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fan does not come on to cool engine
My car just quit it is getting gas the valves are moving the cam is turning the crank is turning ,but it sounds like there is not much compression when i try to crank it please help
My4WD pick up has 250k+ miles and has started to whine from the rear end area. The noise is getting louder and sounds like a grinding noise. there is alot of play (slack) between acceleration and deceleration and vi...
When I jack up my truck, the tire moves a whole lot from the 12 and 6 position, a 2-3 inches. My buddy said I have to replace the idler arm and pitman arm, but I would like a second opinion. Thanks
my pick up has 250k+ miles, recent engine overhaul. rear end noise started about 2k miles ago and has continued to worsen. there is alot of play (slop) when transition from acceleration to deceleration and vise vers...
Car vibrates when driving or idles... It seems worse in warm temperatures. Does anyone know what the cause could be? We have changed the spark plugs and added a gas treatment but the problem remains.
short in left headlight caused by battery assid and replace new battery and wireing
i jumped my lumina and there is a light that keeps blinking on the dash board now i cant get it to start the blinkers flash on and off as well when i try to start it
how to change the rear speekers
one mechanic said it's the tie rods another said rack and pinion assy and the other the front struts? What do you think?
how much to replace side view mirror
need car hood stripped and repainted
i haven't noticed any leaks on the floor inside the cab from the heater core. the cooling system has been pressure tested already and it past. also, i been looking for white smoke coming out of the tail pipe but i hav...
The ABS is turning on almost every time the brake pedal is pressed