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where is the abs brake sensor located
I have a pickup that also has a code for a bad shift silenoid I think its p0753? The trans only stays in 2nd and 3rd gear. Is it shot or can replacing the silenoid fix it? Also is the silenoid inside the trans hard ...
the abs warning light is on at the dashboard.ive changed the worn brake pads and the light is still on
2004 jaguar xk8 check break keeps flashing and nothing seems to be wrong and the cruise control keeps shuting off
I have a misfire on #5 cylinder on a 305 vortec. It has compression, 55psi fuel pressure and spark. I suspect an injetor. How do I check it or replace it? Thanks for any help-Kn
Just wondering what I could expect to pay for heater core replacement in 2005 Chevy Equinox?
I cant get the oil pan dropped on my truck. I have all 12 bolts removed. I dropped the starter as well to provide extra room. The oil filter is removed. i removed the metal backing at the rear of the oil pan that a...
when going to a traffic light and it turns green after slowing and then stepping on the gas a "vibration" occurs in the front of the car until the rpm catches up with the motor. the vibration is more of a bang bang "t...
how to remove raditor
have a 1991 Dodge Dakota engine light goes on using a lot of gas, put it on the computer and looks to be an injector problem, how diffecult is it to replace the injectors we have already used sea foam in it.
wheel fell to the left side last night while daughter was driving on the xpressway. Sparks flew and sumthing is leaking fluid.tow truck driver said it look like a broken tire rod. What does that cost to fix
I have a 05 v6 mustang and the fuel gauge quit working. For a while it would read E when I would start the car to drive it to work, after the car sat all day the gauge would work on the way home. Now it just sit on E ...
I can't put gas into the tank, it simply overflows. Is there a gasket or backflow prevention plug at the bottom of the filler tube? I can only put in approximately 1 gal. at a time, if that. Help, please!
wipers and speedometer quite working same time. checked fuses, found nothing. what next??