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I can hear it running but it does blow out the vents

Emission code show that O2 sensor need replacing, as well as the Knocks sensor. Are the sensors easy to locate and replace. Should I get a tune up first?

I have looked from above and did not find a way to rotate the pulley to loosen the belts. Do you have to take the idlers off or just loosen bolts?

i tried replacing fuses, relays, someone else has experianced this, i was wondering what resolved this issue.

I have a 1991 S10 Blazer 4x4, with a 4.3L V6.. it has 193000 miles on it, but it
has been well kept up. It was running just fine until one day recently I was
drving down the highway and it started jumping. Then a few days later the
blazer, began popping and jumping very badly. It wouldnt stay started if I took
my foot off the gas. Now it has a VERY rough idle, where the entire truck
rattles and shakes..I cannot start it and move it, because just as soon as i
take my foot off the gas, it begins to sputter then dies.In the middle of all
this it also overheats, and smokes after running for ten minutes or so...Which
it never did before the sputtering, and jumping,etc... I have had this vehicle
for two months and it never did this until just a couple days ago.It was a
strong running truck. I would really like to fix it because it is my only
transportation. I have no idea what it could be. I know that it was given an oil
change, but we have since had to have more oil put in it beca
use the oil filter housing has a hairline crack in it which causes it to leak..
The only other problem I have is a faulty gasket on the transmission pan... But
it was runnning great until all of this came about...

My outside temp readings are incorrect by about 50 degrees

Could not find a radiator drain plug.

Location Cabin Air Filter?

Came back from repair shop after daughter's 2nd crash with driver's door glass out of of track. She didn't do anything about it, then; now I've paid the car off and drive it. It's been too long for the repair shop to fix it, now. I don't see how to access the mechanism. Any ideas?

i have to hold the brights on and sometimes they come back on.

this is a very simple straight forward question. why do you want to garbage it up with unneeded words.

?What do I have to remove to get to the alternator?

putting the steering knuckle back in having new bearing and hub assembly pressed in

there is nothing covering this in any Volvo manual

My car started making this noise (similar to a cassette tape rewinding) while driving on the freeway. It stops when I bake and slow down below 40mph. Is t related to the brake/rotors?