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just having a bit of trouble dropping the tranny

My Headlights, AC, Heat, Blinkers & Wipers ALL went out at the same time. My brights, hazards, break lights & radio still work. Fuses appear to be okay, and I replaced the relay located in steering column but no avail. My local Audi dealer couldn't give me a definite answer either.

Also, at the same time my dash display for PRND234 began lighting up in "safe fail mode" causing the car not to shift. If I put my foot to the floor on the gas pedal it just gradually gains speed but never shifts. Sometimes if I turn the car off and back on then it will go back to normal and the dash display is not lit up however while I'm driving, at any point it will kick into the safe fail mode, jerk harshly, then the gear display will light up solid. Could these all be linked to some sort of electrical issue?

Thanks for your help.

My mechanic says it's a commom problem for the 6.0's. and is most likely a pin hole in the head.

Bought synthetic 75w/90 lube, and now need to know the procedures in changing the fluid, and exactly where to install the fluid. Dealership wanted to charge 170.00 for this, and I just feel it's to much, am on social security disabilty, and CANNOT afford this amount for this.

like wheel alignment,balancing, and rotating of tires.i continue to have a vibration while driving. nobody is giving me any answers to correct problem .with 15,000 miles on this car and the required amount of air 34lbs in tires this should not be happening.

replaced altenator it is good and so is battery

Still will not charge. Any suggestions would be helpful

a/c was doing fine until wife turned on defroster, since then a/c has not been great. also the levels are good on freon

I went to the dealership got a diagnostic test only problem came up was need a new coil and spark plug. I got that fixed and 48 hours later the abs and traction light came on?

my rabbit is falling apart! trannie is slipping, replaced the module for windsheild wipers, now the dome lights dont work. both headlights went out at the same time and I have had multiple things light up including emmissions, brakes, and antitheft is screwed up & car wont evrn lock most times. help!

I have had my #2 coil and spark plug replaced by a professional, now my abs and traction light is on not even 48 hours from getting it fixed. I was told there was a diagnostic test ran and that is why I was advised to fix the coil and spark plug. If it was actually ran would the abs and traction light been detected? Could it be related to the fixing of the spark plug?

where i can find the cabin filter

i have changed both master and slave cylinders and the fluid is full,there is no visible leaks.whats wrong with my car

First the left rear stopped working, next the right rear door, now the passenger door won't unlock, only the driver side. Is this common for Saturn Aura and what should I do?

I had all the lamps changed less than a year ago after the amber running lite went out. It was very hard for the shop to access the bulbs so I had them replace all of the front lites at that time. After a couple of months, This started. What is going on?