Could you please tell me the location of the Crankshaft sensor?

I fear my 2nd and 3rd gear syncro's are on their way out, I'm going to do a transmission fluid replacement ASAP to see if my gear grinding shift problems are solved. However, just in case-- how much does it cost to rebuild an 2000 Audi tt (quattro, manual trans.) transmission, and where would be some of the best places in the bay area to do this?

how much does it cost to repiar a 94 dodge stealth engine bearing

On the way to work I put the window up and a few minutes later it would not go down. The motor sounds like it is working but the window does not move.

I've heard that replacing the induction motors on the RX 400h Synergy Hybrid system can cost over $10,000. The Hybrid system is warranted for 8 years or 96,000 miles. Has anyone had a problem with they're hybrid system? What did it cost to repair?

Radio will receive stations on FM and XM but will not pick up any stations on AM band. What could be the problem?

v6 4.0L engine with 105,000 miles. MAF was replaced 3 months ago, it runs fine except for marginal gas mileage. thanks for helping

my 3400 v6 seems to be getting oil in the coolant, should i look for heed gaskets or possibly cracked or warped heads, it only got into the red on the gauge for a few minutes

92 miata wont' run fuel pump won't run new fuel pump new relay no power to fuel pump whats wrong

can the vehicle speed sensor cause slipping and erratic gear changes


Runs great untill I slow down to stop or turn, then it stalls out.

ac does not turn on all the time. if i leave the control on sometimes it comes on and sometimes it does not.

how long should brake rotars normally last?

I have a slight vibration when my my is idling. I was told that my throttle need cleaning that it was getting stuck. can you help me, by giving me some advice?