Mileage is approximately 130,000. It's a bad smog day in my car and smell does not go away with circulating air; windows down helps only a little. I've maintain regular oil changes, just had an oil change and point check..had to replace a very dirty engine filter and inside air filter...didn't help.

The tail lights or dash dont come on at all, its just a loose wire somewhere and my break lights work fine, so if anyone happens to know where i can find the wires thatd be great

Whenever my check engine light comes on the speedometer quits working and vice versa checked all the codes fixed all. Now light stays on all the time but the only code that flashes is 12.

first time ever happened will not unlock with key or unlock from inside door will not open

when the brakes are replaced are the wheel bearings check to see if they need to be replaced

needs to pull of front valve cover or what where is it located ?

she was running ok it was getting time for some minor things. but i abused her by not changing oilenough,well in feb. 2011 she needed a smog but the engine light was on.mechanic friend cleared codes told me to replace thermostat.i did and spark plugs too poured injector cleaner in tank getting her ready for the smog check. but the next day on my way to work she started running weak the next day i discovered they sold me the wrong plugs. changed them and it didnt help i got a scan tool and there were no codes in pcm.car was idling very rough and lacking power.a few days of not being able to diagnose i took her to a friend a few blocks away and coming home she quit on me.to date i have replaced plugs and wires, coils, fuel filter,crank positionand cam position sensors and still not running.HELP

My husband has worked on many different kinds of cars in the past but is struggling to reach the ac evaporator and lines going to it on my van. He currently has the entire dash off trying to reach it and is still having difficulty. Does anyone know an easier way to reach it? Called the shop, to have them fix it is $1,000. Not worth it when he can fix it for 150.00 ....just need to figure out how to get to it.

The plastic that holds the headlights is crumbling away! The car has NOT been in any accidents, there was no battery acid spilled on these parts. Has any else seen this issue? Car has 40000 miles on it.

my air or heat won't blow air

How do I disengage the factory alarm system on my 1998 Sebring JXI Convertible. The red light keeps flashing on the dash and the word "deck" flashes opposite the odometer reading on the digital odometer on the dash above the digital drive indicator on the dash instrument panel. The car won't start at all. The starter doesn't engage at all when I turn the key. The electric door locks are disabled as well as the elec. trunk release inside the console. I tried the prescribed unlocking the doors with the key but nothing is working. Please help.

Passenger side back seat window will not go up

When I slow my car down the gear change from 1 to 2 whith hard changing and sometimes it change to second numerous then stop in this number of change>>

I have been experiencing very hard steering with my 1996 Ford Explorer for some time, especially when changing lanes or on turns. Have not been able to take in to get checked, but over the weekend while backing out of the driveway to park on the street, when turning the wheel to back up it was like the tire was stuck and when I gave it some gas, the tire blew. Looked under the truck and saw some kind of bar was loose and had been binding on the tire, whereas, it punctured the tire and the tire blew. Whatever this bar is (which I believe to be the sway bar), it has basically been binding the steering capabilities. It also has been making noises when going over bumps. I am a 64 year old woman, who in my early years use to work on my own vehicles, but since vehicles started getting more complex it wasn't as easy and now at 64 I am hardly able to even check the oil anymore. Just want to be sure I know what I am talking about when I take it to get it fixed. Does it sound like the sway bar? It's like bolts are missing or something as it moves freely. Does it just need the sway bar links to attach it back on or does everything need to be replaced. Thank you so much. Diane

My Lexus has 62000 miles. I've never had any engine problems before. However now the engine light is constantly on and the engine is missing significantly.Please help me diagnose the problem.