it runs fine when i am going 60-70 but gets hot when i slow down

when I accellerate the jeep jumps and rpms rev but the vehicle mosves very slowly or not at all.
this happens at a red light or just while driving. Do you think it might be the fue injectors or fuel pump

it is fine when i am going 60-70 but gets hot when i am going slow

My Caddy has a P0453 code. It says gas cap or High Pressure switch sensor .
Where is this switch sensor? Is it on top of the tank?

While I was driving my car the oil gasket came off and minor smoke start to come out of the engine. I have check the starter, alternator, and battery. Everything seems to be working out fine, but when I try to start the car the power came on but it hesitate and will not start the engine. When I notice the smoke, my engine did not make any sounds or shakes.. Everything seems to be fine except for the minor smokes. Please help.

03 kia spectra automatic when the engine is cool the car moves but when it warm up it want move.but the gears always move in reverse,drive and others gears.what is wrong

The check engige light bulb behind the dash is out and my vehicle failed emissions because of that. How do I replace it?

Need to know what bolt to take loose

No current problem here, would like to do a little preventive maintenance.

front left tire went flat and had to be replaced. all tires are the same size and make and all have min of 36psi.

turned on the air one day and it ran for 30 seconds and went off, and windows also stopped working.

do i need to remove the pully from the pump frist?

this diesel is great until we hook up the 5th wheel and pullup a mountain, we lose power and hear a grinding noise in the front of the hood by the fire wall, also it happen at 65mph, up steep hills too. new turbo hoses. 53,000 miles

car quit, no spark, replaced plugs, wires, distrubuter cap, an rotor, what is the next step?

I had oil and some antifreeze in some of the spark plug holes, I know ford had some defects on the intake manifule on the 4.6 engines found in the Mercury Grand Marque and Crown vics. Could this be the same problem?