im changing water pump,i cant remove the fan clutch,i have removed the 4 bolts holding fan to clutch do i have to un do the 4 bolts to the pully on waterpump first? how do i loosen tension on my belt, there is a adjustment bolt that says load one way do i loosen that

my steering wheel shakes when van is moving -- tried balancing tires didnt work --- the faster you go the more it shakes -- van doesnt pull does go straight --- looked at motor and it doesnt shake at an idle

on my wife's 1994 Honda Civic EX Due to rust or what ever I can not find the "discard thickness" on the rotors and would like to know the minimum after machining and "discard thickness" as well as the replace Pad thickness for front for the rear what is max {discard} and post machining diameter for the drum inside diameter and replacement thickness for the shoes

goes about 3/4 of the way and stops problems started 3 months ago

where is the mass air flow sensor located on a 1991 Isuzu 2.3L pickup engine? Picture if possible. New fuel pump and filter. New head and intake gaskets. Starts and runs for about a minute then dies and won't restart for 1/2 hour or so.

open it today now its not closing

Don't need shock absorbers. Struts only.

when driving or if im park and car is still running

I turned on the a/c for the first time this season and I could only get cold air to come out the passenger side vents. On the drivers side, it's blowing hot! What do I do with that?

how do i remove panel more specificly the door handle

fan does not work on low. works on 3s 2/3/4/

I had to pay for all my rotors to be resurfaced and 3,000 miles later metal hitting on metal and rotors, brakes and calipers have to be replaced. Also the service guy didn't mark any specs down on my receipt. Is this something I need to be wary of. Also this is a new guy where I took my car for years and am not satisfied with his work.

hot to take straps off gas tank

How can i tell if i have a flushable or non flushable condenser. If i can flush this one, how do I do it? I have an air flush gun for ac, but someone told me it would not flush it correctly.

I have 2 93 Isuzu Troopers. 1 automatic over 150,000 miles. 1 standard over 60,000 miles. Both SOHC and 3.2 L engines. The fuel pumps keep burning up.

Things we've done:
Replaced pumps
replaced filters
cleaned tanks
cleaned injectors
hard wired pumps ( the automatic hard wired still works, the standard does not)
changed spark plugs and cables
replaced all parts for timing
new batteries and terminals
checked all fuses

We are lost. The only thing we haven't done, replaced fuel lines. i need help. Can't figure this problem out. Oh and have gotten the pumps from different places.