Was running rough and I thought it would need tune up soon. Parked it and would not start next day. Put new cap and rotor on and it started right up. Opened door to get out and it killed it. Started again and turned on headlights and that killed it. Noticed the interior lights will not come on now in the front now. Now it wont start. Replaced fuel pump,plugs,wires,ignition module and still not keeping fire. HELP PLEASE Thank You 5.7 L engine

What is the best oil to use for this van?

My 1991 Mitsubishi 3000gt Ls idles at 2200 rpm when in park,than the rpms drop when I shift into gear. when I took it for smog check the Tech said it would not pass with the rpms being so high that the normal idle should be around 750-800 rpm. what is the possible cause for the rpms being so high?

maddening situation as the rear view mirror tends to demonically move totally up to the top & left upon anyone entering or exiting vehicle. can I unhook this thing?

need new transmission U140e

What is the cost to replace the fuel pump in the Pontiac Torrent AWD 6 cylinder

where do i find the grease valve for my front wheel bearing

Worked fine yesterday, got in to day and all the lights, dash panel lights up fine....but when I turn the key, I get a series of rapid continuos clicking and the car wont turn over.

no problems just want to know when the timing belt should be replaced i have 86k on suv

reply to mij6456@att.net

The rear passenger window will not go up. Previously I had to open the drivers door and press the button for the window to go up. Now this is not even working.

was running fine and just shut off and wont crank. can hear the fuel pump running, but am i getting fuel

How do I remove the headlight lens in order to clean

air conditioner and heater fan doesn't come on unless I hit dash board

Shift solenoid A is inside the transmission on the main control
(or 'valve body"). Typically inside the transmission oil pan. I TRY TO ORDER THIS PART CAN SOME ONE HELP IF IS CALL Shift solenoid 1 AND 2 I WILL BE SO THANKSFULL TO YOU