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when a/c is turned on, the temp gauge exceeds 190 and white smoke comes from the right side of the engine. the oil light also comes on. what type of problem or repair am i looking at?

sister had problems starting in morning, then it will run great ,this morning it wont start at tall

i have disconnect everything but the transmission range sensor would pull up as if something still has it ,need info on how to remove

I read on ebay where a man wants to sell his Caddy STS because of the O/D Lockup Soloneid is making the service engine light stay on.Is this true or not.

Car is shifting great Cadillac dealer had car for three days and said they couldnt find anything.Is it still safe to drive or should I take it to a different Dealer.I have a extended warranty.

awhile what is wrong and what can I do to get it fixed

plate/ tourque converter bolts. i found an inspection plate bout 2" in dia. but no acess, the bell housing apears to be solid, didn't see any removal plte to gain acess to the bolts. what i'm i missing? what's the trick here? thks "E"

I went to the dealership and that is what they charge to reprogram the keypad

if i change the oil pump in my car what else do i have to change

Need location of A/C drain lines. Not knowing how this site worked, my previous attempt of getting an answer would have been slim to none because it doesn't show enerything. Anyway, the dealer said they were cleaned out but after driving home (about 70 miles) it was quite wet. I assumed thay had dried it, but that's my fault. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Pat

After driving home about 70 miles it was wet. I don't know how dry it was when I left. I assumed it was dry, but you know what happens when you assume something. I just want to check it to make sure that it's not something else. e.g. Heater core ? Thanks in advance, Pat

when you put it in drive it stalls un less i give it more fule.

My fusion has shifted fine since i bought it until about a month ago, now sometimes it wont fully go into reverse. i can let it roll back a bit with the clutch in and then it will go in, or play around with the shifter and eventually it will go into gear. It doesnt matter if the car is running or not. It will work fine for days then one day it won't want to go into reverse. i took it in to ford and they said that there was nothing wrong with it and that it was probably the way I was moving the shifter into reverse. they "showed" me the "proper" way to move it into reverse and told me that the slightest movement upward would make the car think it was in 5th so then it wouldn't go into reverse. I am not happy with this diagnosis and i am wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their fusion and if so what the problem was or if it is actually just me? ford said the new ones do it too but wouldn't show me. Thanks

After a mechanic tune up my 2000 Cadillac STS,it idles like it hasn't been tune up. He said he changed the plugs,the spark plug boot,fuel filter,changed the pcv valve,used a fuel inject cleaning kit and a kit that would help in cleaning the valves.

The check engine light came on prior to the tune up. He did a diagnosis and said the there was a 'misfire' on cylinder 4 and 2. He said the tune up would take car of the rough idling,but it hasn't.

The car runs without hesitation when you step on the gas and runs great without any signs of misfire at low speeds and high speeds.

I am taking the car back to the mechanic and asking him why the rough idling after a tune up. I need to know a little more about what might be causing it to idle rough.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We had the "MAX" button on our A/C panel break off. I went to the dealer to get the replacement cap and was told I needed to purchase a whole new face plate. The parts guy had one of the BMW Techs come out to let me know what needed to be done. He indicated that we could break the button out of the new plate and replace just the MAX cap; however that could be difficult as they break easily. He suggested that we pop of the old face plate and replace it with the new one. Which is what we did? What a hassle. We did not realize that the little clips would come loose that create the resistance on the buttons. Finally got everything back together and have temp reading and lights on the panel; however I cannot change off of "AUTO" even though all the clips seem to be in place. Is there a trick to resetting the computer? Have already disconnected the battery to get the panel to light up. Your help is appreciated.