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what caused coolant to mix into my oil? truck starting to run ruff.
Recently the car developed a squeaking noise at the right front part (passenger side). It is worse when turning the wheels to either direction but it also squeaks going over bumps in the road. I now think the left s...
Steering problem 2003 Ford Explorer V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 49000 miles I have replaced the power steering pump twice and it keep making noise. I belive it is cavitating I have bleed system twice and flush...
Car has 39,000 miles driving SLOWLY over speed bumps or dips car really bobs/floats with low miles could the struts need to be replaced?
how to adjust headlights up and down on 2008 sebring
Coolant light comes on and off, car do not overheat.
squealing sound every 10 startups lasting 5 seconds or so.does not continue while under way
windows worked and slowly the problem began. sometimes they would work and sometimes all of the time they dont work. not the fuse. Where is the window motor relay switch located, what does it look like?
wipers stop in viewing area of windshield insted of in the well.
I had my timing blet and water pump replaced recently at the Toyota dealership. They told me that the dog bone mount is cracked and the engine is moving excessively. They recommended that I replace the dog bone mount ...
Cannot pass my inspection because the engine light is on.
What tools are needed to replace the temp coolant sensor on 2000 jeep grand cherokee with 6 cylinder ?
my starter kepps running & i burned up 3 in 2 days
S10 parked for 2 years, started the engine monthly. Last week engine cranked slow and backfire during crank a couple of time. After engine started it was running rough, missing one cylinder, gave gas to bring RPM up ...
I want to know to get to the back plugs on my v6