OUr local mechanic told me the AC evaporator had a hole somewhere. He said it worked for a while untill all the freon leaked out. He stated the dashboard had to be removed to get to the offending part. He said he didn't want to tackle it. Is this diagnosis correct and how hard it it to remove the part?

The noise sounds like an out of round tire ruing on something but it is not that. I do not see any drive shaft issues or any leaking. I just purchased the truck with no warranty.

what is the cost to rebuild or replace transmission??

I have oil coming out of the top of the dipstick when running. If I take the oil filler cap off, it stops. Could it be the PCV? If so can you help me find where the PCV is located?

need to do timing chain to do a head gasket? thanks

clunk over bumps. can feel it in the floor. dull thud type noise. very noticeable.

Dealer tells me that there is an oil leak and that I should replace / reseal the front timing cover. How critical is it to do this? How complicated is this repair? Can a regular, i.e., non-dealership do this? How much should it cost?

When the ignition is turned on, the wipers often start and stay on for about 20 secs. It does not do this all the time, but once it happens, it seems to happen every time for a while. Turning the wipers on, then off doesn't seem to affect anything.

when i put it in reverse in just makes noise

This problem happens all the time

Car when in park still rolls heard a noice while pushing it back in the yard while car was turnoff

hi when i try to use the scanner i keep getting data link error what does this mean and what do i do to get the codes so i know whats wrong with this car thanks

so we replaced the Fuel pressure sensor and cleared the code but its the light came back on.. Ive don some research (which is pretty hard to do with these dang volvo's lol) and it could be a clogged fuel line, bad filter, or may need a whole new pump :( any answers or advice for me?! It'd be much appreciated.. ohh and the milage is at 73K I've only had her for a few weeks and the light turned on an hour after I signed the papers :(

how can I gain access to tail lights, not the tail gait ones

accasionally when my stratus is cranked up i see a cloud of white smoke coming out of the tail pipe. second question: when i turn on the air conditoner it blows out some black looking styrofoam at my face and on the car seat. please tell me what is going on. Thank you