where is the wiper washer pump located

We have a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT. We went through a couple week stretch where every day or two the battery would die and the car wouldn't start. We had just bought the car from a used lot, so I thought maybe the battery was old and bought a new one. About 3 or 4 days later that battery was dead as well. I took the car to a neighbor and we ran some test on the car and found that when we removed fuse #4 from the fuse box, the draw on the battery was gone. I have had the fuse out for about a month now without any problems at all. Unfortunately that fuse controls the power locks, dome light etc... So its an inconvenience. I'm not sure how to fix it so I wanted to put the question out there and see if anyone knows what the solutions is. By looking around it seems to be a pretty common problem. Thanks!

I bought my Dts with 38k know i have 60k when should i get a tune up

Can anyone tell me where the fuse/fuse box is located for the horn on a 95 Chevy 1500?

Air conditioning hose high pressure hose is leaking and needs to be replaced. I have been quoted $500 for diagnosis, replace hose, evacuate and recharge A/C.

How much would it cost to have my sunroof repaired? I have the sunroof track that is needed. I just need the labor done.

My merc has 97,000 miles on it. It runs good except for when the outside ambiant temperature is above 70. Then it runs rough and sputters, especially between 50-60 mph. If i give it gas it takes off, and doesn't do it when it is cooler. i plan on getting new plugs at 100,000. Could it be anything else. No engine lights, or other warning lights are on.

Only does it when its above 80 degrees outside, on hot restarts the PRND3L is fully lit and it is in limp mode, after a 30 min cooldown it will be fine just the check eng light is on and throws a 1698 code. Got a TCM on order through a dealer. Very intermittent, sometimes your can drive it and it will fix, sometimes not. Other times you can work the shifter and it will fix. Most of the time just let it cool.

car has been making a knocking noise during take off 4rm 15-25 mph so im going to replace the u joint but want to make sure i do it correctly.

how to replace the rear brake rotor. I tried to remove the rotor so I can replace it with a new one. but I can not take it out. Please advise the right way to do it. Thanks in advance.

when turning on the air conditing or heater, not enough air
is coming out.

why does my car die when i put it in reverse it sometimes happens when i put it in drive it happens often everyday.

I hear a rubbing sound comiong from my front right wheel and is more noticable when turning right plus on cold mornings a growl sound when turning right. I have an all wheel drive model.

So my 2000 GC randomly died going down the road. We towed it home and have since replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, a switch inside the ignition, all the spark plugs, and the ignition coil. It cranks but won't start. It gets close, but fails every time.

Transmission has been rebuilt,new tork converter,new neutral safety switch,new throttle position scensor,all 3 valve bodies been changed,new relay switch.It still changes from 1st to lockup.There are no lights on so when hooked up to computer no codes come up.Don't know what else to do.Need Help!email varner_t@bellsouth.net