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wont come on with a/c on or when car over heats

The vibrating and sometimes humming sound happens when the gear selects automatically while in motion, it goes off when it normalizes but comes on shortly after. Its really made my driving very uncomfortable. Could it be that my gearbox/transmission is faulty?

My 98 camry has 107k miles and stutters when I try to accelerate. I also get a burnt smell when the car stutters .
There is no check engine light on. Everything else is fine in the car, it runs smooth. Please let me know what could be the problem. Where to look for issues?

My 1996 cadi seville sls got an error code p1108 and all it says is BARO to MAP Sensor Comparison Too High so what do I do

When I make uturns or any tights turns it makes a groaning sound. Regular turns are ok

I bought the Scion in 07. I stopped driving until recently after the A/C stopped. I didn't bother getting it fixed, I just assumed it needed to be recharged so when i began driving again I took it in to get recharged and I'm told I need a new compressor. How normal is this? and how can I make sure this is indeed what I need?

Never had seen it before. I did notice in last 2-3 days that the gradual shift in gears was not smooth. Car is automatic transmission, due for change in timing belt and a bit behind the scheduled oil change.

Someone tried to break-in, so key won't fit in lock and the inside latch is broken off.

I have coolant dripping from oil pan not sure where coolant is comming from. The hoses are not leaking. I think it could be a water pump.

check engine light came on & next day started cutting out. It is intermmitent and at times the check engine light flashes. seems to flash when its running at its worst. 107,000 miles on it had it 2 years with no problems at all. Female with some knowledge but no money for shop and could use some advise.THANKS

le minutes then it started what is wrong

antilock brake light turn off

I'm trying to get the car out of park with no power and in the manual pg31 it shows a release cam. When I take off the cover on the bottom left side of the gear shift console, all that's there is a cavity with wires, no cam release.(Automatic 6 cylinder) Does anyone know how to shift into Neutral with no power?

what is the cost of the flyweel.

antilock brake light turn off