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Where's the transmission oil dipstick? how to check transmission oil level?
sometimes car will not start. Battery starter and all other parts are working ok. Was told there is a switch in shift selector that may cause this. Sometimes when move selecter back and forth then car starts. Now noth...
i would like to know what are the symptoms of a cracked block i hit a pothole (hard) since then coolant loss,running hot, overheating, hard to start,and when i pulled out the oil dipstick it looked like water was m...
I am looking to buy a toyota tacoma...I found a private party seller and he is a mechanic that just replaced the cylinder head. I don't know how many he has replaced...How serious of an issue could this be? If it was ...
oil light came on how low is the oil when the light comes on
I get a loud clicking sound whenever i turn or back up and turn my car. Im questioning a ball joint problem. Any ideas?
I need to know the oil capacity level for my 2006 bmw 525i.
one of my codes were 1258, 0303
the clock spring of my car do not work, can you show me how to replace it. thank you.
Everytime i make a hard left turn, or reverse and and turn my wheel to far my car makes this loud banging sound. It sounds like something falls out of place then pops back in.
you can be driveing along at say 55-60 and all the sudden the car will starte down shifting what would cause that?
Where exactly do I add The sealant and the freon in my 1998 Pontiac Bonneville? I don't know which is the high and low valve,can someone please help me locate it?
code po441 incorrect flow
heater not working what could be the problem to this situation.
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant and i was at a stop ligt when the timing belt broke how much will it cost me to have it changed?