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My E-350 radio keeps turning on by itself. When the shut-off button is pushed in, it may or may not go off. If it goes off, it can come back on by itself. The dealership has had it for a week, and still doesn't know h...
when i take off the truck has no power and it smokes really bad i got them to test it and them codes come up
i just replaced my plugs and wires and replaced my fuel filter, O2 sensor mass airflow sensor air filter, has all been replaced and when i crank it up it seems as if its going to cut off and it stalls real bad and has...
My battery is draining. The door lights remain on for an extended period of time. Also when I insert the key I get an annoying ding, ding for about a minute. Also when I turn the headlights on this happens also but fa...
the requierd maintenance light is still comin on my car and i just did the oil change how do i reset this
my problem is: my van engine will run, but when I let off of the ignitation it stops.. I have replaced the starter switch, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, and fuel filter and it stil...
When I accelerate (especially going up a hill)I hear the sounds of knocking underneath.
PRDLL1L2 do not light up with headlights on.
My top does not always operate either up or down unless I move something inside the locking mechanism where the lock clips into the top of the windshield. How do I repair this?
no ac air or heat nothing why is that i checked all my fuses and none them bad.what is the problem maybe my blower motor so i can get it fixed.
The glass has been shattered in the left manual mirror. Need the mirror/glass only. Is it available? Where and what is the part number?
how I can locate the fitings of low & high pressure to conect gages
Changed oil pressure switch but car is driving sluggish when a/c is on.
though all other manual and automatic functions seem fine in any other manual gear setting, reverse, low and second, but does not seem to shift into high gear automatically, or even when put into...