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My van run good, but vibrates when I make a stop. Need to know of a good shop to take my van for repair.
i always hear a squealing sound around the right side front tire area when driving, is it the bearing or what
My van vibrates when I make a stop. The steering wheel trembles, otherwise it runs good. What is wrong with my van?
just now noticed that i have no overdrive and it take alot more gas to get it going,do i have to do a filter change or a whole new tranny? please help
what is the best way to tell if your coil pack is bad
I need to change the automatic transmission fluid in my car but its a 3.5L so it doesnt have a dipstick. How do I do it?
changed the rear brakes on my mercedes 300se, and now I am unable to bleed and the brakes are not gripping.
not sure whats goin on.The battery slid & grounded out on fender and wont start.Tried to put it on a scanner & it doesnt get power to the scanner.but it will start & run as long as scanner is pluged in.Disconnect the ...
Pump stop working,it won't turn on
I have recently replace my MAF sensor as well as an engine coil, but I am still experiencing many other issues. My check engine light is back on and the first code that came up was related to the catalytic converter. ...
the pipes glow red(at night i look under the hood) and the engine revs are have to floor it to get it to go.would the catalytic converter do this? car has two hundred fifty thousand on it.
power steering pump is defective. How do I remove and replace it without much difficulty.
I replaced my battery three weeks ago, not the problem. My mechanic informed me that I need to replace my Body Control Module. Does this module needs to be reprogramed?
When I turn it feels like the car is in 4 wheel drive on regular pavement, but its not actually in 4 wheel drive. Grinding and difficulty in turning - the steering wheel turns fine, so it doesn't seem to be steering f...
Love my audi except for the electrical gremlins!! My cruise control only works when its hot???do I need a new computer control??