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2.0 engine with overdrive ?

its under the hood of the truck

check engine light comes on and off ideling fast and sounds like it wanted to explode

plugs, wires, fuel pump module, fuel filter, mass airflow have been replaced with same problem still occuring

Have to remove transmission to replace

I just filled up gas tank. Drove about 5 miles Stopped for redlight Car would not go when I stepped on the gas.
Panel lights mention above came on. Turned off ignition, turned on again. Car started then I was able to pull off road and turn off car. Restarted car check engine light came on. Able to drive home with check engine light on. Checked gas cap, tightened it. Started car drove a couple of blocks check engine light went out. A few days later it happened again. It feels like the car is shutting itself down and not allowing gas to the engine.?Again tightened gas cap three clicks. Car starts and check engine light goes off. TCS is off.

My cruise control dash button light doesnt work anymore. The cruise control will not engage,but,when I try to set it at the steering wheel,the dash light comes on. When I hit cancel,it goes off,when I try to set it again,the dash light wont come back on. So,the dash main power button light doesnt work,the control panel light comes on from the steering wheel controls indicating Im using cruise control but it doesnt engage.When I cancel and try it again,the control panel light doesnt come back on. I checked the fuse panel already under the dash,the 15 amp fuse is fine.

I am leaking power steering fluid. I have replaced both lines. I think it is coming from the joint between the hydroboost and brake booster. Is there a seal I can replace or do I have to replace the whole booster? Thanks!

it idles just fine, step on the gas it just starts surging,acclerates then stops over and over until you take your foot off the gas, then it idles fine. check engine light burned out about two years ago.

i have taken my car 3 times to emissions and each time the test aborts. they tell me to drive the car more and more. I replaced the cat about 250 miles now and it still wont pass the test. does anyone know how many miles until the drive cycle resets for this car?

I get a clicking noice under my dash at start up then it goes away after a few seconds,,any suggestions

how to fix gear alignment to put in park

abs light and brake light came on , had brake fluid replaced and new brake pads and rotors resurface and calipers greased in other words a complete brake job

can't push car out of garage for tow truck to take to dealership' gearshift slides up and down and will not get out of drive

I cannot afford to go to a mechanic but I don't want to ruin the car while I look for a job. I had a friend that hooked up a toggle switch to turn on the fans. While I know this is not recommended, where do I hook up the toggle switch to the fans?