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why when i press down on my clutch it goes all the way to the floor and it well not come up intell u pull it back up
stoped runing and will start back the first time
Purchased in NOV 2004, no problems whatsoever since then. Routine maintenance regularly. Gasket on driver side window would bind when going dow. Can't be good for stress on the regulator and or motor. How much to exp...
just stopped working this week, never a problem before
It was damanged and the motor is not working
My transfer case is leaking and it has a crack, so I am going to need another
My engine shakes a little when I start it up, then goes away in about 10 seconds. I'm pretty sure its the motor mounts. Not sure if its the front or rear mounts. Where exactly are they located so I can replace them. A...
i have a 1998 ford windstar that has white smoke coming from tailpipe when i press gas also the transmission is changing kinda funny
I have a 1986 Sedan DeVille Fleetwood that has just started to sputter and lose some power when going uphill. This seems to happen more when I don't have a good 'running start' on the hill, like coming from a stop li...
I just need to conferm which is th e number 1 fuel injector on this engine.
Problem started not long after we bought it. Occasionaly the front passenger electronic window would not open. Now window will not open from either control panel.
my brake lights stopped working, I replaced the brake light switch and still nothing. HELP please
Just recently my right wipers does not move when I turn my windshield wipers on. The other wiper works just fine, what could be the problem and how can I fix it
I have replaced the ac compressor,the orginal locked up.i have no power coming to compressor,i checked with a test light all fuses look good.what else should i check.thanks
Looking for a very ballpark estimate on replacing a transmission on this thing. Only has 1st gear. Just trying to figure out whether I should even bother towing it somewhere for an estimate.