from the top or the bottom ?

I had freon dropped in last year, but it stopped cooling after a few days.

hav 2 turn key twice to start win cold all the time its a manual

the fuel pump is located where in a 2007 navigator and how much time it take to replace one

how much will it estimate cost to replace the fuel rest switch and fuel pump on a 2007 navigator and where is the reset switch located

check engine light on was told its egr valve

I put diesel fuel in my gas tank and started the engine, how much will it cost to fix it.

the tie rod snapped. can i unscrew this rod and just replace it and if so how can i do this?

every time I turn on the headlights the clock fuse blow off and my dashboard light doesn't work as well the power locks
please some help

new plugs all filters

The crack in near the passenger side drive axle also near where the exhaust flows down.

My continental has broken springs on the strut assembly.

i would like to know how much does it cost to replace my rear springs

it will shift if I turn the car off and restart or keep car at a steady speed for a short distance (300 feet or so). Could it be the computer.

when the truck gets hot