Were is the fuel filter?

when do you change the fuel filter

I installed a new compressor, control panel blower switch and ac still blows soft or low I notice that the top vents defrost blows harder than the cab vents on my 1986 f150 pick up it blows ice cold but not hard through air vents. its running me crazy. is this normal for a this old truck

When I start my car there is a loud noise, like a match is being struck. It use to only happen during colder weather, but, is happening more often now. Is it the starter?

I just had my waterpump, thermostat & timing belt replaced at 62,500. I only had the car for exactly 1 week. Is there any way the previous owner could have known this was an issue prior to me buying the car? Also, since it was fixed my temperature light is now blue when I start the car for the first time in the day. It stays on for a few minutes and then goes away. It did not do this when I first got the car but it did after I had it repaired. Is there an issue?

85k have to add oil alot, ford says 1 qt every 900 is o.k.
No leaks and no smoke. What could be the problem?

noise coming from watrpump

I recently replace the TPS sensor to fix the delayed shifting. The problem continue and the O/D light flash 16 times. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Please help

I cant get the water pump off opts blocked by the pellet and motor mount how do I remove the water pump

code shows bad knock sensor,what are the effects of a bad knock sensor,and where is it located on the engine

how can I install guages in my camaro, instead of the malfunctioning ones ??

Hi there. My mechanic is stumped. I took the van in over a month ago. The check engine light was on and the transmission was not shifting into 3rd gear. it is a 97 dodge 2500 van with a 3.9 engine and the 3-speed transmission (155K miles on it).

$1500 later, they rebuilt the transmission and replaced the torque converter. The check engine light keeps coming on and throwing the P0740 code. It seems like the torque converter locks up but the RPM drop is only about 180-200 RPM when this occurs. I think it should be more and more noticeable.

The mechanic has since replaced the valve body, TCC solenoid and wire connectors to the transmission since the rebuild but the problem still exists.

Anything that you can offer to help remedy this would be so greatly appreciated.

All other lights work, including turn signals, emergency lights etc.
How ever, when I slightly press on my brake peddle, the breaks come on, yet if you press all the way down, they wont turn on, I need help fixing this because I can't afford take it to a dealership.

Oh, if this helps, my car is automatic.

what would be cost to replace right and left outer cv boots?

mechanic diagnosed my power steering pump leaks what would need to be replaced and approx cost. also stated that valve cover gaskets need replacement. what would be approx cost, any recommendations to who to take it to.