the a/c is full of freon all fans work but no power to compressor

All solenoids check out. Mechanic said it could a be bad pcm.

wondering approx cost to have the heater control unit replaced in 2007 elantra

want to buy used saab 2002 turbo...needs head gasket repair...is this such a big deal..does it go on most cars at a certain # of miles thanks karen

where is evap solenoid located on 2006 chevy silverado

there is no label to tell which fuse is for what

I have a 03 Echo that over heats!Upper hose gets hot, lower hose stays cool! When car gets hot,coolant comes out overflow tank. Have replaced thermostat! Help?

engine light flashes and acceleration is sluggish

What size socket to remove the oil filter cannister, so I can change the element.

location of the ecm and heater core and how to repair

how do you adjust back drum brakes

when car gets hot its like it its not getting gas i have replaced the map sensor check the fuel pump put fuel filter on it while its cold it runs ok it won/t rev up all the way

2006 Pacifica (3.5L) - I've looked under the dash (passenger side), I see what looks like where I should be able to insert the filter vertically (the size matches of the presumed door matches the size of the filter), but there is no access door. It makes me believe I need to remove the entire casing, which nearly impossible with my limited tools. Am I totally missing something?!? I've watched countless videos and read online articles that tell me I should have an access door that simply slides off, but this is not the case with my car.

can carmd work on 2004 jaguar xjr?

My fan motor takes 10 minutes to start working when cold. The colder the longer it takes to start. Sometimes colder than zero I have to shut it off wait 5 minutes then try it again. Summer it seems to be OK. Final stage replaced, control unit reworked. I did notice I'm not getting power to the final stage when all this is taking place. Question, where does the power come from that feeds the final stage? Can it be as simple as a fuse? Also, when it's not working it looks like it is. Temp settings, fan speed bar display all look OK, but it's not.

Thanks for any direction