car ran out of gas, fuel was added but car will not start

k i have a 2000 dodge 2500 with a v10. sometimes it takes off fine others it is real hesitant and runs like crap and at an idle it misses. as i drive and it does it i was told it smells like raw gas behind me and its only the drivers side doing it. i rebuilt the motor completely only thing not new is injectors and coils. the engine light isnt even comeing on. im lost and hopeing for some help so i dont have to take it to the dealer. any ideas

Warrantee is now over (100,000 mi. I have been told by one repair shop that I need the following:
new shocks
new struts
new brake fluid
radiator flush
new hoses
new thermostat
new spark plugs
clean valves of carbon
new freon in A/C

The estimate is close to $2000. Is there any way of finding a reasonable cost and wear guideline? I am not experiencing ANY problems with the vehicle and had it serviced religiously by Honda up to 100,000 miles and don't know this shop that well. I will shop around but I would like to know what normal expectations of wear, relacement time and costs might be.


I have a manual for my car and have checked the fuses the book says I can get the readings for problems with my car by connecting the computer diagnosis by jumping it with a wire should have book in front of me what type of wire

Will a 2006 engine and trans fit 2004 Pacifica or would that be a problem?

I have about 120,000 miles on the car, but have never had a problem before. I was driving from CA to OR today, and after about 4 hours of driving, the last 45 minutes in mountains, the car died. First I felt a little jump, then the check engine light came on and I could no longer accelerate. Then the oil light and other lights came on too. I pulled over and turned it off. I tried to start it about 15 seconds later. and it would not turn over. I tried to start it again about 5 minutes later, and it started like normal. I drove for another 4 hours, and everything seemed fine. Any idea what that was about? Does it shut down as a precautionary measure if it's getting too hot? All fluids levels were fine.

dealer just claims that stuts are shot at 36,000 miles of easy driving.

Our brake shop showed me the failed rear hub ABS sensor assembly. CRACKS APPEARED in the white plastic cap where the wire plugs in.
Should we expect the other sensors to fail? Is this a manufacturing defect?

I want to put a 1996 honda v-tec 2.2 motor into my 1995 honda non v-tec motor 2.2. salavage yards say its possible if the 6th id digit is a 1,5 or 7. its a match at 5 for both cars. But what is involed with the exchange. and why would two injectors not work!

alternator replace and car still want crank and brake lighs want come on

can someone give me a step-by-step process for change a leaking hydro-booster

Since then I have tried it a several times and it now works fine. I suspect that something is going out, but hasn't gone yet, like a link, solenoid or sensor of some kind.

What will it cost to replace both my U Joints?

The blinker switch is cracked and almost coming off and the oldsmobile is actually a 1989.

the fan blows warm air out the dash vents but cold out the defrost vent