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On my Avalon while driving the wipers and washer comes on by itself and continue's to run even after the washer tank runs out of fluid and the wipers run continuously.
Is there an oil just as good or better than Mobile One full snythetic 5-20 ?
My 2002 buick rendezvous has a body control module problem. how do i locate it inside the engine and can i can i buy it as used parts?
radio doesn't work since i put a new battery in. how do i get it back on?
looking for info to replace heater core on this model only
I turned the defrost on one morning and steam came out of vents. Turned defrost off. Later turned a/c on and steam came out of vents. The next day I was driving on I-95 and the truck just stopped. The check engine...
Where is the dip stick to check the transmission fluid?
I just had my head gasket reset in my 2002 Montero Sport Mitsubishi. When I got it back, as soon as you crank the car you could hear this clicking noise and when you drive the truck the clickig noise accelerates when...
my speedometer has a tendency to go whacky, but resets its self when truck is restarted several times.runs good for awhile then acts up again, could this be a speed sensor?
stop and got gas three days ago snice that my truck has been jerking and cutting off every time i apply pressure to the gas pedal.i heard alot of things it could be.but before i spend any unncessary money. PLEASE HELP
my reaar shock brke thro the frame mount
where does the ac belt local it by what engine parts
hey how much to rebuild my trany,,,it winds and want move...
Just failed emissions test because of codes P0325 (knock sensor) and P1105(Map/Baro swx solenoid valve)on 2000 Nissan Xterra 3.3L V6. I would like to fix myself but know little to nothing about cars. where do I start...
will stable messup the cat snd o2 sensors/