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It seems like when I have the heater on high the air flow is not as it should be. Also when AC is on, the max position is no different than the normal position
Does this need a trickle or float charger when garaged for the winter? Is there any other special thing to do before storing it?
I just purchased this vehicle for $700. The motor was rebuilt in 2008. The seller informed me that the 5-speed manual is stuck in 2nd gear and the transmission will require some work. I don't understand difference ...
transmission fluid was put into my clutch resevoir and i need to get it out so it does not mess up my warrenty
I have a question about a diagnostic code the code is po605 the engine will trun over but will not start but today it started three times that is when I got the code now it will not start
It sounds like something is grinding right before the engine starts and stops as soon as I move the key to original position. I was told it could be the starter. Does that sound right?
How many 02 sensor does my vehicle have and where are they located at??
trany is not shift changing. I was told probably the Transmission control module is not working. Is this possible?
I have a 2000 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited that I purchased recently. There were no service reports/any information as to how this Subaru was serviced. How can you inspect the timing belt to see if it was changed? ...
I'm replacing the Timing Belt in my truck. I have the front cover off ond the broken timing belt removed. What are the next steps I need to take? I know I have to line the timing marks up, but I'm not sure what they l...
how much will it cost me to have a window on the passenger side and aslo the mirror on the passenger side done
The car's alarm went off in the middle of the night and goes off and on for no reason. Could it be because we havent started the car for about one week and the battery was week? How can we avoid this happening again a...
When I went into the store and returned the car would not start. I put a light to it to see if it had fire and it didn't.
I need to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor. Where is it?