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Is it easy to replace the filter on it's own or do you have to replace pump as well. Car will start but lose power immediately after start. It is off and on problem. Guessing it could be filter. Want to replace filter before the pump to see if that causes the problem...suggestions?

What causes this and what is the repair needed?

the trooper won't fire just put on new timing chain and have to get the order rt on the cap.

where is the oil pressure sending unit located?

Hi, do you know where the knock sensors are located on a 2002 chevy express 1500, 4.3 v6 van.
i`m getting code P0327 Bank 1.

thank you

there is a leak coming from my gear box I need to know if I can replace the seal and how?

there is very little oil on the ground while my car is parked and sometimes none at all but was told to replace both gaskets and the labor would be about 600. is this correct?

I'd like to advise my local repair shop

Stays on, planning local, not dealer service

car didn't run hot

Coolant leak on '91 DOHC Protege coming from the seal between coolant bypass tube and the water inlet housing that attaches to the water pump. There's no clamp; only a rubber seal that fits over the end of the bypass tube.

The seal is very loose on the bypass tube, and is also too large to fit inside the inlet housing - is this supposed to be a "presses against the end of the housing" fit, or is the seal supposed to allow the bypass tube to slide into the housing?

Alternatively to replacing that seal, I'm wondering if I should just get a short piece of hose and clamp it over the connection.

Anyone with knowledge of this issue?

Have seen the dash panel housing opened to replace the speedometer, just can't remember how it was done. At the time it looked pretty straight forward.

Heater isn't blowing hot, barely Luke warm.
What could be the problem?

Service Brake System is followed by Stabilitrac is off, Traction Control is off, and when you go to cruise control it will not set a speed. This just started thursday.

how do you get it off?