how much the fan motor cost to replace

my gas pedal came disconnected and just lays on the floor board i can't see how to rehook it up


I have a 2002 sebring with thw dreaded 2.7l engine. I have had it for a year and a half and have gotten routine maintenance done on it . I went for my 60,000 mile check and evreything looked great. They replaced two belts and did the brake s. Everything checked out fine. Just about a month or two layter i suddenly had a knocking noise. I took it in they listend to it with the hood up and adjusted the throttle to hear it and said it is my rod bearing. I have had threee other mechanics tell me the sam e thing. I stopped driving it as soo n as the first mechanic told me it was rod bearing. The other day i had a compression test done on it and was told it was good . So that means no piston damage? Not sure what it means . I noticed a plug that was coated with a white residue and looked like a hook at the tip. Now I do not know a lot about cars but I was reading the book and did research online and it seems like maybe it is not my rod bearing? or at least could be something else? spark knocking or another cause...not sure ?? I was first told to replace the engine then saw how expensive it would be . then I was going to have mine rebuilt but if it is only the rod then it can be replaced with the engine still in the car. At this point is there more I can test that will not cost me much or do further damage to the engine?? This engine is prone to oil sludge even with regular maintenance .

I have just bought a 91' Ford Explorer, and I know nothing about cars. Someone told me that I need to do work on the shocks and breaks. What does that mean? I have no idea on how much it is going to cost. Any help. And is it still drivable?? The breaks still work too.

How do I remove the the front wheel bearing? Is is pressed in there?

we already scanned it but no codes show up.

I just bought a 2000 Chevy Express 1500 5.7 litre. The third row seat is electronic and folds down. I can hear the motor for the seat, but it does not fold down. Do you have any idea what this could be and do you know if the seat manually folds down?

THERE IS A STRONG ROTTEN EGG SMELL COMING FROM CAR. Also my battery won't hold a charge, however, sometimes the car will just start and run fine for a couple months, then all of a sudden it won't and we have to jump start it. Could the smell be from the battery?

show me whith image,where i can see the cover head valve cover for ichange -it

My car keeps overheating and i need to take off the water pump.

I own a 2007 nissan Murano without the power lift and close tailgate. Would like to convert this lift gate to electronic and remote open/close. Where can I go for this.

need to remove concole to hide some wires

what can be wrong with my 745li when it hesitates when changing to last gear.