ever 10 mins driving down the road light comes on and power sterling gone have to turn it back off and on then good to go again and again dangerous if you have to make a turn how do i fix this

when i put my car in reverse sometimes it makes a noise like it has a problem backing up

fan does not work when AC is off could it be thermostat, or fan relay swicth

6 cyclinder any issues changing spark plugs-

wife ran over parking lot wheel block and ripped dust/dirt shield under engine. What is that piece called so I can order replacement part?

Both my front speakers are not working. I understand that there is a speaker relay somewhere on the vehicle but I cannot for the life of me find it. I was able to purchase one in the hopes that I could see it but still cannot find where this relay is located. HELLLLLLLLP!

There is a direct short which pulls a NEW!!! fully charged battery down to 9+ volts over night. The short is with the primary fuse elec/misc 60amp and I have no clue what is on this circuit ! I have checked the secondary circuits by pulling every fuse and circuit breaker under the dash and all the primarys under the hood. I can only cancel out the short by pulling the primary fuse elec/misc which is under the hood... The lights work and the sentry seems to work because I can vary the times +/- and the lights will go out. I cant understand why the chime sounds with the lights off and the key in my hand as if the lights were manually left on or that the key was left in the ignition when I open the drivers door.. The chime ceases when the drivers door is closed.
Does anyone know what could short out on the elec/misc cicuit that is not protected by a secondary fuse???

the horn on my sable keeps engaging sometimes when driving, sometimes when it is sitting in the driveway

My brake light warning light is coming on after hitting the brakes. I replaced the brake light switch completely, but it still comes on indicating something wrong with the rear lights. All the light bulbs are replaced, everything is working but still the brake warning light comes on and will not go out. Secondly, my check engine light is on intermediate. Most of the time it's on, occasionally it is off for about 2 day's then comes back on. My car is a OBD 1 so I tested the codes and code 71 comes up, meaning the EGR system, however, it just passed smog? so the EGR valve is working. Now, there are 2 wires connected to the EGR valve with a electrical connector, I was told that that is a oxygen sensor, could that be the problem, because I did cleaned out the EGR valve from all the carbon buildup. What could it be?

Does a 2003 acura tl automatic have a trans cooler and lines to flush? All i see are power steering lines that run through the rack and pinion into the transaxle.

My Nissan Altima makes loud noises when it is idle, it also makes noises when driven at low speeds or when i hit on the brakes. However these noises disappear when the car is moving fast. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

When driving trany shifts fine. When in cruise control it will not shift into overdrive. Do I need a sensor?

my check engine light goes off and on all the time, and its been dying while im driving it. it starts back up but it does it over and over again once it starts.

just putting on front breaks