my head lights turn on wen I star the truck including on the day and sunny an my control lighs donth work only wen I STOP THE ENGINE

Well I just recently begun to have issues with my 2006 jetta volkswagon. It idles up really high, but does not pick up speed, and when it does increase in speed, the car bucks. My engine also makes a rattling sound when I accelerate. I went to a repair shop and they told me I needed a tune up and a new water pump and I let them them fix it, but I still have the same issues, does any one have knowledge and experiance with these issus? Thanks in advance!

I need to change my oil pump in my aluminum oil pan. I have took it lose but can not get it out How can I do this.

abs and traction lights stay on after starting t.bird; may stay off after recranking.What to do? Expense?

to inspect and checkair condition system and refill with freon

Noticed brake lights not working. Lights and blinkers work. Changed bulbs, cleaned any corrosion still not working.

My parents bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox with 15,000 miles on it. Twice now it would not start. They took it to the dealer and they told them there is nothing wrong with it. Told them they need to pull the key from the ignition every time because if they don't it will run the battery down. Has anybody ever heard of this? I know if you want the listen to the radio you should turn the key to acc. so you don't run the battery down but having to pull the key in your own garage sounds crazy.

Do anybody know where the Ignition Control Module (ICM) is located on the car is please.

When putting car in gear check gauge light comes on, service light comes on,theft system light, flasher lights come, on but don,t blink,fuel gauge stop working,speedmeter stop working,temperature gauge stop working, car runs good just these problem.

I was on the highway and the car started to lose pressuer. Pull over,check the oil and antifreeze.oil was low,added 2 qts and the motor started puttering.When driving at speeds over 35 it stops.

I just change my battery and requesting the radio code.

my 1990 mazda miata has been driven less than 15000 miles.
does the timing belt need to be replaced because of age?

Need estimate for labor on power steering rack and pinion replacement.

getting small spray of coolant from behind cooling fan. could this be a pin hole in the radiator?

This just happened today. Went to start the motor, depressed the clutch, grabbed the shifter and either something is loose or broken under floor. The shifter is really loose goes up and down sideways or around. Is it worth fixing?