The car runs hot when the ac is run for long periods of time when the car is stuck in traffic.

I was having a problem with the brakes so i replaced the calipers and pads on the front and the master cylinder has been replaced but the wheels are pretty much locked up and a ton of heat and smoke is created when i try to drive the truck. what could it be ?

battery, alternator, voltage regulator, battery cables all tested all good. if radio and a/c are on battery drains unless i keep r.p.m.'s up. what else can i do to i.d. problem?

my car has some trnasmission problem, it moves in 2nd gear but my mechanic say it is stuck in 3rd gear tell me please what I have to do

Just put a new thermostat and its still over heating???

took battery out and had it tested. new alternator. checked + & - cables from battery to alternator and engine ground. all showed = voltage (12.59). checked voltage regulator. no problems. what now?

I can be driving along and hit a bump, then my car will shut down. Why is this happening?

Front brakes grab (sometimes) when backing out of a parking place. Moving forward usually, but not always, releases the grab.
Once going slowly, probably in 1st gear, turning 90 degrees to the right, the grab was so tight the clutch was being damaged.

no flow of cold air to the rear section of my van only hot air ,front section is ok

i've changed the fuel pump and filter, coil pack, crank sensor, starter etc

My 1995 3.1 Monte Carlo gets really hot but not to the point of overheating yet when I'm driving in traffic. Niether fans turn on, replaced both fan relays, both fan motors run when connected directly to power. I replaced the ECT sensor and still nothing. I just disconnected the ECT sensor and started the car and both fans turn on. Could I have a bad ECT sensor that I just bought?

please help cant find to ad tranny fluid

sight glass shows bubbles then clear.
slight squeal on belt when ac goes to warm air.
will continue to start cold then go warm. will not stay cold air.

2007 Ford Taurus and my air compressor went out need and esitmate.

where is the fuel pressure regulator located on the car