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Passenger sliding door will not release properly to open. It all started when I was getting gas and I noticed that the gas door would not close properly. I know that there is a lever located in the jam of the door whi...
I need to replace rotors - one just crucked.
code 41 Ive replaced the cam sensor and checked for continuity in wires still have check engine light on same code after trying to reset it
dont move back , front ,up , down nothing me any suggestion would be welcome
My rear brake shoes/pads and drums were replaced in August 2010 and when I stop at a light or brake the knocking noise appears. I took my car back to Tire Kingdom and they looked at the rear brakes and replace them wi...
when the shifter is put in park it will only come out if the emergency shifter release button is pushed
Have a Low coolant light coming on when I first start the car and the coolant level is OK, It turns off after 1/2 hour or so of driving, mechanic tells me it maybe the sensor but does not guaranteed it,tells me cost o...
Where is the EGR valve located.
transmission shifts into 3rd gear when lights are turned on.
My Camaro has a strange sound coming from an idler pully due to worn out bearings. I just need to release tension on the drive belt to get it replaced. What is the proper way to loosen and tighten the belt for this re...
my cooling fan won't come on unless my ac unit is on or i disconnect the temperature switch.
My check light is on and when at a stop the engine jerks
How do you drain the gas tank prior to removal? (step to replace fuel pump.)
Everty time you start the engine ticking sound comes on for a few seconds-minute, then shuts off. Have no front air, ok in rear