we put in a new fuel filter and had the fuel pump checked and it is o.k.

gas or vice versa

173,000 miles on it, fuel filter an tuned up at 140,000, stumbles bad when u try to accelerate, no gas smell, just started all of a sudden, put regane fuel system cleaner in it an didnt help, feels like its in fuel system not electronics, feels like its starving for gas, please help.

water is leaking from under the dash board on the floor board, passenger side. this is due to a clogged line. one mechanic said he could not find the "drain plug." i can hear water "sloshing" around when I turn a corner. this mechanice suggested I take it to the dealership. i don't want to be overcharged and have some idea of what to expect.

I recently bought a 1992 Ford E-150 Conversion van. I replaced the serpentine belt and the air pump and gave it a tune-up. The van was overheating so I also replaced the thermostat, hoses, and radiator. Right after replacing the radiator, the temperature gauge on the instrument panel stopped working. I can't tell if the van is running hot and I am not sure why it stopped working? Can anyone help with my next move?

The front pads have been making noise for a week or so. When I noticed I bought the pads. Now I need a profesional to give me an estimate for installing them.

replace/repair of super charger clutch

it does allthe time

Bought complete compressor replace kit. Changed everything.Have a/c expansion valve left in kit. Can'y find it under hood anywhere

Nissan quest SE 2007


New EGR plug wires look good oil and t'mission levels good

the problem with the ignition switch occurs every now and then.

engine knocking heard, checked oil level and it was too hi and smelled like gas, and gas mileage was cut in half with in one week

brakes locking up