my security light or tow light is on solid is that normal ?

Vehicle will need perge valve and spooning valve

How do I get to the back three spark plugs to change them

Can anyone tell me where the fuel pressure(evap.) sensor is located?

Thanks, Mike

My Echo engine has been very quiet since I got it, but about a month ago very occasionally it would sound like an old dump truck or tractor for just a second or two and then the sound would disappear. I thought I was hearing things at first or actually hearing a vehicle next to me. Then the sound lasted longer and longer. Now I hear the sound about 10 -20 % of the time the car is runnning, mostly when we are idleing at a light or just starting to accelerate. Any ideas what it might be. I'm taking it to a mechanic this week and I want to have an idea what to expect. JD


how to remove?

When folding down the third row seats, the seat belt buckles became damaged, they appear to be permanently mounted to the frame of the seat, is there a secret way to replace these buckles? Is it the subject of a recall? Sometimes, when folding the rear seats, the plastic seat belt buckle cover is shoved out of the way by the frame of the seat, and renders the buckle mechanism unreliable, even after returning the cover to the original location.

How much for a fuel pump?

how do i reset the oil switch if i change my own oil. when i changed my oil the wrench tool has been coming on and i was told i needed to reset the switch, but i don't know where the switch is.my email is vtinoco12@yahoo.com

My Buick Rvz when put in park idols up really high as if I am pressing the gas. So I went to Advance and put it on the testor and they recommended the fuel injector sensor. Where is that located. It also will take off on it's own when I let my foot off the brake. What do you think. It's never gave me any problem besides this one time and I have 170,000 miles on it.

my hazard lights stopped working, the relay is buzzing. replacing relay did not solve the problem.

My vehicle was making a rubbing noise. It sounded like the brake pads. I took it in and was told that I needed to replace the wheel bearing hub. The cost to replace it is $1200. He said the hubs were 230 ea. Is the rest a reasonable amount just for labor? Should I get a second opinion?

How do change the outter tire rod ends on a 2004 Ford Ranger xlt Supercab?

the car wont go in gear and we r losing fluid