I would like to replace my cabin air filter.

were fixing other things like the idle air control motor and its running again please help me?

need to verify parts are good

ther is a pin i cant get out

Now when I try to start the Vue nothing happens for 2 seconds after i turn the key to start. The service engine light comes on and then the Vue cranks slowly one time. After to slow crank is done and then there is nothing for 1 second and then the Vue starts cranking faster. Its takes about 10 cranks before the Vue starts. The dummy lights only come on just before the engine starts. Its going to kill the starter and battery like this. After I run the Vue for a while and turn it off, it will restart but only with a couple of cranks. Wonder if some computer part is failing or a short?

This happens 10 percent of the time. Can make car shift by stopping the cad and starting over or driving the car at a steady speed for about 300 yards.

When Idyling the engine makes a clicking sound. Not super loud, but noticable. The Power of this vehicle is some sluggish.

also have check engine lighst on in change termostate and temperature sensor but stikk appears on thanks

my 94 caddy deville would start and then turn itself off. this happened 3 times when I was parked, I kept my foot on the gas for 5 mins. and then it was fine. Next day I didn't have any problems. It started up right away without turning off. Before that I would feel a slight hesitation when I was driving. It was hardly noticed, My mechanic says that the computer test shows it is the cam sensor and it has to be fixed and that I also need a tune up. Do you think that is what is wrong with my car? Could you tell me about how much that would cost? I am a senior citizen and I know nothing about repairs to cars or how much repairs should cost. My caddy has 59,000 miles on the speedometer.

There is no in between, either full or empty, Speedomter does not work either.

I can't find the starter realy.

I checked all my fuses and switch the fan relay with one i know works and still wont turn on unless i turn the a/c on

I can hear the bearing rub as I am driving (unless I'm going nuts!)

Is it possible to remove the expansion vale without remove dash?

Where is the valve and can it be cleaned to solve this problem?