The threads on the oil pan are stripped.

The car makes a grinding noise when I step on the brakes.

no error codes are reported by the computer, I have spent a small fortune at repair shops 4 times, (over 500 each) I recently found the car will start after it cools down.

I used a code reader and it came up with P1491 coolant fan relay circuit. where would that be located.

please let me know how long it takes to repair it and whatim getting charged an hour how do i find that out

Light on dash will go off when button is pressed but when van is placed in gear comes back on showing sencer is off.

warmer air coming out on driver side. door actuator replaced over a year ago. it was making noise then.


Today I tried to start my car and it was dead. When I connected the jumper cables I noticed the dash lights were on but the keys weren't in the ignition. Got it started but now it won't shut down without pulling the fuel fuse and disconnecting the battery. What could be the problem? As simple as the ignition switch or something deeper?

i took my camry to get oil change and they told me the power steering pump wasnt pumping-it was full of fluid-but it was bubly and wasnt going thru the system-ive noticed the whine when steering-and its gradually gotten harder to steer-i need to know the cost of repair so i dont get goudged/ripped off from my ignorance-thanks

hoe hard is it to remove and replace my starter in my 2005 cts

how much would this cost

About how much would it be to get my engine rebuilt due to a spun bearing? Parts vs. Labor?

Best case scenario vs. worst case scenario?

I have 110,000 miles and think it's ready for a timing belt.
What else should be replaced besides the water pump??

why dont you include the price of oxygen/air fuel sensors