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Hi all, My battery's dead, and I went to jump it the other day, but the release cable to the cabin seems to be detached. What's the best way to open the hood in this situation?
dealer says leaking heater core. However, there is no smell, looks water to me, no color. Defogger works fine. Passenger front side not wet. Is the diagnosis correct. Also, quote was 1200. RepairPal estimate says 400....
sequence of events: 1. battery died from lack of use. After recharging engine light stays on. indicates overdue maintenance on 3 items filters and oil) 3.I can't check oil on computer. display, stays lit...
how can I check the transmission fluid level
found vertical adjustment, need to adjust left (horizontal) any idea where to start?
Had mechanic check it out and he said all sensors were OK. Thought it was just a computer problem. Anyone else have this problem?
how do you set the timing on a hyumdaii xg300
My front door speakers dont work(on both doors). I was told its the amplifier. But when i took it to the dealer, they said its the "audio control module" which of coarse isn't covered under the warranty and costs over...
replacing the ignition lock cylinder
i was just wonderin where would the transmission shift selo noid would be located
My cruise appears to stick when I apply brakes does not cut off. Light goes off but cruise still on
I would like to know what transmission i need for my vehicle
The headlights on our 2004 are set on automatic but there is now a delay in the lights coming on. I tested it this afternoon and found the lights came on when I switched on the high beams. How do I fix this problem?