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My husband bought me a small car stereo system (a 2 channel amp, very small subs, and two for the front doors). We installed all the wiring ourselves, and found out a few days later that the battery kept draining. SO ...
i will like to know what type of engine oil i need to put in the engine what brand thank you
Is it possible to replace only the rear wiper motor, or is it necessary to replace the whole window (with wiper/motor/etc.) assembly as a unit? Is glass breakage common when doing this? Cost of used parts? Thanks--Rotide
When I start my car it will crank and "tick" and will take twice as long or longer to finally fire up. When the engine does finally fire up it putters and shakes a few times before feeling normal. After this I hardly ...
Stuck in 4 low there are no leds lit on the switch
is it ok to drive with the selector in lock for the ford-excursion automatic hub locks
Pump working and have fluid coming out of left nozzle, wont spray out of right. Any ideas how to easily rectify? Thanks
only blows on one speed,cannot shut off or change speeds
the power steering is leaking fluid almost as fast as I can pour it in.
they said one of the coil is bad, but it does not label the number on cylinder. How can I tell which one is number one or number 6 cylinder ?
We backed the car out of the garage today, but when we tried to put it in Drive, nothing happened. The car will not move on its own.
When I turn the car on it iddles above 1 rpm ifor about 2. Minutes and then it goes to normal is that normal or is something wrong
When turning sharp, usually in parking or exiting a parking spot and turning steering wheel all the way to the stops a loud noise/ shrill is heard. Turning the wheel back just a little ends the noise. Ideas ?
what is the rubber plug on top of transmission found fluid on top not sure were its coming from all seals are good. now it has trouble shifting the RPM hit about 4000 before shifting. acts like its lost power too.