the check engine light comes on periodacaly, what is the most common reason

Changing the spark plugs on the left is easy but what all has to be removed from the right side to get access to the plugs?

my car accelerates on its own very often.I need to keep braking to keep it under control--a dangerous situation.

shut down going down the road had it towed home stick key in switch on poistion fan starts running no crank wii not turn over next day car cranked hooked mac hand held scanner check codes as i was checking car shut down lost contac with computer could not get back engine cooling fan started running again witch switch on will not turn over i do have dash lights

Ok Wow..I have written to so many forums in saturnfans.com ect. So hopefully you all can help.. bought car in dec. now worm weather here (over heating no fan function..What I have done..replaced both ECTS. checked coolin fan motor-thermostate. water pump. fuses-relay- ALL is fine AND THEN I noticed something I did not know to look for. The Darn a/c/ Condensor infront of Radiator. it is unpluge from the top just kind of hanging ther. It stand to reason ((at least to me) to remove the condensor so at least my Radiator can get proper air flow even if the fan wont kick on. I plan on running a toggle switch from the fan. Thank You>>> Beth

My daughter's escort will sometimes idle rough, to the point where it will cut off. During that same time it will also idle correctly. THe RPM's will drop way down and then they will pick back up again. When we are driving the same thing will happen, the RPM's will kick down and the car will become super sluggish and will want to cut off.

when installing a new computer do it have to be set before installing

i do not have any voltage at fuel pump connection

my car cranks but wont start

The auto chek lights and beeps for the brakes, headlight and a few others come on and off constantly while there is no actual problem.

I was traveling on the freeway and heard a grinding sound and thought something was dragging. I stopped and everything underneath was okay, but then my car wouldn't start and no power to windows etc. I think it is the alternator, how long do they last?

i spilled coffee on the dash shifter and now it wont shift.first four malfunction ligth came on and came back to normal,i try to shift it it wont,is there any electronics on the buttom.

show picture of spark plugs

How much should I expect to pay for labor and parts cost on a 2000 merc. cougar ?

How do I fix the rear latch on 1999 r70v awd wagon. The latch locks ok but the warning light remains on