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rear hqtch lock has fallen into the back hatch door. how do I get access to the lock and repair it
I already have the parts, just need the labor done.
when shaking the back tire it moves back and forth about a quarter inch. What do I need to have replaced?
When I went to remove the rotor on my mother's 2000 continental instead of a pin i found a sleeve on the spindle nut. Can't think of a way to describe it other than it has a tab on each side of the nut. Any idea how t...
Where is the electric window control module located and how do you get to it?
my battery light keep coming on. Diagnostics checked out okay.
P1450 CODE
never had this problem before unill now checked the fuses starter and alternator good,checked the battery bad, put a new one in and still nothing checked the battery cables and cleaned them still nothing what else cou...
Where is the connection for the brake controler?
the engine makes chirping noise
car will not move into reverse,pulled dip stick and fluid boiled out
where is the crankshft sensor located and how long will it take to replace?
How to change front driver side turn signal light bubls
What would make a fuse for the windshield wipers melt in the engine compartment fuse box? I discovered this while trying to figure out why my compressor wouldn't turn on, when I turn my A/C on.....and where and how co...