I have done my own brakes for decades.
Tie rods couldn't be that hard, could they?

are their inner tie rods,if so how do you replace them?

My 93 Caddie has the start of a crack on each front fender. A couple inches long now. How do I repair it?

Is it difficult to install a water pipe or should i have someone else do it for me.

when i turn the Ignition its stalling to start up. all lights and electricity is working fine. it seems like it wants to start but isnt starting. Please help!

headlights needs to be replaced.removed screws but still won't come out.need picture diagram if possible.

how to reset brake light all new pads/sensors

altenator tested ok,but for some reason the battery is not being charged,cleaned all connections ,battery ok, grounds ok,could it be the ignition switch?

the wheel berrings are makeing a humming sound

the abs light is staying on. just started doing that today.

if your timing gasket fails will it leak water

A/C is blowing warm air.

my will satart and stay running but wont rev

my will satart and stay running but wont rev

it blows out air but not cold