After replaceing the fan didn't help I researched on the net and found it may be the CCRM. I have it off and would like to just replace the relay for the fan but can't find which relay it is. The CCRM is F6ZF-12B577-AA.

It started about a month ago after I towed a trailer. There is a noise that sounds like air leaking, and it stops if I hit the break pedal (otherwise continuous). My gas mileage has suffered since this started as well.

The latch will not open the trunk electronically.

I have 1990 K1500, 5.7 L, 4WD. , Ext cab/bed, 720R4 trans.
Diff. cover has 10 bolts. I'm not sure on the gear ratio. I'd prefer to change out the entire rear end. Do I need an exact match or do I have other options. I understand that gear ratio is specific? Can I find the same ratio on a different year model, or one with a 12 or 14 bolt pattern . What about an upgraded RE if there is such a thing, Are there ways to improve performance, would I want to? For what reason? I just had to have the trans. rebuilt and my diff. goes bad a week later, so cost is an issue. Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!

today 7/3/2011 for overheated usage

when its real hot it mostly does it

When I move the air flow control to defrost, the tapping sound stops. When I move it to direct air flow to any other position (i.e., front vents alone or front and lower vents or just the lower vents), the taping sound returns. After a long (and annoying) time, the tapping sound eventually stops. Fan speed has no effect on this. A/C on or off has no effect on this.

It seems like a solenoid but I don't know. Anyone have any clue? I haven't found a repair manual that addresses this part of the air cooling/heating controls in the dash.


I is worse when it is hot outside and when I ride the brake it stops. Also the rear rim is substantially hotter than the rest when I get out to check them.

my ac compressor/clutch has no pwer going to the mechanism , the relay is blown i dont know where it is to replace relay ?

is the problem with the control unite?

I have no oil pressure reading on my gauge.

the oil guage twitters

Hi,I hope you can help! It start about a one and half yrs ago. First time I repalce the 3 senors and the two cats. converters,grant you the first time I change the cats. It was from a changes shop. (Miekie) But 5 months ago I change the cats. converters only with walker OEM parts very good parts, with a 5 yrs warrenty. Miekie cat went bad. Now the walker are bad too, I take very good care of my truck,tune it up about 25,000 to 30,0000 mile, oil changes 2,000.The truck runs very good, no miss fires or anything like it.
Toyota dealership says,engine is fine.Can you give me a reason what is wrong. HELP!!!!!
The truck have about 115,000 miles on it

the truck cuts out and takes back off when it dose it shifts hard code said it is the transmission manufacture control.i would like to know were this is located

I had the oil changed and transmission fluid levels checked. I drove it approximately 10 min. to a gas station. It would not shift into gear going on a slight incline into the station. I had to put it into park to keep it from rolling backwards. Fluids kind of a reddish brown but not as thick as oil were ALL over the ground beneath it.