power steering fluid leaks out @ about 1 pint per month small puddles under car

when i crank it up it doesnt crank on first crank and when you drive it. when you stop at red light it wants to die on me.

I drove home over 150 miles and once I came off the exit and to a complete stop the car would not even move. No gears whatsoever. Once I sat there for 15 minutes I started the car up and off I went then to be stopped at another light and the same thing happened again. This occurred over and over until I got the vehicle home. What is the cause of that???? Fluid level is normal however I noticed a minor drip of fluid. What do I need to do?

does the whole tensioner/pulley assemble have to be replaced or just the tensioner shock absorber be replaced?

How often should battery in smart key be replaced?

the noise sounds like a dog yelping

How often should the fuel filter and fuel injection nozzles be cleaned by dealer. Can I do it myself?


The car runs hot when the ac is run for long periods of time when the car is stuck in traffic.

I was having a problem with the brakes so i replaced the calipers and pads on the front and the master cylinder has been replaced but the wheels are pretty much locked up and a ton of heat and smoke is created when i try to drive the truck. what could it be ?

battery, alternator, voltage regulator, battery cables all tested all good. if radio and a/c are on battery drains unless i keep r.p.m.'s up. what else can i do to i.d. problem?

my car has some trnasmission problem, it moves in 2nd gear but my mechanic say it is stuck in 3rd gear tell me please what I have to do

Just put a new thermostat and its still over heating???

took battery out and had it tested. new alternator. checked + & - cables from battery to alternator and engine ground. all showed = voltage (12.59). checked voltage regulator. no problems. what now?

I can be driving along and hit a bump, then my car will shut down. Why is this happening?