My audio twetters sometimes they just stop working

No air thru defroster vents.The blower works fine.

I need to locate where the 2 speedometer sensors are so I can change them out. My speedometer quit working.

I get air thru all other vents except the defroster vents.

looking for a place that is an expert on cadillacs

for about 2 weeks my check eng light came on and today my abs and traction light came on the car is running good it a little rough when in park but i thought it might need a tune up whats going on does anyone no what is wrong or what i need to expect

2004 Honda Pilot - I have trouble filling up the tank about 60 - 70% of the time. It takes about 1/2 a gallon and then pump shuts off. When it does take gas normally, it doesn't know it's full. It is a 18.5 gallon tank and sometimes it takes over 20 gallons.

not too shure where thermostst is located

could anybody tell me why my 1998 dodge caravan doesn"t start when it's raininng. The van will crank but not start. when it"s not raining it starts right up.

I had noticed my cooler gauge was slightly higher. I checked all of my fluids and I found the fluid level in my power steering low.

need to jump start car have a flat battery.

i have a warning that i don't understand because i lost my manual..the light down in the middle is switched on,i thought it is the seat belt allarm but it was'nt..this light is on just when the car is exposed to the sun

I have been having car problems for at least 8 months. The shift gear has been off for about 6 months. When I turn the steering-wheel, it squeaks although fluid has been added.

When I put foot on the brake and try put the car in Reverse
it will not move out of park?

i have a hole in my AC evaporator and i need the labor guide for it and the drier