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the service light comes on about every other time you start the engine
Power steering not working properly. Goes in an out and when it is out it is harder to drive than a truck. It does not have a power steering pump. It is either electric or hydraulic.
My Volvo has only 74500 miles. The instrument panel reads, "Service Transmission Urgent". Does this mean I will have to rebuild my transmission?
My gas gauge will not give accurate reading and jumps around. I think it is the sending unit sensor. Can the sensor be change easily or do I need a reapair shop.
a picture of the engine comes on about every third time you start the engine
My sons Accord idles perfect and never die when you put th e car in gear and it a few yard it dies. But starts right back and will do the same thing again
I have a 2000 Deville that I've changed the hoses, thermostat, water pump, and I think I have trapped air in the system. How do I remove it?
I'm not sure if my head gasket is blown, how do I tell?
steering, when steering is turned when going slow or stopped, a noise is heard.
The problem occurs when the lights are turned on.
When vehicle is running the dash brake light is on, but when you turn it off the dash brake light goes off and the ABS light comes on and stays on. I have never had an indicator light be on when the keys are in my poc...
The engine pings when it heats up- more under a load. The check engine light came on and gave a knock sensor code P0332 and P0463 fuel level sensor? I don't know what these have in common. Will changing the knock s...
My tires are worn due to a bad alignment. I need at least 1 tire replaced and an alignment. How much should that cost?
Recently my 2005 volvo S60 often makes noise while I'm driving it on the road. Someone told me probably the shock absorber needs to be replaced. Is it normal for a car with 69,000 miles to replace the shock absorber...
Stop lights stay on after engine off, lights off and doors closed