gas right away it would stall.Now,it wont start in park,only in neutral.

crankshaft sensur ,cam senurs

does a 2002 nissan quest have a cabin airfilter? where is it located

car wont start then horn keeps going off steady. does it have a factory alarm

water just noticed on floor

Instrument Panel lights go on, specifically : security, service, ABS and Seat Belts and sometimes gas gauge and temp gauge goes up and down. Had it checked out and was told we needed:

$420 for new ignition and keys [this was supposedly triggered by SECURITY
lite going on]

$819 to fix ABM -- SECURITY {'working off each other'] via a new BCM (Body Control Module)

Any thoughts re: is this accurate? Is this a fair price? The car seems to be working just fine. Thanks so much for any advice.

backfire at low rpm ,also will not rev from an idle,sputters and backfires. changed fuel pump,filter,mass air.