This van has a sercruity system of some kind that keeps it from starting.When the light is flashing on the dash its not going to start. this happens once every two weeks. I have owned this van 10 years. I would like to disconect or by pass this system. Is this possiable. Thanks

Does anyone know of any honda vehicles that require a timing chain, as opposed to a timing belt?? I'm interested to know the year and make of these hondas because I want to purchase one without a belt so that I don't have to replace it.

I have put 3 rebuilt starters and 1 new starter on in the last year. I put a rebuilt on and a week later it went out. I then put a new one on and a week later it does the same thing, turns over like it is out of time and kicks out.

Can I mix Regular 134a with 134a synthetic ?

i have a airbag code 0043,im looking for more info to repair the prolem. my email is davelandman@hotmail.com

my car jerks upon changing gears .I had a mechanic changed the transmission fluid and filter a couples of days ago.

When my car changes gears automatically, it makes a slight thump noise until all of the gears are changed.

My 1997 Saturn SL1 will not start properly. I have to step on the accelerator to get it to start and now that is barely working. When I give it gas, I have to press the accelerator down to the floor and sometimes that does not work. When I do this, white stinky smoke fills the air. Also, my friend recently changed my spark plugs to find out that the motor oil was in the old spark plugs. I don't know what kind of engine I have.

just bought wrangler do not know what model have smittlybuilt frount bumper and 8000 lb winch butdo not know what model jeep dealer say no parts available cannot find rotor for distributlor dont know what model wrangler it is goot jeep but no good if can not get parts.

not distributor rotor available anywhere also noed the plastic retianers to hold rods for locks and inside handles to door latch all broker none availavle from jeep , chrysler or anywhere will have to scrap jeep due to lack of parts

Had my oil changed no problem then noticed oil spots on my drive way. I have been told it is a seal. Is that a big deal to fix and is it expensive. I love my bug. it has almost 200,000 miles on it and has been the best car ever.

woke up this am and my speedometer is not working right just barely pushing gas it's on 30 and pushing a little when it's probably at 60 it's at 100.

bleeding the master and slave cylinders

Where is my Cabin filter located?

How do you recharge ac system on a 97 Mercury Cougar