Just got it repaired and the check engine light comes on - can't figure out the problem

I have a 1997 lumina thats overheating so i change the thermostat... Put it back together, 1st it idled low then starting speeding up out of control. I turned it off and checked...Everythings hooked back up but it wont stop doing that... Why??

small amount of liquid spilled on console and now right rear window doesn't work-help

Dip Stick has two smal hole near the end. Is the proper oil lever any place between the holes?

Where do I go to get my drivers side door fixed and the window too. Also on the drivers side. My engine light is on too.

i replaced all the bulbs and still no brakelights?

do you change fom under the hood or outside of car

when i bought the car they were standing straight up the window. after some adjustment they now wont sweep all the way and the drivers side wiper is just above the hood for it to clean the windshield in front of the driver.
also the horn started honking one night about every 15 min. to stop it i had to remove the horn fuse. what has caused this?

what is the cost to replace (including labor) a top motor mount in a 96 toyota camry?

My convertible top goes down but not back up. It also blows fuses. I am pretty sure it is s relay, but I think there are 3 including 1 behind seat. Any ideas? I do not want to have to pull seat.

diagnostic code P0172. System too rich bank 1, hihg fuel pressure condition.

on my 1996 silverado .just started missing out .yesterday.

Been told I need a new flywheel for my 1991 4X4 ford explorer. How much does something like this cost to replace?

My Parking brake warning light comes on randomly. Mostly this occurs on hard acceleration. Sometimes it is accompanied by a warning chime, and sometimes not.

I have changed all the bulbs in my car. All the lights work, except the brake lights. I changed the switch under the brake and changed the fuse. Every time I put a new fuse in it, and push on the brake, it blows the fuse. Can you give me advice on how to fix it?