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The temp indicator read normal, but it was 90 degrees out and we had airconditioner running!

car has vibration at 65 mph.

also vsc and traction off light on

i dont know what the deal is you can have it in park and rev. the motor up and it wont do it put when you put it in gear it will start skipping is it possibly the trans is starting to go out or a sensor or something like that

what could be done this started happening after the ac was recharged

what is wrong and how can I fix it?

can not find the breaker for rear vent windows

code is P0401. i purchased the part. need to know where it is.

How to recharge the AC for a 2000 VW Jetta. It works but just does not get very cool, no leaks that I have seen.

the dealer i took it to said this one does not..

i bought used azera Nov /2006 car with ESC off light turned on .
the nearest repair shop said that the ESC electronic chip is missing ,caused by side accident , so what should i do in this case ?
secondly , is it safe to drive it nationwide in this condition ?

I have the parts but no luck in location

i don't know what steps to take next

Code PO847

When accelerating or slowing, the speedo needle moves in a jerky fashion.
Getting worse with time. Was just a bit jerky. Now Moves up (or down) in 5-10 mph increments. Van runs OK. No shifting problems. Anyone know of this.....and the fix?