why do I hear a whistling sound after replaceing the right cv shaft on my ford explorer 2001

I have to prime it to get it started. When it gets started it runs good. I've replaced the fuel filter but that didn't help.

the tire pressure is ok on all four tires.

the exhaust pipe snapped off 8 inches from the manifold and i need to get it fixed ASAP

Theft light blinks when key is not in start switch, light goes out when I start car. I swapped batteries and problem started at this point

I think it might be rusted inside and could get into transmission

How can I clean out a EGR valve? How can I tell if it is a good or bad EGR valve.The tester is still telling me the Evap and EGR is showen.But the check engine light is not on. Replaced the purge solenoid.

The wipers motor had like a belt it busted so do can

can the belt be replaced and where can I buy

I bought a hand held diagnostic device that displays various fault codes. I haven't figured out where the port is. Any ideas anyone?

It started lightly smoking yesterday next to the radiator on the passenger side once i turned it off it wouldnt start again and it sounded electrical so i had the battery tested and it came back bad so i replaced it and while doing so i blew the IOD fuse so i replaced it and it still wont start

My 1993 civic lx temperature gauge needle approaches the red line in 5 mins after starting. I replaced the thermostat, but the same hot temperature occurs. The cooling fan did not come on, but it works as a direct power line from the battery to the fan turns on the fan. Can the high temperature be caused by the cooling fan relay swithc not working or is the water pump inop or ? Will flushing the radiator fix it? There is no leaks with the radiator.

I checked fuses and recently installed a iPod adapter to front cig lighter power and ground.

this vehicle has rear air conditioning

The car never lost power, I reset the Code. It has not came on. But the lights still Flicker and the Guages go nuts. This occurs everytime we drive. Also the beep like the seat belt was of every once in awhile.

the fuel pump