When car is started the dashlights are very dim. It can take anywhere from a few seconds up to 25 minutes and then the dashlights turn on fully. Usually after you hear a "click".

the tires in the rear end of my nissan sentra will not move. someone left the handbreak up, but after i put it down, the 2 back wheels would not move. The front wheels are working, but the 2 back wheels would not roll at all. my sentra is a front 2 wheel drive. please help. i need to know what the problem might be, and also an estimate of repair. i am a female, and mechanics are ripping me off.

Is this a sensor problem and if so where is it located?

can i take a fuse out and turn alarm off completely

I took it to a mechanic he said replace thermostat. So I did that. Then he said replace radiator, so I did that. So I then took it to another mechanic he said to replace the water pump, so I did that, now he is telling me I need to replace the fan assembly and it will stop overheating. I dont know what to do anymore and I have already put more than I can afford to fix this issue. Any help????

what causes for steering not to go up and down

i have tried everything i have no idea what wrong please help

was working fine and check engine light came on

I have a main power button on my dash,and the controls on steering wheel. The main power button on dash's light does not come on. The controls on the steering wheel will indicate that I am using Cruise Control but it does not engage. I checked the fuse and it seems ok. I have to make a long distance trip within the week and would like some advice on this. Please help.... Thank you

i thought it was my starter but my mecahnic clean the battery post in the van starter right up , so here we go again, it I DROVE IT NOT TO FAR park it then when I CAME back in started it the dash board light dim in it wouldn't start I TRYED AGAIN IT STARTED. I use to smell something in the car that smelled like burnt rubber but thats gone , well anyway I GOT home, park it then started it again it started but now I HEAR THIS NOISE THAT COMING FROM THE ENGINE what do you think is wrong with this van ?

i checked to see if they were tight. and i could turn them in a bunch more.

have applied & released the emergency brake, problem still happening.

At 100,000 miles, my dealer replaced the timing belt but did not replace the water pump. At 130,00 miles the water pump failed and I have to replace both the pump and the belt.

My dealer replaced the drive belt at 100,000 miles but did not replace the water pump. At 130,000 the water pump went out. Now I have to replace both the pump and the belt.

when we tried to move it,it was still in park and could push it around with no resistance, whats wrong or where should we start looking for the problem