rough idle in bumper to bumper traffic with A/C on, will stall occassionally in heavy traffic. New plugs and wires have been installed. No check engine or malfunction code given.

when i accelerate my oil meter needle moves.. is this normal?

my brake ligts went out check all other lights and they all work

Am about to start on a major project (replacing turbos, timing belt, figure out torque converter problem) on my 2003 A6 2.7tt Quattro. Has been sitting idle for almost a year and battery was dead. Just installed new battery and got the car to run, but can't get it to shift out of park. When depressing the brake pedal, the brake depress light will not go out on shifter panel. Also cannot get my OBD to link with engine. When the key is on, not running, the door lights will turn on, then start blinking. I am wondering if I have an alarm issue due to the battery being dead for so long.

after driving my car i have to get a jump to start it again or i have to wait a couple hours to start it again it happens all the time now just started this problen about two weeks ago

I had 13 trouble codes, fixed the temp sensor and it took care of 11 of them but car is still misfiring and hesitating. The other codes are transmision range circuit and communication code. What are those and would it cause misfiring? My car always was slow accelerating but then my battery went dead and when i jumped it it started to misfire. Also my reverse lights stay on all the time.

Wipers will not camp also radio sound not optimum. However when the radio sounds good I am able to get the wipers to camp.

brake noise

The vents on the driver side are blowing air that is significantly less cool than the passenger side vents.
Any thoughts on this? I probably need freon since I have not added any in 7 years.

what is the general labor cost for replacing a water pump

My 1990 Dodge Dakota is hard to start i hav to try at least 6 or 7 times before it will actually start and then it sounds like it has a miss.i eve sprayed carb cleaner in it then it starts right up.

I have a 1993 and 1994 Econoline 150 van. Both vans have rusted through right where the power steering unit attaches to the frame. I do not live in an area where salt is used on roads in winter. Has anyone else experienced this problem? My steering unit bolts pulled through the frame and left me without steering.

I have a 1993 pt Cruiser turbo with 99k miles. My check engine light just came on. I have not been having any problems with my car. 3 months ago I purchases a new battery. Need help.

I have a 99 accord v6, My check engine lite came on, it was code p0420.A friend told me to replace the rear oxygen sensor instead of the catalyic converter.I replaced it and the light check engine light came back on.It had three codes, po481,p0145,p0070. can any one help with these codes.THANKS in advance

While sitting at the light my car started to loose power. I turned off my A/C and started pumping the accelerator to try to keep it running, but is turned off. I waited for the light to change and tried it again. It was trying to start but wouldn't. I had gas, it was not running hot, the battery is good. I just had the starter replace a week ago. Can you give me idea what it might be.