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Radio stays on but the only thing on the dash is the traction control light and one other light. Have to turn key off and sit there for a little bit then the engine will start. Twice while driving the door locks locked then shortly after that the engine killed.

Is this covered under warranty?

Light came on, stayed on about 1 week, went off for 2 weeks, then back on again. Car runs no differently. Fuel gauge has been irratic for several months. Code first appeared a snap shot showed that short term fuel trim on bank # 1 was 0.8 and LT fuel trim on bank #1 was 8.6. ST fuel trim on bank #2 was 0.0 and LT fuel trim on Bank #2 was 16.4. Fault occured at 48 mph. What is wrong please? What else can be checked?

All turn signals and brake lights work. Fuse is good. Bulbs are good.

Just replaced it, car still won't start, clicking coming from that relay

I went to the Nissan service center where i bought my car. It had 11,500 miles on it. I was getting the 15,000 mile check up for 429.00. Then they charged me 299.00 for brakes. At 11,500 miles would brakes be necessary?? I feel like i have been taken.

First, for a while its been pulling left while braking, than about two days ago it pulls right, and this morning it started making a loud sound when turning and possibly going straight (not sure), the sound is without a doubt /not/ from the engine compartment, but the suspension. any ideas?

The car was parked on a dry driveway. I did not drive that car all day. I dried it all, but today I noticed moisture on the upper sloping part of the floorboard. Thank you.

there is a low whistle noise when driving down road sounds like power steering but it has plenty of fluid when the gas tank is at least half full the sound seems to be a little quiter could you tell me what it is

quite technically challenged, have tried all found suggestions, still can't find.

Honda Accord SE has 112K. Light has been on for 2 months or so. Loose gas cap is also a probable cause but I have filled up several times and the light has not gone off. What would be the most likely failure and what should I try to change myself and what should I let the dealer change? The Troubleshooting code is P1457, which the Autozone rep said he had never seen before.
Possible remaining causes are: vapor canister saturated, failed vent solenoid, or failed purge solenoid.

engine code po410 comes up on scan tool what components are included in this code?

I just changed the computer with a used one, the vehicle runs really rough and has no power.

I am starting to get some squeking in the front end when I make turns.

where do i put the anti frees