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The chrome bar across the grill, and sitting in the headlight recess does not release. The manual says to pull gently. it does not release. There appears to be an expanding clip that spread out after the chrome bar wa...
how to change tention pully
I can't find the location to replace a/c filter in cab
the rack and penion was replaced,and the bas/esp warning light started blinking and car loses power and feels like the break is going to lock-up
I have a 2004 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. At first it clicked when you turned on the third row air and sometimes turned off, now it clicks/thumps all of the time. I checked the air mix door actuator and the side uni...
Engine occasionally stalls at low speeds while coasting. Usually occurs during a turn. Engine just quits. Starts fine after stall.
Is there any way to manually close the window while i find the problem?
For maintainence reasons, I'm replacing the timing belt on a 1998 4 cylinder Toyota Camary, and I've heard that on some cars, the water pump should be replaced also. Do I need to have the water pump replaced along wi...
my car was toed and now the ABS light is on...i have a manual transmission and the parking break was on when they towed the vehicle. did the towing company cause this problem, and what can i do to fix it???
tranny has no fluid how much should i put in?
The cigarette lighter socket is broken and i need to get it out
What type of trans fluid should be used, and how do I find out what is currently in my trans?
My blower has settings of 1 - 5 and only 4 & 5 work. Why would 1,2,& 3 settings not blow any heat or AC?
direction on how to replace heater core
The transmisison goes forward in R,N,D,2,1. And i can feel it in park... AND there is no power, you have to floor it to go an inch. I just replaced the torque converter, but it didnt help.