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I own a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royale. Last summer it started making a high pitched whining noise that alternated frequency whenever I ran the air conditioner. I stopped using the a/c, but now it sometimes makes that nois...
I hear a clicking or popping sound from the wheel area when I reverse and turn the steering wheel. I don't hear it going forward, on;y in reverse going straight and turning.
The AC in front never gets cold. The dealer tells me the door in the ductwork controlled by vacuum isn't working and is mixing AC and heat but wanted BIG bucks to fix. I tore the dash apart looking for it but can't ...
My car would not start when I tried to start it, I was jumped off and the car started, it later went off again and would not start.
no problem yet, estimate for replacing 2 inner tie rods.
Code # P1391 says: intermittent loss of cmp or ckp..what do these abreviations stand for? I lose pressure and can't keep car running without it "bucking" like crazy and continually shutting off after engine
I changed my brake pads and brake fluid 4 months ago. When I changed the fluid, I let the fluid get too low in the master cylinder. I bleed the system for about 2 hours trying to remove all the air. I thought that ...
i push the button to turn on or off the overdrive but the light don't come on telling me the overdrive is off or on how do i tell if its on or off
I have a Ford Taurus with 153,000 miles 2001 and I have to check the antifreeze level often because I find the container below the low level nearly empty. I have to refill it daily and I don't see any leaking please...
I filled up with gas and added 1 quart of oil. 10 miles later on the highway, the van stalled and would not start again. I replaced PCV prior to this incident due to oil in my oil filter. I replaced the fuel filter an...
My raido will work for 3 minutes then shut off. I can turn off the knob then turn on again and it will work for another 3 min and go off. The GPS screen will not even come on unless its cold outside (45 deg)
Automatic transmission selector lever is sticking through gears - mostly in and out of park. It is at its worst in the morning after it has been sitting. 2004 Toyota Camry - Thank you.
Did not drive car for two weeks. started to crank engine last night but had no clutch pressure to disengage transmission. what could cause this.
after putting head gasket on what is the timing that you set it on
blower works, ac is cold, just no heat. car will be at normal temp but still no heat just blows out cool air.