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I am starting to get some squeking in the front end when I make turns.

where do i put the anti frees

the cable has snapped at the engine.

can not find horn relay

IN A 2005 5.7 HEMI

They went out suddenl at all doors

I have a 1997 camry that needs a catalytic converter

I put down the back seats in the suv. I got the passenger side on up by pulling on the cord, but the one behind the drivers seat won't come up. It's like it's locked in? Could you help me with suggestions on how to get it locked back up in the right position. Thanks.

trying to remove side window ( front and rear drivers side ) from one door and install in another door.

i believe i can see the two bottoms and one on top drivers side maybe total 4 so far

Seems like it is a pressure leak.

ther'es a small leak from where the line from radiator line meets the hose that goes to the tranny

could it be?

I had to replace the thermostat housing ,but I am having trouble putting those two sensors back uless I remove the intake manifold.

I have done a coil test and get no reading between the secondary poles ( meant to be .75 to .81 ohms)nor the coil outlet and the secondary pole (meant to be between 10,000 and 11,000 ohms). I find it strange to get no ohm reading at all. It did get a yellow spark once at the shops but I still couldn't start it.
Do they fail in stages like this, there have been times lately when it's done this but letting it sit for half an hour cures it and away we go again. Strange!