I cannot put my car into any gear. The gear shift just moves back and forth, not stopping in any gear. I was told that the shifter cable broke. I would like to remove it myself so that I can take it to an auto parts store to make sure that I get the correct size. Please help.

I've had the water pump replaced the raditor replaced ccoling lines replace, reservoir raditor cap replaced what else?

Ford Dealership claime it was my tires. I purchased new ones. Then they said I needed an alignement so I had one done. Then they replaced my two rear axles but the noise of a thump thump can be heard from the rear.

having a probelm founding a toruqe rod,right side.Seems this part is no where to be found.Where can I get this part

in simple terms which sensor is it, example left side front

if i leave them on they will sometime start running again

where is location of oil plug on 94 xjs?

At a stoplight in 87 degree weather. Air got warmer and smoked and smelled. Got home and nothing is leaking and a/c sounds labored.

The dealer wants over $450.00 dollars. I was told because they would have to remove and replace certain parts in order to accomplish this task. I Didn't think replacing spark plugs could be so expensive. I am trying to save money.

when going down the road my car will shut off after i let it cost or even sitting at a red light

When I first begin driving my car the steering wheel shakes for a minute. After I have been on the road and made a few turns it is fine. Do you know what is causing it at the beginning?

It will shift but not engage leaving me to just rev the engine with no acceleration. I brought it to Autozone and they hooked the diag computer up. It read 1)Improper gear ratio and 2)Control box failure(I think that's what it said) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I had a differential service done. Replaced front and rear brakes. Still the noise is there. Brake serviceman said I would have to take to a transmission place to find noise and repair. It is something in drivetrain.

I'm asking only about the app

My BMW has 60k miles on it. It is gradually taking longer and longer for it to get into 1st gear from Park. It now takes about 5 seconds and in the winter sometimes 8 to 10 seconds. Based on other forums I think the ATF is low also I looked into the Automatic Transmission Fluid container in the engine compartment and it is at the "minimum" level. Should I just top it off (if so which ATF fluid should I use) or should I have an indy shop change it for me?