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replace lines as required. Also, I was told may need to replace "rack and pinion system?

What would that cost?

seems to slip at 65mph and doent drop into overdrive

they work with adjustments but will somehow jiggle off.

Bought car new and rear shocks makes loud bumping noises on rought roads! Have problem since new! Any fixes out there?
Also, hear there is a major engine defect and Honda has extended the warreny! Appreciat any info due to me driving long distances with the engine prolem in mind! Thanks, Bill

The center console A/C and radio lights start flashing on and off at various times when driving and on a cool / cold start up. Does any one have a fix? The dealer does not!

I turn off my engine removing my keys. The power to the CD Player remains ON & also the orange indicator light on Parking Automatic transmission control.

Can you please let me know what could be the issue

Both right side headlamps are out. I have the replacement bulbs, but need assistance in replacing them.

Just replaced fuel pump, and fuel filter ! car was setting about 3 years, now i have no power to fuel pump ? checked fuse it is OK !

i recently replaced my timing belt. prior to that my car was fine.know i have white smoke and loss of coolant as well as over heating dont know whats wrong.could it be a head gasket?

the chain idler broke and fell down into the chain and caused it to break i have new sprocketsand chain to put on but i need the timing settings

the other day i filled my gas tank and when i restarted the car it died. this happened about 10-12 times then it finally started and ran fine.all was good after that till today. I got in the car after driving it a while it restarted normal but when i put it in reverce it kind of shook a little and died. I tried a couple more times after letting it sit a few minuets and the same thing. SO I am stick in a parking lot right now and I have no clue what to do, or even check. ALL fluids are good.

parked the car and saw coolant running on the ground. could not find leak after refilling with coolant and car overheats within a mile or so. thermostat changed to no avail. chrysler garage ran pressure and dye checks but could not find the leak or cause of overheating.

We have read manual but no troubleshooting is available.

At first I was not able to turn the knob to adjust the speed or turn it off. After I turned the car off, was able to turn the knob. But no air is blowing out.

not, sometimes if I hit a pothole it will come on, when I have it on I have checked the fuses and the relay is ok. I think it maybe in the temp.control, off on switch.