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Replacing the 3 drive belts on my xterra. What components do I need to loosen to replace the belts?
how and where is the neutral switch located
Problem just started. Oil pressure gauge shows no oil. Checking oil at dipstick shows it's full. Valves began clicking loudly. Do I need new oil pump or could it be something clogged. What's the cost of replacing the ...
I didn't pass smof test and it has to do with emissions. I push gas pedal and car doesn't want to go the way it normally should it gets stuck like as if somethings clogging up in there
code 442 check engine light on
I plan on buying this car but the guy tells me that it Runs and drives strong, but after it warms up it cuts out. he was told it needs a coil pack or cold start injector fixed is that what it is? if not what could it ...
My car has 191,000 on it no problems. My question is what do I do to keep it running. Is Lucas oil good for high mileage car? What other tip like grade of gas n type of oil. Any tip please.thanks
car pulls to the left when i hit a bump or on slick streets . i also can see it pretty bent .
rumbling sound when waiting at the stop light at a dead stop
when I turn the wheel left or right, still or moving it moans. It's not difficult to turn, I'm not losing power, however it doesn't make any noise when I turn at a quicker speed, or when I turn the wheel REEEEAAAAAAl...
where is the pcv valve located on 2004 dodge ram 2500 diesel?
A diagnostic check said the computer was bad.Changed it.Then it said the sensors was bad.Changed them and the fuel filters but still getting same results.Its my bro in laws car and he is a good mechanic but never work...
The gages on my dash are not accurate, My temperature gage points at the five miles an hour mark. Which would be about 600 degrees. My car is not givving any other indicator of over heating or any other problem. I...
Was given a vw tdi in an estate. Need to know what type oil and how much.Also what type and how much transmission fluid? Thanks