Its a rattle and bump on the right side of the vehicle that just started 7/23/11 due to my wife hitting something she doesnt know, wow but none the less I got a problem. I dont know if its a strut or sway bar or something worse. I have heard noise before this incedent when I turn the wheels from left to right like a clunking noise. Please HELP. Thanks

mainly the ones that have to do with starting the car.

I was told it might be the blend door motor, not sure were it is located.

other than the air conditioner, the car runs absolutely perfectly. and i'm thinking that everything on or in the car works perfect except the air conditioner it does comes on and the heat works perfect but when you turn the knob on the cold or cool air it only blows hot air.

Have tried to loosen this nut, but it is "very" tight, so now I`m not sure if I am "loosing or tightening it". 1990 Honda Accord Ex.

want to replace oil pump

No problems - it was recommended, but I question it.

We replaced the cooling fan motor and radiator. The car will start but will only run for 5-10 seconds. If you put it in gear it will run for another 5 seconds or so and then die. When it starts, it sort of stutters a bit. We noticed there is oil leaking in to the distributor. Could it be the distributor or the fuel pump?

Can someone let me know what specific brand/part to buy as there are so many online. My father-in-law asked me to buy: a water pump, fan belt, and belt tensioner. Thanks.

the stiring wheel locks up and the car shuts down. i have changed the fuel filter and oil and other fliuds what else could it be? it seems to do it the most when its really hot out or the car gets hot from running but the light doesn't come on to say its over heating..

pulled trailer home and truck seemed sluggish at take off. Noticed rpm was high for pulling an empty trailer. got home and checked fluid and it was good. unhooked trailer to check truck out and noticed it was still sluggish and it wasn't shifting gears. running about 60 the truck now turns 2800 rpm, used to be 1900. shifted down to 2nd and nothing changed. shifted to 1st and still nothing changed. Any ideas? Is this something electrical or mechanical?

Could the expansion valve be the problem or what do you suggest?

checked the freon.

expansion valve replaced..still no cold air..was else can i check for?

We were quoted $1400. Is that a fair price ?