transmission leaking but dont no where its coming from

I allready changed the sensor do you have the porshe system tester 2 computer to make the update DME software to my car and how much is the cost? thanks

right rear vent will not open and can not hear the motor

sporadic problem misses under power changed fuel filter twice no help any suggestions

My blower motor and/or controller wasn't working (thanks overbys)and then it started once again. It still makes low sounds at start up like a fluttering of sorts that dicipates after a few seconds.
Should I be concerned, perhaps it is on its way out or maybe a wire loose?
Does anyone want to buy a volvo cx90, its real nice?

If I'm missing a catalytic converter on a 2004 suzuki verona'What are the Symptoms?

The engine idle surges until I turn on the air conditioner.. No vacuum leaks found.. what could be the problem.. THought might be head gasket, checked the block for leaks and nothing... In need of help..

My audio twetters sometimes they just stop working

No air thru defroster vents.The blower works fine.

I need to locate where the 2 speedometer sensors are so I can change them out. My speedometer quit working.

I get air thru all other vents except the defroster vents.

looking for a place that is an expert on cadillacs

for about 2 weeks my check eng light came on and today my abs and traction light came on the car is running good it a little rough when in park but i thought it might need a tune up whats going on does anyone no what is wrong or what i need to expect

2004 Honda Pilot - I have trouble filling up the tank about 60 - 70% of the time. It takes about 1/2 a gallon and then pump shuts off. When it does take gas normally, it doesn't know it's full. It is a 18.5 gallon tank and sometimes it takes over 20 gallons.

not too shure where thermostst is located