AS you start driving, there is a noise from the rear end thats gets louder as speed increases. I am thinking maybe one of the hubs may need replacing? Appreciate any advise.

Starts fine, then acts like it's going to quit. Driving is real jerky like no fuel getting to TBI. I think it's the fuel filter I'll replace and see.

Approximate cost to fix coolant leak from water pump housing/ manifold to engine connections. Also cost to replace radiator. Approximate parts and labor for both.

when i have it on heat the blower motor blows hard but when i go to a/c it hardly blows anything even with the hard turned all the way up

I have lost both set of keys, can I go to any mercedes dealer and get a copy? about how much?


I have a 1994 ford Ranger 4.0 V6 It runs great but after about an hour it starts acting like it runs out of fuel dies and wont start again, i can hear my fuel pump working , it has a brand new fuel filter, after it dies it wont start until it cools of or about an hour, then you can get in it and drive it runs like its brand new, Can you help me with this Please it's driving me crazy?? Than

the electronic dash is flickering non stop and the mph hardly ever works, so which mean my heater and ac doesnt ever work when it is flashing. how do i fix or is a major problem?

what are diffrance between a 4.ol v6 sohn and a 4.ol v6

I just got done replacing spark plug wires spark plugs and cap and rotor on my 2002 chevy blazer, now it runs worse than it did before. The service engine light even came on. Then I replaced the fuel filter and pvc valve and that helped some but it still feels like its missing a bit.

what will cause all the power to be drawn out of a battery when trying to start, just a couple of time,have changed battery, still does same thing. car has gotten hot once before the battery thing

top left warning light came on-need to know what that is.

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE two wheel drive. Air conditioner was working perfect yesterday. I had been driving for approximately 1 hour with no problems. After entering a store and returning to start the car the blower was working on the airconditioner but there was no cooling whatsoever. I cannot detect that the compressor is kicking in at all when the air conditioner is turned on. I allowed the vehicle to cool off over night but the A/C is still not working. I never have had any trouble since purchasing this vehicle (new) in 2004.
What could be some of the possible solutions to this problem.
Thank you for any solutions you cn give me.


My driver side sliding door will not unlock. It is NOT a power door. The lock simply will not unlock. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

Hi, I want to remove the radio and replace with aftermarket radio. How do you get the dash shroud to pop loose. I have screws out, and top of shroud is lose but bottom is stuck, don't want to break it, are there keepers or something I need to do to remove it?