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My car stalls every now and then with only the engine shutting off but all electrical such as radio,a/c,etc still running. It blinks the oil light before cutting off and will immediately crank back up after I put it i...
A couple of months ago the timing belt blew (or the water pump took it out). We had both items replaced, as well as the serpentine belt and tensioners. What is the longevity after a blown timing belt? Did any damage h...
Where can I find the interior pull handle for my car?
What would cause the brake light to come on on the dash?
No problems with brakes, but no traction control
This happens intermittingly at any time. The front end makes these sounds while driving at any speed. I notice that the trim is loose and is broken in one areathat covers the front bumper. Fasteners are loose and som...
I noticed my breaks on my van were getting loose. Then one day they went out. I mean pedal all the way to the floor and nothing. There was no break fluid in there so I had some put in, still nothing. I had the breaks ...
a fog horn sound in a 2002 stratus located under feet on passenger side what causes it?
Is there anywhere that can give me detailed instructions so I can replace a Wheel Ball Bearing myself?
where is the best place for a front end aiglnment. Tires have alot of wear on them
The gas gauge is showing 3/4 full and sometimes it would not start like it's out of gas.
Is it necessary to replace the climate control mechanism when you replace the heater blower motor resistor?
I would like step by step instructions on installing a thermostat on a 2002 BMW 525i. I have worked on other cars , but never on a BMW. Is this difficult to do? Thanks. Darshan
will a steering colum from a 1988 blaser fit in a 1990 chevy C1500 pickup truck