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I drove my car home from work ( appx 10 miles) and noticed smoke coming from under the hood. I opened the hood and the smoke was coming from behind the air filter. It wasn't black smoke but , I can't tell where it's c...
How do u reset Service engine soon light
the car occasionally stalls but starts right back up, the code triggered is p0340 (faulty caM SENSOR) is this code accurate or can it be something else
if it has a chain how often should it be rplaced
Last month i got some bad gas and ran it out and put heet in to dry up the water. It seems as though since then the acceleration is horrible and it sputters like it wants to cut off and it idles high and loud when i f...
What is average cost per hour to troubleshoot an electrical problem on a 2000 GCL?
Front wheels & steering wheel shimmy/wobble when turning a corner at low speeds.
i have used 3 tankfuls of premium gas,added marvel oil to the fourth tank of premium gas and greased thecenter support bearing of the drive train.the transmission fluid and transfer case fluids are full
my s10 runs cold. i have changed the coolant, replaced the thermostate, still no heat. can you help?
if i have run this car out of gas more than once chould calls the fuel pump to go out.. could it run out of gas again and want start back
i recently changed the wires, distributor,computer and crank sensor on my car. but it keeps bucking and shutting off when i stop, what could be the cause of this
Mechanic has checked air pump, relays, wiring, computer and everything he can think of, and found no specific problems. The check engine light remains on, therefore car will not pass inspection. Any ideas?
What kind of power steering fluid should i use for my MB 2005 E500? Can i use any regular one or it should be only Mercedes brand?
The passenger side window will not roll up with either switch. Tried trading switchs and its the same thing it wont roll up with them either. Is it the motor?