What sensor is the most to go out? Just once on July 2nd,2011. We have no codes, what is Oxygen sensor? How long could we possibly drive without damaging to the nearest Kia dealer? What kind of warranty on sensors and/or modules? Not forgeting we have 160mi one way to a kia dealer.

Have a wet passenger floor board, so think this hose is plugged.

Car is driven by 25 year grandson so I have few additional details. It seems this has occurred before and then returned to normal, but this time it has not fixed itself.

Temp gauge in rearview mirror showed 140 after five minutes in drive thru. Fans have been replaced, cooling system flushed and filled. What should I check next, this is becoming a money pit, and nothing is fixing the problem.

the car has been outside in my yard in the weather and the motor has not been started for five years, and has no battery,but when it was being used it ran perfect,and had no problem


coil pack..has spark to plug wires but not to plugs

The original is cracked.

After replaceing the fan didn't help I researched on the net and found it may be the CCRM. I have it off and would like to just replace the relay for the fan but can't find which relay it is. The CCRM is F6ZF-12B577-AA.

It started about a month ago after I towed a trailer. There is a noise that sounds like air leaking, and it stops if I hit the break pedal (otherwise continuous). My gas mileage has suffered since this started as well.

The latch will not open the trunk electronically.

I have 1990 K1500, 5.7 L, 4WD. , Ext cab/bed, 720R4 trans.
Diff. cover has 10 bolts. I'm not sure on the gear ratio. I'd prefer to change out the entire rear end. Do I need an exact match or do I have other options. I understand that gear ratio is specific? Can I find the same ratio on a different year model, or one with a 12 or 14 bolt pattern . What about an upgraded RE if there is such a thing, Are there ways to improve performance, would I want to? For what reason? I just had to have the trans. rebuilt and my diff. goes bad a week later, so cost is an issue. Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!

today 7/3/2011 for overheated usage

when its real hot it mostly does it

When I move the air flow control to defrost, the tapping sound stops. When I move it to direct air flow to any other position (i.e., front vents alone or front and lower vents or just the lower vents), the taping sound returns. After a long (and annoying) time, the tapping sound eventually stops. Fan speed has no effect on this. A/C on or off has no effect on this.

It seems like a solenoid but I don't know. Anyone have any clue? I haven't found a repair manual that addresses this part of the air cooling/heating controls in the dash.