The window closes very slowly and sometimes stops completley. Must "help" it u=p by hand. Also, the passenger side power lock stays locked, can't even open the door.

I have to replace a hose and it is hard to get to the bolt on the back without taking it off

opened the hood & it is not coming from there

I'm getting 13.6 volts at idle but when I rev the engine the volts drop below 13 volts. The battery may be bad as it only reads 10 volts with engine off.

This came about just recently.There is no unusual noise except the left wheel seems to be touching when fullyturned

I was told to drive the car. I have driven the car 2 1/2 days and it will still not fix.

What suggestions do you have?

replace change and guida rall

there is a sensor on the front of the master cylinder and its smoking whats the name of it

When the problem presents I turn off the A/C for a couple of minutes and then it starts to work fine again, also if I set the blower to the max. sometimes it helps.
It always feels like the engine of the car is really suffering when the A/C is on, it does not overheats or anything but it just feels like is "overworking" more than what the normal would be. Also it makes way more noise, I know this because this is the second Montero Sport I have and I know how is supposed to sound and feel when the A/C is running.
Another thing is that if the temperature outside is 80 or over it does not cools off if the car is park or going at a very low speed.

They both come on together once in a while.If I turn egnition off and back on they go away for a week or so?

In this hot weather if I go to the park to eat my lunch and keep my motor running with the air-conditioner on for about 20 minutes, will that do any damage to my car? It doesn't seem to raise the temperature gage any.

When it comes then I can't able to turn on AC or HEAT and can't able to open windows. but after driving couple hundreds meter then it's everything works back on.

My check engine light came on yesterday when I was driving right after I heard a strange noise that sounded like the fan possibly. The sound comes and goes and the car seems to run fine. Does anyone know what is going on?

but keeps flashing low coolant

I took the car to a mechanic immediately when the "ABC " light came on. He told me it would take 2150$ to replace the steering pump which controls the steering and suspension. I think that price sounds a little over the top. What if anything can you suggest?