new battery in and the head and tail lights come on when car is off ans continue to go on and off

Wheren is the pcv valve location

My horn started blarring for no reason when I stopped for gas. Couldn't get it to stop even after pressing button on key pad. Couldn't start car while horn blarring. Did this three times in a row but finally stopped on it's own. Then I could start my car.

What is the best way to go about changing the power steering line that runs from the rack to the front of the Engine.

got one diagram on line already from wego2u mobile mechanic,resistor was not to be found as per diagram!!! i bought the n ew part and can not find anything with four wires on it around blower unit. i need help big time.

a/c compressor has gone bad for the 2nd time in 20 months persons preforming the work are telling me that i have to remove the dashboard to replace the evaporator and the expansion valve

Tune up for a Mercedes Benz CLK 430

Vibrations on steering wheel and car vibration once air conditioning is turned on.

How do you replace the drivebelt on a Saturn 2000 SW2?

I have a 2000 town caar and every once in a while the track active light comes on and i have to slow the car to 5 mi. per hour and than the light goes off. Where is the problem.

po765 and po700 codes

I can not get my box van started. It runs for about 1 to 2 seconds and will not start. I have replaced the fuel filter Before it would not start it had no power like it is not getting enough fuel.

I noticed that even with my car turned off the rear brake lights still stay turned on. I have to pull the brake light fuse to fet them to turn off. What might be causing this?

how to replace or remove clutch on air condition compressor

How do I get the hose off for the power steering, as fluid is leaking and I can't get in there; I have the van on a ramp to get to it underneath, but it's too tight. Thanks in advance for your help!