I recently got head gaskets done, new water pump, motor mounts, tranny, and replaced hoses, new brakes. my question is? was it worth it? and what other problems can the car give me and should i just get rid of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year I had a major repair done on my engine. The head had to be shaved, head gasket replaced, timing belt broke, the timing belt pulley and belt on that had to be replaced. Machinic told me that the coil pack might need replaced. I drove the car for a (engine light came on) and they said the codes came up saying cylinders 1 and 4 misfire and a couple other codes related to those cylinders. I replaced the coil pack for 1 and 4. The car ran fine for about 200-250 miles and the light came back on and the car started to shake again and not run right when speeding up. I also checked the spark plugs and they are clean and gapped right. The funny thing is that I will take the coil pack off and put it back on and it will run fine for about 50 miles and it will happen again. The car also stalled three times while driving it. After 5-10 minutes it will start back up but still not running right. What else can it be? Could it be the pig tail wire failing? I


how much would it cost to rreplace rear axle entirely

parking lights will not go off unless you take battery cable off.

A/C stops cooling, blows hot air, then suddenly starts cooling again. happened about 3-4 times, now won't cool,blows hot air

parking lights will not go off when you turn the car off, and i have to disconnect battery cable for them to go off.

when driving in overdrive the car lunges switch to overdrive off car does not lunge. what is happening?

I changed the air inlet filter and noticed the check engine light come on, whats going on?

does the power steering pump need to be replaced if it is only leaking ?

my a/c is blowing hot air and the comperssor is working and it has feron we think it could be a door stuck and not leting cold air in what should we do we cant afford somebody to fix it for us.

Thank you for the price est. for the 4 cylinder but I have a 6 cylinder. How much would that cost? Also, someone asked how much it would cost to the replace the water pump, front engine seals, drive belt, idlers, and tensioners along with the timing belt (I believe), at the same time. The answer came back as around $600, with a price range for the timing belt by itself had come in between $482 - $731. How much of this $600 was for the added items, and how much would they EACH cost if I did them by themselves? I'm trying to teach my 18 year old daughter about "getting her car repaired without dad" because she won't be living with us much longer. This info will really help in my attempt to teach her how to live in the big jungle out there!!!


Where is the oil drain plug located on the 2011 Sonata?

sounds like a little airplane idling on the tarmack at the airport. gets louder as i drive faster. feel it on drivers side. three people have told me it is the wheel bearings when i describe it to them.

I got no manual with my vehicle...it has like 38,000 miles on it.When is the recomended mileage to change them?