when cranking for a few seconds code comes up on dash....no bus...any idea where to look first?

Makes noise when turning

My van doesn't start sometimes I have to take the battery cables off clean them in put them back on.....took it to the shop in they said the computer is messup ..but it don't sound right cuz the van will start

I have a 2005 Nissan Frontier SE w the 4.0L V6. Truck wouldn't start and when it would it would sputter at best, i ended up having to replace the main engine relay. Runs fine now but 2 days after replacing it then "service engine soon" light popped on and has been on for 2 more days now. Gonna get it checked out, didn't know if anyone can add onto this for me. Maybe it only needs to be reset? Thank you..

Is it difficult? or is it worth paying someoen else?

Not enough cold air from A/C, even when it is on max. Freon checked, it is okay.

cataletic converter needs replacement, how much does it cost?

I said earlier new wires, new plugs gapped properly, new ignition coil pac, had vacuum checked, auto zone does not believe it is a crankshaft monitor, at highway speeds no hesitation so not the fuel filter they say, so they believe injector #4 is misfiring randomly ..because the light goesout at time and then comes back on 30 miles later i now waited after the clear and return of lite on then drove another 100miles...it is on again ...so what is the likely hood it is an injector on cyl #4...thanks bioman

what about a fuel system clean or a p/s system

Truck been sitting in garage about 1month and decided to take it out for a drive,,,started right up but then notice oil streaming right out,,,seems it was coming right down the oil filter from the top,,are there oil lines on top which could have rotted through?causing the oil to pump out...thanks Rick

No power at half to full throttle

My ac unit runs for 5 to 10 minutes then the line freez up with frost, no cold air comes out of the ducts, plenty of freeon.

I think I need to have my brakes repaird its a 2003 cl with 115k what is the average pricing for this?

replaced the condensor and charged with freon worked great but then its back to blowong warm again

Looking free manual with picture on how to change spark plugs