571 A & 504 b are the codes

I replaced the ign coil terminal connector when I replaced the plugs. I had a P0135, which I replaced the B1 S1 o2 sensor and the P0305. At that time I moved the #5 coil to the #2 cylinder so I could confirm that it was the coil, no luck it came back and was still #5. I have tugged on the wiring to the injector and check with a node light, also I did used plugs from the dealer. the car has 183k on it could it bee the injector? Also the miss comes and goes.

get a diagnostic check they found no leaks everything was good. Ask another person they said it's the low pressure switch so ( where is the low pressure switch located? )

It doesn't play the cd and the radio shuts down

i chabged front seal in trans now speedo don't work. where does it hook up i think i am missing it

pali mi sie na czerwono check engin

i noticed this when i started car i saw a little bit of smoke when i looked under the hood

runs hot quickly

Now my truck won't start, and if it does it won't be for long or if it's driven it pings, I do have a code scanner, it reads out live data when vehicle is running, and the advance on my timing is 28 degrees just idling, all the other codes have finally cleared up and no new ones have occured, I can't figure it out, help would definantly be appreciated. Thankyou.

My power steering hose had a crack in it at first, now it has completely broken off. Is it inexpensive to replace, could I replace it on my own?

Wont start, and I believe its the injectors. I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. Its Getting gas all the way up to the injectors.

i have never owned a junk engine until 2011.the sound only get worse every time i crank it in the morning.

I was having my Honda's oil changed and tires rotated and balanced at the dealership. They informed me I had a passenger side axle seal leaking grease and it would cost over $200 to repair. But they didn't make it sound urgent. I haven't noticed any oil leaks or oil on my garage floor.

changed right front brake hose and bled brakes starting with right front wheel first then left front wheel also changed left front brake caliper still right front brake grabbing badly

etc should be relaced, because of age of car and Florida heat. price $900 with labor.