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tried a clamp and pliers but it will not press in. How does it close in so the new pads will fit back over the rotor.
I'm helping a friend, and the engine seized, or so I'm seeing. the crank turns in increments when tapping the starter but it's locked up. the engine light came on a few seconds before it seized, whille doing 60, but f...
I need to change the bulbs, bit can't see how to get to the bulbs. I opened the back door, but don't see a way to get into where the light bulb would be???
Can you tell me where the Sensor-Crankshaft Position goes on a 2003 Hyundai Sante Fe? Where is it located on the engine?
My car just started with a rough idle,poor acceleration and a bad sulfer smell from the exhaust!Can i laser test the cat converter to see if the cat is bad?Any ideas?
The car starts to sound almost like the tires are oval at about 45 - 50 mph and it will go like that for a while and then smooth out - very intermittent, but very disturbing when it happens - whole car vibrates. Local...
Changed the tail lights, changed the fuse, changed the brake switch but I still have no break lights. Tail lights will come on when the lights are switched on. What could be the problem?
While under heavy acceleration at about 30-40MPH there is a distinct poping sound eminating from the dash. It sounds like a vacuum valve closing. It has been back to the dealer 3X's and they have been uable to duplica...
The Pontiac has a V8 the GMC has a V6 also it's 2WD. Both are O/D Transmissions.
The Sierra is 2WD with a V6 and the Pontiac has a V8. I know both are also O/D transmissions.
HOw do you remove broken plastic quick connect from heater core inlet?
Hi I have a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer and yesterday at a stop light it shut off. I started it back up with no problem. Same thing happen again this morning. Later on in the afternoon, i went to AutoPart store, the...
Can someone help ?? Guide me to the proper procedure for installing a rebuilt / remanufactured ECM unit in my Chrysler Town & Country (2002). The ECM has been programmed from my Vin # and mileage. My Haynes Manual doe...
smokes when i start it after sitting for long period of time (1 hr or more)
i changed spark plugs twice in 2 months. they replaced coil to see if that was problem, it's not. they replaced wire 2. not the problem. still misfiring at idle. perhaps valve guide? does anyonen know?