How can I find out if all recalls were fixed on my regal.

The horn on the car stopped working suddenly. Where is the horn relay located on a 1999 Mercury Sable. I was told that all of the fuses appear to be intact. Any ideas what can cause your horn to stop?

ac not workin blowin hot and cold air co mpressor workin

not sure just bought car few days ago. was working for about 6 miles. stopped! then after sitting for 8 hours and no rain, worked again about same amount of time.

step by step heater core replacement please.

After car is parked, the headlights and taillights come on. All the switches are off.

Bought this used a month ago for $3k. Don't know if timing belt was replaced, not sur ebased on my price I want to put $750 in it to get it done. Saw some with 340k who have never changed it. Thoughts anyone?

Were is the fuel filter?

when do you change the fuel filter

I installed a new compressor, control panel blower switch and ac still blows soft or low I notice that the top vents defrost blows harder than the cab vents on my 1986 f150 pick up it blows ice cold but not hard through air vents. its running me crazy. is this normal for a this old truck

When I start my car there is a loud noise, like a match is being struck. It use to only happen during colder weather, but, is happening more often now. Is it the starter?

I just had my waterpump, thermostat & timing belt replaced at 62,500. I only had the car for exactly 1 week. Is there any way the previous owner could have known this was an issue prior to me buying the car? Also, since it was fixed my temperature light is now blue when I start the car for the first time in the day. It stays on for a few minutes and then goes away. It did not do this when I first got the car but it did after I had it repaired. Is there an issue?

85k have to add oil alot, ford says 1 qt every 900 is o.k.
No leaks and no smoke. What could be the problem?

noise coming from watrpump

I recently replace the TPS sensor to fix the delayed shifting. The problem continue and the O/D light flash 16 times. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Please help