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does the sensor pull out from tube like housing?

had system checked, found it was not holding a vacuum of 29inches.I then used a leak detector which showed up green with a strobe light, saw where this fluid was leaking through a switch connected to the compressor.I changed the switch,recharge the unit, and it is still blowing hot air .I have observed that the line from the orifice tube entering the evaporator,freezes, but the accumulator not cool.

i jump started a car and later that day my battery light came on along with my abs and brake light on the dash board. the next day my car would'nt start. what could be the cause of the lights staying on?

How do you install the blower motor?
I know a little bit about cars and how to maintain them, but i'm no mechanic. Recently, my blower motor went out from not unclogging the drain hose, n now i need to replace it, but i don't want to pay out the ears in labor chargers. Just want to know how to correctly install a blower motor for a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4cyl.

The lower one on the intake side, Where does it hook up to? Right now there is only a rubber 90 with nothing attached. There is a small hole on the lower intake under the fuel rail, looks loke a bolt hole but is not? Is this where it connects?

just fixed my ac in the honda by replacing the expansion valve and the gas... now when the ac is cycled on the transmission wants to over rev and has a problem shifting.. but when the ac is off the problem is not that bad

My car startes but won't keep running. I turned off all extras (radio, air conditioner) but it won't keep running. Could it be a fuse? This happened after I drove across town,made one stop, no problem. At the 2nd stop it would not restart.


i am in the process of replacong the front seal and o-ring on oil pump noticed marking on the rotor and shaft are they supposed to be aligned? I took apart before taking notice of these marks. I stopped to research before contining.

passenger side on a 1997 Audi A8 quattro, Do you have to replace the Harmonic Balancer. And when removing the center crank bolt, should it be replaced with a new one. And if not properly torque to factory spec. 285lbs. Can it cause severe damage to the timing belt crank gear and pulley, and also the housing for the seal carrier. And can it cause possible damage to the crankshaft, and damage to the valves which may result in the need of a replacement engine. This question is in regards to my is for my 1997 Audi A8 Quattro. Thank you. my E-mail is

The transmission won;t shift, replaced the speed sensor, shifts at 4 grand, no passing gear, what did i do?

When I'm driving my 2000 buick regal the right front side feels like the tire is wobbling.

It also does it when I shift into drive.The rear differential was replaced a few months ago and an update was done on the transmission because there was a clunk in the front as well. This was a temporary fix because it's doing it again.This is the third time we have had it at the dealer. The last time, they told us that it is in the normal range.


i have replaced the fuel injection and fuel censer and a few other thing because that is the codes it gave me. The car will run for a little while but not for a long distance maybe just 5 to 8 miles, if you press the gas it want go and if you are going up a hill it will also act like it is going to die. please help have had some issues but i do love this car just dont have the money to keep putting in it but cant afford another.

Starts fine but will not run in really hot humid rainy weather