I have a 2004 volkswagen jetta 1.8L turbo w/5-spd manual transmission.
On several occasions I have gone out to start my car and realized the power to the car has been lost.(clock has been reset, trip odometer is at 0.00 and radio has been reset). But thats not the biggest prblem. At least twice while I was driving I lost power to the car. The engine just died, radio and lights turned off and felt like steering locked up on me, but just as soon as the power went dead it came right back on a second later. And I noticed EPC light flashed.
I've read other peoples posts that are similar to mine, but in my case light doesn't stay on and power comes back right away
Also believe my car is burning oil(gives off really strong odor) *friend told me car is burning oil*
but when I check my oil it is always at normal levels.
Was wondering if 2 could be related.

I would really appreciate any help I can get

i came home from work turned off van locked doors came out later to take my kids to the lake unlocked door with key tryed to start van all lights radio and windows work but van wont start doesnt make a sound except for the fuel pump kicking in

changed the plugs wires and fuel filter air filter is clean and no check engine light

Bought 2002 TB LTZ 2mos ago, had about 140,000 on it already. Didnt want it, but I was in a bind so I had no choice. Since I got it, the front brakes and rotors had to be replaced because they were shot. The cd player stopped working a week after I got it and now I have to replace the fan clutch. My question is, how long do I have before the transmission gives me problems?, Im aware this vehicle has a history of that too.

i have blinking and sometimes steady oil light on but oil pressure seems to be o k no rattles or knocks

The back seat power windows will not come down. What's the estimate cost to repair?

p1000 code. whats the problem

This problem happens almost every time. When I stop the auto, if I do not take the battery cable off, it will drain the battery. The control switch on the dash doesn't cut the fan off.

Can a missing MAP Sensor be the cause why my car constantly kills when its shifted in gear?

My car starts but as soon as i shift it in gear it kills. Whats the problem?

codes say temp sensor, coolant level, thermostat, replaced all plus rad. cap. reset light & still have same problem. Light comes back on after a few days.

This problem happens almost every time the auto is turned on. Only on a rare occasion will the fan turn off. It cannot be controlled with the auto or manual switch on the dash.

I have a 1995 gmc 4x4 305, running poorly, seems like it is not running on all 8 cylinders. I have changed dist cap and rotor, also replaced ignition coil and module. Problems seems to have started when we had a lot of rain. aetenbrink@yahoo.com

all the time

problems with tribute suv's