when I shut the car off my parking lights stay on and I have to disconnect the battery

what is the estament for a new rebuilt transmission plus labor.

my front springs squeaks, have replaced it quit for awhile
then started again

motor surges while going down the road, changed the injector pump, transfer pump twice. what else could it be

my 4wd service light cam on as well as the abs and brak stability control light ??????

Provide Step-by-step procedure to replace automatic transmission shifting cable!

The brakes went out to almost nothing, so I bought new lines, and brake fliud, but the right side won't bleed out. What's wrong?

just started

I've been through 5 alternators on this truck, and a new battery. Relays, and fuses are good...
All wire harness clips are tight and secure...
The alternator tests good. However I'm still not getting enough power to the vehicle. I have no idea where to go from here. Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated. We all know how expensive electrical rates are in an auto shop!

Check engine light comes on once in a while and the engine doesn't idle at a constant RPM. It will almost die then rev back up quickly every few seconds while it idles. Seems to run fine on the highway.

brake will pop up and make a vibrating sound then the default light for dsc

Anybody knows what these codes stand for: 91c3, 9080, 9083, 9183 and 9203 and can i fix them. Thank you

my car was broken cause of the distributer for about 1month.. i had it fixed n now it starts up n everything but it does not want to engage out of park..... what can i do please help me....

I just filled my tank of gas in my F150 and when i turned it on, the gas gage didn't move and the indicator message "Low Fuel Level" light was still on. what gives?

How many gallons of gas does this type of mini van hold?