When I accelerate hard to about 35 mph and then abruptly let off on the accelerator, there is a hard clunk in the front left wheel area. It does it every time I try. If I accelerate hard but do not let off abruptly on the accelerator, later when I slightly brake there can be a clunk or two like I ran over a branch with my left tire.

While driving into a drive way hit a bump and heard a pop and the right front end drop down so that it now rubs in the wheel. Change the shocks nothing change

It has been shutting off while driving. It was just every now and then now it is more often. We done a tune up and changed the tensioner and belt had the altinator checked. I can't afford much more. Can you please help me?

what i ment was the 2 bolts on the caliper they look sort of like torx but with more splines in it soory i never seen it be for mostly work on trucks for the past 20 years never seen a head on a bolt like this one an its funny because fronts are hex head

Hello to anyone...

I have a 96 civic ex with this annoying check engine light that i cant seem to go away. The code is P0303 #3 engine missfire. I have changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, distributor, and recently replaced the head and re did the timing and now i am kind of confused as to what i can be next. if someone could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


My check engine light went on. The diagnostic code is P0306 cylinder 6 misfire. The car seems to run smooth until after I've driven it for several miles, run an errand and start it up again. Then it starts to run rough. Is it a spark plug problem or something else?

what would cause the coolant recovery tank to smoke and leak antifreeze

We bought a 1998 Cadillac Deville from a auction and its in really great shape. But it started acting up.It acted like it didn't want to start and then it finally did. So i started to drive it, and it sputtered alittle. I brought it back home and parked it in the garage. Went to start it the next morning and it wouldn't start. My husband checked the battery with his amp machine. It was reading 11.0 and he went and bought new batttery and amonth later same thing. Replaced new battery with newer battery and 16 days later same thing. Died as he was driving it! So he thought the battery was bad one's from walmart. Took it back and got money , replaced with new battery again from advanced auto. Still reading was real low, so he took alternator out and avanced checked it and said its good, husband bought new one and put on car and still says "Service Charging System". New alternator or battery didn't help! Please could you give some advice? The car reads 11.4 on dash for the battery amps. Still says Service Charging System Error on dash also. Thank you for your help...

While driving I notices that the "ESC OFF" light had come on as well as the "Check Engine Light" and tyhe "ABS" light
There is a button on the left bottom of the dash that says "ESC Off" Switch. I tried it but nothing happened. Do I need to take to the dealer or is it something I can fix with a touch of a switch or a part replacement?

if the passenger side motor mount is bad, will the other 2 motor mounts go bad soon?

Recently started hearing the engine valves chattering when not pressing on the accelerator. Chattering goes away after accelerating a few seconds. The engine transmission seems to labor around 30 MPH as the RPMs stay flat.

dash board and tails wont come on I checked fuses and tail lights but looks ok all other lights work even brake lights work. What could cause only dash and tail lights not to work?

Have replaced all obvious parts but still have excessive cranking before starting. Have recently started turning on key, then off, then on again to start engine. This seems to be working right now. What needs to be replaced so I can just turn on the key and start the car

came on yesterday check gas cap guy said somthing about code p0455 dont know what it means

Just came on yesterday the guy at auto zone said somthing about a code p0455