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I just bought an '04 Ford Explorer and the gas mileage is only ten mpg. I was told it would be 15/20 city/highway. Highway mileage is 18-19. When I was at the dealership the salesman checked the codes and all were ok ...
How much should it cost to replace one tire wheel bearing
What is loud noise upon rapid acceleration? When I accelerate very slowly expecially from a full stop no noise occurs.
i am replacing the water pump where is the thermostat located
will broken timing belt result in bent valves
I recently had the 120,000 service. All the fluids drained and re-filled and changed the spark plugs (tune-up). The water pump, thermostat, belts and hoses were all replaced. Since then I have been smelling a burnin...
What does it take to replace these bulbs. Is there an LED replacent over the filiment bulb?
Eng maint lite - how to turn it off after it's serviced
takes forever to fill the gas tank with the last 2 gallons - any fix
no start as a result of weak battery, new battery installed , but no crank. NO COMMUNICATION TO SCANNER in Global OBD11 WITH CAN communication cable,and key #20
Part of the time the Solara will not start, all that happens is a click when you turn the key.
I am looking for the ID plate(sticker) that is attached to the inside of the drivers door.
I have no blower motor or defrost? What fuse would operate the motor and what activates the defroster?
Front air conditioner not working, I have checked fuses, relay switch, the fan motor all are working yet for some reason I have no air in the front. Help please.