got tune-up ran for 2 days wont turnover starts 4 a few sec when i spray starter fluid in carb but dies

How do I remove broken headlight cover on the passenger side of my 2007 Nissan Quest?

what caused the Vsa light to appear on dash board?

own a 2005 chevy aveo, no passenger tail light, but do have break light. changed bulbs in tail light, not the problem, then i realized i don't have any dashboard lights.
Is this a blown fuse?

the car has 4 wheel disc brakes, no anti lock. did the front brakes no problem but the rear pads are held in by two pins and u just slide them out. how are those pins supposed to be removed? do you cut them? on one end there is a hole where you can tap on the pin, do you bang on them front that end until they slide out?

Where is the drain come out for the ac

how much trouble is it to replace a speed sensor?

car started off by needing rear brake pads,so decided to do front aswell. pedal was nice and firm before replacing all pads. all pistons went back in easily but for some reason, now has very spongy pedal and goes to the floor. removed all pads and seems that front pads arent grabbing rotors like if the pistons were stuck? removed pads and they come out fine, bled ft brakes and still nothing,master cylinder?

My brakes suddenly failed. There was a hole in the right side brake hose caliper. The brake fluid drained out. Fortunately, I was near a service center and avoided an accident. The brake hose was in close proximity and rubbing against the arm assembly which caused the brake hose to wear and fail. Is there a TSB on this problem because the mechanic says that the failure was due to poor design in location of the brake hose? Also, They are asking for $230 to repair the problem. Am I being fairly charged? Thanks, Louis

How do I check trans oil???

the compressor does not seem to be kicking in, ive been told this is because my refrigerant is too low and it doesnt let it to come on to avoid damage.is this true or do i have aproblem with the compressor.will a recharge fix my problem of course checking for leaks,thanks john

When I got the car it never sounded like this.I keep up on the changing of fluids and etc.No lights come on indicating any problems.Repair shop didnt know either.I had a freind tell me it was a stabilizer that somehow might have turned on during the winter months of driving in the snow??I have no clue.DO u?

I have a 2005 Chrys T&C that has the same issue, headlights won't come on some times without turning the switch on & off multiple times. Headlights go off while driving. We have to hold the headlight switch (high & low beam switch) on to keep high beam on or else all we would have is the running lights.

switch only works on positions #1 & 2 . It worked it way down the scale untile now it only works at 1 & 2 .Could it be the switch control its self .

What does the eng. synchronizer do.also does it require a special tool 2 remove & install it? does installing it require lining up certain timing marks??