The clock to start with only worked when my car was running and now it goes on and off.

AC shuts down when driving the vehicle up hill. Heater duct shuts off.

Air conditioning does not blow cold air in the rear of the van. What can I check to see where the problem is. Evaporator in the rear if it has one, refrigerent leak?

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2007 Nissan Murano?

3.3L engine. cannot locate the temp sensor.

A mechanic told me that I should replace the O2 sensor at the same time as the cat. converter. Engine light came on and the code was need a cat. converter replacement.


Like driving without power brakes. Is it safe to drive-will brakes go out completely? don't drive car much and have been driving it like this for a while.

When vehicle is put into gear does not respond. Turning off the vehicle several times will get it to respond into gear.Feels like it staying in first at times. Check engine,passenger air bag light are on.

I replaced the seals behind both the camshaft pullies. I forgot to mark them before pulling them off. How do I set the timing to match up with the crankshaft?

i have a 98 chrysler concorde and the car is great but for some reason all my lights keep coming on and shutting off.
its all the lights the door , the above lights , my dash , and my radio please tell me why ? And because of it my car sometimes does not wanna start or trys to start for me


i have a 1996 cirrus with 2.5 v-6 motor. how do i replace front seal on transmission?

I was told my truck shimmies really, really bad when breaking due to warped rotors. Can this be true. I just had the bearings and hubs replaced, but the shaking in the break and tires are even louder than before the bearings and hubs were replaced. Could this be due to warped rotors?

Does anyone know a good shop to take IS-250? I need to get the 60,000 miles maintenance. I called Lexus of Wilmington and it would cost $2005. Not sure if I can afford thi.