Just driving down the road for no apparent reason a message comes on "PWRSTR" and the power stering stops working.

The power brake booster went bad and caused the ABS light to flash. The truck (automatic) also will not shift out of park. Does a bad brake booster cause the vehicle not to shift from park?

Truck is making noise and had it looked at by a guy at a muffler shop and he said it was the "air pump" - before I take it anywhere else I was trying to find prices on air pumps but cannot find an air pump as a part on this truck...any ideas or comments would be helpful

I have a 2008 yukon and I had trouble with the electric door locks since just before the warrantie expired however since it was not the front ones we never realized it untill slightly over the warrante period.So by the time I saw The GM dealer and explained I was out of town at the time of my discovery and there stand was that it was out of warrantie by about 200 miles.GM representative told me they would repair the faulty actuators 3 of them where bad by that time I went to the dealer who in turn said that for $100.00 they woul repair them and I agreed with it. Now the passenger door side is defective and I would like to get some info on how to remove the interior door panel so I can access the actuator. I am tired of paying for such items that should have been a recall in the first place. Thank you Regards....Joe

My car has recentely been not starting since the warmer weather has came. When I try to restart the car, everything inside the car will work, (radio, windows, air, lights, etc) but absolutely nothing happens when I turn the key. The battery and alternator are brand new, so I don't believe that is the problem. Can anyone please help me on this???

the water pump on my dodge ram 1500 van is still leaking after replacing it.I think it is the hose that goes into the top of the water pump. any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

I understand that the freon air should only come on when in the A/C or defrost mode. Mine seems to be on all the time and the comprssor cycles on and off constantly. I have already had the freon level checked and serviced.

need piocturte of water pump for this van

i was driving my 92 rs camaro i pushed the clutch to downshift heard a pop and the clutch went to the floor, i thought slave cylinder but when i put a new one on it the clutch would not pressure up? i need help did i get the wrong part or is it something else, the one i took off was plastic and was broke at the bolt holes the new one o reilys gave me was different it was metal and just a rod and boot. and this is not the tranny from factory it has a 6 speed in it?

I am getting a fluctuating oil pressure indication only when first started in the morning with the engine not yet at operating temperature. The oil pressure appears normal at all other times.

I took out the ONE screw but the light case doesn't come out. Is there another screw somewhere behind the case?

last year replaced condesor, e-vacted, recharged with added leak detector and stop leak. all was good, had 38-42 degrees at air vent. system over the winter is now blowing about 60 degrees at air vent. added some freon, maybe picked up 5 degrees cooler. system runs 30-40 on low side 200-250 on high, but when you turn it off the high and low pressure stays pretty much the same instead of balancing out. I've had advice as it's the drier, the compressor, and the expansion valve. I'm a little stumped as where to go as the running pressues aren't that bad to me.

3 weeks ago electronic key hesitated to lock car ,opening ok-tried 2nd key no go-now have to use key manually, what do you think is the solution?

This has been the best car I have ever owned however at 120,000 miles the camshaft sprockets began to make terrible noise on cold start. I had them replaced but the engine had to be torn apart to get at them. I have changed the oil every 3,000 miles and take care of this car like a baby. It shouldn't have happened and even the dealer said as much. Unfortunately the warranty was long over and it cost me $4300. These sprockets had extruding bolts on them and the replacement sprockets were redesigned without the large bolts extruding. Has anyone else experienced this?

Trying to find the fuse location for the power windows. I have one window that works and 3 that do not. Any suggestions