during my oil change technician noticed oil and transmission leak

The ALS no longer works. The air compressor does not come on when the vehicle is started, nor does the air exhaust from the system when the key is turned off.

When I have my A/C on and I am at a stop, the car stutters and feels like it wants to stall. Also, when I go to accelerate it stutters from time to time. When I turn the A/C off or put the car in neutral it does not stutter. Any idea what this could be? Also, at around 40MPH it does the same stutter, with or without the A/C on. I am not sure what is going on, any help would be very appreciated.

as soon as i turn on the rear a/c control, a continuous clicking noise starts in the rear interior.

Oil leak by the universal

mainteance required light on with 53,000 miles

My dash light is on that says (SRS) I looked in the manual and it the Safety Restraint Systemt which could be Airbags and or seatbelts. How much would that cost? Also how much would my rear power windows cost to repair, they are not working also. And of course as stated above how much would the timing belt service cost? Does it make a difference if you do the service at the Dealership or another repair shop?

Car will not start in Park; I can only start car by shifting to N. Is it dangerous to delay repairing car? And what would it cost to repair problem?

my blower motor fan is only working on the first three speeds, not on high, and my hot and cold is working but not my air conditioning on the first three speeds. i have two questions, the first is my problem the switch or the resistor and the estimate to repair it. the second question is if the blower motor itself could cause this problem if replaced with a defective motor or replaced incorrectly? thank you.

How to change waterpump?

Peter, continuing from our conversation, today you were going to check to see if my year had the 2 phillip's screws that would allow to check the air flow meter. Please verify and let me know. Thanks

I have a 1999 Lexus ES300 with trouble codes of 1349, 0301, 0303, and 0305. I would like to inspect the cam adjust solenoids for any clogged orifices. I would like to troubleshoot the VVT circuit but my shop manual does not include the topic. Could you give me some tips on inspecting and troubleshooting the circuit and checking out the solenoids? Also, please help me identify them and location for the pair of them. Thanks

gray smoke comes out of the tail pipe more so when the engine is reved & sometimes when i check the oil the tubing that holds the dip stick has smoke in it, & it slowly leaks oil have to add 1 to 1/2 quart 1x a month

when my cars in idle there's a vibration mostly felt in the steering wheel & when driving there's a jet like noise coming from the motor, it has always done this.

Hoses for power steering fluid seem to be shot and a lot leaking