there are no freeze plugs present in engine. I need to replace all freeze plugs. Water pump and thermastat housing seal have been replaced.

Happens only occasionally. Plug a trailer into it today and the window is down and I cannot get it to go up now. When I push the up botton the dash lights up, high beam indicator lights up, both turn indicators light on the dash.

How do I remove the glovebox

how do I replace the air conditioning filter

also drive somewhere turn engine off will not start again for 20 or 30 minutes. what could cause this to happen?

the tempeture gauge inside still gion hot after 5 min again the car runs smooth and perfect what can posible do to fix this problem the car just have 68000 milles

It is redish in color and oily and getting worse every week what do I need to fix?

seems like this should be a recall

I replaced the crankshaft sensor and cleaned the throttle body. But, the car can idle for few minutes and then completely shuts down. Any idea?

When I have to stop and the engine is idleing it begins to over heat. I noticed that I could not feel very much air from the fan. What happens if I fasten the fan to the pully wheel so it runs all the time

Do i need to remove the exhaust that is blocking the pan from coming out or the motor mounts?

It sounds like con rod bearings. The car has 19,000 miles on it. As soon as the oil pressure is up, the rattle stops. If it is the bearings, can Ford assist me and replace them at no charge since the milage is ony 19,000?

truck stalls when sitting a red light. have to pump the gas patal to get gas are to get the truck to run

My air conditioner works well for a while, blowing very cold air. Then, suddenly the compressor seems to shut off & only warm air is emitted. This seems to happen especially on hot days (sometimes on cooler days too) and especially if I am in stop and go traffic or waiting at a light. If I accelerate to a higher speed, like when on the interstate, the compressor seems to kick back in. I can do this 5 or 6 times. Eventually, even that fails. Then I have to turn off the system and let it rest. About 10 minutes later I can restart the air conditioner, and it cools perfectly. I recently had the freon refilled and the system checked for leaks by mechanic but no leaks were found. Then it happened again and that mechanic had it for an entire day but said they could find nothing wrong with it. So I finally gave up and took it to Subaru - they said it's both head gaskets leaking and that I should have then replaced plus they recommended replacing the timing belt and the water pump at the same time at a cost of $2800. I can't find anything about leaking head gaskets causing a/c troubles and I've read on some other sites that other Forester owners have the exact same trouble even after replacing the head gaskets so I am not sure if I trust that the dealer is telling me the truth about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i took 2 wires and hot wire it and it works,cheched relays under hood and the shut off shitch is pushrd down,,i don't know