my a/c is acting up pretty bad. it starts blowing from the a/c front vents then by itself it starts blowing from the heater vents. its switches constantly. It hot in TX and i need it resolved quick.

Were is the fuel pump relay is located

Step by step instructions of how to reset the service B indicator after oil change?

I was told the electronic throttle body was not covered under the powertrain warranty.

Both rear door lights and windows stopped working. The wiring diagrams I got on-line don't seem to have those door circuits of course. Anybody know what those lights and windows have in common or where their cable comes together and plugs in somewhere?

I have changed the fuse and the bulb for both. Any suggestions before I bring it in.

Only one wind shield wiper works. The broken one moves about one inch then stops.

do i need a press for the springs to change tht front shocks

The problem first started last year. The alarm would turn on while I was driving. i would just take the battery cable off for a while and it would stop. Now its acting up again and nothings working. please help

Will the doors on a 99 explorer work on my 97 explorer
Same body style

replaced purge control solenoid light still on

headlights are stuck on when car is turned off

Power windows quit working

60,000 mile maintenance needs?

neither front window will go down. the passenger window won't work from either control.