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Somehow spark plug fell out, does the car need a to be taken into a shop to be check out or can I just replace the spark plug?
Hello, Here's the story.... As I was driving home today, my car suddenly stopped. I thought that maybe it overheated and checked the coolant. When I opened the hood, I noticed the coolant was empty, so I filled it ...
I have slippage in the trans (107,000 miles) and tiptronic not working properly, how much for a transmission?
I have a 1993 escort the heat works fine the air doesnt work at a but not worried about that, the fan works on 1 2 and 3 but the whole system shut down when you put the switch on 4. I have replaced the switch and the ...
in every position the washer fluid shoots out, even when that feature is not selected. When it is raining and only need the wipers, the fluid still comes out. Already tried the fuses and all are okay. What to do?
I changed the stop light switch and rubber grommet and it is still on. There is clicking sound coming from the center console when I press down on the new switch.
the light is on of the air bag
my 98 4 runner wont start and alarm goes off everytime i try to jump start it,Its done this ever sense i left the ignition on and ran down the battery
how do i find the location of pcv valve and replace it
When I drive my truck, it begins to randomly rev into 5,000 and 6,000 rpms. My truck then remains at the same speed. This lasts for about 5 to 15 seconds. After it ends, it jolts forward and drives normally. This ...
Car makes clicking noises and will not start
how much oil does this engine hold including the filter... thanks
I want to get a complete tuneup please give me a price for it
Where is the oil pressure sending unit located?