i could be driving and it will die on me, then in order to keep it on i have to keep my foot on gas pedal, what is wrong ? after a few days it goes away , and starts all over maybe in a week or more

car has 354,000 miles made in japan has org fuel pump

The air does not come out of the vents with any force at all. I have owned this car for 7 years and it has always done this. Any ideas on possible reasons why or is this normal?

can engage the gear selected, but clutch pedal will not return from floor

Replaced every part of a/c system and it still blows warmer air at high speed and cool at low speed or stop. have spent over 1k so far! and been to dealer and 2 mechanics

Will a bad relay cause the interior lights not to work, or are the interior lights a seperate issue?

2002 ford excursion wont go into first gear and makes a grinding sound

Removed battery, cleared code, replaced battery, will not shift out of park. Over-ride shift and will go in reverse or low gear but will not shift manually or otherwise. Can only drive 20-25 mph.

vsc light is on as well as the check engine light. how do you fix it

code says emission level is beyond threshold

When i first started it it was clicking then i loosened the cables & it started.

light will go off after disconnect battery, re-connect; drive about 1 mile, and light comes back on. Crazy.

above a/c blower and resistor.

We drive on and car is fine, light is still on. When we stop
at a store and turn car off it's fine. Restart car and first
stoplight it starts over again. I'v had three diagnostic's done
all tell me it's misfire piston. How do I get this repaired?
Bill Riordan

I got in the car and pressed the preset seat position. The control drove the seat forward jamming my kneess into the dash. I had to reset my position and the preset.

My wife got in later and the seat would not move forward/backward. Is this a known issue?