at different times I smell gas fumes. I hear a popping sound come from the gas tank. I can be parked and it running and it pops or a few minutes after turning off engine I will hear a pop from the gas tank. Does anyone know why it is popping? Has anyone else had this problem? thanks Donna

The ignition lock/key quit working and my truck was stuck in the on position. After I killed the engine, I couldn't restart it (but to pull it off). I replaced the ignition lock/key and now it will start, but it will not turn off. I have to pop the clutch to kill it and then the power is still on. Any ideas?

My car is over heating and I've changed heater core, thermostat,radiator and waterpump.

i took out a coil it broke while a was handling how do you intstall a newone

The driver's side window will not roll up. The passenger side works fine. this is the first time it has happened. I don't have a diagram of the fuse box...if that is even the problem. I pulled the door panel off and all of the wires look good. Worked fine all day. Does anyone have a diagram or another solution?

what is the normal cost

my husband replaced the power steering pump, but he cannot get the power steering pump pressure hose to clamp back on tightly..what are we doing wrong???

my heater and lights will not shut off when i turn the car off, what would cause this? The only way i can shut them off is to unhook battery/

How do you adjust the emergency brake for a 2005 lincoln aviator?

I have a 2001 Toyota Rav 4 that needs an O2 sensor. It is an all whell drive and I understand there are four different kinds. How much should this repair cost me in parts and labor? Thank you. John

how long to R&R a transmission in a 02 impala

have no heat

I turned on my ac last night and when I went to turn it off it wouldnt turn off. It stays on at all time.

I looked up quotes for repair on the EGR Modulator. This site says the high end is $600 including labor, but the Midas shop (LA) that has my car says $800 and said I needed a Control switch part, and another Midas shop says high $600s but didn't have anything on their computer about a control switch. Was the first shop pulling my leg?
I have had to have work done to pass smog and I wonder if this problem was the fix all along. I think Pinging is occurring now, and any work over 450 necessitates a new car.

The lower ball joint busted on the drivers side front tire. I had it towed to a mechanic who is quoting me 430$ to replace the upper and lower ball joint. It seems a little high to me?