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2 qts,syn 5w20 ?

The standard size wheel is 13 x 4 1/2, 4 lug, 100mm Bolt Pattern. I have had sites recommend diameters as large as 18"; but I am concerned about the fender clearance. Does anyone know how large, both in diameter and width, I can go safely and without complications? I know about offset and will avoid that.

A mechanic said I dont' have to replace it right away. What would be a fair price?

This was after battery was dead and jump start, odometer, speedometer, tach, oil pressure, engine temp. all needles dead. what is best way to DIY troubleshoot


Checked all my fuses under the dashboard and under the hood, all are good. I removed the speedometer head and unplugged and put back in it WORKED but on after 10mins the car is shut off it does not work again. Been on youtube for some pointers but still no results. Really do not have the money to take it to a dealer or a professional mechanic due to my unemployment. Thank you in advance!!!!

What is included in maintenance B.

How often should this maintenance occur?

down......I had a new compressor put in by a mechanic. A/C then worked on and off......replaced the condensor again he then said my a/c filter needed to be replaced. Which he did. Now, when I turn the truck off (after the a/c unit has been running), it makes a hissing noise coming from the passenger side for 10-15 seconds. They said that's normal when the a/c is shutting down. I think they are taking me for a ride!!! Please help......
Any suggestions or what I should say to them......

the lifters were knocking like there was no oilon them. I had my wife go ahead and slowly drive it home, and after about three blocks it stoped knocking and ran fine the rest of the night.

Last week I stated my car and after taking off, I noticed my speedometer was not working. It's at a complete stand still. After continuing to drive I saw that my odometer was not working as well. I tried to set my Trip and that did not work either along with gas gauge. My car is a 1999 Audi A4 Quatro with a 1.8 T and 130k... When i bought the car the oil pressure gauge was the only thing that did not work... Now all at once the Speedometer, Odometer, Trip, and fuel gauge stopped simultaneously...Any ideas?? This car has been nothing but problems for me but it'd be impossible to get the money i put into it back out...Most recently, my catalytic converter went out 4 days later...Someone please help, any ideas would be appropriated!

its bogging when i turn, use a/c or when it bloody well wants sea foam in it now. fuel filter is next if i can find the stupid thing

1995 jeep cherokee 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive vehicle for 385.00 Is this a fair price?

Blowing hot air inside. Thin line is cold and the larger line is hot. what is the problem please help.

I inspected the CV Joint boot torn and makes clicking sound when turning.