We checked serpentine belt and it's tight, it tries to turn over but won't start

with the new battery if I don't start my car at least once a day the battery goes dead. I also have electric start on the car but I have had it since December and no problems!I just left the auto lights on one time overnight they never turned off and I have had problems ever since. Any Suggestions

occurs upon shifting from start into drive or from park into reverse. it is not low on fluid. has approximatrly 152,000. truck was purchased used and not known when last trans flush occured.

what would cause my van to rough start almost backfire steam and exes of water comming out of the exaust and litght the service engine on and it wount stop, it runs like if its running out of gas, pings and knocks. i'd apretiate a little help.

Ok, 2 months ago I had some issues with the idling of my car, check engine light was on and it was going through oil and gas mileage was getting worse so I took it in to a mechanic. Mechanic did diagnostic and stated it was turbo sensor and the turbo was bad as it was leaking oil internally. I proceeded to get a used turbo and paid for job to be completed.

Fast forward 1 month. Was driving up a small mountain pass and I heard a loud pop in the engine and pulled over. Looked under hood and didn't see anything bad (I know nothing about cars, but am not stupid either) or smell anything bad after the initial pop in which I smelled oil. Car was still running so I completed the drive down the pass into my families town. After I got there and stopped the car, it would start up again but not hold the idle or drive forward or in reverse. Towed the car back to San Diego and dropped off at the shop that did my turbo. They looked at it and said it was the catalytic converter. I have an "acquaintance" at church who has his own shop and asked me to look at it. Next day I had a tow truck meet me at the shop to get the car to take to my church friends shop and the car started right up and drove over to friends shop.

Next day, my friend called me and told me to come down to look at the issue. He showed me spark plugs were drowning in oil as there was a crack in valve cover gasket so I was not getting proper spark so that was why my car was shutting down. He quoted me verbally that they need to change the valve cover gasket, spark plugs, seals and gaskets, and oil. While they were in there, he recommended changing timing kit and water pump as well since they are opening it up. He does not have the proper tool to open up the valve cover gasket so he has a colleague in other shop across the street who will do it for him. Mind you I had lights replaced and brakes done as well by him and he said he wouldn't charge me labor since the valve cover gasket job is expensive ($640 for parts, $600 for labor). I thought I was being well taken care of and felt very happy even though another mechanic friend of mine said $600 was 2 jobs, so I figured he was getting some $ out of that for my brakes, lights, etc.

Fast forward 1 month again. I had noticed my car was losing oil again but wasn't acting up badly and we were going to go back over the pass to in-laws for the weekend. I put 1 quart of oil in and started making the drive up the pass again. Well half way up the pass, my car started acting up and check engine light started flashing so I made sure to turn around on next exit and drive back down to home. Did so and car was still acting up. Got off freeway on my exit and came to a stop and the car was shaking badly and sounded like it wanted to give out. Called friend and told him I think it was the same problem and he said to bring it in on the 5th.

Took it in on 5th, next day he calls me and said my 3rd valve was bent and bad and I need a valve job now! I explained all of this to my brother who has worked on a ton of cars in his life and he said it sounded like when they did the timing kit, the valve was torqued down too much and that's why this happened. I explained this to my friend and he said that was not the issue, that the valve went bad because the ignition coil went out and so my valve went bad. He said he can do the job for me for around $1000 but I feel that I am being taken and that the cause of the valve going bad was from bad work done on the car 1 month prior. Please let me know what you think as I want this to be taken care of by the person who did this with no money out of my pocket due to negligence. BTW, I have not received any paperwork stating what was done on cover, timing kit, water pump job.


Need to find out what have to take off to get to crank shaft sensor

I want to be able to do some of the small repairs for this used vehicle that i just purchased.

where do you add refrigerant.

fuses are in tack, because of the malfuncion, gas tank does not open

How do I fix the problem/

I know it is a simple job as when it blocked before I was told but have forgotten, would appreciate another lesson, thank you annesta

The light comes on when I start it & then goes off & on depending on which way I turn.

Replaced starter three times in six months.

some of the time as i excelerate from a stop the car will
hesitate before moving.

how much does the constant control relay module cost? aproximately


when the air cond is on it blows cold air for a little while and then it blows hot and cold air.