I lost the trunk key and now to top it off the trunk release button in the glove box only works when it wants to! Is there anyway to get into the trunk or fix the release button?

car overheats while driving but not while idling

It has a restored salvage title.

Air Bag light flashes, code 27.

Air Bag light flashes. Diagnostic code 27.

My vehicle, p.montana, after warming up, when I come to a
stop.and the van is on a upgrade or hill will hesitate or drag when I take off. It has poor acceleration after stopping and then take off. I think it may be the transaxel
but do not know how to check this problem.

My tramsmission will not shift into normal speed until i reach a high RPM

Seems to happen most at slow speeds under 30 going straight

After engine is warm and in operation it starts fine.

drivers side headlight out. cannot find out how to take off the cover. to replace headlight.

when you give the car gas the speedometer goes down to zero, let off the gas and it goes back to the speed your driving at. all while driving. ?????

Engine has no start, no spark, no fault codes and rpm's raise on crank with scanner using sensor data program. help? How do you toubleshoot the distributor. Is there not a fault code for distributor problems?>

my car is running very rough, the code said random misfire and my engine light is blinking. What could be the poroblem

Not working AC..

squeal in engine after spraying surpentine belt,car does not overheat,what can it be,thank you.