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Can only open driver's side door with key and not remote. All other doors will not unlock and can't be opened.

my belt broke.

I can't keep at idle it just stalls out. It runs smooth at 2000 RPMs and above

we have checked all the fuses and bulbs and chased the wires down to the break lights are and still haven't found anything wrong can you please help

Fan clutch just replaced. Doesn't get as hot but temp still goes up driving up hills, when load comes off the motor going down hill almost returns to normal.Nissan service techs so far have not been able to help. Has anyone had the same problem ? Thanks for any help.

I have to add oil every 3 days

just started to happen while on long trip and ran the air conditioner


code 13 and code 51 for air bags, what do they mean ?

I can't find the right size wrench, to take off the bolt of the bracket, to the fuel filter.

Rear hatch automatically opens but it will not close. It makes a popping sound when it nears the end of opening.

new antifrezz and thermostat.helpe .thanks.

I never had a problem with the car. I let the car set without starting. The car will not crank so i dropped the tank and got rid of the old fuel. All fluids are good and i even dropped in some new oil. The old oil looked terrible because of how long it set. It seems to have fire and fuel and sounds like it wants to start but trust me i tried real hard (heating up the starter and used starter fluid. The car has great maintenance papers until it was stored. It startd one time and a lot of smoke filled the air from the exaust but cleard up and it cut off twice. i decided to stop before i damaged the starter. I thinking the injector ar badly clogged. I decided before i go any futher, before i cause anydamage to get help from the experts. Kindly appreciated!! I. did get a code of P0300 missfire from a quick scanner Please help!!

My HHR currently has 163,000 miles. It has been a commuter.

the woman that ownes it said the last owner told her the compresser had a hole in it.i was getting ready to do the dye check and noticed the clutch wasn't kicking in.any one else run in to this.