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When i start it sumtimes i have to give it gas then after tat i can drive for a good 30min but it seems like if i tryin take a sharp turn it dies out or i can jus be driving and it dies out and wont start for about 20 min wat is the problem please help and thanks for any or all asnwers does this everyday

I have an 07' Fusion with 109,000 have 6 payments left and the car died on me yesterday in morning rush hour traffic!! I also had the bucking at picking up speeds now no car! It is going to cost me out of pocket $4700. plus tax for a 50,000 3yrs new transmission!! Like I just so happen to carry and extra $5000. around with me in this HORRIBLE economy!!! If Ford has all these people with the same problem why haven't they fixed the problem?? I have a child that was traveling with me and the car just died and I could of as well from being rear-ended by someone that didn't have time to stop when my veicle just died!!! Yikes think Ford needs to look into the situation and help the people that are affected and I am sure there are MANY MANY more that just went and had the problem fixed and didn't do any research. I am in Louisiana does anyone know of a cheap route to go down here?? In need of my car back, already lost my job because of this.... =(

After it randomly stalls, it starts right back up with no problem. Its been doing it once a day so far for the past 3 days. Yesterday it started jerking when i go to speed up from a stop. it acted like it was on ice or something and had no traction. i would have to take my foot off the gas for a second then slowly put it back on. i put transmition fluid in last night and i think that took care of the jerking problem. i think these 2 problems are related since they seemed to both happen at once, but my dad said there not connected so im not sure. please help

Year selection does not cover 1960. The model of the vehicle is Volvo PV 544.

Once again, the vehicle is a 1960 Volvo PV 544.

has good fuel pressure and good compression

I was told this might be the problem. the abs/bas/esp light stays on. It happens when I step on the brake.

how do i fix a clicking noise in the valve`s. the car makes a clicking noise when the car excelerates.

The problems is I took my car to Suss Buick because they said the keylock worked but it needed to be reprogram to my car. They said after an hour that there was a problem and it would cost me more to find out what the was is. My problem is that when I put the car in drive all the doors unlock and they stay that way I have to manually lock them when I get out of the car.

spec . was told driving it should bring it to proper spec levels drove it ces went off 2 sensors are clear. drive it more and the others will follow is what I was told. Is this correct and how far , what type of driving is best for positive results?

Recently i had a problems with my Transmission box. Coolant system had leakage, and antifreeze mixed with water leaked into transmission in result mixed with transmission oil. As the result of that i got my Torque converter stuck. I bought used one. Now transmission is ok with a working torque converter. But i don't wanna start the engine untill the leaking is fixed. I would like to know, if there is any possibility for damage of my transmission if i'll run coolant tubing (that goes inside the radiator) outside?

i'm from lebanon, & i need (ABS) control module for touareg 2005. can u help me please

have had my riv for almost 6 months now has over 200,000 thousand miles on and car has been driving funny lately recently replaced fuel filter and valve cover gasket fuel relay fuel pump and thermistat but car starts jerk at 55 not wanting to accelerate until let off gas and press again and then will accelerate not sure what is going on

my fuel pump started humming while driving and car did not want to accelerate here and then and then fuel pump died put a used one in and would not turn on and no fuel pressure and then got another used one and it dont turn on either. would it just be bad luck of buying two bad fuel pumps or not getting electric fuel relay and fuel fuse are brand new

I have a engine pinging when accelerating uphills. Other than that the engine purrs like a kitten and has no problems. The CEL light was on for a bit but now is off. Wondering if cleaning the MAF will stop the pinging.

fuse box location