my car idles up every now then I can turn engine off and most of the time when i restart it will be ok I have found bad vac hoses and replaced them thought that fixed it but some times it still does it Iam thinking could the egr valve be the problem from what ive been reading Ive cleaned the thottle body it seems to help for a while help triump68 thanks

I ran seafoam through it in the gas tank and beat on it for a few days and the light went off for a week then came on again. Should I be putting in 91 octane? Will that help. The dealer put in new plugs and a coil and ran cleaner through the fuel injectors. then the light came on 2 months later. They say, they would need to take the top end apart and clean it good for $1000. Isn't there something else I could do?

is the transmission front or rear wheel drive?

Dome lights work - no fuse for reading lamps. does anyone know how to trouble shoot reading lamps?

The dealer says that the transmission speed input sensor needs replacing and recommends transmission service (replace fluids). Car has 47k miles.

Just replaced water pump prior to this leak.

sometimes it is hard to start,might have to turn over 5 minutes,have replaced ecm,fuel pump,all sensors,5 different chevy mechanics have worked on, spent over $2000.00 in last month.still has same problem,doesn't throw any codes,some one said it might be a bad e prom.??????????

Is it the head gasket leaking/ Thought it was rear seal but seems to be dripping from motor and running extremely rough.

car shuts off when driving a couple times and then have to let sit beforte starting back up after a some cranking ,, already change waterpump,, spark module,, what can i check or fix next,, chould it be the starter or alternator,, its starts right up but after a few mins starts to shut off while stepping on gas driving ?????

The cooling fan stopped working

It doesn't start at all there's no spark.

i can jump it from the diagnostic box under the hood and it still will not run

will idle back down I cleaned thottle body it seems to help for a while I want to know if the egr could be the problem I found a broke vac line thought that was it but its still idles up help please triump68 thanks

The car has been sitting still for six months. All dashboard lights come on when the ignition switch is turned on.

car started not cranking then i could move shifter back and fourth and then it would. Now it want do anything,and it has no power going to switch on side of transmission.