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Could not jump-start. Key moves all the way forward and I just get a short, clicking sound. No contact made to starter.

the guage only reads half way hot. but you can smell it when you turn off engine. when driving does not want to shift.

a/c stop working. twice smell of smoke from engine. all fluids full. when cooled down and remove rediator cap coolant pures out.

I have had an alignment done, and they told me that it still shakes because I need to replace my gear box. It shakes the most when I am slowing down to stop. Like when I apply my brakes.

Owner's manual said something about fail-safe, how can we repair it. Alsi check engine light came on, what are the codes and how can we check them

How much it costs to replace the broken motor mount on 1998 Saturn SL2

I went to Autozone and they checked the collant but said it was full.

I would like to replace it myself. Is this possible?

Have heard horror stories of problems when reaplacing temp. control valve if air is not bled properly. can it be done without special equipment?

changed out sparkplugs and oil still wont turn over turn the ke and nothing happens starter wont even kick in

can you please help me in troubleshooting this problem I think that it could be the main relay or the ignition switch ??

Paid $200, now I have wipers, horn and the battery stays charged. The rear brakes are out in less than a day and keeps blowing a fuse. I cannot afford another ticket. What can be wrong?

recently my car was doing ok. then while up shifting it goes like into neutral and then when i back off the accelerator it kicks in again but it wont go past 40.mph.other than that I love my jet.thanks for your help.

Do you think the computer could have somrthing to do with my truck not starting sometimes, but running great at other times. Where would I go to find a computer fo this truck?

I have a clunking noise from the front end on rough roads when hiting bumps. It goes away if I ride the beakes when I check the calipers they are loose and make noise when you hit the tire . Is there a way to fix this. Also new brakes and all bolts are tight