What parts are necessary for a tune up and what is the cost?

My BMW 525i is about to take a 2500 mile road trip. It was last in the shop 2-3 months ago for routine service. Should I do anything special to get it ready for a long, hot drive?

what is the procedure for rear cam shaft seal replacement?

Have a new radiator coming. Would like removal and replace instructions

When key or interior button is used trunk will release and then quickly relocks itself. So we have to be quick to grab trunk and then lift it a little. I was wondering if this could be caused by others manually closing the trunk instead of using the self closing button located inside the trunk.

The ABS dash light stays on, speed odometer is not functioning. email leemicbis@yahoo.com

Initially when the car ws purchased this occured. It was stated that because the car had sat undriven for so long that it would just need to be driven. Now this..Three months later..

why does only sarts when i pour gas in the engine, and they is burn off it stops runing.The fuel pump is working, the fuel senor is working,there is gas coming up to the gas line to the injector, but to the body to start it, but if we pour gas in it it will start.

Got in car after work turned on air conditioner and air never got cold. Then I noticed temperature of car going up. Heater also didn't work this last winter. I live in Denton Texas and its almost summer and its already hotter then heck. What could the problem be?

Yesterday a toyota dealership told me my 2007 camry's manifold went BAD! I can not believe this...

When I got my oil changed they said I had a power steering leak. It would be 350-400 to fix. Can I buy some power steering leak stuff and see if this will help. Where can I see this leak. Don't know these mechanics so want to be sure it is really happening

My 2007 jeep patriot has the electronic throttle control & electronic stability control lights on. Vehicle idles rough & won't go over 20 mph!!

Altinator not keeping the battery charged. removed old one to replace thermostat. put back on, not keeping battery charged. Replaced it w/new one still not charging.

No idiot light came on, first time it has happened. I had turned the car off and then tried to turn it back on suddenly. Is it like a computer where the info gets confused and has to be shut down to reboot?

Haven't had too much trouble with it just need to know how to take it apart and what might be the cause