For the 3rd. time the system shows incorret tire pressure and the warning light keeps flashing. How do I reset system ??

wont un-lock anything or start the car


i need to mount the blade on the new motor

Do I have a vaccum leak and if so where could it be located?

How to remove gear shift cover

A/C problem with my X3 at 63,000 miles. BMW Dealer wants to replace the expansion valve - cost $1300. No leak, so far, has been found in the evaporator coil. Estimate on that job is $3200. Raleigh, NC

Are these prices normal?

Between 20 and 35 miles per hour I hear a rubbing sound in the front end like something is sticking.

Now we have a loud squeall either on one or more just before you stop. visually everything looks good. there was a damaged rotor on the rear driver side..and now that rotor is showing shinny circle on the rotor itself but no grooves.

When a/c works I have digital #'s. Then it changes itself and goes to all lines across board and defrost blows. No control over it. Goes back and forth by itself.

4cly 2wd 145,000miles 5 speed

Had my timing belt and water pump changed and now I hear a periodic "knocking" in the front part of the engine. The noise goes away as the car warms up and only seems to start right after the is started in the morning. The mechanic says it may be that after the work was done the comuter was off a bit. He also said something about the actuator (camshaft actuator)

The battery light keeps coming on and flickers when i drive. I have had both the alternator and the battery checked and they r both good.

This has just started happening. The car has over 100,000 miles.

It is different than the screws used to hold drum in place.