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Am wanting to do this myself and can not find anything to help.

it will start and drive. sometimes all day sometimes for 5 minutes. if i disconect the battery and reconnect it the car will start without having to wait 15 minutes.what could be causing this?

when it does work, all levels and functions work. But only when it decides to kick on.

all relays working - turn key - nothing. Starter good, all connections good, all fuses good ??? Any help or direction.
No codes on diagnostic. Theres power to the starter, but when key is turned - nothing.

and can you tell me where it is located?

We changed the heater core in my car but i noticed it is still leaking what else could be the problem?

Traveling uphill to take the next offramp was considarably more difficult in terms of engine power. Before finding a place to properly pull over, I waited at a red light for a minute, and noticed that the engine barely would stay in idle. The car vibrated and was literally shaking to the point that I could hear there was something definatly wrong with the engine. According to the dashboard temperature guage, the engine still maintained a normal operating temperature, however I could see and smell smoke definately coming from my car. I quickly found a place and pulled the car over so I could open the hood, and find out what was going on. The smoke seemed to come from below-behind the water pump.

Since then I have changed the oil and filter, as well as the spark plugs. There is no improvement. I am completely puzzeled about what could possibly be wrong. Also, it might be helpful for you to know that: there was no mention of engine problems by the ez-lube tech who performed the oil/filter change. However, I changed the spark plugs myself and noticed 2 of the old plugs were completely submerged in oil(I believe it was oil). When removing the old plugs, this fluid simply drained downward thru the spark plugs opening. When starting the engine after replacing all 4 plugs, my engine initially produced a large amount of smoke from the tailpipe lasting about 5 seconds. Smoke is no longer emitted from the tailpipe(only this one time). A friend mentioned that the head gasket may be blown. There is no sign of water mixing with oil when removing the oil resevour cap or dip stick. What do you think is causing this engine to perform this way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

I tried to drive this morning and I almost didn't make it to my destination. Yesterday there was a burning smell, but I thought it might be dry leaves on the manifold or something like that. This morning it was losing power and didn't want to stay in an idle.

went by book, found out someone had timing another way, before.
tried all i know , really need help. thank you. if you have answer you can call 813 417 5863 Emanuel

This happens mostly at the start of the day. Cold or moisture may make it worse- not sure. Happens 3 out of 10 starts early, then OK rest of the day.
Changed the battery, the Starter, Swapped the A/C relay and the starter relay in the fuse panel, to check for bad relay - no change. Playing with Shift seems to have no effect.

It just started yesterday and everytime you step on the gas it hesitates, makes noise like it's backfiring, idles rough while in drive but idles fine while in park

checked transmission fluid, and goes fine forward

I have changed the fuse link wiring harness 4 times, and have burned out one of the two orange wires every time, so this last time i put in a in line fuse, because it is getting hard to find this harness, but now i keep blowing the in line fuse. Please help!!

Van runs smooth once running. Just hard to start.

How do you get the cover off the dome light to replace a burnt out bulb?