i need to replace the starter in my 2001 bmw 325i, but i am not sure how much it should cost and i do not want to get ripped off.

aceleration up and down

How do I change the Alternator on this car?

Check engine light comes on, Trailblazer is sputtering and reduced power. Took it to local car parts store to have the code read. Cylinder 5 not firing. Okay, that explains it, but where to start to fix it? Spark Plugs? Wires? Injectors? Can bad gas cause a cylinder to stop firing? Filled up just before this happened. The Trailblazer is a 2002 with 69,000 miles on it. never had a major issue with the Trailblazer.

The pin in the clutch is out not allowing the car go into any gear.

Hello I have a problem with the trans also I will give all it information and observations I see. First the trans will not shift out of what ever gear it is in most like first. Which when the gas is released it deccelerates immediatly. I drove out to a friend to check the computer and the whole ride there the trans was fine. He pluged in the reader and the code was fine. However all winter the trans was fine shifting like normal. Today it was 81F outside and the moment I started it and put the van in drive form park it jerked forward like it does when I have this problem and the whole day it was doing this. I was told about the computer and the sensors being an issue and some of the solinoids being stuck I want to get an idea before I drop the engine and trans. I feel it is temp related.

punctured right boot

being charged 625.00 for the upper coolent hose and the watering outlet for thermostat by firestone?? 400.00labor??

I was informed by my mechanic I have an oil pan gasket leak and it's a 6 hour job to fix it. I have no doubt there is a leak but it seems insane it would be 6 hours in labor to replace it. Any advice would be appreciated.

ac is charged no leaks detected compressor is running at least at idle

Transmission repair sometimes involves dismanteling the whole transmission and the cost may be more than mmthe car is worth. What is the range of possible repair costs?

not changing gears

i changed the oil and the maintenance required light wont go off

Instructions on replacing the ingnition switch

but i do have oil pressure. Is either a head bolt or a rocker assembly bolt blocking the oil possibly?