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after changeing the oil how do you reset the maintenance light. and how often do you change your oil . benz recomended every ten thousand miles what do you guys think . thanks , big sim.
Replaced rear brakes and now it feels like only the front brakes are stopping the car. Is there a way to tighten up the rear brakes without removing the wheels?
when driving my front end vibrates at low and high speeds the tires have been balanced but the tires are wearing unevenly on the edges r.side wearing on the inside edge while the L. front is wearing on the outside edg...
What can I do to start a 2001 VW Beetle Diesel with low fuel? Engine will not start. Does it need to be primed and how do you do that without going to a shop?
I got a bad sensor in my van and i got the new one already where is is located on/in the car??
Added Lucas injector cleaner then full tank of gas. Then service engine soon light came on. Dealer said there is a pin hole in gas filler pipe before the gas tank. A $310 repair. Told him to hold off. I find this repa...
$900 to replace supposed plugged glowing red barley running cat.Ran good for two days.Back to same with loud air sound.Shop has had car for a week and can't figure it out.Thanks
Car was running fine. Stopped for fuel then wouldnt start. Engine turns over no spark. Checked coil,replaced with wrecking yard parts distributer,ECU,igniter,also checked ignition switch. Checked timing belt. Replaced...
what is the best replacement plug
when i start my car, the accelarator sitcks. it happens in the morning only. Its fine after driving about 15-20 minutes. Is there a cable for the accelator that is about to break?
On my 4.3 L 1992 Chevrolet Astro van, is the rear Main Seal one piece, or is it two?
my 2004 lincoln nav front right suspension looks lower than the rest. I turned the on/off switch for suspension to reset it but no luck, anyone know what could be the problem?
the parking brake light stays on @ console. how to reset service engine light?
wanting to buy truck but need to replace coverter. need to know how much approx.