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The smoke test was done and they said I need a new pump

The Hayes manual shows one for the 1.8, but its not on the 1.6.
I have good spark and fuel , just wont run, stopped on the road like it was turned off.
So far it seems the fuel injectors are not letting fuel into the engine.
Does this seem right?
Fuel injectors ..
The book says only one of 2 terminals on the connector for the fuel injector should be hot when connected to ground, but both of them on all injectors are hot all the time when grounded.
It seems to me, that the item (camshaft position sensor ?) is shorted out or no ground. I cant find anything showing a CPS in any manuals and the toyota service dept, who have been helpful , im surprised , say the CPS is located where im looking, but thats only on the 1.8 engine.

after I turn the ignition key to on there are 6 beeps from the dash and then a steady tone. Everything else is fine.

I have to play with it for five to ten minutes before it will shift into drive.

about the evaporative emission system leak

1995 Pontiac Bonneville?

Car worked fine last night. Sat overnight with hot and humid (michigan) weather. Won't start this morning. Acts like it wants to, but just can't seem to roll over. Seems like I have enough power from the battery...lights work, radio works, etc.

I was told this was a thermostat sensing switch. I replaced this part and the problem still exists. Any ideas what else I should look for or do I need to put it on a computer for further diagnosis?

if the starter goes out can you hear the fuel pump when it turns on and off

I have 96,000 miles on 2000 town car now

what should my curb height be on my car

new battery and starter. still clicks when starting

replaced battery and new starter

I was recently in a car accident and was hit near the rear passenger side and was told that my rear axle needs to be replaced and the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the van.

It rattles when i turn it on and if i put it in drive it sound like a a chain or something thats loose then it goes away? plus when i go over 80 the car trembles could it be the allignment? when the car trembles it makes alot of interior noise oh and its leaking oil!!! any ideas?