This is a first time repalcement.

We have looked everywhere on the internet which to find a auto repair manual looking for the timing marks for a 1998 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC. Where are the marks located and what are the settings. Please and thank you for any help rendered.

/my mec told me in time i would need a trammission it slip a little when driving i have not droven it in 2 years i dont know know if it worh fixing

We have a 1998 ES300 with 110,000. Whenever it rains the back seat floors become soaked. The seats are not wet and there is no moisture around the inside of the sunroof. We are stumped and do not know where to begin to look for a solution

when I turn the key, the dash lights come on and then turn off and after about 2 seconds the Vue starts to crank 3 or 4 times and then it starts up.

Need to find manual on complete tune up and repair.,

My car does not start during or just after a rain, what could be getting wet that could cause this??

I replaced and rechecked the gap and plugs which are fine, but the 135 show a misfire. I replaced the thermastat & radiator as well all with in the month. Now it bogs in morning starting for ten minutes and then is fine.

want to turn spring upside down can it be done from the top

would bad ignition module cause fuel pump and dash lights not to work.

While driving around town (stop & go traffic) the oil light came on and was flickering on & off. When the air conditioner was turned on, light went off. I check the oil and the level was fine. The next day, I changed the battery and had the alternator check which was fine. It took several miles before the oil light came back on. The did not come on while driving on the freeway. Today the oil light continues to flicker whether the AC is on or not. It seems to stay on at stop lights. And, is on while driving down the freeway.

What order u put the wires on the coil pack?

I need to know why my car's AC only comes out through the defrost vents. When I turn the switch to the dash front board or floor or any other it only blows through the top defrost vents. It does blow cold air but only through the defrost. Does anyone have an idea why is doing this?

ran an obd2 scan on my van ,codes show as po320 and po430,can anyone tell me where they're lacated and what they are?

were is the camshaft position sensor located