This has been happening since we got the car. Lately it happens almost once a week/

What part do I replace? Where is it?

P0430 code reading 'Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2". Whould like to replace them.

can manually shift from 1st to drive, but cannot manually shift from drive to overdrive.

Car stays in drive all the time

i put water in my gas and now my car will not start what can i do

I have driven over 350 miles since work and reset of failing codes. How can I get these areas to report correctly?

Codes 181,183,and 420 are showing up on diagnostic test.

the speed odometer is'nt working also,but the car runs just find.what could be the problem?

Where can we get the ele. schematic?


what is the cause of this error code

The alarm sets but the headlights do not flash to signal that it is on. The light on the dash board does flash. Is this a software issue or something else?

Blinkers will work sporadically

At first I thought it was the engine; however, it appears to be something under load. Meaning it only occurs when I accelerate. Nothing when coasting. There are no diagnostic codes or any lights on! The mechanic I use thought it was the carrier bearing, which I had replaced! Yip, removed the enitre exhaust system, heat shields, drive shaft, etc. to replace it, balance it and put it back in! I've had the engine tuned up, inductor plates cleaned, the mass-airflow meter cleaned. Still have the problem.

I would like to know how to get a free download of a 1999 chevy malibu.