the problem has not come back

Sometime when I push on the brakes the pedal stops at midway...other times I have to push it almost to the floor. When the pedal stops midway the longer I have my foot on the pedal it will eventually go all the way to the floor. Cause and cure?

appears to be motor oil/ dripping by manual transmission.

It stalls out when I give it gas and then brake, when you hit the break it stalls

My car is running hotter than normal. After driving for about 20min it starts to heat up to 200-205. If I slow down or stop the car heats up to 205-210

pls respond to

it goes in gear the light comes on

when turning on air car seem to want to cut off

How thw Heck can i remove the long panel to straighten out the belt ??

Thanks Mike

some time 's then other time's runs good for day's


When the compressor is on it blows nice cold air.

toyota 4 runner--I FORCE V8 ENGINE

We changed my front brake pads and my car is still alerting to change them. Just need to know how to reset after brake change.

when slowing down tps light comes on, turn off to reset sometimes days or right away light comes back.

only comes on after long drives-dealer scanned several times same code for sensor #3 malfunction-replaced sensor-just replaced tpms module today-still have problem