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I have a V6 this valve appears to be located through the bulkhead just behind the engine with very little room for tools and hands!

Country: United States
Make: Jaguar
Model: XJ6
Year: 1995

Already Tried:
Evacuated, replaced compressor and Accumulator, recharged system by service shop. It was determined that the Expansion value was clogged. When the compressor electrical pigtail is connected system does come on, but hot air only. Expansion value is located through the fire wall. I have removed the passenger bottom panel and removed the computer. Couldn't see or find any access to the EV. Recently replaced the Radio and didn't see a place to access the EV there either.

Did not have any problems with this prior to the belts being replaced

does this after driving about 15 minutes. changed exhaust manifold and system, ignition coils and still does same thing

Changed coil pack, plugs, ignition module and problem remains.
Removed coil pack and removed plugs...they each look the same, the "boots" and inner springs look clean as well as the plugs...the plugs each look the same...looked at the pins on the electrical connector to the ICM and there is no oxidation. It appears the ECM is not getting the confirmation signal that #2 cylinder is firing...What else do I consider except the ECM.

what does this mean???? can it be repaired easily???

Took it in because check engine light came on again. Diagnostic was fuel ratio sensor. One shop wants to charge $520 for repairs? Sounds too much but I really don't know what to expect. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

we'll be working on with minamul tools please help

I replaced the battery still it is still on. Test said low voltage regulator so I replaced the alternator. Battery light still on, now the test said that the voltage regulator failed. I'm confused and need help!

I have taken my vehicle which has 67,000 miles on it, twice to a certified Saturn location for the "service the enjine" light on. The first time they did a diagnoic test and said I didn't have my gas cap on tight enough. The second time they told me the gas cap would have to be replaced and they did, but as I drove home I noticed a strange vibaration as I was going up a hill that had not been there before, almost like it wasn't getting enough gas. Now I am taking it back again (the light is on again) and I don't think they have a clue what is wrong with it. Anyone else have this problem?

it would run fine it those that only when is park for long time

i changed the plugs wires and cap and all cylinders have compreshin so im not sure y it dont have full power can someone help thanks

drivers seat back does not move when I press the switch, I hear the motor but the seat does not move, is there a way to move the back manually

My A/C fan only works on setting 4, why doesn't it work on settings 1,2,3

I was told there is a brake switch that is stoping the gear shift from moving. Where is this switch located?

ac bowing hot off and on