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want schematic of electrical switch to wiper motor

What is the cost of a charcoal canister "close valve" replacement for LexusGS430

This happened today when I opened the window, then down it went.

I can't find the fuse box in my 1995 buick park avenue!

My car has an electrically powered mechanism to adjust the positioning of the steering wheel. This mechanism has recently started 'grinding' when the steering wheel position is being adjusted. Perhaps there is some foreign debries in the mechanism, or a broken gear. Is this fixable, or does the entire mechanism have to be replaced?

I already used liquid wrench to loosen up the rust, but it isn't working. now what?

the passenger air conditioner throws hot air while the drivers side throws cold?

how to install AC switch

it starts hesiating acting like it wants to cut off sometimes it even back fires it has a new fuel pump plugs,wirers,and distriber i dont know what else todo

I bought a CPO Volvo wagon mint inside and out, dealer recommends semisithetic oil, volvo manuel say you can use either semisenthetic or full senthetic, which is best for life of the car. Also should I change the trany fluied, dealer say wait till 90,000 miles. Thanks.

the rpms on my car start to flutter up and down and you can feel the car gain and lose speed once the car get to operating temperature. when the car is cold its fine.

How much does it cost to do brake repair, it is helpful if I have a ballpark firgure before I go to the mechanic or choose one. I also am regualr about oil changes. Going to Jiffy Lube they keep info on computer & always tell you what is recommended, but I need more precise details. Thanks

I took it to have the check engine code read, and confirmed that a spark plug is mis-firing. My question is this - where can I find decent diagrams of the wires and spark plugs so I can do the repair myself? I'm mechanically inclined, spark plugs wouldn't be a problem but the Rondo's setup is new to me.

when pressing on the brake pedal the brake lights do not engage