trying to replace rear disc and rotors on concord

When is the timing belt supposed to defult on these things

Estimated cost to replace the Rack and pinion on 2005 buick century

The problem is continuous.

sometimes when i play with the gear shift back and forth it will come out(sometimes)???

i will change the radiator of my 2004 le sienna i would like to see anything ilustrated to remove this radiator


I hear krak when drive then. jack car front, shift gear 1 in and manually rotate the front wheels then I got where the krak sound is. right where the right/left CV joints meet in the gear box. the service interval is good. why, when this?

I put two can of R134a in it and still blowing hot.

Is there a crankcase ventilation problem on the 2.5 engine

gauges all good tried clearing codes....won't let me..tried disconnecting battery....still the same....suspect software?

The car has no power unless I let it warm up and even then it don't run smooth. It has been this way for a long time.

I have not driven it,its idling in the driveway while I check everything.After 30min I took a peak,an looked closer & was shocked,what did I do wrong.

barly starts and stauls rite out.replaced pump & sock filter.still the same.could a gas cap be the prob

I have recently noticed when its cold outside, like snowing and my automatic transmission is delayed to shift into gear I have 1988 Celica ( i picked 1990 due to no option of my year ) st 3S-FE with 180,000miles and I also am having excessive vibration ( need mounts ) which has become worse & was told axel is bad on right side ( 1/2 cv shft ) .NOW would this have anything to do with the transmission having a delayed shift response??

Now to add to the issue with vibration.. I know I need mounts.. and when I am a stop light i put it in Neutral and it seems to calm the vibration.

Wheres a reasonable place to purchase remanufactured AXEL for 1988 CELICA ST 3S-FE
Im in Las Vegas, NV

also am wanting to get Blue Book on it and want to sell it

engine shuts off when i open the oil cap with car on also i can here air sounds from the dip stick hole when i pull it out what can i check or fix