code says a circuit is high. Is this an electrical problem from egr seliniod to valve or is the valve needing cleaning or replacement? Or is there just a vacume leak somewhere that i'm missing.

last week my car stop working. 1st - it crank but did not start. So I checked the Fuel Pump, Battery, Ignition Coils is good. I ended up replacing the Cam & Crank Shaft Sensor and still the same results...NO START. I Then replace the MAF sensor and still no start. Yesturday, I tried to start it again thinking maybe it was flooded the day before..and same result. Today I tried starting it again, now the car wont Crank & Start,cant hear the Fuel pump going, no clicking on Starter..but Battery is good...All Windows,Stereo,lights are on. I did notice burning smell right by the (MAF & Wiring Connections,Ignition) areas. I Need help!!!

My daughter's car recently quit working. We've replaced the fuel pump, relay, distributor cap, plugs and wires and she still won't fire up. We've sprayed ether into the intake and it fires for a couple seconds then dies. We've checked the injectors, all good there, got spark, but we're still at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ilike find where air module is on my 2006 chev HHR

I have a 95 ford f-150,my key just turns in the driver side door lock,it won't open or lock the door. the electric door lock opens the door ok. how hard is it to take off the door panel? This is a mark III conversion truck. thanks, ray

What is the timing for replacing the timing belt on a 2002 Honda Accord that has 103,000 tamely driven miles (wife's car). The car has been well maintained and has no noticeable problems.

My 1996 avalon just started leaking fluid today. it is a light brownish color and is coming from the front. I had the power steering system hose, etc replaced about 5 months ago. any idea what can be the problem.

no hay corriente en la bomba de gasolina

my car has tree fall down on rear door ,i woule like estimate if i remove &replace it. thank you.

my car is shaking everytime I go certain speed and the engine light bleak on and off. is it time for me to replace my ingition coil.

first thing the wrench light went on with the airbag light. Then the guages flat lined and I couldn't tell how fast I wa going, no gas guage, etc. The lights, radio other electronics work.The guages would shake like a surge and then go back up. This has been going on for three weeks. Now I have no guages working, reverse lights stay on and cant get my car started! Replaced the battery in the theft lock on my key ring, but no help. has 77,000 miles and was running fine until this happened. Now i have nothing working. Single mom---can anyone help?

how fast must car be going for airbag to deploy have there been any sudden acceleration issues


Late 2006, our 2005 T&C minivan was subject to a recall for underbody rear AC and heater tube corrosion. The underbody rear AC and heater tubes were replaced under the recall.

As early as summer 2010, the AC system was not working very well. Based on advice from the dealer, I dealt with the issue spring 2011. Dye testing revealed that the rear AC evaporator was leaking. Could there be a connection between the recall and subsequent rear AC evaporator corrosion or failure? Has anyone else had the same experience?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

alternator is dead need to replace it cheaply would like to do it myself need some no how

engine jerking,like a spark miss after engine warms up.when it starts this there is a loss of power.the rpm gauge will either jump up and down or go to o. when letting off of the gas the engine will keep running,but pressing on the gas it still chugs and jerks.