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you can drive it for a while,and put antifreeze in it but after a while the cR RUNS HOT AND THE ANTIFREEZE COMES OUT FROM THE TOP OF THE BOTTLE.

Engine light code PO141. Replaced O2 sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2), checked wiring from sensor to harness (OK), swapped EFI relay (90084-98009) with same part that controls window de-fogger (980084-98009). Engine light stays off until car reaches normal operating temp and continues to stay off while driving. But, after turning off the engine and restarting it, the light comes back on.

100 and system was blowing cold air. Now 3 days later after blowing the fan for a short trip home it is blowing hot air but pressure guage still reads 100 and the fitting to the low side port is cold to the touch. What could be wrong here?

the code that came up saID O2 SENSER BANK 1

2007 Chysler Pacifica, 101,000 miles. During service at a NE Tennessee Chrysler DEALERSHIP for a transmission replacement, the power seat control module apparently died (Funny - it was working, as the service manager admitted BEFORE they started changing the transmission but died BEFORE we picked up the car - I don't think that is a coincidence but I'm just the little guy). So, now that I am stuck with no power seats or paying him to fix his mistake (I didn't mention earlier the dealer admitted to electrical problems when replacing the transmission control module - don't forget the seats were working when the vehicle was delivered for the the transmission service...). Anyway, is the seat control module a user replacable item? Does it need to be "flashed" to the car's computer? If user replacable, where is the module available from? I've tried Advance Auto, Autozone, Oreilly's etc. (online) but can't find one. Google and Ebay are not very helpful either. Any thoughts (besides avoiding NE Tenn/Tri-Cities Chrysler dealers...)

Few months ago due to recall and check engine light the ECM control was replaced by the dealership. Two days ago check engine light came on; when checked it showed the code P0138 but the light disappeared a day later. Please help me with this.

I passed the smog test but I have this problem. I've taken this car to Toyota in the last few years because my engine check light came on. They have replaced 3 of the 4 main smog valves.The check light goes out and I pass but then a few months later it's come back on.

it should be simple but I don't know where to look

I was driving at highway speed my car stalled i had to jump it to restart it but kept stalling.

been having starting trouble and trying to get to the bottom. the bolt on the negative post has a stripped head and i cant figure how to get it off without breaking the post. what can i try/

The hazzard lights work (blink) but when using the turn signal it does not.

I have tried to reset, is there a fuse that may be out causing the reset modes not to respond?

also, is replacing the paper filter the same as conventional?

instrument panel gauges going crazy

car has 110,000 mles never gotten a tune up.
took to a place this am they say i needed to replace spark plugs,set timing,adjust air and fuel mixture.
replace ignition wires, replace air & fuel filters &pcv valve also preform a BG fuel induction service.
the price he gave me was very high HELP PLS