I have a 2002 cl500 cruise control has stopped working and when i drive for two or three miles esp bas abs visit workshop lights up on the dash i have already replaced the brake light switch at the pedal any suggestions greatfully appreciated.......

I've being told that I need a new radiator fan assembly for my 2001 S500. What is the level of difficulty to install the part myself. Any tips/helpful hints?

where is the low ac port on the 2003 dodge intrepid?

I have looked under my car for the drain tube and cannot locate its position. I have water coming from under the dash and my carpet both front and rear are getting soaked. I think Imy have a stopped up drain.

drivers side electric window do not go up or down passangers side works i chage switch it works for a week and it broke again thanks for the help.

Today my engine light came on and towards the end of my commute (45 miles) the car started bucking upon acceleration (twice it happened). Is it a timing belt issue, faulty spark plug?

Evac Solenoid. I dont know the code, all I know is that the mac. said that was the problem. Can You help? Also is this something I can replace myself? The mac I bought the car from replaced the catalytic converter.

Hole in rear air condition tubing

Car seems to cough when accelerating. That is, stop accelerating for a second, then continue. Sometimes two or three times in a row. Then it's fine.

the truck makes a rowing sound while I am driving.this problem occures while drivng all the time

how do you remove engine .through top or bottom

transmission seperated 1/4 inch but will not come back any more?

started with just the radio and occasionally the dash the dealer said it was the radio causing a drain but the dash now goea out even if the radio is not on . Ground maybe and if so where do I find it?

1st does anyone have a passenger door for a 2001 and a passenger side fender...
2nd if the rocker isnt bent crooked just kind of pushed in on the side but still drives straight do i have toget that fixed

lets see my car hasnt ran for a while now and the other day i bought a battery i tried to start it but when i did it soned like metal scrapin metal real loud i asked about that the other day and someone told me it probably has somethin to do with my starter and flywheel well today i took the alternator out haad it tested and it passed then i tried to take the starter out to have it tested i had it almost out except for one of the bolts was already boken off to where i couldnt get it with any of the tools i have i tried to push it through and tap it with a mallet like autozone said but im havin no luck at all what could i do to get it out please help me :(