Can you tell me if and estimate of $82.00 is a good figure for repairs. Thank You

how many transmission bolts hold the transmission in place


Within minutes of driving the temp gauge goes to hot zone. No check coolant/check engine light comes on; no "hot" smell and coolant is full. Speeding up and driving longer makes temp gauge go to normal until I slow down again. What's up?

used a computer to test it,it said the crankshaft sensor is that common it runs fine on the highway but after getting home pulled into the driveway it was running rough i disconected the battery to reset the computer took it out for a drive seems to run ok,do u think the computer needed to be reset?

The other day my Tahoe would simply not start. I've got half a tank of gas, battery is working (car won't start even if jumped), starter is fine, and I have spark and vacuum on the throttle body. Car won't start even if I put gas or starter fuel in the throttle body (although it shows greater promise when I do that). I took out the fuel filter and back washed and dired it, but that didn't help (although it has no obstructions). Measured fuel pressure and got a big zero, so that's my problem right there. Checked the pump relay and got 80 ohms of resistance -- does this means it is working correctly? I'd just hate to drop that tank and the cash for a $250 pump if there is any alternative fix that would take care of this. Thanks for your help!

check engine light is on,car feels slugish,losses power as though its gonna shut off going up a slite upgrade.and rear windows dont roll up or down,you can hear motors

Recently I had my engine replaced. But before that when I was driving her she would idle down and shut off at a red light or a stop. I would have to keep my foot on the gas slightly so she would shut off. She would crank back up with no problem. During this there was a strong gas smell. I was told she needed a tune up and I did. Still same problem. Was told that it was the fuel filter and had that changed but when they changed it there was wear and tear on the small L shape hose that connects from the line to the fuel pump and I went to get it at the auto part store and they did not carry it but recommended the same size hose but not L shape and also recommended this spiral wire so they could bend the tube with out it collapsing. Well needles to say that when I got back to the jeep the wire thing was a damn to get on and when he did manage to get it on it wouldn't fit right so it was a waste. They hose is on there with the wire but the wire is not doing what it is suppose to do and the jeep won't crank right away. It hesitates, stronger smell of gas leaks gas sometimes from the fuel filter area after the third or forth try to start I wait about 5 minutes they she cranks. But today she didn't crank at all she back fired and scared the crap out of me. Can anyone give me advice?

ac work great on driver side but hot on passenger side. dealer said compressor bad but does not make sense to me.it has duel control ,any ideas

recently i asked a question about why my headlights, wipers and signals keep running when not turned on...we tried a new FCM and that still didn't take care of the problem..any more ideas would be appreciated

My 1997 Audi Quattro went into "safe mode" with all the gears selected and lit up in red on the dash that normally indicates what gear the car is in? No power, but driveable?

car was running good died while driving, took off dis cap when i didnt see spark on coil wire. rotor is not spinning while cranking. is there a distribtoe gear or is it a timming chain?

I have been having a problem with my honda automatic when it is cold in the morning the transmission does not want to shift from 1st gear to 2nd. Once it warms up then it smooths out? does anyone have any ideas. I have no leaks anywhere so no fluid is escaping.
Also my driver side window (power) goes almost all the way to the top then it starts making a "skipping" sound and will not completely go up. Anyone have and ideas on what might be wrong with this. It sounds and feels like it has a lot of power left when trying to close. It has 98,000 miles on it. Thanks everyone

when replacing my flex plate i noticed my starter bendex gear teeth tips are ground off just a little, can i still use this starter?

I have a 2000 chevy impala police car 3.8 engine and i cani't get it to shift out of park. I replaced the brake switch and still won't move so i disconnected the cable at the transmission put my foot on the brake then I can move it out of park on the column but the indicator on the column says it is still in park, is that good? Then i go to the transmission still with the cable disconnected i try to move the level on the transmission to see if it would move into any of the other gears such as reverse,drive or netural but it won't move is this a problem.