brake shoes long side to front or back

My truck runs rough when I stop and idle in drive only, not when in park. I changed the plugs, air filter, and cleaned the idler. It don't do it all the time, but most of the time

i am trying to figure out where the starter is located so i can replace it i have found many sites in how to replace it but none say where it is located

How do I get to the blower motor resistor. Is this generally a DIY job?

where is a power door lock relay located at on my car?

My fuel gauge light always reads empty. Is the sensor the problem and does the whole gas tank have to come off to fix.

how to replace the ignition switch on a 2002 mitsubishi montero sport

Does it mean I need to replace my battery if I receive this message and if so how do I reset the message board after the battery is replaced?

My cigarette lighter in my 2002 Pathfinder stopped working so i checked under steering wheel (behind change tray) and replaced the fuse. I followed the diagram on back of the change tray so i'm sure i replaced the correct fuse. After doing this, the cigarette lighter still doesn't work... is there another fuse that needs to be replaced? Any other ideas as to what's wrong? Many thanks for any ideas!

is there any particular number or brand name for my car's oil filter

radiator light is on in dash but temp gauage is normal. themonstat has been replaced, radiator cap replaced, and fluid has been topped off. what is the problem?

The manual did not list the details of this warning light:
On instrument panel just below the "X1000 RPM" display...
It's shaped like a sun, or light bulb.
What does it signify?

my 4 year old battery was dead and I replaced it and the next day it was dead again??

Where is my evaporator drain? I have water coming in my front driver and passenger side of my corolla

is there compatible engine that will mount up in my jeep cherokee limited v8 2002 mine is blown and that engine is expensive to replace