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replaced timing belt and serpentine belt how do I get it to be in time?
After I drive the car for a half hour it feels like the gears aren't shifting when I come to a stop or a light. The RPM's go to 5 or 6. A green sensor light came on today located under the RPM's. It said O or D and th...
2003 Dodge Neon automatic with shifter in the floor. It won't go into park or any other gear. It just freely moves through all the gears but will not connect to any of them. If I let off the brake I go in reverse. Had...
how do you push in the piston to install new pads. front was easy. rear has parking brake incorporated and I can't get the piston to move. what am I not doing?
Anyone got a suggestion on how to change the worn out trunk shocks? I have the new ones and can't seem to compress them enough to get the on?
I have no turn signals or emergency flasher. where is the turn signal flasher switch located?
battery light on?
When I put my car in reverse it jerks like something has just kicked in. When I go forward and press the gas petal it jerks also. Whenever I move forward like at a red light or parked the car jerks forward and then ...
i need the torque specs for the head bolts for my 2000 dodge durrango 4.7
Does the 2009 Odyssey have a Dash Light Dimmer Switch?
getting a PO155 code, already chanced oxy sensor, what could it possibly be
Wish to obtain check list for engine & tranmission maintenence
turn signals and emergency flashers don't work. i replaced fuses for both.......still nothing. could it be a relay? if so, where is it located?
Cannot get rear piston to close in order to replace brake pads