im changing the transmission filter where do i locate the pan

April 11, 2011; replace two air conditioning temperature sensor switches, evaluate and recharge system

How can I repair an A/C cycle switch? Can this be done or will I have to replace the compressor?

Do i have to remove the spindle nut to remove rotor?


where is the refill orifice on the transaxle of 2001 Saturn SC1 with front wheel drive, and 5 speed manuel transmission?

When making a sudden stop, the airbag light came on and stayed on. Are there any recalls for the 2000 Hyundai Elantra airbag light?

what causes oil to get on my spark plugs

IS this the ame problem as the 2007 exploer has the symtoms on the 2007 explorer recall are the same as on my 1997 F150 thx Rick

My cd changer say there is no cd or cartrege empty

my brake lights not working. i replaced the brake light switch and it still not working. i was told it might be the wiring. do anyone no how much it will cost to get it fix?

How does one determine if a power steering leak requires hose or pump replacement. My pump was supposedly replaced a year ago, but I have a little trickle hitting the ground beneath it and I have to top it up pretty often.

My car is due for the NYS inspection and my check engine light came on. I check and the scan code is P0456 Mod$13. What do I need to do to resolve it? Will I be able to pass my inspection if not fixed?

Driving to work and for the first time a warning allert came on saying transmission in safe mode operation and driving became sluggiss and seemed trans would hardly move vehicle.Then radio went off, battery indicator lit and a/c went off. Pulled over and stopped, cut car off for about 5-10 min started back up drove a short distants, car drove normal and everything operated normal. Had car towed home just to be safe. Tried to start car after getting it home, the battery was dead. Can anyone help me with and idea of what going on?

I have a Town & Country with front and rear a/c. The front unit blows good cold air and the rear unit blows, but not cold air. Have checked the freon level and it is good. The unit only has one compressor and uses the same freon lines from front to back, just tees off to the front unit.

Randomly the Info/odometer display on the dashboard is dim and I cannot read the odometer or info. Tried the dimmer control and turning headlights on and off. They have no effect on increasing the brightness. Randomly Info/odometer will display in full brightness.