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Do i have to drop the engine craddle to get the tranmission out i am putting another one in it.

I bought a 2010 Honda ridgeline and it has been into the dealership three times with the same problem.....IT LEAKS! When I was the truck the water drips through the grab handle on the passenger side front window bar. The first time the truck was in ( a month and half after purchasing it) they replaced the windshield. The next time I washed it.....still leaked. I took it in again and they said it was a bad weld around the holes of the roof rack in the frame and they filled it will some body epoxy. It was good for a couple of months through the winter and it started to leak again. I took it in a third time and they repeated the second repair and two months later, it's leaking again. After 3 months of discussions with Honda Canada they are going to have someone (an investigator) look at it. We'll see what happens......

I haven't use the air conditioner since thursday, use the truck saturday night,sunday morning, I saw water dripping from the drain hose.If i use the air i could understand, i did not use it, And the truck been sitting for about 10 hrs. So why is water coming out of the hose.
I hope you can help>

I have replaced the third brake light bulb and fuse but it still does not work. What else could it be?

Looking for a diagram too of the fuse box panel. Any diagrams available?

we changed the alternator and the tensioner pully and it still does it we are stumped on what it could be......

The ac drain hose has been checked by 2 different professionals and it is clear. The water intrusion begins about 20 - 30 minutes after the ac is turned on.

My output shaft is leaking. Rear differential output shaft BOTH left and right leaking. Reseal of Vanos Valve??

The problem just started. Please help

The person we bought it from said it would cost about 350.00 to fix but not sure what the problem is & cant reach the one that sold the car to us.

I have changed the fuses and don't know what else it could be

My car does a little noise and I open the cap on the top of the engine and it looses power and then it gets it back and I don't know what the problem with it is

rings gone bad, and valves

Truck sounds as if it has low compression when I start it it just sounds clogged and is getting hot

i just replaced the optispark,wires and plugs twice