Just bought an 06 E350 in great shape except that when I press the windshield washer button the wipers move but no fluid squirts out. I don't even hear the pump. I cannot find any reference to the fuse that controls this and there is no chart for the under hood fuse box where it connects in.

the engine needs to be replaced

my engine light is on they tested it came back with number 3 sparkplug i needed repaced that and it still makes the problem engine lite on sill wat do i do

the proble just happened

ac was working good but now is not blowing air but I feel the cold air when I drive at high speed

I smell smoke from the right-side vent when the a/c & blower is on.

I've been looking for a diagram for a 2003 Kia Optima 6 cyl. so that I can locate the low port to recharge the A/C... but I can't find it. Does anyone know where it's located? Thanks.

when i am driving and giving the car gas it is fine but when i stop pressing the gas and i am just cruising i feel a hard jerk, sometimes harder then other times, any ideas what this could be? i was thinking maybe transmission could be slipping gears...

how to replace fuel filter in cx-7 2007 and how often should it be changed

My washers have stopped working on my van. I suspect it's the washer pump gone bad. How difficult is it to change the pump and where is it located? I hope the problem is not in the switch in the steering column instead.

Just happened this morning. Truck started to chug and sputter but I made it to office. Made it about 3/4 mile on trip home and it got worse. Coasted into Tuffy Automotive shop. I was unaware of the electrical misdiagnosis issue but I'm reasonably sure that is not an issue. $926 quote for fuel pump (delphi) and fuel filter. I was stuck 35 miles from home. Please tell me I'm not getting hosed. Price falls in range but is it near the average? Thanks.

Please help, I had my transmission rebuilt about 3 months ago. A few times since then going from Reverse into Drive the car stutters .... hesitates. I took it back to the mechanic and I was told it was the transfer case. Also it's making a sreeching noise when you put it in park. I could use guidance. Thank you in advance for any help or information you can give.

My ignition key is worn, and I need a new key. How do you program a new key, so I won't have to pay $100.00 to program it?

I need to know how much I would pay for the following repair: "Oil Leak at water pump// Rec Tensioned Belt"
My car has been leaking oil 1 year ago.

distirbur causes what code when its bad?