My 2002 Town car has a very high, jerky acceleration. When I am stopped, it acts like its revving up. The check engine light is on, but it shows multiple codes. Any help would be appreciated. I am taking it to the shop next week, and I'd like to have some idea of what's going on.

well im giving to opions on what my problem could be...one mechanic says my front heads need to be replaced and another says it could be my oil pump....well my problem is my engine is started knocking like a taping noise not to loud..its still rides well if like if nothing was wrong with it...but i am not able to go as fast as i could it begins to stall at like 60mph. so could this taping/knocking noise could be because the engine not getting oil?...help well be much appreciated...o yeah if this helps i got it scanned and got codes:p0325 p0401 p0452

Is there an adjustment for the clutch? I can let the clutch completely out and the car hesitates for a few seconds before it moves.

I can't get my trunk open by key or button HELP PLEASE

This typically occurs when the car is cold, and only when I turn sharply left at low speeds (i.e. parking lot situations).

i need to know firing order 318 v 8

My car is a Toyota Van 89. They don't have the year and model here so I selected the year and model above. But my problem is the coolant leaking in the cylinders and top of engine. I took the engine apart and replaced the head gasket, but that didn't fix the problem! The leaks goes through the last 2 cylinders (pistons 3 and 4).

engine light came on solid one month ago.last week every days blinking on and off. then all of a sudden lost power and cutting off.

I have water coming through the seat belts on back seat side of my 2006 Hummer H3. I had noticed my mats were wet on several occasions. I just noticed water streaming down where the seat belts are attached/coming out of interior side of car near the back doors. The dealership wants $100.00 to check it out. I bought this vehicle used.

My car rattles and squeaks when I apply on breaks and or during turning, in addition, slow accelorations?

I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris yesterday while I was driving I heard water splashing in the dashboard I continued to drive to try to figure out what was causing it as I made a left turn cold water splashed on my foot. The passenger side was soaking wet as i returned home. I went out to the car this morning to look under the hood and I was totally out of coolant I filled it up and went for a test drive around the neighbor and heard no splashing sound. A mechanic friend of my told me it sounded like the heater core went out. Please help

At times after stopping at a Red Light or Stop0 Sign, the car seems to be (stumbling/hesitating) when I am driving off. I have put "FUEL injector cleaner into the gas tank on several occasions, there is usually a slight improvement, then there problem returns.

anit lock light comes on at random also hearing like a rubbing sound when sometimes turning the wheel, odometer light out

Doe anyone know where I can find a site that tell you how much time could be spent replacing a a/c fan blower and resitor?

what is the average cost parts and labor to replace the engine cooling fan motor and relay - and does anyone know where online to get afree site that gives you avrage repair times - how long a repair should take.