i have changed the fuel filter, mass air flow sensor, coil packs, and many other things and took it to many mechanics and none can figure out the problem. also where can i find a replacement hose for the air intake?

never had a problem till I went out today to start my car.
I have lights,radio etc. the security light keeps flashing.disconnected the battery and hooked it back up still won't start. Do you have to wait a certain time before hooking back up the battery? Hooked a meter to the chip of the car key to check the resitor.What should the reading be on the meter ?

When I am driving home from work at night with headlights on, from time to time they will just completely go out and not come on for a whole day sometimes. It may happen 2 to 3 nights a week and sometimes it won't happen for weeks and then just start cutting off again.

fuel filter
spark plugs
Oil change

There is no noise from the front wheels. Every day I have to go over speed bumps no sign of trouble. I took my car in to
where I had purchased my tires they told me that the front was tight. The car has 95,000 miles. I purchased the car new.
It's been an excellent car.

how much will it cost to get my rear suspention fix on my experdition

check engine light came on and codes were showing P0725 and P0725 pd. have no clue what the pd means but thats what the code readers shows. ended up deleting the codes and driving at least 100 miles or more. not exactly sure on the milage from time i erased the codes but has been driven at least 50 or 60 miles at the very least. service engine light did not come back on but it makes a noise sounds like slapping metal to me but not 100%. could be a bad bushing or motor mount. will check tomarrow. also the idle will change quite frequently without touching the gas, not more than 200 rpms.

after shorting plug wire, engine starts, tightend two groung staps on block, car started right up. drove it for about 15 start and shut downs, then quite again while cruising 45mph, has spark ,wont start.. pain in the ass car,,, 29000 mile cadi for christ sake, gave to my 76 year old father to drive,not hitch hike all the time... holy crap...

Is this a easy task to complete? Can you send me step by step (how to) info to get this done correctly? Thanks for the info.

the engine light came on....and its smells like smoke....

The OD ON/OFF light blinks. Transmission won't shift from first to second gear.

The red engine light on my car was on. My car sputtered and the radio when out. Steering was fine. I have never replaced the battery in my car. What can it be?

how often should i replace transmission fluid

How many quarts of atf do i need to replace the transmission fluid?

My car found the the sound like two parts hit against under steering wheel, anybody have same problems and how to fix it ?