squirting fuel out of throttle body want run. all the time

changed the brakes and right caliper

I would like to know what years have the same motor and housing for replacement.

i started my car this morning and i heard a pop noise,car shut off.i started it back up,the engine light and battery light came on.codes are u1110,u1120,po562 and po700

where is the sensor located and what is the best method for removal and installation of new sensor

went to advanced auto they read the code for me. said my radiator fan relay was bad. i bought the part and need to know where it is located.

rough when idle in gear. dosent shift right and runs rough. was told it was the maf sensor

my brake lights wont shut off

Airflow will not come through vents. It will blow through windsheild and floor.

I replaced my flexplate and put 5 qts of fluid drove it afew miles all was fine then i went tothe auto store when leaving i was on a little incline and my reverse will not kick in i was able to coast back and drive home but still .have no reverse, i added 4more qts of fluid but still nothing

just got the car with this condition.car wont stay running even when pressing gas pedal.sounds like its choked up

very small seap but really bad yet

every time I go to pump fuel into my van I can only get about 2/10ths of a gal. in at a time then I have to wait to pump more in its acting like its full but I know yhat its not

i need the specs for the timing. my tensioner pulley in my timing gave out and im replacing it today.

where is the vss located ?