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My 1992 Camry dies after running 12 miles. We have replaced the fuel pump, distributor cap and sensors. Any ideas?
trying to find the location of where the a/c fuse is
my 98 4.0l v6 explorer has started to leak just inside the passenger side wheel the temp gauge is fine however when i first found the problem steam was coming from the radiator i have not driven its since could somebo...
my oil gauge keeps going up and down while I am driving what could that be?
Just purchased a used 1997 Toyota Camry, 161K miles. Ran fine for a month but then statred misfiring. After tuneup (plugs, wires and new valve cover gasket) the engine is still misfiring on two cylinders (code verif...
At what temp should the fan be kicking on
On my alero the is a leak under the radiator on the 2 lines that go to the side of the radiator, is this an oil line or a transmission line?
Wonder if can be mass flow sensor problem or climate control relay
need quote for v6 timming belt
Hello. My "check engine" light came on yestrday at it is staying on when starting the engine. My CAN OBD II Scan Toll comes up with codes PO300- Random/Multiple cylinder misfire detected; and PO406 EGR Flow Sensor A C...
What is the problem when the transmission is late engaging?Causing the truck to stop in motion.
The heater core has been back flushed. Did not help much.
The heater core has been back flushed. Did not help much.
My wife's car starting making this grinding/rubbing noise from the fan area the other Saturday morning. We took to a mechanic and it didn't make any noise and they looked at for an hour and couldn't find anything. I...