i already put in a new fuel pump but the fuel Gauge still not working

when I use AC in my 2003 corolla S it squeals, no constant but often.

My AWD doesn't work, (4-high & 4 low both work) how do I fix it?

car has traveled 600miles in last 2 1/2 yrs.--has been out couple times in last 3 mos.---19K miles--beautiful.--when easing up through gears and i get into high gear(OD?)--and a slight load is on the engine stumbles---cruising at 60-70-80 in CC it it seems smooth.---it will idle for 20-30 secs smooth then will have occassional miss from then on.--in the process of trying to burn old gas out so i can get fresh and put in "sentry"----fuel or ignition??? thanks doug

The technician said the flamm trap box is clogged because there is a broken hose

has new compressor/accumulator

gas light stays on.

Put on new rear tires yesterday (Regular not run flat) and still have the whop, whop What next????

Blown tire on front driver side, torn off some wire under the front wheel well. repace the tire and reconnect the wires. It won't start. Tried jump start and it still won't start. what do I need to check next?

fuel filling stop every one letter due to air is not relieved from the tanks during fuel filling

Water is draining into the driver side floor

1985 lincoln town car 302

Any help would be appreciated as the repair manuals are hard to find and expensive. Thanks

my air stopped blowing

turn signal lights stopped blinking