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Going over 50-55,mph vehicle starts to sputter. Also when I have less than 1/4 tank of gas. 2 Mechanics said there is no fuel filter on this model and diagnostics does not pinpoint probler.
details or step by step on removal and installation
The part is called shifter glider (I think) and it broke and so now I can't shift my manual transmission.
whern i get a oil change mechanic says that i need brakes. so far theres no noise
what type of wrench do I need to remove a front brake rotor?
my car ran hot had a brown/yellowish color with and oily texture,was told by the mechanic that it needed a thermostat,then he told me there was a recall on that make and model for the engine oil cooler. In your review...
I recently had the first required smog test on my 04 Pt. Since it has passed, a couple days later my check engine light came on. Why?
I need to know how to replace the brake booster on my 1998 Lumina
When the car is on and the front defroster is off, a mist comes out coating part of the windsheid just like if the window was fogging up. When the defroster is on the problem is worst because the mist covers more of t...
Tach does not work 1987 GL is the intrument panel voltage regulator at issue or a bad tach unit? how to tell which? \\smile//
I replaced the front passenger caliper and all front pads because the brakes were shot. As im bleeding and refilling the brake lines fluid is coming out of the rear driverside tire . Again now my brakes 2 weeks later ...
Since hitting a curb hard enough to slash a front tire (passenger side), I have noticed a clicking sound as I turn right or left, apparently from one of the front wheels on the side nearest the direction I am turning....
We have replaced the bulb in the left signal light numerous times - there is a recall on this problem, but were told by a mechanic that the entire module is out and will cost us over $700 to repair. He said the recal...
The dash emergency brake indicator light started coming on an now just stays on
How do i install my licence plate on my 1995 buick park avenue