Hi there. My mechanic is stumped. I took the van in over a month ago. The check engine light was on and the transmission was not shifting into 3rd gear. it is a 97 dodge 2500 van with a 3.9 engine and the 3-speed transmission (155K miles on it).

$1500 later, they rebuilt the transmission and replaced the torque converter. The check engine light keeps coming on and throwing the P0740 code. It seems like the torque converter locks up but the RPM drop is only about 180-200 RPM when this occurs. I think it should be more and more noticeable.

The mechanic has since replaced the valve body, TCC solenoid and wire connectors to the transmission since the rebuild but the problem still exists.

Anything that you can offer to help remedy this would be so greatly appreciated.

All other lights work, including turn signals, emergency lights etc.
How ever, when I slightly press on my brake peddle, the breaks come on, yet if you press all the way down, they wont turn on, I need help fixing this because I can't afford take it to a dealership.

Oh, if this helps, my car is automatic.

what would be cost to replace right and left outer cv boots?

mechanic diagnosed my power steering pump leaks what would need to be replaced and approx cost. also stated that valve cover gaskets need replacement. what would be approx cost, any recommendations to who to take it to.

i replaced front springs an struts an the car sits low in the front an its lower on driver front then passenger side.when i hit a bump it still hits hard as if i didnt do anything to it.. whats left to look at??? or what could it be?

water pump licking, the car is over heating

can some tell me what type of Transmission fluid is needed for a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 3.1L

removed starter, auto zone said it is good so put starter back in, cleaned cables worked for about 5 days now NO CRANK again. Replaced cable, clamps,Checked voltage on both sides of solinoid, good when in start position still NO CRANK. IS there a park switch/neutral start switch? Where is it located? or is the starter bad?

my car is a good car but i want more power and a lil better mpg. i have the dohc 2.0 and for some reason when siteing for a few or driveing in hot weather if the a/c or heater is not on it starts to over heat and i dont know why but it the winter it will read cold... Iv changed the theremostat a few times its not that and its not my water pump what can it be... also when stoping my car makes a clicking noise that sounds like it comes from the front passenger side could it be worped rotor throughing things off making it click? and what can i do thats cheap to get a lil more power and better mpg...

Friend "mechanic" changed tranny filter 3 months ago. Leaks at pan ever since. Car is mint. 62000 miles. Thinking gasket not seated right or heard I should have used a cork gasket. I have to fix asap; losing 1 qt every 3 days. Hope bolts aren't cross threaded or over torqued. Have to fix tomorrow,any tips from a pro would be apreciated. Thanks

does this car have an ac clutch

I presss the clutch and sometimes it stays down and other times I have to pump it. I pumped it and broke lose the clutch line to bleed it and it didn't work

When I turn on my van it idles fine but when i turn on the A/C it dies. I took it to Auto Zone they told me to clean the air sensor showed me where it was. Did it but still dies? Any help on this???????

On car I turn the ignition switch like it get stuck. what could be the problem. I replaced the switch but still have the same problem. what do I replace now the key tumbler or the switch turning mechanism?

where is the fuel injector on my 1999 chrysler town and country