What does code P0030 mean when the engine light is on?

i read a reply from you on this same problem, you stated it may be the temperature actuator, where is located? you also mentioned a code stored in the a/c module how do you get that information? Thanks

I took my car to get tires and they said the rear passenger ball joint is bad. When I was looking up information, it appears that I may have to replace the entire rear suspension system to fix this. Is that right?

Seconds after my truck cranks and starts, it dies out. If I give it gas in the process, it revs up (in a sputtering manner) will not sustain and eventually dies. Since the problem started, I've replaced the plugs, cap, wires and fuel filter to no avail. Any ideas what would cause this. Thanks.

My car battery died, I charged it up, but then i noticed why, it was because my car's tail lights had stayed on for hours, so why would they stay on even when the switch is turned off?

The 1995 bronco is a XLT trim package with bench seat.

Back hatch stopped opening and closing remotely. The button on the bottom of the hatch door doesn't operate it either. I can open and close it by pushing on the Handel.

found the 2 upstream, 1 on the catalytic converter and one between catalytic converter and motor.

replaced o2 sensor because of check engine light.and obd diagnosstic code ...resent repairs manifold gasket....tightened heat shield....exhaused checked...could this be a loose hardtop ....noise is fleeting sometimes sounds like front passenger side...sometimes is manual 5speed...thank you.

the mass air flow sensor set off some codes, took mafs out and cleaned, it was very dirty. now all systems are within there limits, does the mafs need to be replaced?

the mechanic moved my seat back I need to move it forward..but cannot find a lever or button..please help..thanks

a/c compressor magnetic clutch

When I turn on my blower switch it turns off my dash electrical and my headlight.When the car is turned off then turned back on the electrical is reset and back on. I heard that this was caused by the ignition switch in the steering column.I heard that this was a common problem and don't want to get ripped off by the dealer. Thanks!

Everytime I go over 5000 rpm's when passing or going up hill the check engine light comes on, the car also starts to jitter and feels like it's going to stall. Then I have to stop and shut the car off. After that, I turn the car on again and the stalling goes away and the car drives OK but the c/e light remains on. The mech resets it, if I drive it again (over 5000rpms)it starts to stall. He put new coils in, drove it and it did the same. he installed my original coils back in. the diagnostic does not give him no engine codes so right now he said not to drive it to that point. Have you heard about this before?

Can you show me a picture or diagram of how it looks and where it goes? It has two lines