just had the water pump sensors replace and timing bebt replace

i started the car and the engine light did not go out I JUST HAD IT OUT THE SHOP FOR REPAIR OF WATER PUMP TIMING BELT AND SENSORS REPLACE

How many fuel injectors does a 2000 Toyota celica GTS have and how many need to be replaced?

I took the door panel off and there does not seem to be a hole to get into replace the actuator motor? Any ideas??

my question is really for a ford fairlane 1964 i need to see a wiring diagram but i wasnt able to choose 1964 or fairlane please help 260v8 engine

transmission has small leak on drivers side axel

Where is the tire pressure unit in car under dash or where, and what does it look like.

I replacd the fuel filter & the fuel pump & fuel pump relay and when you are driving & slow down to stop it dies.but will start right up

How do you find and replace the interior ventilation air filter? This is a 2006 silverado ss truck.

My T-bird has a tendency to make loud howling noises intermittently when idling and sometimes at speed, when it does so during idling, it often stalls, no indicator lights are on and all the auges read normal

is the first time that hapens

Everytime I turn the ignition switch on or off the front wipers make one full sweep and then park. The wiper switch on the column is off.

The overdrive does not engage sometime causing the engine to rev at high RPMs?

Oil pressure will fall to zero at idle. Want to replace the oil pressure switch, but I do not know where it is located.

When I put the car on the freeway it becomes very unstable at around 60 miles per hour. Replaced tie rods (inner & outer), ball joints, and had it aligned. Do you think maybe it was not properly aligned at the shop?