My car a 1997 model Honda CRV was observed that engine has to reach engine rpm to 4000 before shifting to another speed.

my hyundai is out of timing, how do i properly line it back up so its in time

I keep getting a stalemaster or stableizer code, Car does not shut off just wont go????

car will take off and when it decelerates it will cut off.it will re start some times right away and other times it wont. It will idle.sometimes it will barely accelerate or pick-up the fuel. car had sat for 4 yrs. installed new fuel pump,filter,fuelline ,and a used fuel distributor. any advice will be greatly appreciated.

The diagnostic code was P1745. Where is the above part located and how to replace or repair

my positive and negative cables are old and corroded.

my car wont start, its not the starter or ignition switch, battery, and or the coil. all litghs and bells work, runs fine when i push start it, but turn it off and nuthing. whats my problem???

how many man hours on changeing fuel line and tank

i want,know,how check transmission fluid,cuz my tranny cracked when i put in reverse,

When a devertr valve need to be replaced. I got a check engine light. I was told intake manifold gasket need to be replaced and cleaned, as well as devertr valve need to be replaced too.

how do I change the fuel filter

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located

I am trying to locate the Air Charge temperature Sensor location on my 93 Dodge GRand Caravan with a 3.3 engine. Can anyone help?

what causes rough idle, overheating

Just had new tires put on my car, was told that they couldn't do an alignment because I had a bad lower ball joint, My husband bought the part and put it in. Now when I accelerate my car jerks. He also replaced both front axles last year that he got from a junk yard, he seems to think that maybe they are bad now again. Any suggestions