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How would i disable the passenger airbag on my 2003 mustang gt for a young child to be able to ride in the front seat ?
OMG, the dealer said they'd charge me a mere $525 to replace my left inner tie rod. Is that the actual price? That can't be right. Even on here, the estimate is 245 from the dealer, which I was prepared for, not ov...
Did not repairing my coolant housing for several months cause my oxygen sensor to go bad?
seatbelt light stays on. this just started to happening dont know why even when is buckled or not
how do i set a code on the keyless entry system?
how do i clear the service A indicator ?
The blower is blowing but heat won't get warm, it is cold. What could this be?
since las eriday. won't started, only ranking, the pedal not responding when i got running,
I recently bought this car used. They just put a new water pump in however after driving 3-400 miles the reserve tank is empty again. The water we put in looks rusty and the tank looks dirty. Is that due to the type...
4day ago. train to put more gas, just got, stop running, and then won' started againg til now.??
My car has the Check Engine light on and the code that I'm getting is P0401 Gas recirculation insufficient flow detected. What is this?
engine check light comes on
How do I adjust shifter linkage?
po402 EGR flow excessive and the van runs bad shakes and shuts off.