This happens more in cold weather; also, the pads & fluid level are both good.

Engine will not start after relacing water pump and fan belt. Water pump bearings failed which caused fan belt to tear up. Engine did get hot but I don't think it overheated. I drove about 15 miles before I realized I had a problem. I get diagnostic engine code P0117 when I use an OBD reader. No other codes in control module. The engine turns over but will not start.

i just upgrede my car headlights for a better look ,but i have no idea how to take the stock headlights set off.... and what kind of tools do i need to do the job.....thanks guys for any help out
my car :2000 mercedes e320
and also someone told me that i have to disassemble the front bumper...its that true?? cuz im afraid to hit or touch the airbag sensors..... have a naice day :)

problem occurs every 5th or 6th start

i need to remove the airbag and take the steering wheel off to replace the key switch

Presumably the cooling fan under hood on passenger side fails to turn off after 1 hour when ignition is turned off blowing air into car under both driver and passenger front seats. Needed to disconnect battery.

have gasoline smell inside and outside car and thoughtit could be an emmisions problem

Paid 56k for a new king ranch. It leaks around the oil pan. New plug installed last month, just bought the only available new pan myself under warranty, because 30 on recall at one location in Dallas Ft Worth parts manager tells me. This is a new F 250 Ford Diesal leak at the oil pan and now 30 on back order? Hello Engineers I think you have two problems. No 3 problems. First, the oil leak, second, the 3 clerks at customer service blaming me like I hit something, and third the same oil pan part number is gonna do the same thing. Why else is their 30 on back order? You have not done your jobs, on the 6.7 new Ford diseal trucks. Buyers Beware!!! Ford has a corrupt Service department also that likes to overfill new trucks to have work in the shop to make Ford warranties a reality for their pocketbooks. I know I watched it be done to one of my past diseal trucks which cost Ford 3500.00 to fix under warranty and nearly again in another overfill at another dealership. Buyers beware!!!

The seat will not stay in the upright position. I believe it is the recline adjuster that broke. In order to drive, I have to prop the seat up by lowering the back seat behind it.

The car starts and sounds fine. But after about 15 min. of running begins to tap and run rough then shuts down.

cigarette lighter,and stereo don't work; i checked fuse,looked for melted fusible links, nothing there; i also took the dash apart, and looked at the back of the stereo, fuse was good, i also looked under the hood, there again fuses were good; i even lubricated the ignition points;however, my mechanical abilities are limited; do to the fact that i don't know how to read schematics;however, this is a work in progress, and this is why i took on this project to learn the electrical end of things. also, i would like to know how to troubleshoot this problem,and what would be the repair procedure? thank-you in advance!

It's a Basic Envoy

my van only starts if I hold the gas pedal


car stopped would not start tried to start several times. Removed the drivers side cover for timing belt found teeth from pully sheared off. How can a interferance and non interference engine be identified?