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This is a first time occurance. No other problems exist that I am aware of.
While driving,the transaxle light is continually blinking. The car is jerking.
code p0421 on computer. car runs perfect. what possible causes?
a major squeak occurs consistanly and i was told this job is mostly labor and the parts dont cost much< true?
Warning message comes on as soon a you start car up and stays on while driveing
gradually got worst and now happens every time i drive the car
Any time I stop to refuel, the 2005 Malibu's fuel gauge goes to E for empty and warning "dings" when tank is full. Gauge then slowly returns to "Full" about ten minutes later. Any indications?
computer has no codes in it but check engine light stays on.
what would make my 98 dogde avengers check engine light start flashing then a little bit later the car dies out and just the day before changed out pcm module on it. and know the car wont start. sounds like it wants ...
I have an 89 dodge b250 hightop conversion van thats been parked for ten years b'cus of the transmission not working. Finally got it working and on the road. Had a tranyman work on it at his shop at his house. The iss...
do not know diagnostic code, how often, just bought it fromna private party and the digital speedmoeter does not work need to get it fixed but do not know where to start.
code set #b1343,air inlet door movement fault.where is the air inlet door.
when you turn off after you drive it it dont want to start back up
where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 buick lesabre?