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well at around 1500 rpms and at take off my 2002 Cougar with the 2.5L V6 engine missfires and hesitates.I have only 12k on the plugs and coil pack. And I just recently put better wires on it, still have a low rpm miss, and it started happening after I got gas at this one gas station. And at 3 different times the check engine light flashed for about a minute then went off and no codes are stored whatsoever. Can water in the fuel be causing my missfire?

computer scan shows trouble code po440 evap system leak detected

No Check Engine Light. Have replaced wires and plugs. Chilton's Manual says that there are no adjustments with this particular ignition system.

We purchased our 2004 from a private owner and the fan has never worked unless it is on 4 or 5 setting, so the heat is either blasting in the winter or the a/c is blasting in the summer. Occassionally it will work on 1,2,3 but that is very seldom. Tried replacing the fan resistor & wire harness but to no avail. Is there a recall on this? Is this a common problem in these vehicles?

after replacing an intermittent brake lite switch located on the brake pedal, the cruise control will not turn on. did not have a problem prior. brakes lites work OK. any suggestions ??

I bought this car used about 2 weeks ago from a private party. After driving it for I while I have noticed that occasionally it finds the P0171 code when starting. I estimate it finds the code in about 10 to 20% of cold starts. It never finds the p0174 code or any other code. Occasionally while cranking during a cold start there is a knock or a popping sound. There is never a knock or rough running at any other time. There may be a slight lag in acceleration from slow speeds. Fuel consumption seems to be elevated at about 19 mpg of mostly highway driving. The car has about 115k miles on it. I am interested in what is the most effective set of steps to resolve this problem. I think if the problem was the MAF sensor or a vacuum leak, etc, it would find both 171 and 174, at least some of the time. My OBD-II scanner can not read real time engine data (is it worth investing in a more capable scanner or should I take the car to a mechanic?). It can only read and erase stored codes. Will driving the car without attending to this problem cause further damage? Where should I start in troubleshooting?

My Van is trying to stall out or backfire when I am trying to drive or put in reverse, but when I put it in neutral it idels fine. I thought I had water in the fuel so I put fuel addative in for that and now it is still doing it. I am not sure what to do next. Please help.

how can I tell when my timing belt is going bad?

my shifter cable has come off. how do i replace it

dealer changed the door regulator, found 4 leaks in the trunk..replaced a part in the trunk.resealed the trunk..then it rained again and all the floor boards are wet..some of the trunk got wet..called the dealer back and they want to car has been to dealer three times for this same problem..there isn't a bad smell but the carpet is starting to get moldy..

how much should it cost

all forward gears work very well. when it slips out of reverse (for maybe a quarter of a second) it recovers.this happens approx. every 6 or 8 feet of travel. i changed the filter...didn't help.

i have a 1995 geo prism heres my problem when im driving it is all over the road ive replaced the half shafts along with wheel beerings at the frt of vehicle its like its not tracking right when i go over a bump in the road the rear of car feels like it wants to go all over the place and when it rains real danger to drive its hard to keep in its own lane i noticed in the back there are adjustments similar to the frt tie rod adjustments what are the specs can i adjust them 1/8 inch in or out on each wjheel

When I flip my turn signals on it makes the ticking noise but the lights do not flash. And now when you engage the left signal my emergency flashers come on.... Any suggestions??

The oil light came on and with in three seconds the car died in the middel of the of the road. i think that its the top of the oil pump but i would really lovr to know before i tare haft th car apart