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had ball joints replaced front wheel hubs replaced and alinement done with brand new tires put on after this was done

my was driving and the car ran hot. i added coolant and the check engine light will not go out. is there something else wrong?

my car ran fine untill the air bags deployed i didnt hurt anything else when they deployed

Doesnt let me go to P and R

which tools do i need to replace my rear shocks, and instructions to do so?

why wont seat go back all the way?

I am planning to replace the cat, but I can hear a sound like an exhaust tip from the air filter housing. Can a restricted cat cause this?

I have a check engine light on with P2197 code showing from Autozone

car has been sitting unused, cleaning the car out and the airbags went off

disconected pos cable still cant get it out?

I have a Ford Focus 2003 with a transmission problem. The check engine test gave this code" 0761 Shift solenoid C stuck off. After I changed the solenoid and the transmission fluid the problem is still there. That means the culprit is the SOLENOID MAGNETIC VALVE that is faulty. How much cost to replace a solenoid C magnetic valve? Thank you.

So when I am going 55 MPH, when I look down it is about on the "2" and it then seems like it jumps up past 2 and then back. It will do this like every few minutes.


need to know how many hours to replace motor mounts and automatic transmission mounts on my 1996 ford taurus

i have looked under the drivers consol and found nothing