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I want to fix it myself

Leak coming from under the right side of my engine and it's pretty big leak took it in to get looked up at they said it was the power steering what else could be involved is it a hose that needs to be replaced or something else?

First noticed the speedometer dropped to 0 the started working then stopped, etc. The tachometer stopped completely, then idiot lights came on, starting witht the brake light, then seatbelt, etc. After parking, the engine idled high then low. I pulled the battery cable and it died. I hope it only the alternator but and concerned it might be more.

instal new o2sensor and iav valve

Both issuses happened at the same time.

Would have to put it in park and turn key totally off. Had the fuel filter replaced, tune up w/ new plugs,wires ect. Started better, but still has a miss and terrible fuel mileage. Have had several 454's so know about low mileage, but this is bad. It had a fuel pump indicator code at first, replaced relay on wheel well, code went away. This time no codes for bad idle.

i just had my timing belt changed by a private mechanic for my 2005 lexus rx it wont start..nothing is showing up on his diagnostic devices..what is the problem?

like something got broke. just replaced my cv boot axle . it got pretty bad. transmission was fine though at the time

I changed the motor and put in a good used one but still have same problem. only thing i changed over was oil filter housing. Is it possible that it could cause this problem?

2- what is the red light for when the break is pressed?

why the engine starts but dies repeatley. it happens hile its ,car, is cold.

The needle is in the middle on start up but then falls back, but never into the red area

Installed a brand new Serp belt and took it for a 12 mile test drive. Upon return the belt had shredded in the exact same position as the old belt approx 1/8" strip around the entire belt. What causes this problem? Could it be a bearing in one one of the components (alt, water pump, A/C) or could it be a problem with one of the pulley wheels? The top pulley wheel has some (slight)wear grooving but nothing significant.

Car would not shift out of park one morning. I bypassed with the shift lock and car ran fine other than no break lights or horn. I discovered the STOP fuse (#5) was blown. I replaced the fuse and later that same day, the fuse blew again. I researched online and asked a Honda technician at my local dealer and he assumed it was the brake light switch. I purchased a break light switch and installed it along with yet another fuse. Worked fine to get me home from work and the next morning I had the same problem. I find it safe to guess that there is a short or some wire is grounding. I have checked all the bulbs and their wires/connections in the trunk, wires/connections under my dash, and have not located any burns, tears, disconnects, touching wires or anything in that sense. If I were to take it to a mechanic or an electrician, are there any special tools they use I might have access to myself? If possible, I would like to attempt to diagnose and locate the short myself to avoid substantial labor and repair costs I cannot afford at this time.

It happens everytime I crank it up.