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My Jeep over-heats most of the time. I notest that the fan comes on sometime and will not come when it over-heats. Why should I do. Is it the fan or something els?
my blower quit working.sometimes it will kick on on 5. ive checked the fuse. its fine.what causes this?
My check engine light came on several months ago; now the car seems to not accelerate especially past 45mph. I appears to jerk as if it's changing gears. I've kept it maintained, oil changes, tire rotations, brake job...
had battery replaced but having problems starting engine after few hours.
The car sound if it is idling up to high and then it begin to speed up faster than normal without me having to put more pressure on the gas pedal. Also it like it be jerking into gear when driving and when I get ready...
The odometer went out about two years ago. About six months ago I noticed the trip indicator stopped working, and a few days ago the speedometer stopped. Any idea what would cause this?
the oil pressure is fine when idling. but when you hit the gas the pressure goes up. what causes this? i just changed oil & filter
I put the car in reverse and heard a loud pop then a wine and now have no reverse drive still works
I have 109000 miles on my truck and I have never had the front wheel bearing looked at. I have no problem, but would like to know if I should have them check?
Where exactly is the egr valve at on a 1994 mitsubishi galant. Its a 16 valve single overhead cam front wheel drive. If i can get a diagram also that would be awesome. Please send it to
the engine cooling fan is on and car wont start, the car has not been started in 5 days dont think its overheated but engine fan is on and car wont start?
where is the fuel system relay located at?I have replaced the distributer 2 times and also the seems if it is hot inside the car the car will not start.usually you can start it in the morning and evening times.
How do you change the ignition switch & cylinder lock on this car ? Thanks
Recently replaced battery. Tried to start car, ASD relay began clicking. Replaced it. Cranks, but no start. Attached OBD Code Reader- No error codes. Changed to real time monitoring, car starts and runs. Remove OBD an...