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This happens intermittingly at any time. The front end makes these sounds while driving at any speed. I notice that the trim is loose and is broken in one areathat covers the front bumper. Fasteners are loose and som...
I noticed my breaks on my van were getting loose. Then one day they went out. I mean pedal all the way to the floor and nothing. There was no break fluid in there so I had some put in, still nothing. I had the breaks ...
a fog horn sound in a 2002 stratus located under feet on passenger side what causes it?
Is there anywhere that can give me detailed instructions so I can replace a Wheel Ball Bearing myself?
where is the best place for a front end aiglnment. Tires have alot of wear on them
The gas gauge is showing 3/4 full and sometimes it would not start like it's out of gas.
Is it necessary to replace the climate control mechanism when you replace the heater blower motor resistor?
I would like step by step instructions on installing a thermostat on a 2002 BMW 525i. I have worked on other cars , but never on a BMW. Is this difficult to do? Thanks. Darshan
will a steering colum from a 1988 blaser fit in a 1990 chevy C1500 pickup truck
I tried to lower my top but it was blocked by an object. The motor no longer works, I was able to push the top up and lock it but I am afraid to put it down because I don't want it to get stuck in the open position. ...
the Front heater works fine, but when i turn on the back fan, no heat comes out. What needs to be repaired?
My heater core just went out on my s10 blazer and i need to know how to get to the old one in the vehicle
Does anyone have a diagram for know where i can find one ?>
What maintenance service is recommended at 50,000 miles.