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When I make a stop, it appears that the transmission does not go into gear unless I step on the accelerator and then the car jumps into gear.
the headlight switch is not making contact when I pull it out so the lights wont come on.
do i have to flush out or can ijust add the brake fluids?
their is a hose straped to my transmission dip stick tube what is that and why would it be leaking fluid
My 2006 kia sorento has been good til now the door locks start locking continuously by themselves when the door handles are touched and the wipers started going by themselves after tapping brakes could not get them to...
My cigarette lighter is not working and I need to purchase a 20 amp fuse(mini) to replace the one under the hood of my vehicle
The indicator light for the drive indicator (D1)on the dash does not light up upon moving gearshift lever to drive.what kind of costs am I looking at,to fix?
Leaking oil from oil filter where meets adaptor. Started after last oil change. Using motorcraft Fl-2021 oil filter
Bought a new drivers side block for a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. Need the diagram on how the wiring from the harness.
For the past 2 months, the door latch on my drivers door will not catch. At first I could keep closing door repeatedly and it would finally latch. Now it wont latch at all and I have to hold it when I drive. I am a...
truck will not start
I have a 4x4 with twin gas tanks and when I change from one tank to the other the transmission shifts. Also with a warm engine and idling in park when I put it in gear the engine shudders and sometimes dies. (it will ...
this morning the care just cut off while i was driving and someone told me that that it might be my timing belt.when i tried to crank it it made loud noise coming out of the engine
Where should each pulley from the timing belt be positioned when reinstalling it. I dint mark anything and now need help on steps to take to properly replace it.