my positive and negative cables are old and corroded.

my car wont start, its not the starter or ignition switch, battery, and or the coil. all litghs and bells work, runs fine when i push start it, but turn it off and nuthing. whats my problem???

how many man hours on changeing fuel line and tank

i want,know,how check transmission fluid,cuz my tranny cracked when i put in reverse,

When a devertr valve need to be replaced. I got a check engine light. I was told intake manifold gasket need to be replaced and cleaned, as well as devertr valve need to be replaced too.

how do I change the fuel filter

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located

I am trying to locate the Air Charge temperature Sensor location on my 93 Dodge GRand Caravan with a 3.3 engine. Can anyone help?

what causes rough idle, overheating

Just had new tires put on my car, was told that they couldn't do an alignment because I had a bad lower ball joint, My husband bought the part and put it in. Now when I accelerate my car jerks. He also replaced both front axles last year that he got from a junk yard, he seems to think that maybe they are bad now again. Any suggestions

The car has 97,000 miles and has been well maintained. I made a trip of about 220 miles this weekend and half way through the trip I now hear a rattling noise at 1,500 rpm as it goes from gear to gear as I speed up. At about 1,800 RPM it stops making any rattling noise. Any thoughts what might be causing this? I drove half of this trip and stopped for about 3 hours and when I continued on it started making that noise. Car seems to run fine but makes the noise. If I am sitting still without the transmission engaged it does not make that noise but the trans seems to be shifting ok.

While driving home the other day my yukon started to buck the stalled and now wont restart?

I simply want the cost estimate of a 2007 4 by 4 Toyota, 4 door Tacoma Pickup truck for a 50,000 mile inspection ?

The fan was running sluggishly, and today it stopped working all together. The car has 188,000 miles and never had a problem with it till now.

on this model where is the a/c clutch relay I would think the power goes through there first thus energizing the clutch. I check the fuse and It's good