I just had my cluster unit repaired and all gauges worked when tested.After installing in my car everything works except my tach/rpm gauge,is this run seperately to something else and what should i check to fix the problem?Thanks!!!

My check engine light is on all the time.

can't find fuse panel under dash only found one under hood.I'm thinking there is another. Blower fan doesn't work on heat or air, blower is fine,no power getting to it.It happened at once not gradually. Think it might be fuse. Anyone know what the problem could be or where fuses are?

Someone removed the fuel mixture tower, and tried to change the fuel mix. What is the baseline to gain back to start the engine. I have no idea if they turned the adjuster screw CW or CCW & how much.I need to know just level of turns from bottom up to start the engine again.All other systems are perfect.

The car was broken into and the person broke the left side of the collum and broke the linkage to start the car. I took out the old collum and put in a collum I got at a wreaking yard. I installed the new collum and then I took out the key switch from the old colum and put it in the new colum. The dash warning lights are on before I put the key in the lock and start the engine. When I turn off the car the engine does not stop. I have to disconnect the battery to stop the car. I would like to find out what I did wrong.

check engine light on

I found a broken black wire in the harness behind the bracket under the intake. After pulling it clear from touching anything my speedo now works great and not blowing any fuses. I did not have the time to try to get in there to repair it. What else would that wire control? I can't find any other problems with it not being connected.

After driving through a heavy rain and flooded streets my wife's check engine light came on. The dealership ran a diagnostic on it and said they had to dry out the evaporator filter. Where is and what is this and can I do it myself next time?

The gas gauge fluctuates from 1/2 tank to low on gas at stop signs.

Replaced the steering pump with a junkyard part. About 2 miles down the road steering started acting up. After about 5 more miles it suddenly became VERY HARD to steer. Tires felt very heavy. Could barely get into my parking space. (Incidentally one of the CV boots has a tear in it). Now I don't know if the replaced pump is out or if the CV joint has finally gone. Got any good answer?

when repairing a crankshaft pulley do you have to remove any of the coolant system?

Our machanic had to install a new rebuilt ABS computer module which failed to read about the same time he installed new hub sensors. After the hubs were replaced the ABS light would not go out. He said the hub sensors had nothing to do with the failure but could not read the module to see which hub sensor was defective. We were charged 100.00 to have a tech reprogram the new ABS module. Is this standard in replacements?

no spark replaced coil,battery starter,wires cap and roder

mechanic says that he has to remove exhaust parts to get at and remove the starter.. is that true??

when i first start truck idle is high around 1500 rpms
to 2000 rpms then it goes up and down when it's warming
up then when it's warmed up the idle drops down to between
750rpms to 780rpms and holds steady i feel the idle is a bit
high on cold start up's the truck has only 65,ooo miles.