sounds like a little airplane idling on the tarmack at the airport. gets louder as i drive faster. feel it on drivers side. three people have told me it is the wheel bearings when i describe it to them.

I got no manual with my vehicle...it has like 38,000 miles on it.When is the recomended mileage to change them?

Do I need to change my transmission,coolant,rear differential, or any other fluids other than my oil at 50,000 miles? What is really neccessary at 50,000 miles maintenance wise?

all power window went down on day and at the end of the day first no windows would go up and then the back went up but now the front will not roll up and they all are power windows. plus the back will not work up or down. in checking the fuse it was tested as good. can you help me I need my windows up before it rains again. thank you.

I hear a slight scuffling noise only when the tire moves and the faster I go, the faster the noise gets. Does this mean worn bearings? How do I test?

I recently replaced the tail light because the bulb was bad. It now works great but the dash indicator light that tells you something is wrong with the tail lights stays lit. Do I have to reset it somehow?

Am told the link bar is either loose or worn out is this the same? Does it need to be replaced or tightened?

Gauge needles used to illuminate. Can I replace a bulb to get them working again? If so how do I? They used to illuminate red, can I change it to blue?

I recently replaced the brake pads and the ABS light stays on on the dash. Do I have to reset it? How do I? The brake fluid is full.

while driving lost power and engine shutdown. was able to restart and get 5 miles home with reduced power and higher than normal rpm's during the drive.

I have 240,000 miles on my Yukon.. I need to have the tranmission rebuilt with existing parts would should be the cost with labor included?

what causes this winding or humming noise while driving?
the noise increases with speed.

front cooling fan does not work
rear fan works fine

Starting in May, 2011, I notice that both sides of the front seats carpet were soaking wet. I than sucked up the water by vacuum, to make them dry, than in a couple of days, the carpet would be wet again. The passenger side is the worst. Where does the air conditioner drain the water? Is the drain clogged up? Do I have a hose off? I noticed that after running the car and air condition, water doesn't drain on the drive way. Need help if possible. Thanks.

how much would it cost to repair a speedometer? mine is froze where it wont inform me of the speed im traveling and how many miles i have driven