My truck was running ok park it and next day didn't wana start, check for everything that i could think like spark, fuel doesn't get to the tbi , i took the fuel line out crank it and fuel comes out but i does not get out from the injectors in the tbi, i bypass the fuel pump relay and it starts but the fuel pump keeps working after i turn the truck off, i even change the ECC thinking it was that but no

Where and how are you coming up with these estimates? You have to completely remove the dash to start with, how are you coming up with such a low price?

Does the old freon need to be pumped out? Why wouldnt the a/c accept the can on the low port.Its like it was clogged or something but the cap was never taken off?

A/c runs and last summer the A/C started to get warmer.Why wouldnt the low port take the can in. I poped the valve and it wouldnt inject. What do i do?

i did what the manuel said,after hooking up the low port i turn the valve to open ..guage didnt read it was charging.Does the old stuff have to be pumped out first?

The fuel pump in back runs a lot and is louder than normal.
Do we go to a regular mechanic or take back to transmission shop?

as you go to take off there is no power barely moves . its a 2008 pontiac grand prix it has 92000 miles no other problems since i have owned it. not driving it not sure if i should

The driver side seat heater is not functioning, any thoughts on why?

Do I need to remove distributor in order to replace a simple themostat?

Can only open the trunk with the key.

Has bucked a few times when accelerating/gas light lights up even though have enought gas

I bought this truck with 70000 miles on It. I have never changed the trani fluid or filter. It runs fine. Some say yes others say leave it alone. Thank you for any comments.

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L supercharger

pull on latch and hood will not open

some times the brake tail lights will stay on. dont dare take my van across the state it will be going fine and then just totaly shuts its self right down like you turned the key off.has anyone had these problems? and how do i fix it?i have taken it to many shops and they can't find anything wrong ( passes all tests )