I try and add gas to my camper, and it will not take the gas? like something is blocking the gas from going in.

My grand daugters Aztek stop running while I was servicing it. The engine turns over but will not fire.

after starting car when attempting to stop or turn the steering wheel there is a clunking noise that sounds as if it is coming from the steering colum.This occurs daily.

i put a 2.0L japanese engine in my 1998 camry instead of the 2.2L. the engine acts like it wants to start but won't. sounds like a timing problem but all marks are correct. any suggestions?

the speed odometer just quit working. is it an easy fix.

while driving my buick shakes between 55 and 75 mile per hour? can it be becaue i have bald tires??

i was washing the engine off and let it run for 20 minutes after i washed it. When i restarted the car the check engine light came on and it won't go off. HELP

iwould like to learned how to recharge the ac in my 2005 hyundai santa fe my self

I replaced the water pump,thermostat,upper and lower radiator hoses but the water lite is always on.i cant seem to get enough water in the engine.(help)

the ac is not keeping cold so I recharged it but it loses its coldness and there is a leakage under the chassie, so I need to either replace the leaking hose and/or find where it is leaking on my 1998 528i ?

while in 1st and 2nd gear 4wd malfunction light flashes it goes off after few km

the four wheel drive has a longer oil filter than the two wheel drive does it hold more oil?

Out of town for a week. battery dead when I returned. The levers that release the front and rear compartments seem locked. Battery has gone dead a few times before and this never happened. Any ideas?

where is fuse box for this car

tengo el problema, q mis luces de freno no prenden...pero.... sin embargo la luz de freno q esta en el vidrio tracero si prende.....ya revice los fusibles, cambien los focos... y no funciona... alquien quien me pueda ayudar??