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Does this mean the electric throttle control is gone, if so how expensive is it to repair at dealer, and can it be self repaired? Can some one please tell me where this is located on my car.

I replace my air compressor.the low side goes down when i stall the engine up and high goes up high.

my battery is old

The speedometer sits at 0 even when im going 60. It will jump up to the correct speed and then drop back to 0. The horn makes no sound at all.

when the truck sitting still the air condition blow cold but when drive the vehicle the air condition blow warm air out

it just cost me $338. to have this replaced at the dealership in Kamloops. I would like to obtain a repair manual so that I can do this work myself.

checked fuses o.k. changed starter still won't start battery o.k.

problem occurs when making turns, either right or left.

My hard top won't go --up and how much do I expect to pay.? Do you I need a latch?

When I go to stop it dies and when I go slow it will die
and just sitting and idling it won't idle

Happens especially on cold starts. Belt and water pump just changed.....immediate engine problem.

I heard it's tricky & don't want to trash the engine. I'm great with cars, but no experience with a Kia

The button for the 4wd still clicks in and out, but just won't come out of 4wd.

i just put in new battery and now can not put gear in drive. Seems to be stuck in park. the anti-lock light came on and then on the second try it went off but still cant put in drive or reverse.

Changed it it seems every three to four thousand miles