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how do i change my own waterpump
The car wont ship from park sounds like a transmission problem but not sure
Hi,the battery lost all power,charged it and now wont hold idle,whats the re-train process on idle air control for idle quality???? KEN
Transmition is slipping and sometimes won't crank
The light comes on but goes off. I also get a message that track is off. I do not know how to turn it on. I do not have a vehicle manuel.
leaks powerstreeing fuld already replaced powerstreeing pump been having to ad fuild avery morning.
how do i reset maintenance light
manual transmission key is stuck in on position and wont turn off steering wheel is free and moving it doesnt help
In the last month or so my crv will shut down at times while turning right in wet weather. All the dash lights will come on for about 2 seconds and then it will start back up on it's own. The Honda dealer said for me...
without prior warning. Check engine soon light came on. within 1-2 minutes car stopped. had it towed. valve dropped into piston and can not be repaired. with all the computer messages why wasn't there a warning? i am ...
My son accidently left the xm radio on and wore down the battery. We charged it overnight, but now park lights stay on even when car is not running. The only way to shut them off is to unhook battery. Also, drivers do...
Engine dies mostly when at slow speeds and turning to either side. It has also died while coasting up to a stop and recently died just as I turned right and started to accelerate.
Is is normal to replace the motor when replacing a blown head gasket. The dealer is trying to charge me $3800.00 for a used motor and $3000.00 for the labor. This doesn't include the parts I have to buy. Who would pay...
my van shuts off in the middle of driving and the oil light comes on. sometimes it stalls sometimes it just stops without warning. it will start back up sometimes and at others it won't. I had too much oil in it but t...
Ck engine light is on runs great but will not pass inspection. Need to know were part # is located on ecm. 5.9 engine. 4/2001