The uconnect radio suddenly died. Took to dealer they tried resetting it which did nothing. They ordered another radio which turned out to be a remanufactured unit. Now it will come on but only the climate control portion works. It shows a screen wanting a theft code and nobody seems to know where to find it. It is the uconnect 4.3

All others work, I think maybe rain got in there. Is there a fuse that can be changed? I read in manual about a F24 fuse for door module.

the only code that reads is p0101 which is the maf sensor which i replaced, but did not resolve the issue.

need wiring diagram of charging system and how to remove and install altenator, and if 175 amp fuse is blown what causes it?

The AC stopped working and my wife was told by a shop that we had to replace everything ($2500) when I was out of town. She told him she didn't want to do that and then he backed it down to a little over $1000. I want to recharge it and see if I can find a leak and work my way from there.

If i am stopped or slowing down and begin to accelerate during the first part of acceleration my care is bogging out causing me to give it more gas in order to get it going. And then minor bogging during drive no matter what speed and a hint of bogging our during idle and/or park. It has been having electrical problems for a long time now. I do need to replace my battery soon but somehow i dont think it has anything to do with it because the alternator is running.


does the whole dash have to come out to get to it.

I just picked up the vehicle at body shop having the front bumper repaired. Turning on the air conditioner, no air flow is generated. I tried to remove "auto" set on driver side but this stays activated ( at least light is on). When I try override and setting fan to high directly, nothing. Defrost/heat/air all result in same result. Fuse/resister/switch gone bad or is the blower the issue? The sensor in the front bumber the issue? Any assistance is appreciated.

Truck runs normal when dry but whenever it rains the engine hesitates and putters badly at times. I have done many things to try and resolve to included replaced distributer and rotor, new plugs and wires, changed the fuel filter but nothing seems to have worked. All parts replaced are original as well. I even took it to a dealer and they checked errors and found one to replace water temperature sensor. I replaced that as well and no difference. Dealer spent several days trying to find the problem and by that time it got dry and ran normal thereby thinking its fixed; that is not the case especially since it has rained and running terribly and at times dangerous during moments of nearly no acceleration.

Does anyone know what the problem might be other than trying what I've stated? This problem has been persistent and frustrating because the truck runs great at other times and I am the original owner.

it has a Northstar engine

it will restart, when i put it in drive it stalls again,usually after five minutes it will start and drive again, the car had not been driven for 8 yrs only occasional starting it had a quarter tank of old gas i put in gas treatment& fuel injection cleaner and added twenty dollars in gas .It has had a tune up ,fuel injectors cleaned, new fuel filter. I saw the old fuel filter and it looked like small pieces of rust or dirt.

I have a 2006 pontiac montana and the service stability system keeps popping up. what can i do to fix this and how much would it run me. thank you very much for helping out.

replaced waterpump,thermostat and head gaskets

driving over bumpy roads cause a rattling sound in the front brakes. When I ride the brake pedal over the same stretch of road the rattle sound goes away. I pulled the front tires off, put load on the shock and tapped with a rubber hammer and couln't replicate the sound.