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when i turn the air condition on the car stalls and shuts off then when i turn it off the cars back to normal i live in florida and need air whats can this be

When the car is started, you can turn the cruise control on, but it goes off when the brake is pressed to put the car in gear. It will not come back on until the car is shut off and restarted.

but does not do it all the time need some idea what to check?

replaced switch checked fuse still no light.

maf,tp,egr,iac,evap,all good. already changed fuel pump,regulator and fuel filter all are good + did the upper plentum.engine prof. rebuild has aprox 10k on it. Did injector bal. test there does not seem to be any problems there. converters were pulged so i reamed them out.spits & sputters on start up {even warm start up} & on hard acceleration.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a repair manual for my car that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Can I remove bracket assembly without disconnecting brake line to install new rotor and pads.

The problem just recently showed up about two weeks ago. Best way to describe it is it sounds like I'm flooring the gas and letting off then repeating over again but the pressure on the gas pedal is constant. Sounds a little like it may be taking in too much air.

What can I check for the cod PO455? I changed the gas cap, light went off and the came back on. Was told to put vasoline around the seal in gas cap.

I purchased this van at 114k and now has 122. So far I have had new front brakes, a rack and pinion and now a right front half shaft. Is there a reason why this vehicle always needs front end parts replaced? Is this typical? I am also noticing the shocks starting to make sounds once in a while. Also, replacing a half shaft.. should I expect to do the other sometime soon.. it blew the boot after I had heard some clicks when I was turning.

what number is it

what is pressure supposed to be

will the steering column turn with the ignition position OFF when I am towing my suburban?

It started making a scraping kind of noise which I thought sounded like my brakes; then a rattling noise that got progressively worse. Now the part time idiot light comes on, so I assume it's going into 4x4 by itself. Is it the transfer case and how difficult (and expensive) to fix?

How many miles do spark plugs get. I would like to check my spark plugs as my check engine light has came on. I can't get them off. Do they just pull straight out or is there a trick to it? or a special tool? Thanks for your help.