car has been making a knocking noise during take off 4rm 15-25 mph so im going to replace the u joint but want to make sure i do it correctly.

how to replace the rear brake rotor. I tried to remove the rotor so I can replace it with a new one. but I can not take it out. Please advise the right way to do it. Thanks in advance.

when turning on the air conditing or heater, not enough air
is coming out.

why does my car die when i put it in reverse it sometimes happens when i put it in drive it happens often everyday.

I hear a rubbing sound comiong from my front right wheel and is more noticable when turning right plus on cold mornings a growl sound when turning right. I have an all wheel drive model.

So my 2000 GC randomly died going down the road. We towed it home and have since replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, a switch inside the ignition, all the spark plugs, and the ignition coil. It cranks but won't start. It gets close, but fails every time.

Transmission has been rebuilt,new tork converter,new neutral safety switch,new throttle position scensor,all 3 valve bodies been changed,new relay switch.It still changes from 1st to lockup.There are no lights on so when hooked up to computer no codes come up.Don't know what else to do.Need Help!email varner_t@bellsouth.net

How hard is it to replace the rear transaxle mount on a 94 topaz 2.3 4 cylinder w/automatic

after accident ...car has no fire ...no injector pulse

Window mtr. is working ok. However the frt.area hangs down causing the rear part of the glass to tilt the glass, If I pull up on the front while the mtr. pushes on the rear of the glass I can get it to close.
Thanks for whatever help you can give me.

happens most of the time when shifting from park to reverse or reverse to park. Yesterday had to use both hands to put in park.

Car shakes when it accelerates over 40 mph and has a burning smell. what could this be?

Tempreture rises up when car is on stop, before it reaches
the red part of the tempreture gage then fans kick in and
the tempreture goes back down to normal( below the middle part of the gage). Please advise what is wrong. Thanks in advance.

I have a 1990 Chrysler Lebaron Conv. I am unable to open the trunk. The key turns in the lock, but the lock will not allow the trunk to open. By the way, the interior trunk lid release is in the disengage mode, so that option is of no use in trying to open the trunk. I need to open the trunk and get inside. How does one get into the trunk? Is there an easy way?

car misses, at full acceleration care tries to stall and misses, runs ok when I back off accelerator at highway apeed, yet idles eratically.