my 2004 toyoto camry malfuntion indicator just came on and want go off aheat can i do

I appreciate your answers to my previous question on the location of the oil pump. I want to check the screen in the oil pan to make sure it's not plugged.

It seems to be worse after you run the AC lind of like it's a residual smell that's part of the AC.

just replaced intake manifold gasket light came on before this repair

How often should I change the oil if I do use synthetic oil?

I have a 2005 trailblazer 4.2 6 cylinder that the enging needs rebuilt in. The main when out and it needs repaired. I would like a rough estimate as to the cost.

Car was sitting at boby shop for 3 weeks. Battery is 1 year old. When you take out key, it keeps flashing. I tried to re set, with that flat key, no luck. Local shop got radio and gps to turn off, after key is taken out...

then it cools again when i start to move would it have something to do with the engine temperature

when the AC button is pushed in and I turn the fan from 1 or 4 to 2 or 3 speed, the A/C green light goes off and the compressor stops running (clutch engaged)

The manual said something about an AC amplifier. Where is that located and how can I test it?

can't find connection/clip for the cable under the car...

changed timing belt,water pump,drive belts,egr valve,spark plugs,coils,car drove great took it to new york & back. filled up with 93,two days later no start. checked everything I did,all good. took off fuel injectors and cleaned,put in new fuel reg. great for one day,back to start.

This has been an intermittent problem that is becoming more prevalent. Twice this past week after work at 5pm, so it has sat all day, it would start and then quit, start and quit and then crank, but not turn over. No clicking. Battery is new. Let it sit for awhile and then it starts. Started right up today.

I turned down the temp and it seemed to cool a little longer before it cut out again. The fan seems to run fine.

The radio will go into start up mode but will not cycle into the radio or the rear view camera in reverse, etc.

Blower motor is making a load humming noise at higher speeds