wont shift into drive

exactly where would be nice , i plan to get the part from autozone. thank you mike

It started doing this about 2 weeks ago. My car is over 100k in miles.

water inside on passenger side of truck

Either loss of power or stalls out. No check engine light comes on. Takes several times to restart after stalling. No error codes.

Need to remove the caliper brackets before the rotors can be removed and replaced. There are two bolts that have what appear to require a 16mm 12 point male bit but want to be sure before I purchase a $30 tool.

Error code: 9043, Terminal 30A 0.0volt

trans. will seem to slip or go into neutral when going into reverse. but only at time. not all the time.could this be electrical? I had a serpentine belt put on a few months ago and they had to lower the motor.could they have pulled something loose? it seemed to work fine before they worked on it.

I am replacing the rod bearing and inserting the bolts but dont know how tight to tighten them

Had discovered the famous fuel leak earlier .and when the car stalled on the freeway we had the fuel pump replaced. the stall was not related to the fuel pump, mechanic said it was just out of gas. Fuel pump needed to replaced anyway. It still shows 1/8 tank when empty

2000 Ford Taurus


power door lock fuse keeps blowing

Turning air off, car runs a little smoother

I was told by someone that I have a timing belt but then I was also told to look into if I have a timing chain. Can anyone help me out on what my car should have? I have 110,000 miles and dont want to take any chances since I was told the belt will go with no warning.