What is the fair price to fix this ?

the current hose has a leak and is original part

can any kind be install in my cadillac. I have two install. one had to replace.

My overdrive light comes on at various times with a noticeable deceleration. I depress the button at the end of the gear shift and all is OK for a while. Transmission fluid full. Light does come on with a deceleration otherwise I might say it is a short in the steering column wiring. Any other ideas?

The battery is not dead, but it won't turn over. The inside lights will come on for a couple seconds, but then everything goes out. What could be cAUSING THE SHORT?

my car accelerates on its own once warmed up. I have to ride the brakes continously. Anyone else with this problem?

I have a 2008 yukon and the door locks keep failing to unlock the doors I have replaced three of them to date and now the front passenger side one is on the fritz. I was wondering if anyone knows how to take the inside door trim of so I can change it myself as GM won't fix them. Joe D

a/c will come on, but all at once, it's hot , then sometimes, it will start cooling until it gets real cold again, then off, etc ?

my ac wont come on but when i take a wire and run it from the battery to the ac it blows out cold air

I took my Hyundai in for transmission fluid drain and they discovered side running lights not working( replaced bulbs). I have noticed my headlight indicator light and my fog lights are not working. I suspect a fuse problem, but don't know where they are.

i have cod p2001 can boust

Removed vacuum lines during replacement egr vacuum controller valve. A red vacuum line attached to intake manifold in front of vacuum controler. this splits to three vacuum lines, green or white to egr vacuum controller, black thru firewall and a red line to ??? Any one know what this goes to and where it is at?

where is the transmission filter on a 2002 kia optima 2.7 ltr 6 cycl

My ac system blows only hot air and it is fullly charged is this a control switch or sensor problem and where are the switch and sensor located

noise comming from front end when I go over 10 mph it sounds like a bad tire humming I had tires checked and rotated still hear noise. I changed out the driver cv joint & the spindle thinking the bearing was bad. Plus replaced ball joint. Still hear the nioise. Any Ideas. Oh when the cvjoint was removed no transmission fluid came out.