I need help diagnosing an issue with an 01 Nissan Sentra 1.8L GXE. Many thanks in advance!

On a cold engine, the engine sputters and stalls once I put into gear.
On a warm engine, lack of power and hesitation under ~2k RPM. Gets worse the more I push the throttle.

No idle issues in P or N ever. No idle issues when warm in any gear. No unusual noises. No impact on MPG.

Has been like this for at least 1k miles.

No codes.
MAF and ECM replaced 7 months ago. MAF just cleaned.
New filter (Purolator)
New spark plugs (NGK Iridium)
OBD II readings seem reasonable for throttle position, Coolant temp, and air temp.

Vacuum test shows: rapid fluctuation 18-21 at idle, rapid fluctuation bet. 19-23 at 2k RPM, crazy fluctuation 13-22 at 3k, and a steady 21 at 4k. Video:

At first I thought was a vacuum leak or a faulty EGR diaphram, but the vacuum test makes me think I have a broken/sticky valve... Please advise.

The engine is locked

Need to adjust headlight on passanger side. It is pointing down after fixing something on front end.

my truck is a 6 cylinder automatic

Some said it may be the head gasget or a heating eliment I see no leaks and the car runs good exect for this

Any other fuses hidden or relay switches?

Before doing so the check oil light would flash on an off for a second then completely lights up and come to a stop. My check engine light is on. I have just changed the 02 sensor, ignition coil and ignition harness. Please share your expertise with me.

must remove negative battery cable to stop motor from running

showed a faulty fuel sensor. i have the letter from nissan offering an extended warranty up to 72months/72000 miles. i am within the 72 months but have 88,000 miles. will nissan help me cover the expense for this. the diagnostic code was PO463. email is

recently had idle sensor replaced, but did not help. I know it is time for 150K service, but check engine light came on as well. not overheating and runs fine except when I stop. Almost dies each time

need to know oil filter location on 2010 chevrolet hhr with 2.2l engine?

My car makes a noise when I turn right

When my van over heats it starts while its moving and it runs hot to the point tha it shuts off. I recently had the thermostat & radiator replaced but i was told that the radiator housing was cracked and its leaking anti freeze. Could that be the problem & I've let it get worst by continuing to drive it?

my door locks just keep locking and unlocking by themselfs also front speakers quit at same time is this a wiring problem it is a 2007 chevy cobalt

pull plugs found some with fuel on them and didnt it backfiring very bad. attempt to open the throttle and then it dies. this happen everytime since engine was clean. what can possibly be to issue