what type of freon do I need to recharge the a/c system.

This is the first time it happend.

fuel gauge does not register right

need a schematic of the drive train and all parts

i was wondering if anybody had a drive line schematic had a auto repair place redo some u joints and i think he put in a new bearing at where the 2 drive lines meet it doesnt look right the bearing and the rubber gasket or whatever it is is ruined and it looks like when i get under the truck it is missing something in that area where the 2 drivelines meet

ecu is fine, crank, and cam sensors new, new battery and wires, still no spark at the coil, at all. Any ideas?

Yesterday out of nowhere my car cut off in traffic while I was driving.It has been doing for the past two days.What could possibly be causing it do this

I keep getting the same code 440 evap system. I have reokaced the egr valve. Can you tell me what else to check?

How much oil and what kind does my car need?

this is the first time it happened

can not get freon to go into valve Not sure if using right valve

Have a '91 4.3 L that backfires after it is started, have installed new plugs, coil, rotor/cap, wires, this is a reman engine with 20,000 miles on it, lifters are ticking real bad on rt. front, I think from the backfiring. whats is going on??

the engine light went on as did the vsc light (that was flashing)
Just had emission test three weeks ago

door wont open using key or door lock switch

MAy need new exhaust unit down to tailpipe.