Around 40 MPH in 2nd gear and around 60 MPH in 3rd gear, the truck seams to be starving for gas by studering. the truck sat for about a year. when i got the truck, i changed the fuel filter, added fuel conditioner and added 91 octane gas. i do not have first gear and no overdrive. when in drive the truck does not cycle through the gears. just mopes what i guess is in 3rd gear. Is this just a tranny problem? torque converter? any ides. thank you.

do i have to replace the chiped drive belt

I have a problem with the the spot on the timing cover where the bypass hose (oil cooler)connects to the water pump. i have the cylinder shaped bypass hose but wondering what else connects to the bypass hose to the water pump.

Now my mustang has 158,000 miles on it and I was wondering what I would have to do to keep it going for as long as it can. Can I just buy a new motor or what?

i need a new front and back bumper and the inside door handles attached and a paint job where can i get that done at a good price?

i just replaced the brakes and the abs light is still on please tell me what should i replace

rear brake light do not work emergency light work and revers light work but braking light do not. side lights and the light above back seat does not work.

He keys were missed placed out of town, but the town is close by so I was wondereing how much would it cost to change the ignition switch(key)?

Can 98 intgra stater fit a acura ls1993

my gear shift was really hard to shift and it broke yesterday just wondering if i should take to dealer or to a personal mechanic

Truck surges after it get warm,shut it off so it cools down and it's fine until it heats up again.Any help,Russ.

Trunk lights go on when you start the car then go off,what could be the problem

OBDII scan says output speed sensor malfunction.REplaced both input and output and was advised by 20 plus year mechanic after problem continued with speedometer jumping and taking off in 2nd gear to replace TCM. Problem stayed same. Dealer said tranny problem but went to reputable tranny shop for second opinion and there diagnostic computer shows there may be something back feeding output speed sensor and they said could be bad ground somewhere but that my tranny is fine. Van only has 97000 just bought for 4000 and cant afford to play guessing game or pay dealer for fix. Im pretty well experienced mechanic but stumped HELP PLEASE

The car will not start, no sound from the starter at all. Removed started had it tested, it passed. What else could be the problem? I am now looking at the starter relay switch being bad, but don't know where it is.

1997 isuzu hombre has a rough idle and will not accelerate