My check engine lights came on,I saw that the battery state read ??????,what does that mean?

Looking for suggestions, my air condition will now not get cold, the blower is working, it has been recharged, fuses are good, also noticed the compressor is continously kicking on and off.

Under modest driving in a 2011 Turbo S with PDK, red transmission overheat light occurred. Dealer believes problem is a faulty temperature sensor in PDK and not a mechanical problem. However, dealer says that sensor cannot be replaced.

ac doesn't work. how about the compressor if it's bad? what about an oxygen sensor, and a catalytic converter?

I hear a shrill sound coming from inside the dash. It occurs intemittently. I can not pinpoint a certain time such as when I brake or if the car has been runing for a certain length of time. It is ear piercing. Seems to be some kind of electrical malfunction.

ABS, DSC, and flat tire warning lights all are lit. Check engine light and brake light came in a week or two ago. Today interior controls went out (speedometer, gas gauge, temperature gauge, all warning lights) while driving. radio worked and headlight worked. When I pulled in my driveway, convertible top would not go up. I turned car off and on again, all interior lights/gauges came on and top went up. Any thoughts?

Dealership said my car was leaking oil. Had them diagnose, and found leak is from the oil pan gasket. They insist they have to change the entire oil pan ($600+) instead of just replacing the gasket. This doesn't sound right to me. Are they just trying to rip me off?

tranny fluid changed last year Aug 2010 when it started flashing and it stopped.

door button, key and remote will not open trunk. i cannot access trunk.

I have a hissing noise inside the cab when the air conditioner is on. However the pressure in the system is just over 50 lbs which is in the good range. I have no cold air.

How much should I expect to pay for the replacement of my pulley assembly,?

radio comes on the windows wont go down the vice versa what would cause this

Oil leak - just had the valve cover gasket replaced but still leaking from somewhere else. What are the most common oil leaks so I know what to look for when I take it to a garage?

the fuse (20amp) blows 2 or more time a month

should oil pump be replaced or is it just oil gauge going bad oil has never been bad as pressure! dosent leak and or use oil oil gauge goes wild high and low at time