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doesn't want to shift into 3rd
Have been told it might be from salt. Thought the covers should be made of better quality material.
charcoal canister has been malfunctioning for some time. I have the code reset , last sometimes a couple of days to several months
I have no brake lights, i have checked all fuese an every thing seems to but fine. Where do I go from here?
car is overheating. have replaced (2) cooling fan switches, and also replaced the radiator cap twice. it's still overheating.
when I start the truck place my foot on the break the gear shift is locked in park what can I do?
The Aveo we have does not use a normal fuse. We need to find out what kind it needs.
how much to install tran.only
when changing spark plugs, will a repair shop usually want to replace the wires too or fuel injectors?
What could be the problem when when the remote will not lock or unlock the doors? Also inside the manual push button does not have power to close or open the other side.
How hard is it to replace rear wheel bearings?
What type of transmission fluid do I use in my car?
what cost should I have paid for the detection, replacement of one short segment, and purge the line?
I've got an '04 Volvo XC90 with 88k miles on it. The warning light for "anti-skid service required" went on recently. My local mechanic did some diagnostic testing, and said that the repair would cost about $2,000. ...
I took my 2001 Deville to a dealer and they told me I needed a new Airflow Control Unit and both Actuators replaced. The second Actuator is for the rear AC. I was given a price of $1800.00 to repair the car. Is tha...