2003 Dodge Ram w/5.9 eng. runs hot w/a/c on and really runs hot when towing my race car trailer.Has new waterpump,radiator,theromostat and extra aftermarket cooling fan on radiator any ideas? Thought mite try to see if a 5.7 radiator maybe bigger not sure

I replaced a blown head gasket,fuel is going to the fuel rack, good pressure but the injectors arent firing fuel to the cylinders

how to change the bcm in an lexus

there is a "ticking" sound coming from the area near the air-conditioning unit/power steering pump. it doesn't sound like a problem inside the motor (valve, rod, lifter, etc.). any ideas?

How do I Install a timing belt and water pump in a Dodge Stratus with a 2.4 Litre engine. I need step by step Instruction

How do I change the timing belt and water pump on a 1998 Dodge Stratus with a 2.4 litre engine

My check engine light came on. Checked it - code P0303 - 3rd cylinder misfiring. Tried to pull the spark plug wire out of the 3rd cylinder and could not do it!! How is this done?

When braking the front end shimmys violently, the steering wheel goes right to left the faster the speed the worse it becomes. I am thinking it is my rotors that are warped.

Why is water leaking under dash on passenger side?

my 95 geo tracker is leaking front diff. fluid. can't tell exactly where because it's running along k-member. looks like is coming from a seal where the front drive shaft is connected. anyone have any ideas or suggestions...and if it is the seal, how difficult is it to swap out.

it dose not go into gear they say water was in it, draind it & filter what else can i do.

When the fan control knob is turned up to 3 or 4. there is a loud noise coming from the dash area around the passenger side. Could you let me know if it is the blower motor, or something else.

Curently have a 04 Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition, I was T-boned by a truck, I replaced the door but kept all the inside parts they were still intact when I connected everything I tried locking the car with my stock remote and only the passenger side would lock and unlock, they key works to unlock and lock but not the control. After inspection I found the Door Contact Switch was broken is this the answer to my problem?

why sometimes is a gasoline aroma inside the cabin when i turn the a/c on? its a 95 towncar

new plugs and fuel pump. took it in for a diagnostic was told i need a distributor ,,,now why does that not sound right...can you confirm