I purchased a 91 mustang lx with 58xxx on it but it doesn't go in reverse when on a hill but moves slowly on a flat surface. Can you let me know what would be the possible problem?

My car ran fine until it rain very hard here. I started it the next day and the check engine light is on and it ran a little ruff.

my 02 lincoln ls will not start. it has no power at all. i think the problem is my battery but wen i tried to jump start it, it still would not charge. can anyone help me find out what is wrong with it?

drive belt 2004 chrysler pacifica

It worked fine and then one day it started this problem. Can it be a fuse or must it be the motor?

I have a vibration type noise in the rear of the car. It is only when the car is in gear, typically at low speeds. Like in the drive thru. The car runs fine but the noise is getting louder. We cant seem to find it. It kind of sounds like a heat shield or something like that rattling.

Have been having problems with door locks and some windows not working, so I never lock the car or lower the windows--but now the car acts like it is in alarm mode. Meaning when I start the car, it shuts down immediately. The alarm does not goes off--just the car shuts off right away. I just would like to be able to drive it into the dealer rather than a tow, but I have no idea what is causing this or how to "disarm" it--if thats whats doing it. I drove the car, all was fine, battery went dead, I charged the battery, so thats now fine but it will not continue running.

I drove to the bank, running fine, came out of bank wont start. lights and beepers sound but nothing else went I turn the key. Was towing home in neutral, going 20mph if that, turned key and started right up. ran fine, shout off at home, now wont start again!

my fuel gage floats from empty to full when the fuel is low or after being parked on an incline

how much to replace a fuel filter

This is my moms truck. The problems all started with the heater not working so the heater core was replaced by a home mechanic who is questionable. No problems for a couple months then the truck started over heating and the same mechanic replaced the thermostat, which did not solve the problem so we took the truck to a real shop. They did a compression test and said the head gasket was warped and needed to be replaced, $1100 later and a new head gasket, its still over heating at the shop. Then they said it was the clutch fan, more money, still over heating. Now there saying there is a block in the radiator which they think is from the last guy trying to use some kind of leak sealer. I'm a loss, we had to borrow money for these repairs and it seems never ending. I'm starting to wonder if the current shop is just scamming us... Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks

code 340 car does not have cam sensor. starts hard after ten minutes car runs great

How do I install rear hatch door handle?

Purchased my '98 B3000 used with a few glitches, most are repaired now but the last thing to tackle has been a series of 5 beeps repeating when operating the vehicle, the air bag warning light was out and I just replaced it. Now the light is blinking a series of 2 and then 7, repeating. I assume this is a code defining a certain problem and this light stops blinking after turning the passenger air bag off. Any suggestions how to proceed from here?

the air controls for interior ventilation system do not work, air only comes out of defroster or floor, air will not flow out of dashboard vents.