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It started making a scraping kind of noise which I thought sounded like my brakes; then a rattling noise that got progressively worse. Now the part time idiot light comes on, so I assume it's going into 4x4 by itself. Is it the transfer case and how difficult (and expensive) to fix?

How many miles do spark plugs get. I would like to check my spark plugs as my check engine light has came on. I can't get them off. Do they just pull straight out or is there a trick to it? or a special tool? Thanks for your help.

my car idles up and down on its own and sometimes kills and i seem to have miss fire but replaced plugs coil packing and wires is this a sign control module is bad

when a/c is turned on, the temp gauge exceeds 190 and white smoke comes from the right side of the engine. the oil light also comes on. what type of problem or repair am i looking at?

sister had problems starting in morning, then it will run great ,this morning it wont start at tall

i have disconnect everything but the transmission range sensor would pull up as if something still has it ,need info on how to remove

I read on ebay where a man wants to sell his Caddy STS because of the O/D Lockup Soloneid is making the service engine light stay on.Is this true or not.

Car is shifting great Cadillac dealer had car for three days and said they couldnt find anything.Is it still safe to drive or should I take it to a different Dealer.I have a extended warranty.

awhile what is wrong and what can I do to get it fixed

plate/ tourque converter bolts. i found an inspection plate bout 2" in dia. but no acess, the bell housing apears to be solid, didn't see any removal plte to gain acess to the bolts. what i'm i missing? what's the trick here? thks "E"

I went to the dealership and that is what they charge to reprogram the keypad

if i change the oil pump in my car what else do i have to change

Need location of A/C drain lines. Not knowing how this site worked, my previous attempt of getting an answer would have been slim to none because it doesn't show enerything. Anyway, the dealer said they were cleaned out but after driving home (about 70 miles) it was quite wet. I assumed thay had dried it, but that's my fault. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Pat

After driving home about 70 miles it was wet. I don't know how dry it was when I left. I assumed it was dry, but you know what happens when you assume something. I just want to check it to make sure that it's not something else. e.g. Heater core ? Thanks in advance, Pat

when you put it in drive it stalls un less i give it more fule.