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my breaks are grabing by thierself without pushing the break peddle and then releasing after 20-30 sec and keep grabing every 1/2 please,does any one know what this is?
It appears the center of the engine carriage is bent or cracked. The car runns ok sometimes and other times it wont go past 30 mph
my daughter has a 2009 Chevy Malibu, one headlight went out now the other, she was told it could be her dimmer switch - it’s too new for both to go out, any ideas??? Any recalls or service bulletins? I was told it is ...
how much should i expect to pay for front pads and rotors?
Sometimes the engine starts right up, sometimes it takes repeated attempts to start. Occasionally the light will come on for the fuel cap ajar when starting.
How hard is it to change the timing belt for 2003 camry? What else should we do when we change the belt?
This started just recently. I felt it during low speeds, 30 to 40 mph, then I began to notice it at higher speeds, like up around 70 mph.
It's been doing this more frequently now. Last year, it only happened during cold weather, now it happens even when it's warm. The engine stalls easily and I have to restart it.
What is the average cost to replace a water pump for a 2003 Nissan Xterra along with the 3 belts?
My problem is when I drive on the freeway my steering wheel shakes really bad
repalce timing belt ans water pump ac belt and altenator belts
my car has been in the shop at least 5 times this summer and it has gotten to the point where i can't drive it farther then 20 or so miles. i have to be very careful when i accelerate or it will misfire and start jerk...
When I press the acceleration pedal in my van, there is a popping noise under the pedal on the outside and it stalls like it does not want to go. Sometimes it does not shift out of park. Also, the door automatic locks...
My AC compressor is going on my 2002 jeep liberty ltmd. edition. Is it possible to get a shorter Belt that will bypass my AC compressor, I'm not planing on having this car to much longer and i need a cheaper fix than ...