It started lightly smoking yesterday next to the radiator on the passenger side once i turned it off it wouldnt start again and it sounded electrical so i had the battery tested and it came back bad so i replaced it and while doing so i blew the IOD fuse so i replaced it and it still wont start

My 1993 civic lx temperature gauge needle approaches the red line in 5 mins after starting. I replaced the thermostat, but the same hot temperature occurs. The cooling fan did not come on, but it works as a direct power line from the battery to the fan turns on the fan. Can the high temperature be caused by the cooling fan relay swithc not working or is the water pump inop or ? Will flushing the radiator fix it? There is no leaks with the radiator.

I checked fuses and recently installed a iPod adapter to front cig lighter power and ground.

this vehicle has rear air conditioning

The car never lost power, I reset the Code. It has not came on. But the lights still Flicker and the Guages go nuts. This occurs everytime we drive. Also the beep like the seat belt was of every once in awhile.

the fuel pump

I also added a new K&R Intake system. I get Engine Light Codes PO101- Mass/Volume Air Flow Circ, Range/Perf and Code PPO171 and PO174, SYS too Lean (Bank 1) and (Bank 2). The engine light only comes on when towing. Otherwise nothing. All help is really appreciated.

do water pump at same time?

tires whent bad less then 2500ml. mec. said struts are bad what kind should I use?

air conditioner works but the air comming out is low.heater dosn'nt work but still the fan dose'nt blow strong

at first they would come on work a little while but then stop. now they wont come on at all. I checked the fuse but they are all good.

specifically locate of the air expansion unit

My van is acting like the tank is full and puking up the gas when actually there is no gas in it. But, no check engine lights yet! and the van is running great.

i have been told this is the reason my serpentine belt keeps jumping off

but if i turn the key and put my foot on the gas it starts., what could be the problem?