This part have already been replaced,along with the EGR

cleaning the MAF didnt fix. syst too lean bank 1 bank 2, af sensor range performance bank 2 sensor 1. if both banks fuel trim out of range, why is only bank 2 sensor 1 setting a code? is the issue bad MAF meter or only the 1 af sensor?


Had harmonic balancer seal replaced on this truck b/4 we bought it two months ago. Leaking again. What questions do we need to ask? Is this a small issue that is part of a bigger issue? Thanks. Judy

About a year ago i got rear ended not very bad. the air bags did not deploy. It was minor damage, but the air bag warning light has been blinking since.

I had a allignment. Later my car started to where i have 2 turn it half way 2 the left r right 2 keep it going straight. Had another alighnment. Car started shacking. found out front two tires were ate up and needed tires.Got to tires put on car stopped shacking. Now when i turn left im hearing a pop noice. Still have 2 tilt 2 the left a lil 2 keep it going straight. I was told i need a rackinpion.Need a second opion

When I go over a bump, there is a loud thud (metal to metal?) in the rear of my 2000 T&C AWD. Sometimes it does it when I make a turn. The rear bump stops are worn out and I need help how to replace them. Thanks.

This van has a sercruity system of some kind that keeps it from starting.When the light is flashing on the dash its not going to start. this happens once every two weeks. I have owned this van 10 years. I would like to disconect or by pass this system. Is this possiable. Thanks

Does anyone know of any honda vehicles that require a timing chain, as opposed to a timing belt?? I'm interested to know the year and make of these hondas because I want to purchase one without a belt so that I don't have to replace it.

I have put 3 rebuilt starters and 1 new starter on in the last year. I put a rebuilt on and a week later it went out. I then put a new one on and a week later it does the same thing, turns over like it is out of time and kicks out.

Can I mix Regular 134a with 134a synthetic ?

i have a airbag code 0043,im looking for more info to repair the prolem. my email is davelandman@hotmail.com

my car jerks upon changing gears .I had a mechanic changed the transmission fluid and filter a couples of days ago.

When my car changes gears automatically, it makes a slight thump noise until all of the gears are changed.

My 1997 Saturn SL1 will not start properly. I have to step on the accelerator to get it to start and now that is barely working. When I give it gas, I have to press the accelerator down to the floor and sometimes that does not work. When I do this, white stinky smoke fills the air. Also, my friend recently changed my spark plugs to find out that the motor oil was in the old spark plugs. I don't know what kind of engine I have.