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does this camry w/ V-6 have a belt that needs to be changed every 110k miles or so or a chain?
stops while driving? before it stops the car starts to hesitates and starts to loss driving power, need to pull over and restart car with no problems. once or twice a day. last week i replaced the air intake valve bec...
Where is the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) Valve on my 2000 Toyota 4ruuner ? Thank-you Lane.
i have a ticking noice coming from my rear i was told it could be my parking brake sticking. has anyone had this issue or know what it could be?
someone broke into my expo by prying into the very back window and breaking the latch to get in now none of the windows will work help please
the screen in the middle of the dashboard that shows the clock, radio station, and heat/AC control selection has gone dark. What will it cost to replace/repair the problem everything works, you just cannot see the n...
At 60 miles per hour I can manually shift into 3rd and notthing happens. Therefore the trans is not shifting into over drive. The van is burning up the gas.
It seems to be inside the car and maybe something to do with the motor that moves the seats up and down. Sounds like something is stuck in motion, like a clock ticking very loud. It seems to be getting louder as time ...
starter bolt broke off in block. drilled out, cracked block. starter wont5 stay on.
just purchased this car. tried to drive the car home, it started sputtering at 40mph. then died out and will not restart. the car has been sitting for over a year. do i need to drain the gas or is there an easier way ...
Will a 1986 turn indicator with cruise replace my broken one in my 1991 volvo 240?
When I drive over 60 mph and turn slightly to the left or right, my wheels/steering vibrate like crazy. It seems more than a wheel balance issue.
I am having a lot of electrical problems in the past 6 months. Taillights won't work when lights are on. Blower motor stopped working. I cannot figure out why???
My truck starts pinging after reaching normal operating temperature.This occurs under medium acceleration and going up highway grades.No warning lights on dash.
how often do spark plugs need to be changed