how do i turn off and on air bag 2

I recently had valve cover gaskets replaced on my vehicle . When I got ready to get my vehicle back , the mechanic informed me that my power steering pump was leaking . I saw the fluid backing backing up out of the pump. Every time I turned the wheel fluid came back out of the top of the pump . I feel like he did something wrong . What could have caused this and how do I know it's the pump and not something else ?

the head bolts r stripped how do i get them out

how to replace a hydractic clutch slave cylinder

My dodge ram 1500 haven't had any real problems but changing the muffler, u-joints, spark plugs and wires. When my check engine light first came on I had it scanned and it said mis fire in cylinder two. So I changed the spark plugs and wires. The check engine light went off. But a couple of days ago I noticed that when i pull the button and flip the switch for the lights to come on that around the button smoke comes out, but it doesn't come out the vents just where you pull the button for the lights to come on at. Then my check engine light came back on, so I had it scanned again but it says misfire in cylinder two and something about the upstream 02 level something something. I need to know what is going on and what to do.

Our Kia sedona has a little over 90k miles. I am getting the p0300 random code along with the p0301,3 & 5 codes, all these cylinders are on the same side correct? I have yet to see any codes to do with cylinders 2,4 or 6. I've recently had the plugs, wires & timing belt replaced. I also have taken a new ignition coil and moved it to all 3 locations with no change in codes. Engine has a very rough idle but performs well after rpms come up. My local shop has no clue and I've read some bad reviews of Kia service centers so I'm hesitant to park it at the dealership for hundreds of dollars and no results. Any help / ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

how much can u estimate it will cost to repair steering column

Ran fine minute before. ent to restart and engine seized. Oil OK Coolant good .starter and battery good .Took belt off and still seized

Engine "outline light" on dashboard stays on, I checked the gas tank cap, was OK, light remains on...I filled up with gas and drove around for a week...light remains on...Manual suggests it may be the emmisions. Is it safe to drive? Cost of repair?

Cannot find info on spark plug gaps or cylinder identification for my Concorde. With new plugs (double tipped platinum), does the gap need to be set? How are the cylinders numbered, (1-6)?

Car only starts intermittedly...lights, radio, etc still functions.

Anyone else has this issue

the windshield wipers and washers are not working properly on my 1990 chevy k1500. the washer will not work at all and the wipers will work but not all the time. I've read that the problem is a circuit board that controls the wipers but where is it located?

can't get engine light off

What do I need to do to replace the entire GAS TANK? Per audi dealership the leak had nothing to do with recall?? They sd the gas tank needs to be replaced and they want me to cough up $3700.00...I paid only $2000.00 more for the entire car??

Need to find cheaper way to get this fixed...just need to know what I'm looking for in parts??