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steering wheel locked due to belt melting

I can switch on the hazard lights with my fingertip, but can only switch it off with the help of a pliers.. difficult to say the least.
Do I need to take off the steering wheel? how dio I remove th steering column trim cover? Is the hazard light switch one unit with the turn signal switch?
How much is the part?

Four thousand parts were on back-order for Dodge vehicles last week. Dallas will be getting in 1900 this week. My Lake Charles LA thinks one of those may be shipped to us this week. The wipers only partially work. It also is affecting the turn signals. If this is the wiper assembly, I am wondering why there is not a recall since Chrysler did a wiper assembly recall in 2009. How many vehicles have to have the same problem before a recall takes place?

Was told my MX that engine computer was no longer talking. Can I buy one like, say eBay and install myself?

What is the function of the Accessory Vacuum check valve? For the heck of it I replaced it and all of a sudden my vents in the cabin for air/heat/AC are now WORKING?

ive replaced all this and it still wont start up. it acts like it wants to start up but it wont turn over ive checked all that i can but it still wont start

I am getting blue smoke out the tail pipe- only in the morning after I start the car. It then goes away. At first I thought maybe an issue with a ring or valve seats, etc, but now it appears that maybe trans fluid might be getting into a cylinder? Can a bad vacuum modulator cause this? What else? THANKS>

its leaking in the back of the motor they can not find why or where

Where is the hydraulic fuel level? Under the spare tire? Evan with the engine on the soft top switch only blinks & the soft top motor does not make any noise. At first try it did make a noise but after that the light only blinks and there is no noise coming from the soft top compartment I hope it is not the hydraulics. I have not had the hard top off for a couple of years.

my check engine light went on, i was told # 2 coil was misfiring and needed to be replaced. so i replaced it and had all my spark plug wires replaced along with a major tune up. about 2 weeks later my check engine light went on again,i was told the # 2 coil went bad, they replaced it for free, then a week later my check engine light went on again,the same coil went bad again, why, where is it located on my car, could the shop be replacing the wrong one?

the back is low to the ground.

will recover when I turn the a.c. and radio off. does not do it as much when a.c. and radio is not on. Battery is new.

heater doesnt switch to different levels it just comes out all over that has been a problem since I got it and dont know what to do about it
ALso we changed the resistor becasue it only worked on the high setting after I changed it it works on all the lower settings but it doesnt work on high all the time.
Also changed the blower motor
So now the heater won't even come on.
don't know what else can go wrong with it... it has been a pain in the a**.

clicking sound coming from driver side when turning wheel

when i try to crank it, it just clicks