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I am getting a high pitched whining sound as I accelerate and a clunking sound that is coming from the rear end.

has gas, plugs fresh

I had an incedent last year November. The Airback was not deploy. I drive it to my personal Machanic and the SRS light was not on. after the car was fix. I notice the light remain on once the car have been started.

Engine warning light does not illuminate when key is turned on.

the old one busted when i tried lifting it up

First the left rear tail light was not working, then the next night the tail lights would not turn off and I had to disconect the battery. Now the fuel gauge is not reading properly either. How may I go about fixing this?

my air bag light is always on and the dinger noise maker wont shut up. Help please.

Cuts off in curves like it's not getting any fuel until I get out of the curve.

When I push the accelerator pedal to the floor.After 30min. of engine running the smoke is a little less but it's there.My question is:- PCV valves or valve seals or what else could be the problem.

You can smell the fumes in the cab.

This is a new condition and has not happened since I purchased the car in 2004.

disconnect to stop this problem? It occurs between 5 mph and 60mph. My Sequoia has 128,000 miles but still runs well except for this problem. Once the VSC light comes on saying VSC Off everything is fine. Thanks

replaced gas cap,changed oil,replace air filter

Do I have to take to dealership or can I just fix it myself?

temperature light (accompanied by 3 loud beeps) comes on about 75% of time when cranking up car no matter what the environment temperature-- but temperature gauge remains at the lowest mark. Car has not overheated and blinking light won't go off until car is turned off. It sometimes takes several tries to get the light to not come on after turning car on. What could be causing this and how can it be fixed?