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Can you replace the compressor control vale on a 2006 mercury montego, or do you have to replace the entire compressor?
also flush transmission fluid $ and brake fluid flush? $
had all 8 coils changed on 6th change car was over heating told gagage, now head gasket has gone and garage say its my fault?
would it be the tps or the whole throddle body
I have been told by three repair places that my heater core needs replacing, I can't understand why it is so horribly expensive to replace such an inexpensive part. Are there any alternative to make my defroster wor...
It sounds like a motor is still running even after my engine is turned off--the repair shop says its the motor that runs the abs system.
what would cause the truck to shut off while going down the road and lose prime
i have to wiggle the key forward 2 or 3 times in order for the car to start, do i need to replace the ignition key cylinder
Whenever I put my truck in Park, it rolls forwards or backwards depending on the incline. The Parking Brake works some, but it still rolls. Any idea of what may be causing this. I think it may be linkage, but want to ...
The car suddenly stop,I could not started in the morning so, I decided to install a new fuel pump but, still there is not working so I think it is the fuel pump relay. Also, I don't know where is this located in the car?
i own a 1998 blazer 2wd v6 vortec sometimes it is hard to start after sitting a couple of days sometime even in a shorter period of time. it misses out when cold and gets very bad gas milage but when it warms up it ru...
To remove the rear axel do you have to use a hammering pulley to puul it out or do you have to remove the differential cover and remove the clamp and pin in order to remove the axle?
I was driving on the highway when my tire was blown and I need to replace the tire. Should the rim be replaced as well?
where could i possibly find a print out or info on how to remove the airbags (2) ?
I went for usual 3000 mile service, new service tech said I had a loose tie-rod on my 38,000 mile De Ville. I said "how much"? He said "$300 please". Whats' the possibility ratio of this being the case for a loose ti...