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when will my monitors reset after changing vent solenoid,purge valve and fan relay

running lights not always working,inside lights flashing after opening door can hear clicking,trac off light and abs on all pretty much started at same time dont know where to start looking bcm.relays or what manual not real specific and it dosent have trunk sensor service vehicle soon light on when all this goes on anyone had this problem.

I want to do the work myself at home.

My Bronco idles at 1,300 RPM for 60 seconds after first starting cold then drops to 750 RPM in neutral. I then place the vehicle in drive & the engine goes to 1,100 RPM. If I turn the AC on in drive the idle drops back to 750 RPM. If I place the vehicle in neutral the vehicle drops back to 750 RPM also. If I put it back in drive it goes back to 1,100 RPM. There is no check engine light. I have not checked for codes. Could the Idle Air Control Valve be the problem?

my waterpump is leaking and i need to change it myself and need to know how i have to put water in every other day sometimes every day

i have the part. its just i need the amount of time itll take because i have a time limit

when giving it gas like it is not geting fuel

2001 dodge stratus 3.0 rear and front brakes step by step with images


Whar does this code mean?

my radio is only playing on one side and not the other we changed the amp and no luck.

2002 mercury sable steering was making loud squeking noises at first but now power steering is like completely gone....when i checked the fluid it was very thick and black which leads me to think i should try getting it flushed before paying to get the pump replaced.

How do I replace the cigarette lighter switch on a 1984 S-10.

Some times it goes three or four days with out a problem. I am not really sure where to start. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

When sitting in my car at the park eating my lunch, I leave my car on with air-conditioner running to stay cool. Will it hurt my car. If so, in what way???