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Sounds like real bad CV joint but they are all fine. I suspect the gears are slipping in the front diff. - Only happens under load so I can't duplicate on a lift. How do I diagnose this?

I have replaced the thermostat and coolant sensor. Disassembled the water pump and it was fine inside.
Its strange that ist goes back belowe 1/2 way on the temp gauge after a little bit while still driving. later the whole thing repeats itself. Speed driven does not matter. Radiator was flushed.

This is a radom problem and have had it to the dealership multiple times and they cannot find anything wrong. The dash lights just go out with no reason - I had to drive home with no dash lights last night. It does not seems to affect any of the other electrical components or affect any other lights.


To repair and replace the seal it will cost $1000 because they have to drop the front axle to replace the differential seal. Is all this labor necessary just to replace or fix a leak in the differential. Is the expense reasonable?

How do you install the hood support rod?

The origanial belt was replaced a few years ago, then all of a sudden the belt came off. Replaced it with a new belt and it will not stay on. Could it be the auto tensioner is worn out?

cut out. The whole vehicle jerks. It use to be at greater speeds, but not does it more frequently. Could this possible be a bare wire touching somewhere? Or is there a known problem with the endine/transmission causing this?

The engine tries to start then chokes out, sometimes with a backfire, I try again and the engine will start with hesitation then idling high gradually idling lower...someone please help?

ABS, Transmission, Check Engine, and a couple other lights come 'ON' and stay 'ON'.

TEMP gauge pegs HOT (but engine is OK).

I have to start at LOW gear to get moving then switch to DRIVE when I reach speed.

In-time, it all goes back to normal.

It seems to occur when I hit a slight bump on the road.

crankshaft position sensor code can reset by pulling off batt cables

first drive off. I take my foot off the gas then apply it again and everything is fine. This will happen even if I've driven it for several miles. It doesn't matter what road surface I am on or if the weather is rain or shine. This doesn't happen all the time. The car has done this ever since I bought it. What could possibly be causing this to happen?

checked fuses and bulb ok.

They're rattling loudly, all the time. They are def.gone

battery was drained from a light left on (kids!!), this all after a week of heavy rain. when i charged the battery the engine would crank but not start. then after a while it would start but then immediately stall. no hesitating, just completely shut down as though i just turned off the ignition. after another day, the car starts and runs longer but then shuts down again. then the 3rd day the car starts and seems to run fine. someone mentioned it might be the coils had gotten wet and are now dry, but i figured if that was the case wouldn't it stutter or hesitate before stalling, not completely shut down? what are the chances that all three coils in the bank are faulty? i also read that it could be the crankcase positioning sensor has cracked insulation.
any advice would be greatly appreciated!