Spring just broke. Vehicle has 120000 miles on it. Live in NW Ohio (43452)

how would you know if you need a freeze plug or your engine have a cracked head

Mine was broken. I need to remove and replace the assy. for state inspection. Have no idea what to do

I am just wondering how long it will take to change the torque converter seal on a 1995 Grand Cherokee 2 wheel drive?

i took the damaged trans pan off and a plastic clip with a metal clip fell out i got the bigger plastic piece backon i dont no where the metal clip goes dose anyone no how to put it back or where it goes its shaped kinda like a loli pop with a square on the top

Rear deferential replacement Rear Axle Replacement High end shocks on all four?

Maybe once out of every 15 starts the belt will squeal for a few seconds and then stop. Just recently started this. Am I at a critical point or do you think I have some time?
I am a single woman and this just isn't in the budget right now but car trouble scares me.

The AT temp light is on and the car shifts very hard and revs high before shifting to the next gear.

I have a Freon leak that they say is at the nozzle to the evaporator. Dealer wants to charge me 1850.00 to replace the evaporator...Can't they just solder the leak?

how to replace rear axle seal

Car was tolled to mechanic and the diagnostic code referred to a bad crank sensor which was changed but car still does not start. It was scanned again and the program is giving out different codes. The mechanic says that it may be a bad computor...? Do you have any advice?

How do I remove it from the dash?

Both lights are on and don't go off. Is there a way to reset these two warning lights

How do you hookup RH front door latch to handle?

how costly is it to have the timing belt and water pump replaced?