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i pulled to the right to avoid a deer and hit a curb i noticed the rim had a chunk taken out of it and my wheel was off centered how much would it cost to have the control arm fixed. does anyone know
NO diags codes, Starter will not turn over, all guages turn on,lights. Nothing when key ignition is turn on.Battery and connections good.
I just had new another motor and another tarnsimmison in my volvo 2001 S40 but the car now does not move if you put the car on D or R nothing happens what can be the problem and the trans was tested and it was good
How much should it cost for a brake job for my car
only my driver side brake light and turn signal will not work
My fuel gauge reads over full on front and rear tank. The amount of fuel doesn't matter they read the same. I think the gauge is bad. On occasion when the truck is off the gauge seems to register correctly but changes...
Can you use any kind of antifreeze in your vehicle?
Gauges are faulty on dash, RPM gauge stopped working.
My Ford 500 stalls when stopped. I know that my battery needs replacing...could this be the cause of this?
heater/ defrost/ AC fan doesn't come on. I checked fuse and it was fine but I replaced it anyway fan still doesn't come on.
This is the second time in a year that the parking lights have stayed on when the lights are shut off and the key is removed. The first time, I replaced the headlight relay. This time I removed all the relays and th...
how to change the power steering pump
Where is the fuse for the iginition? car is dead, tried to jump it and the alarm went off. The lights came on but still would not start. Battery was tested and it is good but still want take a jump?
How do I change the air filter? When I turn on the fan it smells musty. I was told to change the air filter
Engine misses when you first accelerate on a cold day. No problem in warm weather.