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truck will not go into gear at all when i put it in drive
When my vehicle is cold the power steering makes a "whining" noise until the car warms up.
I have an 01 Taurus with tranny AX4S that sporadically has issues going from gears 2-3. Usually, the engine RPM's increase, but the speed only slowly increases until it gets to 3rd gear. I had a guy from my local tr...
come on randomly afetr 3 to 10 minutes. The car seems to perform fine, but the idiot ligts do come on randomly. after I turn the ignition off and later drive agina the ligths are off for a while then come back on. is ...
what causes the ac to blow hot as in it feels like the heater is on instead . I disconnected the heater core hose and it blows cold again
i replaced head gasket on this vehicle, it starts right up no hisitation, but check engine light keeps coming on and says ignition system or misfire, i had already replaced the spark plugs with double platinums, car r...
What type of engine oil does thus car take?
I just want to know how much will it cost me to have my car a maintenance check up at 95,000 miles.
How do I turn off the light. Light came on after my boy filled it up with gas and didn't get the gas cap tight
Speedo just went out and the abs light is on now
Having an issue with my 2000 camry. Car started dying after a short period of driving. Engine, eletrical, everything just dies. May or may not be important but part of the key is broke off in the ignition. I can u...
would appreciate closest auto repair shop too
My traction control seems to engage even on a dry surface. In addition, my traction control sensor light will come on my dash as well as my ABS light. Is this common and what do you think is the cause as well as the r...
My oil pressure gauge is pegged out at high, car heats up when idling, I have my car serviced every 4,000 miles.
My car revs up when I get to approx 65 mph. Also early in the day when I'm driving. And the check engine light comes on when this occurs. Feels as though its bogging down on the freeway once I pass 65mph.