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I push on the gas petal and i swear i could push the car faster then it goes and in a 1/4 mile it would normally get up to 60 less then halfway through a 1/4 mile and now i am lucky to 45 now in a 1/4 mile. (The 1/4 mile is from my diveway to the stop sign at the end of my road.) Then one day went to auto zone to get a cooling fan relay (Just the high fan) put the new one in and that is when it started not getting up and going) But once you get up to speed, well basically once your in 3rd gear or higher, no poblems, i can step on the gas and it gets up and goes like it should runs beautiful, but come to a stop and it take for ever to get up to speed. Before it had overheating issues because we didn't know it at the time that the cooling fans didn't work and it was super hot this past summer and there is a small crack in the radiator. Could it have something to do with the vacuum system, ive checked the lines and they are good, and connected they are only about 6 months old. (It is the 3.8Litter V6 and the tranny was rebuilt about a year ago because it was slipping. ) It would be awesome if you could answer this question. Thank you

i am buying it from catus jacks auto ,i took it back after having it two days the engine light went on they said it was the solinoid they replaced it, then a week later the check engine light went back on , they tested it and said it was the emissions charcoal container they replaced it, five months went by the check engine light goes on stays on, for a week then goes off, then a month later it goes on again i took it back they said it some how got water in the charcoal container, and fixed it again today after we have had it for six months my wife drove from tempe to scottsdale to work and back was running fine then the check engine light went on again, i need to know what and how to fix this it seems cactus jacks has not fixed it right it is not even paid off yet i have one more year to pay it in full, please help us i'm disabled and need this to work

the whole alignment link or a sway kit. Bar is not broke, but the ball joint that holds the arm to the tire is out.

I cracked my oil pan in a recent accident and need to try and see if i can replace it. thanks

We checked with several different OBD-II readers and one dealer told me it may be an ignition module. The car still starts and runs but has a knock like a diesel engine. It used to start up immediately now it takes about 5-10 seconds to start. It has no misfire it runs smooth other than what I have stated.

My interior lights just stopped working .checked all the fuses are good.Dashboard lights work.Lights on inside around mirrors,around doors will not come on.What should I do next?Please help me!

If there is one, what's the best way to get to it?

muffler is blowing out heavy "white" smoke.

the clutch does not return when you apply pressure to shift gears.

I need disassembling instruction, and the type of motor to buy ( the Pepboys tells me there are two types.)

i have no third row, but it looks like there could be one as there is a compartment or space where one would go. was told by boyfriend that i could install one if i get the parts. wondering if this is true or not?


How do I replace the driver's side door panel that controls the power doors/windows?

When starting my car on a cold morning and pulling out of the slight incline drive way I start to hear a crushing noise like a plastic bottle and then sound like acorns are rolling around in the dashboard. This happens when I turn the car to go straight down the road. The noise happens sometimes but not all the time from a stop position. I could happen when you stop at a light and take off again or maybe not. What am I hearing.

voltage at starter is 12 on main wire at other wire it is inconsistent on steering column ignition switch is reading 12volts at wires