replace/repair of super charger clutch

it does allthe time

Bought complete compressor replace kit. Changed everything.Have a/c expansion valve left in kit. Can'y find it under hood anywhere

Nissan quest SE 2007


New EGR plug wires look good oil and t'mission levels good

the problem with the ignition switch occurs every now and then.

engine knocking heard, checked oil level and it was too hi and smelled like gas, and gas mileage was cut in half with in one week

brakes locking up

He is charging me $900 for labor, $850 in parts and $500 to take the more to a machine shop for additional machine work.
This seems like too much money. Just a few months ago, he did the top part of the motor, so now, he is just doing the bottom part of the motor. Please help

Someone told me you would mess up the lock mechanism if you just push the button down when inside the car, but is there a way to lock all the doors from the inside? Just bought this car used and it did not have owners manual.

My red brake light warning came on and also the shop lift symbol lit when yhe vehicle is cranked or turned off. I took the car to the shop they replaced the brake pads and sensors but the mechanic said they re-set the the brake light several times but the light is still on. Anyone have an answer

I have a 1993 chevy s10 pick up 4x4 drove it around yesterday and everything worked fine parked it outside my brothers house for a few hours drove it home got home and when i went to roll both power windows up they do nothing and i tried the door locks again nothing on both doors..... I have replaced the circuit breakers on the fuse panel and tested the switches on both doors and get power on both sides all the way up to the power winow motors same with the power lock motors but still wont work.....is there a relay somewhere that im overlooking or something im missing? my next test is to hook power directly to both motors to test if the motors still work but all this went out at the sametime and first time it has been a problem

i was using the ac for about an hour .. then all of a sudden heard a weird noise and now the ac blows hot air.

Hot air blows even when temp selector on cold and mode on ac high. checked door and it opens and closes. please help