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the rear hatch release touch pad is broken and has been confirmed by the shop. How do I replace it so i don't have to pay the shop $400?

Carrera4 2002

car just leaked at least 2 qts of oil from engine at once, when I turned it off in driveway,mechanic said that he has to drop transmission and replace seal. He said it will cost @ least $700-800.

it is on a 93 gmc sonoma i am in the the proses of replacing the heater core and was wondering why the A.C compresser was frosted over after driveing but not useing the ac

vehicle idles very fast like at about 3000 rpm and goes down to about 1500 rpm after about 15 minutes of driving. I was told the idle air control valve may be the issue.

it sputters every now and then

Vacuum hose diagram

there is a clicking noise from driver side and battery keeps draining car starts with hot shot

I have drilled 2 holes in the cylinder housing but still cannot find where to push down to release the cylinder lock i also need to replace the ignition switch and have take all bolts loose to remove steering column, but there is a cable attached to cylinder housing that won't allow me to remove steering column. Please Help!!!!!1

then somtimes it runs fine for afew days then it stalls again

4WD service light came on and I can not get the truck into 4WD no lights on switch generally but occassionally the truck will go into 4WD low all by itself while I am driving when this happens I have trouble getting the truck back into 2 WD and usually have to turn the engine off and on a few times also occassionally the red light next to the N will come on. Any suggestions on a solution?

wanting to buy one that rolled over and cant get it started

when the fuel tank reads quater tank it will not start,the gauge is accurate because when i fill it up it only takes about 20 gallons,any ideas

on with the same code showing up

belt are there any other belts that i need to replace to get rid of this embarrassing noise? It sometimes makes the noise a few minutes after i start the car. it sound like its a belt issue but i don't know what to do...