temp dial set to lowest point.turn fan on and blows very hot air.

a/c is blowing cool or warm on max a/c, why?

I changed the filter then about 2 weeks later the tranny now slips and goes nowhere it kind of tries to move only forward no matter what position is selected including reverse and park the linkage is working properly

my rear brake light remain on always , what is the course of this?

i am getting vibration in steering wheel when drivig about 55 mph on up-had four brand new tires installed and balance was double checked on them twice and no rims are bent and no tires are out of round-what else could it be?-what is best way to figure out if an axle is suspect?

My car overheats when the AC is on. Otherwise drives fine. AS soon as you turn the AC off, the temperature returns to normal.

Hey all, whenever I try to put my car in reverse, it always makes a loud screeching sound. It does not let my car reverse either.

My airbag light indicator is always on. What's wrong with it?

Current repair shop charged $480 but later said the oil seal in the back of the engine leaks oil when the engine is hot. The transmission will need to be pulled in order to replace the seal. Car had been leaking oil on the right passenger side (front) but never on the driver's side (front).

where is the fuel filter located?

A tornado blew out all but windshield glass. Also, it put a huge dent in side of car. I am trying to find out if the repairs will cost more than the actual car at this point.

Does my car have the Federal approved oxygen sensors or California sensors. Can I use the Federal approved oxygen sensors on my car I live in California

door locks can be reactivated by pulling the iud fuse and re-inserting it.....just a temporary fix.....problem ocuurs randamlly

my 2004 Volvo S80 started to loose power when you come to complete stop. The car will hardly move. you have to press the gas pedal very slowly until the car gain speed.l took it to the dealer told me it needed a catalytic converter and a flame box cost $3000.00 Had that done still has the same problem. Now they say the Electronic Throttle Body is defective cost $1100 dollars to repair. has any one else had the problem with this car? if so what was the fix.

first time occurrence. fully charged compressor runs, air blows but is hot