My automatic transmission won't shift into overdrive but all of my other gears shift correct ly could it be something simple like my overdrive button?

The automatic seat belt on the driver side will not wrap around. What can be done to fix it?

my windows sometimes dont work.. could this be a fuse thing.. and if so would the fuse say power acc

Hit a pothole in the road and the TPM service light came on. Checked air in tires and eventually put on new tires, but light still comes on. What is the trick to get the light to reset?

My engine light came on and the car was bucking a little.
I was told that my water pump needs to be replaced. Would that make the car buck?

I recently had my transmission changed, the new one has 30,000 miles on it and has started not shifting correctly just like the old one. The lights are flashing on the indicator. E and D flashing alternatley. The speedometer stopped working again. I took the car to a Volvo dealership and they had fixed the speedometer by replacing something, but now has stopped working again. The odometer quit working as well. Now and again when you start the car, the radio makes a siren squeel. This doesn't happen all the time. It seems to me something electrical is going wrong intermittedly, but am at whits end. Does anyone know how to fix these reaccuring problems. I have spent over $2,000 trying to fix this car.

want to change the oil myself - will I have to remove the left front wheel? any suggestions appreciated

I'm first time user to you'r service.When I reply to answer does it also come up as a question.I have one with last answer

Thinking about buying this car.

seat motor jammed, can't move forward or back. still moves up or down and tilts forward and backwards.

driver window wont go up or down

my driver window quit working, took the door panel off, and it looks like a cable or like an intena broke, dont know what to call the part. u can still hear the motor run, so do u know what the name of it? and about how much?

once in a while i smell gas. then i can start to wind it out and it seems sluggish until a certain point then it takes off

how to change the right side lower beam head light

My lights and horn keep flashing and honking while driving as if it was a truck with a alarm system . I have no alarm system and this happened when I was 2 miles from home at 12 midnight , and I'm sure people thought I stole my own truck..

What can cause this?
I had to remove the battery to kill it.