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What exactly is the acurate procedure to replace a fuel pump, along with the fuel filter as well
How much would is cost for a second turbo and what benefits would i have other than speed
My 96 Manual tranny sunfire gets stuck when put into 1st 3rd or 5th gears. After its in gear the shifter moves freely up and down but not left or right. Car cannot be put into 2nd 4th or reverse. Shift cable maybe ...
seveal electrical components are not working at the same time.
When car is put in gear it makes a loud "popping" noise and is like it is held back. It sounds like a stick or something is hitting the fan?? but upon opening hood and watching as someone engaged the gear the front ?a...
how to remove pully covering bolt holdingwater pump
Having problems with the low beam headlight, we put a new light its not working. The lights on the dashboards isn't working. Does anyone know where to find a diagram for the fuse box in the glove box?
the air is continuous as i press the brake pedal
i think the power steering pump went out but iam not sure because it will work some times and other times it wont does any one know what the problem mite be? plz help its a ford.
The car sat in my garage for 6 weeks, when I went to drive the car the rear wheels are locked. Could this be an issue with the parking brake cable or the drums? Everything was fine prior to parking the car.
how? and what can i replace when it says cylinder miss fire?
not starting when I turn it on.
car shakes when i apply the brakes to stop
fuel mixture is too rich
My car will not idle about 50% of the time. It runs fine when I accelerate but will die when I slow down. I have changed the EGR valve and the throttle position sensor. The dealer has checked and can't find the prob...