When i switch from park to Drive or reverse while pressing the brake my car will turn off. Its been happening for a couple of weeks now.

What is the costs for parts and labor to replace the HVAC controller? When I put on the ac the right vents have cold air coming out but the left vents send out hot air. Thank you

engine runs ok until the air condition is turn on. Then it
stalls every time I stop. Have to restart the engine again.

My AC blower is stuck on high. I can turn it off or on but nothing in between. Any ideas? It is out of warranty now but love it still!

do you think it could be the fuse because they all of a sudden stop working

climate control always blows hot even when the ac is on.
the comp. is running it seems that the heat is stuck on and the ac and heat are running at the same time

It looks like an orange spark plug wire in the area of the freeze plug. does the transaxle have to come out to repair?


My parking assist monitors have stopped working. When ignition is turned on on-off switch shows off. Can turn on and indicator light on switch shows on. When approaching object warning will sound momentarily and then system will shut itself off and indicator light on switch shows off and can not turn system back on until ignition has been turned off and then switch will turn system on but repeats problem when nearing an object. Has anyone got the answer to this problem?

i have a oil leak in my oil pan. i have tried several times to take the old one off but there is 2 screws that i cannot get off. what do i need to do

on my f150 the ac won't blow cold air should the ac unit on the motor be kicking on when it needs freon,, it worked great last summer

I assume I have a plugged drain line, but I am not able to locate the drain. Can anyone tell me where it is located. Please note I am talking about a 1986 Lincoln Continental not a 1990. I had to select 1990 because that is a far back as the selection table would allow. Thanks for any help received. Owner of a 25 year old Lincoln.

my truck is knocking and I have gotten three estimates that i need a i timing chain. My question is what else should I change while they are doing that? Should i get a water pump and a knock sensor also? I have 144,000 miles. What is the average price for the kit and the repair itself? The Ford dealership wants to charge $1900 for just the repair?

how much do i need to know to replace valve cover gaskets on my lexus es 300, is there a video i can watch?

I replaced my 02 Chrysler 300M 3.5 engine with a 05 3.5 engine.The engine turns over real good , has fire to plugs and fuel pump runs but it just won't start.Please don't tell me to check a manual I have looked at every manual I could find and found no help. Hope someone can help. Thanks Ron