i have a 2000 toyota camary. every time that it gets hot outside the speed odometer stops working and the transmission doesn't shift right. i was told that it was the speed sensor so i changed that but it still does the same thing. can you tell me what the problem might be

replaced the oil pump and I'm not getting oil pressure

My airbag light just came on a couple days ago and will not go off, I have never deployed the airbags.

I have replaced the clutch 3 times the slave cylinder twice. It will work fine for around 6 mo. then the clutch comes apart. is this a bleeding issue since there is no mechanical adjustment other then on the petal or am I missing something?

I have had my car serviced regularly and it now has 140,000 miles on it. When and what should be the next major maintenance on it?

cruise not working.fuses are good

My question is on using the service .

When I make a left hand (only) turn either forward or reverse the steering is slow responding and hard.

I am changing my timing chain, tensioner, guides and sprocket. the crankshaft mark on the new sprocket is 180 degrees from the keyway. The old sprocket mark is aprox 160 degrees from the keyway. What rule due I follow, Keep the shaft key marks at 12:00 or match the chain marks to the sproket mark which would put the crankshaft key mark 20 degrees to the left of 12:00?

I have a 2002 cl500 cruise control has stopped working and when i drive for two or three miles esp bas abs visit workshop lights up on the dash i have already replaced the brake light switch at the pedal any suggestions greatfully appreciated.......

I've being told that I need a new radiator fan assembly for my 2001 S500. What is the level of difficulty to install the part myself. Any tips/helpful hints?

where is the low ac port on the 2003 dodge intrepid?

I have looked under my car for the drain tube and cannot locate its position. I have water coming from under the dash and my carpet both front and rear are getting soaked. I think Imy have a stopped up drain.

drivers side electric window do not go up or down passangers side works i chage switch it works for a week and it broke again thanks for the help.

Today my engine light came on and towards the end of my commute (45 miles) the car started bucking upon acceleration (twice it happened). Is it a timing belt issue, faulty spark plug?