Altinator not keeping the battery charged. removed old one to replace thermostat. put back on, not keeping battery charged. Replaced it w/new one still not charging.

No idiot light came on, first time it has happened. I had turned the car off and then tried to turn it back on suddenly. Is it like a computer where the info gets confused and has to be shut down to reboot?

Haven't had too much trouble with it just need to know how to take it apart and what might be the cause

how do you service automatic trans, cannot find trans dipstick.

Is it possible to add cruise control to my 2009 Ford Focus. it didn't come equipped when I bought it. Is this something that should be done at the Ford Dealership or is it possible for local shops to do? Any idea on ballpark price estimate?

Can anyone assist with the location of oil sending unit?

I've noticed the carpet on the passenger side is drenched with water. I'm assuming it cam efrom the Air conditioner. Any ideas on how to check and fix it? thank you.

What kinda cost should I expect for an IAC valve replacement?

the brake light on the dash came on, speedo dropped down to zero then came back, but was not accurate, security light on dash came on. would not shut down when I turned the key off.A noise sort of like a loose heat shield coming from under the vehicle. (transmission?)

Is this estimate for one converter or two

I have 2002 Saturn SC2 automatic losing power and shutting off when I try to drive it. I recently replaced the PCM because I was told that it was bad. However, the problem still exist. Can someone help me!!

I want to chanmge the rear link kits on my 03 Lincoln LS. What do I need to know?
Torque? Is it under a load?

Can anyone tell me what error code 2173 is?

how much would it cost to have a transaxle replaced on an 04 cavalier?

what is the cause of the car not able to put into park when trying to shift ggear out of drive?