when check engine light is on..radio works fine...when off radio goes in and out and even make whinning noise when car is turned off. help

Or timing belt? How can I tell if it was ever changed?

The charge light comes on normally after travelling for more than twenty miles. The check engine light flash pattern was 12 46 55. After restarting the car, the light would normally stay off for rest of the day. Voltage of battery was 12.4 when car not running and 14.0 when car is running.

The mechanic that put the belt tension assembly on says he didn't hear a thing, it is so loud at idle there is no way it can't not be heard. The belt tension assembly was suppose to solve the problem, it didn't.It doesn't make the noise while driving, only at idle. The alternator is new, the air conditioner compressor is new. I am at a lose of what to do and am afraid to drive it.

if the heater moter is plugged ? would that make it over heat ? and where is it located ? or is it just a bad water pump.

after it stalls you wait a few minutes and it will start back up, now when you put on the brakes the brake light come on the dash and the demisdifer light come on and stays onfor a while and then goes out until you use the brake again. i can drive it during the day and it sometime does not stall, but at night when the lights are on it will happen.

the car wont start or the ignition wont release key

How often should I replace the plugs? Should I use platinum plugs?

air stopped blowing cold so put refrigerant in it and noticed a 1/2 inch gash in metal hose that comes off ac compressor. has this happened to amyone else or does amyone know why this would happen? also how do u get that hose off it goes into the carragie that houses the fan in the front bumper.

several times a day the ac vents on the drivers side of the pickup will begin blowing hot air. Like the heater is on. The passenger side works properly. Weird thing is if I stop the pickup kill the engine and immediately restart the ac works just fine on both sides. Almost like killing it and restarting it resets something. Any ideas??

starter turns motor over slow

Someone attempted to steal my truck by hot-wiring it while the club was still holding it in place. They stripped it and I don't know how to drive it without hot-wiring it myself.

creeking noise when stopping and bumps in road and rearend noise at 50mph and when braking

how do u clear out obd codes

Hi, over the last few months my car stereo keeps shutting down down while playing the radio but mostly when I'm using the CD player, I have to shut the car off for it to restart. I am not sure if I have a short or need something replaced but my remote key chain stopped too. one last thing I have noticed that my clock is always been reset but my battery is good?
Any Ideas of what i need looked at would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a Lot for your time.