van ran out of gas. Gas put in tank but still will not start. This is first time. is there somewhere else fuel could be put like carburetor?

will restart but don't stay running

while i was driving i notice the o/d light flashing then the engine started surging the chek engine light come on and stays on as i accelerate th enginethe trans mission started shiftinf for otself as i park the engine suddenly dieid out istarted again it started and then ied again i started and accelerate then it did not died work for awhile then the engine started vibrating what is the problem is it the speed sensor/

When at a stop light and foot is on brakes, the pedal slowly goes down toward floor. What is the problem?

what is the average cost of replacing the thermostat housing and sensors

My engine clicks or ticks, especially upon startup. Usually when I get on the expressway it stops. Is it the oil sending unit or maybe the oil pump, and how much will this set me back?

when I crank my car I have to keep my feet on the accelerator to keep it running.When I stop at a traffic light I have to keep my feet on the accelerator and the other feet on the brake.This also happens when I'm backing out of my driveway.

Okay, heres the deal, I own a mazda b2300 and when I start it up it runs for about 15 seconds perfectly and then after the pressure builds up and it really starts running, it will idle up and down and threaten to stall out it runs extremely rough but this problem only happens when it is idling. I havent really tried anything yet cuz I dont wwanna put a ton of money into it without knowing if its gonna help, What I have done I guess is a full tune up but other than that I havent done much.

the car has juzz goin in to the igmitiom coil and in to the distributor but no spark coming from coil to distributor, i already replace the coil whit a new one and is the same problem what also can i look for ?

I had just dropped off my son leaving my car on during the time, I went 4 or 5 blocks and then noticed a noise starting that sounding like a cowbell noise, so I pulled over and opened up the hood and noticed a wire moving around and hitting a few belts. It honestly sounds like something came loose or broke loose. But I am not for sure.

I have a 2007 Chrysler 300. After driving 20 minutes my right back tire starts to make a jingle sound and alot of heat is coming from behind the tire and the hubcap is hot to the touch. It's been in the shop. Everything looks free and clear, emergency brake, regular brake, calipers, brake line, etc. My mechanic has looked twice, taken everything off and can not find the problem. Do you know what could be causing this?

The Air bag light is on. Light was intermittent at first, but now steady. Can I check this myself ... how?

1996 Avalon XLS, 6 cylinder. When you pull the key out of the ignition the car turns off. The next morning you go to start the car and the battery is dead. When you first pen the drivers side door, you hear the binging noise like the key is already in the ignition switch. Can the switch be lubricated to correct the problem?

why would neither ac nor heater work right at idle but they both blow fine on the highway? The ac doesn't get cold on the highway but at least it blows.

I have a 93 Olds cutlass ciera there is a loud ticking noise comeing from the altenator,and pully system does any one have any info on what the noise could be or comin from?