drove the van about 23 miles when someone flaged me over and told me my back-up lights were on while driving.We have taken them out. Why and how do I repair them?

I desperately need a picture or diagram of the alternator mountig and belt pathways for a 2001 Kia Optima 4 cyl. I am a veteran with heart problems and a "mechanic" removed the alternator... I had it rebuilt... now he won't finish the job and I have a handful of bolts, two belts and no way to know what goes where. Kia's website is of absolutely NO use and I don't have a credit card (nor could afford) to pay someone else to come do it.

abs and break litr on new rear sensor

My steering wheel and front end shakes when braking at speeds higher than 40mph

need step by step on how to replace and replace front wheel bearings on 4x4 Trooper?

I need to change the flywheel on my GMC Savana 1500. Are there any schematics that show how to do this? thanks.

car shuts off after starting when put in gear

nothing happens when I turn my fan switch to 5 on my 2004 Trail Blazer. Works on 1 thru 4 but no 5. Also when I hit the recylcle button the light comes on but dosn't kick on the or open the gate

There is a small "box" in r front corner of motor, it contains 2 "modules" of some sort but there is room for a 3rd. How many should there be? Also an accordion hose that comes from it that appears to attach to the fan. What is it? I've not bought the car yet but could use an answer as soon as possible.

how is the oil service indicator light reset

Hood Release not working. No tension in the cable though cable is intact and still attached. Cable is loose as if a spring or something is not retracting the cable to obtain the tension to pop the hood. How I get the hood open and can I fix this myself.

which way does the thermastat fit in. car is still getting hot !

alternator tested bad, how do I replace it.

Blower will stop working.Mech. tests everything,but will start up again. before he can complete test. When I am drivingitwill stop once in a while . I bang the side wall under the glove compartment and it starts up again by using a foot or golf club.

The car is stalling and the engine malfunction indicator check light is on.