I Change the light bulbs and the signal light want go off

After fill up. Guage shows half full.

when water is added to my reservoir and/or coolant is added it just leaks out and i believe it is leaking from the seal on the water pump

Fadeing radio.

how do I repair this issue?

my explorer overheated bad on my wife so she shut the car off,when arrived i checked the coolant and it was empty,waited until engine was cool and filled coolant but it took alot more then normal,when i tried to start the car it pushed all the coolant out like the pistons were pushing it out ,then it started ,ran for 10 minutes and back to the beginning,,,help,head gasket maybe?

tried new battery, did same thing

lighter, doesn't work and also the stereo/radio; what is the procedure to get these components working again? ty!

the key was taken out of ignition and security went off and then would not start called toyota told to unhook battery for 20 min. that worked we drove home and now no security light on and will not start. we tried the battery again but nothing

So I have recently been having a lot of problems with my car. About a year ago my radio/navigation screen wouldnt work every now and again. My car was still running & I was fully able to drive it, but the screen wouldnt work & when I would push the power knob the Mercury symbol would show on the screen with the time & then it would go blank & stay that way. Sometimes it would start workin again while I was driving, other times it wouldnt start working again for days. Shortly after my 1st battery died & that didnt have that problem for about another year. And then it happened again where the screen wouldnt work and then a few weeks later my car wouldnt start because my battery had died. So I got another battery and went on vacation for 2 weeks & when I came back my battery was dead yet again. I didnt leave any lights on or anything. Im thinkin there might be some kind of drainage or maybe its the alternator if there is one. Can anyone help or has anyone else gone through this??
I also got some kind of flap on my electric motor replaced & it cost over $300 to fix. Has anyone had to do this & know whats the purpose of it? I feel like the I really got screwed over by the dealership.
Thanks All!!!!

locate the air conditioning low pressure valve.

I took it to the dealer here and they said I need to replace the whole headlight assembly. Which cost over $800.00. There should be a way to replace the seal, instead of replacing the headlight assembly.

The upper rad hose is leaking (squirting fluid) at the clamp nearest the engine block. I am mechanicaly inclinded to a point and wonder if it is an easy process to replace the hose.

i lubricated the rails with dw-40......ect.

I am getting a low drive cycle warning what could be the problem and fix?