when idoling, i hear a rattleing neose, i think it,s a old fashion valve tap, but it go,s away when i take off an go down the street. when i stop it return,s but it,s a stange kind of tapping, a tapping rattle, hard to explain, but i,m almost sure it,s valves??

What does it mean when service stability system light comes on?

It fires and acts like it is trying to run but won't keep running.

I have a '94 caravan that I love. The problem is that the driver door seems to be "off" It no longer closes completely anymore, the lock won't catch - like someone swung it open too far & it's allignment is off when closing and the side door seems to be doing the same thing. The kids climb thru the front doors or the back hatch to get in and out now. They just won't catch to close completely. I would love to just get the doors fixed in order to keep driving it but I'm not sure how much repairs will cost. Does anyone know?

when car is turned off after driving it occasionally will not restart after a brief light rain or mist. i have to wait at least 15mins b4 trying to start it

I have a 07 Civic 1.8. Recently pulled the head and had a couple valves replaced. Also replace 1 injector. The car makes a sound like i havent got the valves set right and it also seems to be running high rpms. It is showing codes P2649(which i cant find what is) and P0507. Any suggestions?

I took my 1996 mercury sable in foe a emmission test and it was reject. I had them do a diagnostic test and they said my car is not storing memory in the computer system. How much does it cost to fix the computer or should i get rid of the car? Please help.

how to relace rear wheel bearing

i have 60,000 miles and want to have it serviced. ive been told not to flush the trans just add fluid if necessary and change filter. was i given correctinfo or should i have entire system flushed.what other services must be performed at this time?

where is the heater control valve located;the directional in my car quit.i was told it was under the dash,and also it's not a vary hard replacement.is that correct?

I went to change the spark plugs on my 2003 outback 4 cyl. and noticed fresh oil on the spark plug tubes. The spark plugs seemed to be untouched. Can I get some detail on how to change the seals?

Thanks for the last answer. Couple days ago i started hearing noises from the front of the car (creaking, whining noises) when I turn the steering wheel. It happens after I drive 10-11 miles. The noises start slowly but it gets real loud and annoying after a while. I checked the power steering fluid. Its adequate, and there is no big leaks of power steering fluid. I see a couple drops every few days where i park the car.(also i never changed the fluid after i brought the car 2 years ago). The noises ONLY come after I drive a little bit. I guess something is overheating or something. Maybe power steering pump? Thanks

where can I get one?

blew hose and lost tranny fluid. replaced hoses and inline filter,and fluid. ran under 50 miles and now will not go forward

My engine light came on this weekend.I had diagnosed by mechanic,EGR valve.