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When i'm driving my fiancee's '99 galant, when you drive at a set speed between 35-40 the whole car will start shaking, buta when you go over 40 it stops. anone have a clue?
what is the torque on the upper plenum bolts? is there a special sequence to follow?
attempting to accelerate from 30 to 55 van jerkes until it reaches 55, then smoothes out
Actually is an old 1987 Integra with only 135,000 miles, driving the gears slips goes back to neutral then I stop the car for 1 minute starts it then it drives but looses gear again after 10 seconds of driving. The f...
Hi- I have a problem with my 2003 Corolla. It just started leaking water into the Right Front and Rear Passenger wells. I put it up on a lift and removed the 2 Plugs on that side and it has drained out. I cannot fi...
my Astros doors keep trying to lock themselves, until it runs the battery down, I had to pull fuse to stop it , but now I can't manually open rear hatch doors. What should I do and where are the parts I need to che...
Gas gauge quit working this morn, is sending unit in tank or is it the gauge itself in dash ???
Dashboard dials spin and oscillate wildly when car is running. This occurs at anytime, no matter whether the engine is cold or has been running for a while. Now the RPM dial is permanently stuck all the way around t...
How do you change the water pump and do you need a special tool?
I have unbolted the starter from the engine housing but can't figure out where it should come out to repair or replace. There doesn't seem to be room in the bottom or front of the engine to get the part out. Any ideas?
I am able to get my jetta into gear however it will not engage and go into reverse sometimes. I may have to play with it for 30 mins or more
radio does not work all the time. It will come on when i hit a bump and the remote starter is not working.
why when car is running ac blows cold but when idole it blows hot air
car misses at idle but runs fine at higher rpms or in nuetral
i just bought a 05 bmw 525i which has 110000.00 mile there is no problem except there is hard noise form the hood when i am driving the car , just wondering its because of HP or there is something wrong with my car