The abs and traction control lights started lighting up on our 207 Chrysler Town and Country touring. We were traveling along and the abs light went on. After parking for several hours and restarting the vehicle all was well for about 20 miles then the abs came on again. It did this for a couple of days but being the holiday weekend we can't get it in for service for several more days. Now last night the traction control light came on as well as the abs light. Today both came on immediately on start up. What might be the problem?

I changed the thermostat last fall because I couldn't get any heat out of the heater. Every since, the engine has overheating problems. I have been told that the air is not bled out of the cooling system.

I have done all I can but it seems the light just keep light up. I need to do a state inspection but can not get it done with the light on. Need your help please. Thank you kindly.

A/C mechanics were under the hood recently and I have a hunch some vacuum lines may have been "messed" with. Is there some way I can check this with a vacuum gauge?

just need driver side head gasket replaced

The truck is an AWD and has approx 146*** miles on it. To the best of my knowledge no transmission work as been done to it. The truck will shift into P R and N and even drive in reverse but when trying to shift into drive the transmission will not engage. The vehicle has been sitting for approx 6-9 months (not sure not my vehicle). What would be some good things to check to try getting the transmission to engage? I don't know to much about engines and transmissions I'm just learning by doing so lemme know your thoughts so I can try them out.

i have a 04 deville that the belt is worn on and the water pump stopped working so i needed to get these two things replaced . i was wondering on average cost of repair.

i just got the car and i just tried the emergncy lights and it doesnt work

the electrical disconnect. There just isn't enough room for my arm or any pliers that i have avialable. Are there any tricks or tools used to reach the connection?

also while driving in town the air is cold. Recharged but only got worse.. It feels like the pump is kicking in and out and perhaps this is causing the jerking. Pleas help me if you are able?

air flow sensor, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter and still the problem seems to be that somehow the gasoline is not properly being processed though the vehicle. Now, the car will start, and immediately die. Before it was very sporadic - didn't always die - then suddenly would begin to dog down, die, and then would restart. I've spent so much money on this car and still have the same problem.

Any idea what it could be?

Trunk latch will not engage. Trunk remains open.

Front passenger power window isn't working (closed). all other windows are fine. Auto door lock in that door is fine. Is it a wiring problem, or something else?

I bought a good used two light assembly from the wrecking yard. Part matches exactly. Both lights are NAL. I have the assembly in the car loose but something still holding it in?
Cant get the turn signal lens assembly out either. The metal trim that runs along the bumper and surrounds the two "BMW" grilles is a mystery to remove also. Either of these removed I believe I can get the head lights out. Help!

i am trying to charge the freon in my car and can not locate where it goes in at?