Gas cap light wwont turn off, replaced the gas cap already. How do i fix this?

I have a 2001 ford crown victoria the headlights,tail lights and dash lights don't work....the fuses,bulbs,headlight switch and light control module all are ok....what can be the problem

My TOD ( Torque on Demand)light comes on and flahses about 30 minutes into driving. I stop the car and turn off the engine. It takes a few hours before it goes off. It will go off and come back on again in about 30 minutes or less starting the whole process again. I should note that the ABS light was the thing that came on first before the TOD started coming on, but now only the Check TOD light flashes now. Any ideas on what is causing this, is the car safe to drive and how much will it cost to fix approximately ? I never had any problems with this car until the 10th year since then major transmission issues.

I have a S10 but it has a chevy 327 engine in it,I just replace a module in the distributor because i lost spark I had to take off the spark plug wires to what i thought was the right order but it was back firing i found a chevy diagram on the firing order on followed that it will start but has very little power what could be the problem

The front passenger seatbelt used to work on and off for sometime. Now it can only retract about a foot. I want to know the cost to repair it. Thanks.

I have a 2011 and when I went to apply the brake the car kept moving forward. Fortunately a curb stopped the car. I have not been able to replicate the issue. Any one else have the same problem with another year or model?

at 60 mph when appling brake front end shakes real bad,any answers?

after pitting the freon in the air it still blows out heat what do i do

how much does it cost to replace the air flow meter for a 1989 toyota supra turbo? also to replace the brake hose? also to replace the 2 front strut? and the 2 in take booth?

A/C was running but wasn't quite cool enough so I add a can of 134a with the stop leak. The compressor made a sound and started stopping and starting so I thought it was too much freon so I let a little out and now it wont come back on. The dash says LOW REFRIG/A/C OFF and I cant turn the A/C on.

gauge says change oil soon. just changed the oil

Are there any "special" tools I need for this task?

Recently replaced the battery and now the radio doesn't work because I do not know the code for the security system. Need the serial number off the radio and a dealer can then provide the code.

cambie el cloch de la tranmision pero al meter los cambios y sacar el pedal suena los cambios y no avansa dice el mecanico que no sirve la transmision y yo le digo que estava bien que no mas era cambiar el cloch por favor diganme que puede ser o si es sierto lo que dice el mecanico

what is the transmission model number for this vehicle ?