There is a noise when I use the brakes. Pls advise cost on all 4 being replaced.

spark plugs

how much avr. to replace a automatic trans seal(axle side)

I need to clean the contacts

The air bag/safety sensor light for passenger seat appears on screen. BMW does not know whether it is circuit malfunction or something to do with airbag itself. This airbag has never released so find it hard to believe it is airbag itself. But est to find problem is>$1000. Any ideas??

i have a leak in the top hose of the water pump that goes into the motor, i need to see how far back into the motor it goes and how do i repair the leak?

When I was on the highway my check engine light went on and then I heard a noise when I put my foot on the gas peddle kind of like a drill

While stopping....the car bumps and shutters.

how do I buy another "check engine light bulb".

about every couple of weeks a littel smoke cloud apears out of the front grill i dont smell any burning or antifreeze

To change Transmission Filter & Fluid what exactlly needs to be done the most proper and convient way?

how to reset the maintance required light

When you drive the car for the first time of the day, it doesn't want to shift out of 2nd gear (rpms just rev up) and doesn't go any where, then it shifts (eventually). Its and automatic transmission. But after it happens it seems to be fine. Someone told me it was that I needed to replace the hose running to the turbo. Is that true?

step by step direction to change spark plugs

Hey all took my belt off now I can't remember how to put it back on. Any help would be great.

Thank you.