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just happened, no codes, and clock went out to.

My exact car model is 1990 Thunderbird LX

car cranks but wont run

Oil change was done about 1 month ago and I took your advice previously about the cat. converter and I had that replaced.

where is the air ride compressor

it will buck up until it goes into passing gear but still doesnt pickup speed like it should... i just had the transmission replaced ... it is a dodge transmission...

no problems at this time.

When the weather starts to get cool the "reduced engine power" shows on the dash and I have to stop and turn the engine off. After 30 to 60 seconds and a restart the engine runs fine but the check engine icon shows on the dash. Sometimes I have to do this 3 or 4 times. My dealer checked it and the code of P1516 was thrown. The problem is they told me it could be any of three things each costing $400 to $500. Two of the items were a TAC Module and a Throttle Body and the 3rd I forgot. The problem is that I dont mind spending the money but not knowing which item is the problem is like playing the lottery not knowing if I was going to win or not.
Has anyone else run into this problem???

Gauges vibrate when you try to start. Battery checks our good. starter / solenoid have been replaced.

has no pick up runs very sluggish and ildes real low and stals also when it reaches 3500 rpm it starts to surge

I have a 1995 jeep cherokee with the 4.0 6 cylinder. When i was checking the radiator cap the overflow tube came loose. I went to reattach it only to find out the fitting had broken in two ans there was no way to reattach the tube. This is a plastic piece. Is there a way to repair the plastic part the overflow tube connects to?

The window, mirror, heated seat buttons, lock/unlock, has all quit working on my front passenger door. I am told there is a relay switch which controls this but Ihave no idea how to find this or replace it. Please advise. Thank you.


is the chevy aveo engine an interference engine?

I replaced the combo switch on the steering column. Every other feature that the combo switch operates, works fine. Washers pump, turn signals work, hazards come on, and headlights switch between hi/lo as well. Wipers will not come on, though. Any ideas on what it could be or how to fix it?