My car will not start. I drive it and it is fine then when I go back to start it again...nothing. No lights, sounds, power...nothing. Then it will start again for whatever reason and run for days. All of a sudden it's in a coma again and is revived after just seconds on its own. WHY?

I want to know how many hours am i gonna take to change the timing belt

my lincoln town car is suppose to get 18 mpg in the city but i only get 13.5.i replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter but still no increase in fuel mileiage.Any suggestions.

Couple weeks ago while waiting for my daughter to get out of class. I sat in the passenger seat to recline and relax and the seat won't come back up but, it will go down. This is the first time this has ever happened. What could be the cause of this and how do I trouble shoot it?

i want to find out where starter is located at can you please tell me where starter is located at

i have taken all the bolts off the oil pan and it will not come off. so my question is, am i missing an another step on removing the pan.

All the lights on the rear driver's side are non-functional. Is this a fuse that needs to be replaced?

my vehicle keep overheating, new thermostat, radiator good, waterpump good. can anyone explain why this is happening

what are the torque specs for a doughnut gasket anyone please?

Engine noise, like a high pitched whine at engine speed when driving on Interstate, not so noticeable in city driving.

low tire warning light stays on dashboard even though tires are inflated correctly. How to clear the code?

What's the esest

car cut off on freeway got a tow it wont state engine wont rotate wont take jump p1189 is the code and will that code stop it from starting

I have some codes that were given to me by the emission test place; if I provide those codes, will you be able to tell me what they are related to?

My 1993 toyota celica is only idling at 200 rpm and when you ranit at mosy it reads about 300 rpm.