spray starting fluid and it starts what would cause this

how hard will it b to put the torc converter on the stick shift flywheel

Now it seems to be ideling higher - in drive will go 8-10 miles per hour and with air conditioner on will go 15 miles per hour.

It strts to chug and cut out when it has less than a half of tank of gas and the air is running, in the last 2 weeks, before then not a problem... Before i spend a crap load of $$$$ on a pump please help me determine.


Rough idle , jerking and hard start with SES after replacing the two items.

RV died out after refueling, is there a fuel pump relay on this model? Will not start or run. Has new plugs, wires, rotor, distributor. Cranks but wont run.

Freon has been added and there seems to be colder air blowing in the back of the vehicle.

dies as soon as you let off gas

the latch is plastic and I don't think it is the best type of latch, why not medal.

my car won't turn over (new battery)i want to take the starter out and have it checked,but can't find it from the top. where is it? started fine at home went to the store,when i came out it wouldn't turn over,tryed to jump start it but that didn't work---95 buick lesaber

only one window is working in my car

Our 4.2L V6 blew yesterday and I need to replace the long block. If I purchase a Ford 300 V6, will it mount into the transmission we currently have in the truck? It is the stock standard manual 6 speed tranny that came with our truck. If not, I guess I will go back to another 4.2. I just like the 300 V6 for its performance.

Grinding and vibration sound coming from the front of the car. Feel and hear it around 35mph to 60 mph.

It's been really hot lately here in Kansas City. After I got home today and parked in the garage I heard bubbling noise from either the coolabt reservoir or below it where water is coming out from AC. Should I be concerned?

Also the temp gauge reads at about 220 degrees while driving in stop and go traffic. Should I get the coolant system inspected or is that normal for hot weather?

My oil pressure gauge reads between 20-40 while driving most of the time. I get regular oil changes and it drives like normal. Something to be concerned about.