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It has no spark and there isn't 12 volt at coil but when cranking it over I get 10.8 volts then it will start

Going to check oil filter adapter gasket. Thanks again.

How to install a replacement for electric cooling fan.

It randomly comes on or doesn't come on at all. It does not work manually at all. I suspect the dash unit itself may have a problem, but I'm not sure. When it does function, it has to be on auto and sometimes the fan runs on after the engine is turned off.

The light stayed on until I turned the car off, and has not been on since. Do I need to have the car looked at? The manual says that if the light comes on while driving, that something is wrong with the Passlock system. Does that mean that the car will continue to start?

Can this be a do it yourself job with limited tools?

high beam indicator light activates but high beams will not come on

Once last year, and twice this year, Under EXTREME conditions, hi heat / humidity, noticed a little fog coming from the vents. Air seems to work just fine 99 % of the time. On a REALLY hot day 90's +, gets warmer after a few hours, {when you really need it !}

i replaced the fuse for the radio. now the radio is locked. the screen for the radio say's "safe". how do i unlock this ?

the temp control switch in the dash doesn't turn i took the knob off and can turn it with a pair of needle nose pliers

its the original.120,000 miles

When I removed the leaf springs the assembly sprung up against bed. Lowered rearend to get unit out. Is there a trick to getting leaf assembly back into position?


The insulation has been replaced but the problem persists.Blocking the heater outlets causes the engine to heat excessively.
Could it be that the heater thermostat is stuck on high?

the car can be setting and key removedwe will be in house. the starter will engage but wont start due to key being turhed off. sometimes when car is warmed up you turn key switch off starter will still be engaged an cranking. we have noticed that some times when you start car after engine fires starter will continue to run.we had it to garage mechanic called gm dealer they said have never heard of this. please help on the ghost starter

2006 Explorer sounds like a Jet Engine lately. Rev's real high more and more. Seems like a fan or something but I can't pinpoint it.
Temp gauge spikes sometimes not very often but sometimes. Also I have heard what seems to be fluid in my dashboard sloshing around.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Peter B

Dealer says they can't find anything wrong with it.