How you turn off the air suspention so that it can be lifted for oil change, etc..

I had the shocks/struts replaced after about 190,000 miles/6 years on my Toyota Camry-no problems with tire wear or ride problems until then. I had the work done at a reputable repair shop with standard parts. After only 2 years, I'm facing the same repair again. Why don't the new assemblies last as long as the original?

rear motor mount bolts are out but i have no idea how to get the mount out. it seems like there is no room, what can i do

Can sombody please tell me the location of the dpfe sensor on a 2001 town car.

truck will start but when you let the key go back to run spot truck shuts off

Have new motor but cables need replacing.

I have an 1986 ford taurus lx with the 3 liter v-6 engine. My radiator fan would not come on. I changed the relay, (part from salvage yard) then the fan comes on, even when the car is not running and the key is in the off position. I had changed the coolant heat sensor (new part) also. I have tried the fuse box, there isn't a fuse there for the radiator fan. I pulled the controls from the dash and disconected all the plug in wiring, and the fan still comes on. Then I found the resistor ( located bolted to the block its a ceramic block with wires coming out of it )and disconected it, and the fan did not come on, but I noticed that in that breif moment when I had the negative cable touching the battery there were some fumes. I smelled the battery post and it smelled like a hot electrical smell. So, what do I do now ? and what part does this resistor play in the problem, can I fix my problem with a replacement resistor ? Or do I put the old relay back in the car and change the resistor ? The goal here is just to get the fan to work as it is intended to. Thanks for reading my problem.

MIL came on while driving

Once it starts, I don't have no more problems until I need gas again. Is it the gas cap?

My son in law bought a 2002 KIA Rio from a so-called friend and within 2 weeks it has stopped running . Died by the side of the road, cranks but wouldn't fire. I checked and the car did have the "recall fix" done in 2007. We towed it home, tried to jump it, and nothing. He has very limited funds so I'm hoping for some advise on a self fix. Thinking fuel pump or filters, praying it's not the timing chain.

Black smoke is coming from tailpipe and running rough. What can cause this.

what is the hood support strut pressure strength for each strut

Master cylinder was repaired last November, 2010. Now it has problem with brake when I step on the pedal and it sometimes goes all the way to the floor, again. It sometimes is fine. ON and off with the brake pedal. Why?? Is master clyinder lemon? or what?

I am considering replacing my front brake pads myself. Is there anything different about this repair as compared to a standard car? Thank you, Fabe

Please help: My right turn signal keeps coming on once engine started. Replace all bulbs and fuses. What else can cause this problem?