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Automatic transmission selector lever is sticking through gears - mostly in and out of park. It is at its worst in the morning after it has been sitting. 2004 Toyota Camry - Thank you.
Did not drive car for two weeks. started to crank engine last night but had no clutch pressure to disengage transmission. what could cause this.
after putting head gasket on what is the timing that you set it on
blower works, ac is cold, just no heat. car will be at normal temp but still no heat just blows out cool air.
Hi, I lost a rod bearing in my 2.4L Jeep Wrangler. Manual transmission. 2004. I replaced the crank and one connecting rod. All bearings and seals. New Rings. New timing belt. New plugs. It sputters every ...
i recieved a diagnostic code from autozone it stated i need a engine coolant sensor, check coolant level, or defected thermostat i checked the coolant level it was fine and i had the thermostat replaced so there's not...
AC pulley does not turn whether AC is turne on or off, belt slips around pulley, however, the clutch turns by hand.
how do you replace the ignition switch
my car bucks and jumps randomly. Checked vaccum tubes, changed gas cap and sanded down gas filler tube from rust buildup. still smells of gas for 2 days after filling the tank. no noticable gas line or tank leeks. any...
non of my guages working
do i need special tools to do the job. thanks dale
94 V8 caprice classic. Will not start or even turn over after it rains?
How do I change the daytime running lamp?
replaced master cylinder, both front calipers . benched bled cylinder and all wheels independently. can not get any pedal. completely changed fluid with new. no external leaks on any line or wheel backing plate. small...
the plug receiver you plug the o2 sensor wire into ripped off when muffler pipe came off,do not have old, and do not know what looks likes...another muffler guy welded a o2 nut into the the pipe,so when we figure out ...