Was told that a new battery was istalled.
Did not check for any codes.
No warning lights on dash.

I would like to know where the external volt regulator is located on my 91 ford country squire 5.0v8 wagon. I know its bad cause the battery keeps over charging and the alternator is in perfect working order.

Car wont start

Is there any truth to tne matter that these 2.4l camry engines blow head gaskets at around 110,000 miles?

The air on the passenger side was cold and the driver's side was warm, now it is warm on both sides.

Bulbs were replaced,then traded with right side,worked fine,left turn signal @ stop lights fine but no tail lights

The problem occurs upon acceleration.

I've checked the timing and changed the coil pack. So were do I go from here ?

i changed my intake gasket it and got the disprutor off a little?

Temperature gauge pegged . No signs of leak or smell of antifreeze. What other problem could it be.

the car gears are slipng when i let the clutch out it still is in nutral like sliping

What is the problem ?

I change the oil every 2-3 thousand and the air filter regularly. Thanks.

replacing cost on average

Thermostat goes to hot on city streets, but not on highway.