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Sometimes it wont start and when it does start tends to die after a lil while and we get stuck places cuz then it wont restart and kills the battery if we keep trying. We've replaced spark plugs, radiator, air intake, some wires like wires to the coil pack what else could b wrong?

i check code po496 came up i change gas cap still having problem what do i do

Does anyone know the part # or where to buy them? I may just go to local junk yard. These cables plug into the Teperature control switch and run to the blend door.


no blower fan does not work at all....heat still comes thru vents but no fan blowing and circulating it....

The transaxle light comes on and the check engine light too. It's fine after the short time it takes to get to speed. What's up with my 2002 Ford?

Brand new EGR Valve, tried resetting by scanner and manuely

my navigator has been in a local garage for a month now. I have a constent engine miss, but no error code is coming up. I have 88k on my navigator. I need some advise.

have oil on the left side inside if my tire and it looks like it is comeing from the axle

My car has only 79k miles on it. The dealer said that the sensor might be contaminated by oil, but its not even wet with oil.

I have a 2002 Ford E350 Have ran the codes and they said I have 1&2 oygen sensors bad. I have replaced both and still I have check engine on and when running truck running rough and check engine on and oil light and temp went up. Had scanner hooked up and changed oygen plug with the one that was reading and still did not read. checked with test light have constant power in one blinken power in the other one side of plug. Nothing in the other two ports. And still the scanner did not read anything. I have a feeling ether computer or a broken comuncation line?

I need to know how to take out major scratches and dings this truck in steps, also if not I need a quote on how much it would cost to have them removed. Also Where is the cheapest place to go for a rear drivers side wheel well fender in silver. I have looked around but I figured since you guys and gals are auto people that you may know.
Sincerely Sarah Marrie Burge
PS Add links if you can.


blower fan does not work....some heat filters out but no fan blower ....what steps do I take to replace this componet?

removed glove box can see the door trying to move and here a hummin noise that ia in side of the housing under the passanger side floor and my ac compressor run any time the fan is turned on even if the ac light is off

check engine light coming on showing code p1494