Leaking oil and was told valve cover is cracked. Was told this is unusual to happen. Is this a defect in the manufacture ? There has been no work on the covers before.

my break lights wont shut off

will it start out of time

I want to change my oil and don't know if the oil filter is a cartridge type, which I've never changed, or a twist on type.

sometimes the A/C blows straight air. Not hot or cold but just plain air then after 20 min or so it will start blowing cold air and seam as if nothing is wrong at all. I was hoping someone could tell me a sulotion without having to spend alot of money to have a service center inspect and repair it.

neither brake light in the tail light area works. Tail lights work and the middle brake light in the window works but neither of the regular brake lights work and dont know why

how do you replace a cylinder head spark plug came out of head

98 gmc k1500 5.0L only way to start it is to put accelerator to floor,replaced fuel pump,filter,plugs, wires, rotor, cap,pickup coil,tps sensor,intake air temp sensor,and put new injector assembly in, nothing has made it run or start any better any ideas before i take it to the shop and get raped


I have been told it could be a head gasket or valve seals. I was wondering about how much this will cost to repair

My a/c & heating blows cold/hot air out fine, but the placement of air will only come out where the defrost is, knob turns but sruck on defrost/window. Also 1/2 my dashboard lights went out. Checked fuses, but not resolved. What would be the cost? Is there something I can do myself? (non-machanic).

Where is the fuel pump relay switch

Where should I look for an electrical problem going to the fuel pump?

A/C blows hot and cold air at same time don't know how to solve the problem.

how does dash come apart to get radio out of 2002 pontiac bonneville?