and again at 65,000 miles

need to know what the fuel pressure should be for a 2002 mazda mpv mini van

Oil found in the drivetrains according to the mechanic. Possible? Please advise. Smoke visible four years ago then disappeared until recent maintenance: radiator, water pump, and timing belt. Help!

It pumps fluid through the system---back into resivour, but when you adjust the valve lever up & down, nothing happens---
stays in the down position. Rides fine, Air accumulators are new, plenty of fluid. Can it be that the valve is faulty and letting the fluid by-pass, instead of raising.

All other buttons work fine, what would cause this problem and how can i get the window back up until i can fix this?

driver side door c loses whenever car is on slope. detent on door is ineffective.

spray starting fluid and it starts what would cause this

how hard will it b to put the torc converter on the stick shift flywheel

Now it seems to be ideling higher - in drive will go 8-10 miles per hour and with air conditioner on will go 15 miles per hour.

It strts to chug and cut out when it has less than a half of tank of gas and the air is running, in the last 2 weeks, before then not a problem... Before i spend a crap load of $$$$ on a pump please help me determine.


Rough idle , jerking and hard start with SES after replacing the two items.

RV died out after refueling, is there a fuel pump relay on this model? Will not start or run. Has new plugs, wires, rotor, distributor. Cranks but wont run.

Freon has been added and there seems to be colder air blowing in the back of the vehicle.

dies as soon as you let off gas

the latch is plastic and I don't think it is the best type of latch, why not medal.