my door locks just keep locking and unlocking by themselfs also front speakers quit at same time is this a wiring problem it is a 2007 chevy cobalt

pull plugs found some with fuel on them and didnt it backfiring very bad. attempt to open the throttle and then it dies. this happen everytime since engine was clean. what can possibly be to issue

light up either. Any ideas?

I changed the coil, fuel pump, wires, plugs, distributer cap, & the pick up modular. Now it"ll run for a bit then die. Its loses spark & i dont know how to fix it. Please help. Thanks

after a 200 mile trip started this was 100 degree day but engine temp was ok . when stopping and then when you try to pull away would stall afte about 3 trys was able to pull away.

It does it when I put it in drive also.

Its starts to run a lil hot and the engine has a lil sputter to it when at a stand-still like the van may want to turn off but it doesnt. It takes a lil while to run hot but when it starts it tries to.

They do it while accelerating or decelerating thru the 33-37 mph range. I have no idea why speed matters here. Alo at the time this started the keyless remote stopped working. Any help would be appreciated.

why are these coming on

I have changed spark plugs and wires, replace fuel filter

The module looks to be a plug in replacement, but I do not know where it is located.I

OBD2/EOBD CODES READOUT WAS PO717 Input Turbine Speed Sensor A Circuit No Signal. We cannot find where the sensor is located. The car will not shift into high gear and now it is getting hot. How or where can we find the answere to these questions at? Where can I find a correct diagram of my car's sensors? Thank You Ray

I evacuated the system, vacuum pumped it for 45 min replace the orfice tube and its still doing the same thing as before.At times it blows cold air in all the vents.What do you think the problem is.The pressure is reading 40, so it is full of freon.Also the other vents are blowing cool air but but not cold and if I turn it to heat it instantly gets hot air.

respectively torque converter clutch solenoid circuit electrical,and shift solenoids A, B. and C malfunction. I hope there is a relatively inexpensive fix that will turn off the check engine light and eliminate the codes. The transmission shifts ok and I get 28 to 30 mpg on the highway. It will not presently pass an emissions test with the check engine light on.

cools good when on highway but not when in town at lower speeds