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where this is located on my vehicle and how hard is it to fix myself.
My right rear brake was locking on once a week. I'd get home at night, notice the right wheels were glowing red (rear). Two weeks ago I changed the rear pads and drums. I got home the other night and noticed my righ...
my speedometer stopped working and now it will not shift into top gear i had to drive home at 45 mph
Can you tell me which brake pads I need to purchase for VIN # 1LNHM82W4YY894763? (pads on rear & front). Thanks, Dennis
I checked the air pressure in all 4 tires and added a little air to each. Manual says if indicator does not reset, visit the dealer. Any way I can reset it?
The timing belt has never been changed and I now have 68K on it. I have no problems with vechicle at this time.
Car turns over but wont start all the way up. Sounds like its not getting fuel to the intake. Could this be the fuel pump, fuel filter, or another problem?
Trac off light came on., sopped running. Took in for repair... fuel pump fixed, but Trac Off light is still on. Anyway I can turn it off? Pressing the button does nothing. thanks!
how to change fuel filter
The car idols rough and dies when it comes to a stop. It has started idoling high when driving and sticking.
02' F-150 Sport 2WD Triton V8 4.6L COP's. Rough Idle. In drive or park. Symptom appeared immediately. Check engine soon light came on 2 days later (not blinking). Often lose power...normal breaking into a turn, lights...
I need to put raditor fluid in the radiator for winter,i need to know how to do this for my 1998 plmouth breeze?
transmission how much to replace new orused
1992 Bonneville : When the car is operating temperature, it will not restart when I turn it off.
how/where do I add transmission fluid in my 98 chev cheyenne 5.7 litre truck