Cooling fans not turning fast enough. Should they be changed? All relays etc seem to check out OK. What is the labor time?

What is the labor time to install a front hub assembly?

the dealership replace my drive shaft a few times,at no cost to me. It feels like the rear brakes are releasing late(BANG) when i pull out at a light,it doesn't do it all the time. if i grease the yoke,it is better for a while.Toyota says no damage is being done to the truck. The truck have 113,000 miles on it now,the problem start at about 10,000 miles. What is your opinion.

this just happened tonight first time. no check engine light and i already tried reseting the computer by disconnecting battery for 1/2 hour. did not work. any suggestions!!!

How many hours of labor to repair head gaskets ?

My Subaru has overheated twice in 6 months.
I have flushed the coolant twice, after each overheat instance.

how do i change power steering pump?

I have noticed that ABS light on there 3 lights comes on and it said related to ABS not working. Could you tell me what parts to be replaced i brought to mechanic for computer diagnosed it says pump motor failure? can u tell is there any cause aside from pump motor or any procedure to be tested my ABS problem. thanks

I have experienced when engine run good then when i stop the car i have felt that when engine starts press the gas cilynder engine switch off when i run the car even i press the gas cilynder full the car slowly drive. i brought to mechanic he found engine pressure leaking and he replaced and found cam shaft sensor cables worn out he replaced also. thats the only thing i replaced then engine happend like this. please help me out resolve this issues. thanks


Ignition failure vehicle could not be taken out of park.

I just bought this 99 maxima and the a/c isn't working. I checked a/c motor and fan so I figured it's in the switch. I can't figure out how to get the temperature controls out of the dash though. Any help would be appreciated..
Thank you

It started when brake lights failed and then would work, but now is not working at all, only turning signal lights. I have checked fuses, replaced brake switch and light bulbs, what can it be?

Shut the car off, would not start back up. Acted like a dead battery: fast paced clicking @ start etc. We jumped it (safe jumping positive first, isolated grnd etc.) car started but the electronics are nuts. Flashing odometer, trip meter, radios cutting in and out. Tach and speedo jumping all over the place, wipes going on @ random etc.

had engine rebuilt it turns but wont start their is fuel and spark change the crank senso checked the rpm sensor

Believe the eng CO2 sensor light comes on every 60,000 miles. Solution is to take to dealer & have them reset the
computer for a small fee of $ 100.00 to $ 150.00. Takes less
than 5 minutes to do. Is there a cheaper way to reset computer without damaging something else in emission system.