i want to fix my horn myself without paying a high price to dealer repair shop. i understand there is a simple way,but must becareful of air bag comming out.

Just replaced the alternator and since then the dash battery indicator flashes intermittently or stays on solid. The battery is only about a year old, (replaced it when the alternator quit last summer). It's getting to be an annual event.

car hestistates sputters will not run well
repairs not resolving problem

auto zone codes were p1131 -p1151

recall 03v231000

I want to convert my ac. my car is not making cold air when I turn on the ac..it's blowing, so i know it's not the compressor.

its for a 2004 chevy trailblazer 4.2 2wd.

We have had nothing but problems with this money pit.. we have replace the transmission twice, the engine once, the radiator twice, water pump once and now the brake lights will not come on. the third brake light comes on but the others do not. we have replaced lights and fuses but nothing. we have been told that there is no abs sensor, we're stumped...

blows hot air too long before going back too cool.sometimes don't go back too cool air.turn off ac wait a while then blows cool again maybe. could it be high or low pressure switches?or compressor?when it blows cold its great checked temperture its around mid 40s when working right.

what could cause it to come on?

My Buick Enclave service manual shows I should get a 30,000 service check. The dealership tells me this is $500. Is this necessary? It's due for an oil change and I was going to rotate the tires but not sure if I should just get the 30,000 mile service package.


What cleaner,etc. should be used to clean these? Other things to do? Thanks.

Is it possible to drill the broken bolt and remove the bolt out,without removing the timing case cover ???

Computer said to have brakes checked.