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i have replaced master cylinder,proportioning valve dump valve,brake booster both front rotors and pads,rear drums and shoes!! can you think of anything else?? the vehicle has not changed at all . somone is gonna get hurt driving this no stopping peice of ..... oh yea i also replaced the brake computer as well.. i have been a professional gm tech for 25 years. this one is kicking my rear. please help??

it runs fine then suddenly stops accelerating then i have to stop the engine and switch on then it works perfectly for few miles the same thing i replaced all new plugs and serviced the whole fuel system what could b the problem

by a mechanice

i replaced the head gaskets and cannot find timing marks so how do i reset the timing

of my tail pipes how do i fix it

Lost my wheel lock key need replacement


the light on the switch doesn't come on anymore either.

The only time of vibration is when applying brakes while traveling downhill at a speed greater than 45 mph; first noticed this vibration while traveling downhill for 12 miles at 10% grade; applying brakes in any other situation does not cause any steering wheel vibration.

Just replace injectors. Runs the same. No water in fuel. Changed fuel filter. The Backing the car out of the garage the peddal is on the floor to get it to move very fast. Driving it back into the garage, the power assist brakes don't seem to work.I'm thinking, ign. module or maybe catalyic convertor. Car feels like the whole thing is being choked to death.

new speed sensor and still not working

I had an ignition coil changed in 03/08/2011 and today the same mechanic tells me I need an ignition coil. Can this be possible? Its been only 7 months.

i got my truck washed today and they locked the keys in it after using a slim jim we got into the truck with no problem but now the service ngine soon light and the decreased engine power light is on does anyone know how to reset the computer or how to get the truck to run right?

After moving the truck and giving it gas it runs fine but while at idle it acts like it will cut off,any suggestions are greatly accepted

just bought the car and it just started doing it today