what would it cost me to have my transmission rebuilt

replaced brake bulb drivers side still doesnt work does it also have a fuse they maybe bad??

We purched the van used about 4-5 years ago and never had any problems with the heat. The air has never worked. Maybe around six months ago I lost the lights on have the radio and tempeture controls and know about a month ago the vents started just blowing out very hot air even with the fan turned off. Could someone please help and give me some suggested on things to get fixed?

When I first start car up digital climate control reflect correct temperture outside, 85-90's,AC blows cold air but after about 5 min driving,turn off engine and restart engine the climate control changes outside temp to 21 or lower and AC starts blowing hot air. AC went out and replaced with new one, still blowed hot air if climate control reflect outside temp as being 33 or lower. fan clutch replaced today. When I started car up again outside temp correct and AC blowing cold air the climate control changed outside temp to 21 and AC started to blow hot air. What is causing this to happen.

drivers side door is very hard to open from outside, normal to open from inside. when you pull the handle the window does not drop down, it does from the inside what is the fix for this?

I have a 1994 Wagon with the 3.8 v6 , I changed out the 94 transmission with a 1993 , both are AXOD automatics ,now it will only shift if i disconnect the white wiring harness on top of tranmission , and then it wont shift up thru the gears and into overdrive , Idea's?

the battery is good i just replaced the headlight socket and headlight switch both had burns on them

My A/C was working just fine and then i pulled my cd player out and put it back in and now my A/C wont work.It only blows through the defroster.can u tell whats wrong and how to fix it?

happens all the time

I am trying to get a cold air intake, but I am not sure if the engine space allows it. I was also contemplating just the regular K&N replacement. Any recomendations on a specific brand that you have in yours, as far as cold air intake. I am looking for some additional HP.

the air stopped working. would like to check the fuse, but can't find them.

Truck will overheat in hot weather. To get it to cool down I need to turn on the heater on high and let the blower motor help to cool engine down.

How do you replace the harmonic balancer?

i found the high side pressure switch under the air breather, i looked on the fire wall but still cant find the low side pressure switch. "i need a picture"

im just trying to find out what type of oil my truck takes