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lem. After about 10 - 20 turn the truck will crank and fall dead like a spark plug wire has come off of something, (it will then crank after about 7 - 10 turn) I replace TPS,Crank sensor, Camshaft Sensor, EGR, New Battery, Coil Pack, Wires and spark plugs

My Compressor was recently replaced. My Cold air is cold, then not so much and the same with my warm air. The check gauges light has been coming on when driving but nothing obvious seems to be wrong. I just noticed that when driving with the warm air all the way up and on full blast, after a little bit my light goes off, but then 2 minutes later it comes back on. Any ideas? It drives fine and there aren't any weird noises or anything that I've noticed.

Change the starter,altonator,and the battier,and still won't stay charged?

all i did was put oil in the car and got on the turnpike put it on cruise at 70 and about 8 miles in,it started lose power,no lights came on,for 5 mins then the check eng.soon light came on,whats the problem please?

my fiance opened it one day and now it wont shut. the handle is really loose?

1997 grand marquise, need to know how to get to actuator tocheck why blend doors for hot cold air stays open sometimes and stays shut at other times until either I hit a pot hole or sometimes when I make a turn the door will either open or shut and the air will change from warm to cold or viseversa

For no reason from time to time when i get to 2600 on the tac it will start to choke out like it has bad fuel or water in the fuel. I run shell or quality gas and use lucas additives. We have replaced the 02sensors and it will run fine for awhile then all of a sudden it spits and sputters loosing power. The harder you press on the gas peddle the slower it will go and the harder it shakes and kicks.

i had rear axes done and put 1 32oz bottle of gear oil how much gear oil it take to fill

worn out rear tire only from one side

front brakes

why can't the computer locate the key chip

there a plastic piece holding the window to it the window regulator. cant figure out how to remove glass from it so i can put new on in.

My car makes a popping sound every time I make sharp turns. When I took it in for repair, they said that the axle was fine but I just need to have new tie rods...The transmission specialist said to replace my tires with matching ones but I still hear a little popping.

I took the car to Sutliff Cadillac and it needs some work to get inspected.

Front R/L Hub Assembly $670
Front Engine Mount $360
Front Coil Pack & Plugs $1060
Battery $190
Wipers $38

Sutliff is saying it's a DTS, I think it's a DHS. 800# for Cadillac says that vin goes with a 275 horsepower engine which is a DHS. This affects some of the cost for parts. How can I figure what I have and put this to rest?

Do you know any place or anyone who can do a good job on any of the above for a better price?

convertible? how many hours?