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my airbag light always flash when i start the engine and after its on always

vehicle was hit on the side and side kight and flare was cracked.

whats the average price to rebuild the differential

Have not check on fuel pump pressure or flow.
Did not check for any engine codes.
Engine will not idle. Have to keep pumping the foot throttle to keep running.

the fluid reservoir is in the fender well

The heat and air only works on number 5.

My car started shaking violenty just this past week. Yesterday it stalled on the freeway as I was driving down the freeway at about 60 mps, I felt the car slowing down and had to pull to the side. As I pulled to the side it made a screeching noise and it was hard for me to park it. I had to put some force into changing the shift to park. Now my car wont start at all and the key is somehow stuck in the ignition. I have tried to turn on my car repeatedly with rest periods. Any ideas as to what is wrong with my car?

I do not know which fuse it is as it happens rarely. The A/C Clutch pulley is moving but the Clutch is not. If it is the fuse, which is it? If it is the A/C Relay, how do you test it? Two weeks ago it was blowing 47 degrees.

Power of engine seems to be not transferred to wheels.

system is fully charged with regrigerant.

In the back outside there is rubber stripping that is coming off, what should I purchase to glue this back. It goes around the back, it's not the bumper or window or door, it's part of the decor, if you will. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you!

The seat flew backwards when I got into the car...bolt broke on the left now you can't drive the car. The bolt looks as if it rusted. How can I repair this so I can drive the car? The seat is still attached to the floor on the right side, just not the left side.

Blower motor stays on even after the engine is shut off,had to pull the fuse.What would cause this?

The radio stopped working and the only thing I can think of is the fuse is out. I can't find it though. The only fuse box i can find is under the hood, is there another one.

I had noticed for some time that the window was lagging in opening or closing all the way. After getting into the vehicle and putting up the windows I heard a loud noise from the within the window and saw it would not go up or down and was stuck midway. The motor continued to run briefly but window stayed in place. Took it to shop and was told it was the regulator. Tech put window in place and said not to lower it and bring vehicle back to replace the part. I noticed while driving it I could hear something within the door knocking around when I made any sharp turns. After they got the new regulator and took it apart I was told the issue is the window assembly and not the requlator. Something about the braket that attaches to the window cannot be glued to it and I would need to purchase the whole window and bracket assembly. Does this sound accurate and how much should this cost me? Thank you for your input.