its starts but the fuel rail pressure is to high

steering came unhooked when fixing powersteering hose

I have a 1996 Ford F150, 6 cylinder, 4.9L engine, that needs a good tune up and possibly an alternator. Tell me the parts it will need and I'll purchase them and you fix it for me. Give me a good fair deal so I can get my truck back on the road. I need it to pass inspection. The last time I took it to a shop, I had a lot of error codes pop up and the inspection failed. The times I have driven it the battery indicator gets lower and lower and the interior lights get dim and the truck starts to lose power. Not sure what it needs but I need a good FAIR repair done. What I DON'T NEED, is someone looking to line their pockets with my hard earned money. I can't afford the Ford dealership, but I'm not looking for a 'quick fix' either. I want it done right. ARE THERE ANY FAIR MECHANICS OUT THERE THAT CAN WORK ON A FORD AND GET IT ON THE ROAD? Email, text or call 546-2668. I can give you more information when you contact me. Thanks.

The only thing that stops the grinding sound is to add power steering fluid. It lasts for about two weeks and then the noise comes back.

Dealer says entire ignition needs to be replaced as keys won't start car and they can't find any other reason. Cost is 1000 warranty is expired. Is this a common problem?

Evaporative Emission control siystem leak Detected gross leak OBD-11 PO455

other code are
P1346 P1346 P1350 P1348 P1345 P1342

Evaporative Sistem OBD11 PO455

My auto shop wants to charge me $624, which include a $75 charge to test the system. Does this sound like a fair price?

Sorry... I'm a bit naive when it comes to the car's internal workings!


Please provide a definition of the troubled codes and issues causing them, and repairs required.


all of a sudden, a periodic beep sounds inside the car when i go from a stopped position to accelerate. one beep. no warning lights of any kind on dash. What could it be?

I wrecked my 07 colorado need to replace full front clip, do I need the transmission and A/c core supports? or do I need to just replace the radiator core support?

Cooling System began leaking through the Water Bypass Tube.

When I pour water into the radiator it just runs out in the vicinity of the water pump area. I have replaced 2 freeze plugs that gave the same symptoms. How many are on this vehicle and where are they located so I can zero in on the problem.

Driverside window is off it's track. how do i get it back on?