Last summer our Lancer's AC started not working for a while and then working for a while. At this point however it is pretty much not working. It seems to actually blow hotter, more humid air into the cabin than even the outside air. Our local, trusted shop looked at the car and replaced the cabin air filter and said that aside from being a bit low on refrigerant that there wasn't anything they could fine wrong with the system. They said that it blew cold air for them. Of course the day I took it into them it was cold and foggy so the outside air temp was already cold. After they replaced the cabin filter and rechanrged the system I don't think the AC has blown cold air once. We certainly can't leave the "recycle" switch on as we basically bake in our own sweat. We've now resulted to turning the darn thing off and rolling down the windows, which is getting to be not so much fun as summer approaches again.

whats the best way to change alternator under fender or under hood

trying to fimd out how to set the marks on the timming belt

what need to be done in order tie in the scan tool

I ran out of gas and the car wont start when I added gas what the problem this is bs my older 2001camry never did this to me lucky im home

Need instructions on how to install a water hose for the Mercedes Benz E320 model.

the truck stopped on the freeway while driving, pulled over and it started back up then stop running. The truck has oil in it. I kept the oil changed every 3 months. It still had oil in it when it stopped. When i changed the oil the mechanic said the knocking from the engine sounded like the valves or lifters. because the truck has over 100,000 miles i would usally put a thicker oil. but this time i think they put a lighter weight.when i turn the key now it only makes 1 click.

How much does it cost me (labor+parts) to replace a new alternator for Odyssey 2000.

my back air conditon turns on fine. the front one takes sometimes up to a hour to turn on but doesn't always stay on

I went to the mall for an hour and i come back and my windows didn't work at all. no sound no nothing. I checked the fuses and they all seem to be good. I bought new motors but i don't know what is wrong.. Any help would be nice

My car died while I was driving, and the it take 15 to 20 min to cut back on. no check engine light comes on. I got a new starter, a new alternator and a new radiator , the fuel pump is new , the spark plugs r new. but my heat is not working and the car keeps cutting off. please Help

When I drive the crwn vic the first 1 1/2 miles its ok then it shuts off and I coast off the road. after about 30 seconds i put it in nuetral and it cranks up and all is well and then after every 1/2 mile it starts cutting off again. I have changed the fuel filter, fuel pump and ignition switch and nothing seems to help.

I have tried twice to get smog check and failed my car was in the body shop where they took out the battery and reinstalled and now the drive cycle is deactivated.

car will start when cold then stops. have replaced fuel pump

while driving the vehicle, all bells and whistles lit up, all gauges were normal, vehicle shut down, able to push to side of road. Towed to service station, they quickly looked at it and said the engine locked up but could not immediately say why. Does this sound correct and what could have caused it if all levels were ok?