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I drive mainly highway miles. 150 K miles on car. How often should I REALLY change oil? I know that old rule was 3,000 miles. I am now doing this every 5,000. Is this ok?
how do i get the oil pan to drop after i have gotten the all the bolts out ,it like has sealed it self . is thier anythin g else i have to remove in order to get the pan down ?
A radiator flush has never been performed on this vehicle. Been having some problems with pressure being built up. So much that one of the hoses to rear/left/top of the engine is shooting steam and fluid when it get...
i bought my car 7 months ago and 3 weeks ago i went to the store and come out and it would not crank i replaced my ignition switch like the mechanic said cuz it went out but my car still won't start. so i was told to ...
Drive less than 120 miles per week
when first start up the trans slips from first to neutral till she warms up,and she seems to not want to go into o.d. somtimes not always.Trans sensor or transmission?
Had brake pads changed and ABS light stays on. How do I get my ABS light off?
the car idles rough and runs rough until you get over 20mph.
replace the hood
just arrearing that around sun roof is buckled
labor cost for installing upper and lower ball joints,brake pads rotors and calipers
Next to the TCS light on the dashboard there is a light that appears to be the outline of the car's engine. It stays on when when car is started. What is it?
A couple of weeks ago it would take a little playing with to get it to go in to reverse. Now it just won't at all. The shifter works fine, just no go. All forward gears are fine. Someone told me they think it's a s...
ac air flow at the vents is very low and at red lights it gets hot at night its cold but during the day its very hot replaced the ac compressor