my rear passenger window wont roll up it happened once before but a couple days later it rolled but now it wont go up and its been about two weeks any suggestions?

How difficult to replace evaporator??

I have a moca color in the antifreeze and was told its the radiator leaking transmission fluid into the antifreeze.

Where is the evap purge valve located?

Which cylinder is the number two on the acura six cylinder

The hydraulic window on the driver's side will not engage and as a result the open door alarm is sounding and will not turn off, does anyone know what the problem is caused by?

what is the running temp. for this van does not seam to get to orp.temp

The car has 70,000 calling for Service C. What are the scheduled service items needing to be done?

This has only happend twice, but we have only owned the car for 3 months. No diagnostic codes are present, and the locks will still work with the center stack lock/unlock buttons. I don't believe it's the batteries in the remotes because they both will not work when this occurs.

Needs a new coil in #6 cylinder. Just don't know which cylinder is #6.....Also, would be great if anyone could add the firing order! Any help would be appreciated...t-y

my clock wont work, just had an oxygen sensor replaced 3 days ago

I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon and it won't get over 2,000 rpms. In fact, if given gas too quickly, it will go down in RPMs first and then go up. It is definitely misfiring like something is wrong with the spark plugs, but we've replaced those, the spark plug wires, and tested the coils. When left to idle, it misses but runs for a while, however the other day it died when we did this. We are unable to get it to a mechanic and don't know what to do next. What could be the problem?

I went in for an oil change at the dealer and he said i have an oil leak and it "might need an oil pan gasket" replaced. Is it possible for a 2007 camry to already have a weared out oil pan gasket. how would i know if the dealer is just pulling my leg or even worst the dealer caused the leak itself.

antifreeze lead around the anitfreeze gasket located in manifold

My car will not start. I drive it and it is fine then when I go back to start it again...nothing. No lights, sounds, power...nothing. Then it will start again for whatever reason and run for days. All of a sudden it's in a coma again and is revived after just seconds on its own. WHY?