Had clutch replaced. Drove away from shop and problem occured again at second stop. Very hard to get in or out of gear sometimes, usually after it has been parked. Has power and will drive with clutch pedal fully depressed. Shifts normally when driving. Should I investigate the hydralic clutch assist? Or could this be a linkage issue?

i have the tires every 5000 miles and i dont think its out of alinement because it drives ok it will hold a straight line when you let go of the steering wheel.

I suspected the FP relay or a bad spot on the starter motor comm. so I gave the starter a cpl of raps, heard the FP cut in and voila, it started. Other times it might go 6 months without problems then go for days or weeks being stubborn. The old rap on the starter motor does the trick every time but is getting rather old, especially in 100 + heat. Next step? Short or intermittent fail of the relay? All help will be appreciated.

car will run hot at speeds of 70 to 80 but not at 55 to 60 and i have a trs sensor code active

The oil gauge is not working. My husband change the oil pump. The light of check oil pressure turn on.

should i just change it ? is that any way i can test the battery ?

should i just change it ? is that any way i can test the battery ?

ac lights blinkng after battery change

My son has a road trip tomorrow. It's about 250 miles round trip.

The car has a new automobile battery from MB and it was tested and shows full charge. Lights and electronics come on, but car clicks and will not start. The first time battery was installed the car ran fine. The second time I went to start it will not start.

when brakes applied a clicking sound is heard from rear

ihave already put in 3 qts since my last oil change only 2000 miles ago. my truck doesn't smoke except once every four or five times i start up.

The heater does not blow hot air just warm during the winter,

i have checked everything but to no avail. it smokes just a little only when you first start it up , but not everytime . what is happening with the oil?

i never noticed until the other day, and i pulled carpet up, dried it all out and now its a puddle full again.. it seems to get worse after it rains