lets see my car hasnt ran for a while now and the other day i bought a battery i tried to start it but when i did it soned like metal scrapin metal real loud i asked about that the other day and someone told me it probably has somethin to do with my starter and flywheel well today i took the alternator out haad it tested and it passed then i tried to take the starter out to have it tested i had it almost out except for one of the bolts was already boken off to where i couldnt get it with any of the tools i have i tried to push it through and tap it with a mallet like autozone said but im havin no luck at all what could i do to get it out please help me :(

does my cadilliac seville sts come with stock cruise control if so... how do i use it?

how do I drop the oil pan and how diffecult is it to do so

need help ignition switch

looking for a diagram for serpentine fanbelt replacement


I would like to know if I could replace my fuel filter and if so where is it located. Thanks

Front end is vibrating pulling to the right at 30 mph and above.

my benz has a strange problem in the morning when you start out the ac blower works OK but the cruise does not in the afternoon when the the ac blower is inoperative and the cruise works fine are these problems related or two separate problems thanks for any help

86 xj6 volt regulaor location

My ac blows hot at idol but when you moving it gets cold thought it might be low on freon but put a do it urselfer gauge on it and it is at 150psi and wont take freon. any thoughts

Turn my heater on in my suburban and a squeak sound comes out of the vents/ What is that?

wifes car, babied 74K well maint. shut off in parking lot at idle. showing 0 compression 0 codes? WTF??? any info greatly appreciated just put 4 new struts tires & brakes in apr 11 need to fix. thanks....

Brake pedal goes to the floor when applying. I have new rotors and pads all away round the truck, new master cylinder, but the brake pedal still goes to the floor when applying the brake.

timing beth broken

I bought brakes for a 1996 nissan maxima not realizing the car was a 1997 nissan maxima will the brake fit the 1997 nissan maxima?